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307335Agents of Repression

Last April 1st, 2013, the Supreme Court refused to proceed with the petition of Ward Churchill. He was fighting an unequal conflict against the sinister and corrupt administration at the University of Colorado. Thus, a cabal of federal government appointees ended Ward’s tumultuous struggle since 2005, which has represented almost ten full years of struggle and resistance. Most university professors would have cowered in quiet desperation after such outrageous acts of injustice. The University of Colorado administration club of six figure salaried parasites did not know with whom they were fighting. Ward not only talked the radical scholar talk, he has lived the life.

Before this legal fight, the academic public regarded him as a doctor of humanities, a tenured university professor and a respected, published scholar. After the media hype went against him in full throttle mode, he then had to change his tactics. From writing books exposing the US governments’ war of genocide and repression against native nations, he next had to engage with his attorney, compile facts of any attacks made against him, and ultimately maintain his composure and outspokenness while losing his main source of income.

During this period of warfare, he sustained continual media defamations, personal attacks to his honor and dignity, isolation from former ‘friends,’ loss of his main bread and butter for survival, a complete ripping away of his academic privileges, inclusive of cancelled invitations to speak on numerous campuses and at various conferences. The corporate right-wing US media, University of Colorado administrators, and powerful demagogues writhing within the secret chambers of the state of Colorado performed a Seventh Cavalry charge on the man. But Ward stood his ground and fought them through the courts.

He won the first round, and then the university appealed. A political judge opportunist reversed the original decision, in true legal mugging style, and Ward appealed again, next to the State Supreme Court, and later to the Federal Supreme Court. The University of Colorado admin flunkies did not win their petty war however. Like all public university administrative attorneys, they received their wages through the public trough of state taxes, not from the fattened wallets of administrator hacks. Appealing a man’s right to his job has never meant anything to state spongers. And those public criminals still tried to get Ward to pay their legal bills!

Ward’s legal petitions had no such recourses. He had to pay from his own pocket. While unemployed, he did manage to secure some severance pay from the cheap university, but he still had to politely ask for legal fee donations. The University of Colorado admin junta ultimately hoped to destroy the man himself. They did neither. Ward Churchill, like all scholars of veracity and honor, constantly maintained his warrior spirit and added his voice to the winds of truth.

Like Ward, I also have a doctorate in the humanities. I am permanently unemployable in Amerikan academia, and am quite proud of it. Transforming my soul into a scared institutionalized coward for ‘a tenured spot,’ or into a bootlicker of a university administrator that has a personality closer to a Pentagon apparatchik, is not worth the loss of self-respect. I identify more with the real tenured radicals that no longer exist in the Amerikan academy. Life is too short to lose one’s human rights. And once they are lost, it is so much more difficult to recuperate them ever again.

Of course, managed professors in Amerikan higher ed, including a few of his former colleagues in Ethnic Studies that publicly distanced themselves from his ‘comments,’ thought Ward was an exception. He was too left of the radical fringe. They said the same things about Sami Al-Aran, Norman Finkelstein, David Graeber and Denis Rancourt. All of these above intellectuals and scholars wrote books, essays, and articles, taught classes, and most importantly, stood openly against injustice. Whether they spoke for the plight of Palestinians or on Anarchist theory, those fighters refused to bow to the bad authorities.

Although the corporate lackey media has now forgotten Ward Churchill, his eight-year legal struggle bodes some horrifying omens for tenured professor managers in Amerikan Academia. Like Dietrich Bonhoeffer stated before his own Nazi style execution: by the time they came for me, there was nobody left to fight back; and so it is with the thousands of tenured cowards hiding away in their offices. Yes soon, the six-figure salary club of non-teacher admins will even come for their jobs. They will receive their termination slips for any slip of the tongue, weird e-mail, and critique of the corp-university. They will lose their jobs even if they possess a full professorship and have gotten used to their first tastes of a six-figure salary after twenty plus years of teaching. They had better get used to both treading softly and speaking with their heads down in the presence of their new, most powerful, vengeful gods.

Most importantly, and as the Ward Churchill Solidarity website stated: university administrations have complete immunity from legal challenges. The whole rotten judicial system of the United States, with its spurious crime felonies that increase daily like cancer cells in a terminal bound patient, and with its highest prisoner population in the entire world, will reject all and every appeal coming from the hunted intellectual-scholar-professor versus the university corporate complex of administrators. Now, the university admin juntas have complete and total legal immunity and they will fight for their sacred legal privileges until their universities become so expensive that they will have retained most of their students under some form of debt-slavery. Woe to any professor, worker or student that tries to stand up for him or herself within those humanity crushing institutions.

The biggest precedent of the ruling remains a cultural one. University administrators in the United States have now entered the sacred club of the revolving door elites. They subsequently receive similar paychecks and benefits as the top officers, the starred generals of the US military, the mass murderers of millions of victims across the globe, who get every government handout with no strings attached. Nowadays, they share the same enclosed box seats at sporting events with the top politician hacks that monthly increase the felony loads on the lower classes. Both gangs know that there are separate laws for them.

They now eat at the same restaurants with the top banksters that have legally robbed millions of Americans. None of them have yet to enter the horrors of the American gulag. Both mobs share their wonderful severance packages when fired or pushed to resign. These elites do not have to worry about receiving unemployment benefits. In fact, all of these elite cabals have received their grande portions of loving welfare, from both state and federal government agencies.

Ward Churchill fought as the warrior spirit for both his honor and for the justice of all scholar-activists within the authoritarian hells of the Amerikan university system. He lost this battle. But conflict is what makes human history. Think about all the great stories from mythology and the chronology of mankind under civilization, all of them are either violent accounts, or face the subjects of vengeance and death. Human history is also filled with absolute absurdity.

During the sixteenth-century, The Spanish monarchy was the greatest world empire where the sun refused to set, yet now the country writhes in shame with a political class of buffoons that simply mandate the police to beat up the suffering people in the streets. Empires rise quickly in both coercive power and in the art of murder, but they slowly rot and putrefy through their very own historical consequences. Meanwhile, the winds of truth never extinguish. The war of maneuver against such nefarious evil that Ward has dedicated his life against has still yet to begin.

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