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I had already finished three hard years of doctoral studies in a university in the American west. I had also recently moved into my very own apartment around the university area. Years before, I had to share a disgusting flat holding other university students, some nice while others not so nice. Changes were coming into my life. I was advancing into a new level of my studies with my comprehensive exams scheduled in the fall. There were no more classes to take, and I was no longer a member on the corrupt graduate student council. A celebration was truly in order. I would reach the level of doctoral candidacy, and with this, a student should enjoy his or her own, cozy, personal space.

Personal protection entered my mindset too. After settling into my own place, I decided to buy my first gun at a local gun show, since I resided in a state where it was easy to buy them. In the city where I lived, every month there was a gun show at the local convention center. With a graduate student friend at the time, we walked into my first ever gun show. I looked around for about an hour, and then spotted a gun for a good price seated on a local dealer’s table. The weapon felt comfortable in my hand, and it seemed easy to operate. I then purchased my first gun, and it felt good to become a gun owner. With purchasing a weapon, an actual gun, I was helping to put my Anarchist politics into practice.

Anarchy and guns make a very good match. There are Anarcho-Leftists that will say otherwise, such as all violence is wrong, guns are right wing, and other Leftist-phony pacifist crap – but they are actually wrong. They are either Communists masquerading as Anarchists because we are a lot cooler than them, or maybe it is because these same Anarchists have allowed Liberal media manipulation into their minds with supporting Leftist-Activist positions, or as they say in America, ‘progressive causes.’ Absurdity is a part of the human condition, and self-proclaimed Anarchists are not immune to it. But if you look at Anarchist history, there is a motto that still maintains it is force: ‘Propaganda through both the word and the deed.’ Or as the first revolutionists stated, the Christians, in the book of St. James, ‘Faith without works is dead.’

An Anarchist that only blabbers the revolutionary talk loses respect in radical circles. If the Anarchist wants Anarcho-street cred than the revolutionary has to walk the walk too. This walking the walk can imply many things. Some examples have included writing and visiting prisoners, feeding the homeless through Food Not Bombs, offering natural herbs and salves to sick brothers and sisters, or setting up a Really Free Market with lots of free clothes and knick-knacks lying around on blankets. Other examples have comprised opening up abandoned buildings, or Squats for the homeless, paying respects to our fallen comrades in the struggle, and even buying a round of beers, drugs and handing out free cigarettes for everyone, including friends, acquaintances, and even for enemies. And yes, there is showing up at a boring demonstration in a Black Block outfit, or not going in an outfit at all, and in addition, posting articles for the local Indymedia. There are also the deeds of sabotage and self-defense. This is where the guns come into play.

For an Anarchist, the gun is the tool that defends our rights to live without molestation, whether it is against a criminally minded hoodlum intent on robbery, murder or rape, or against a racialist skinhead grabbing a bat or chain, and ready to do some physical damage to his racial enemies. Anarchists believe in the right to self-defense. So why don’t American Anarchists join with the gun owner rights movement in the States?

The answer is that we do sympathize with their cause, but we also know that the movement represents a highly diverse salad of ideological interests. Some of those ideological interests also represent our political enemies in our struggle against the State and Capitalism. The diverse American gun owners’ rights groups include Tea Party Conservatives, war wimps that sympathize with right-wing militias and mercenary groups, pro-US military diehards and extreme American patriots, a few hard right Christian Conservatives, Libertarians, gun collectors, sports shooters, and small arms sellers, such as Ruger and Smith & Wesson. As Anarchists, nor do we join groups like the NRA, Gun Owners of America, hunters associations, and other gun rights groups out there – but we stand with the right to bear arms, meaning guns, and defending ourselves by any means possible – Second Amendment or no Second Amendment.

Recently, US state political hypocrites have run on the media offensive against America’s gun culture. The state spongers in the capital of the Empire manipulated another mass shooting attack. Like previous attacks, the shooter was taking legal psycho-drugs, or ‘meds,’ and then decided to murder a bunch of people. But for this recent episode, it was the theme of the ‘children’ as the victims. Of course, the shooting happened at a gun free zone, such as a school, similar to previous mass shootings. Gun free zones make it a felony to possess weapons on the premises. These are the perfect places for gun attacks to proliferate, since the victims cannot defend themselves. Some months ago, an angry, psycho-med guy entered a mall ready to murder people. The perpetrator murdered one person until a concealed carry individual, also inside the mall, took the murderer down. The corporate media did not report much on that story.

We are actually dealing with some real nasty sociopaths in power, on both political aisles. They will say anything in order to win elections, and they will mythologize any event in order to move their agendas into enacting more criminal laws. The corporate media immediately jumped into the fray with its usual attacks on ‘gun violence,’ while American urban politicians that are more like local tyrants in the Third World, demanded some legal actions to ban the guns. Even the next year’s Super Bowl had pre-game and half time spots against guns. Of course, the corrupt bosses that control the NFL had to do their parts too. It was obvious to observers of the media, state politics and hype manipulation, that powerful manipulators were trying to whip up a phony social movement and ‘build momentum’ against America’s gun culture.

What really surprised me was that some of the Leftist websites where I have normally read interesting articles against the Amerikan Empire, such as Counterpunch, soon published a litany of anti-gun articles. Some of the authors were the typical tenured coward gang from cozy university offices. But other authors shocked me completely, and especially those that have written articles exposing government-state lies and murders. Those authors seemed to equate gun ownership with right-wing assholes tied to the NRA. Yet, do these insightful Leftists trust the same government that they curse and criticize regularly to faithfully hold a monopoly on violence? However, a few courageous authors on the Internet defended the use of weapons, and including the use of weapons by Leftists and radicals, against the US government. And yes, many gun guys in the States are right wing, patriotic, white skin privileged, fat boys – but not all of them are like that.

Guns are ubiquitous to the American landscape. There are also us Anarchists and radicals that own guns and know who the real enemy is. The true enemy is an Imperial state located in D.C. where sociopathic mass murderers plot endless wars against the Earth’s humanity. This constant and eternal war against the life, liberty and happiness of humanity has been ongoing since the founding of this monstrosity, in the year 1790. Some Anarchists have guns and train with them – and we will use them against the common enemy of humanity, the imperial state apparatus and their parasitical elites, if and when they decide to confiscate them and/or imprison us. Like I stated before in this post, ‘Propaganda of both the Deed and the Word.’ A good Anarchist knows his or her weapon of choice because a well-used tool furthers the revolutionary spirit.


Haymarket martyrs May Day 1886Squatters


Anarchism (Photo credit: anarchism)

This is the month of May Day and there have been the usual demos, manis, protests, and symbolic attacks against the State, etc. These marches and street performances have never ended. They rarely change the system, but they do scare their enemies – sometimes at least. Black Blocks know the art of demonstrating, faking out established donut cop routes, and knowing when to move from defensive blocking into offensive street mode. When thousands of radical youth take over the main drag of the city and start chanting and marching, this action sends a distinct warning message to the local political hacks that have to manage such a sick system. I lived for a few years in a city on the west coat where those types of May 1st, or May Day events, were well worth the attendance.

When I lived in this ‘prog’ west coast city  as an Anarcho-hipster-activst, I always attended those annual events. This city also had its pathetic demos too, where the coppers forced the marchers onto the sidewalks. But May Day was always different. Most of the radical talkers and organizers came out in public in a show of strength. The Anarcho-ambience was fun with all the sound-whistle hoopla and visual delights of signage and outfits, while I spotted my fellow Anarcho-travelers out in force. There were the large lettered signs that threatened the power of the state, black and red flags, and I especially liked checking out any attractive demonstrators, both men and women, at the events. I always ran into friends, acquaintances – and even radical enemies. When one gets deep into radical political work, one makes enemies too. This was one of the absurdities inside this subculture.

And it was a lot more of a subculture than a culture and sub-society of resistance. Most of the people on the streets wore black outfits, bandanas, ripped jeans, combat boots or ripped up Converse. The women tended to dress with more flair and style, and the general look was heavy towards the punk version, from crusty drunk to straight edge kid. I preferred overalls, bandanas and bare feet. I would always try looking for others with a similar look. If we were going radical, then these street manis ought to have every style imaginable.

I also sighted the queer radical groups and trans radicals. I especially liked seeing the gender outlaws at such street venues. The gender outlaws were one of those true radical groups because they were living as desperadoes 24/7, and gender bending made a lot of people stare in pride – or in hate, but rarely with indifference. Our real political enemies also faithfully attended these events.

The donut gang wore their blue-black, Amerikan stormtrooper uniforms, they carried guns openly. They shot glaring stares against the radicals, which made the protesters even more nervous. There were also the ubiquitous helicopters flying over head, and the state gang of thugs were mostly hanging in their cars, while the other state scroungers carried demo-paramilitary gear on their uniforms. I also screened a gang of copbangers on bicycles, while a few higher ups stayed back inside their protective metal paramilitary trucks. I even perceived a few undercover narcs that hung around the marchers wearing plainclothes – yet quite noticeable that they didn’t belong with the Anarcho mobs.

The event proceeded down the main streets and it made me feel good to see that none of the Anarchists asked the city for a permit to march. The May Day demos usually lasted about two hours since we were all walking in a rectangle around the main thoroughfares of downtown. A few marchers got away with spray painting Anarchist slogans on public buildings. I felt good afterward, and the weather usually got better during this time of year. What better way to work off Pabst beer belly fat on a pleasant day! When May 1st hit on a weekend, and especially Friday to Sunday, the ambience was even grander with more marchers on the streets. But there was always one question on my mind after the annual May Day ritual, what about the bystanders and the general public seeing the event for the first time? Did May Day explain the Anarchist position, or did it just expose an anti-system subculture with a better sense of fashion than the dour and weird Marxists?

Anarchism is anti-system, but there is a reason for its hatred of the current political-economic system that now rules the world. It is not just the destruction of the evil state, or the criminal governments, that Anarchy desires. Anarchism also wants to see capitalism destroyed, inclusive of its political economic supremacy over our lives, the dangerous technologies engendered, and its cultural suffocation against our imaginations. Anarchism also fights against all tyrannies, despotisms, crap authorities, personality cults, institutions and ideologies that oppress people and try to ensnare new victims. The list includes psychobabble pathologies, religious institutions, mental institutions, hospitalizations, prisons, jails, state schools, prep schools, university administrations, Marxist vanguard political sects, obscure political-religious cults, dogmas, etc. So we know what Anarchism is against, but what does it support?

Anarchism desires completely autonomous, small communities where everyone has a comfortable place to sleep, food to eat, clothes to wear, and there is enjoyable social camaraderie between community members because hierarchical power relations are not cool. Within every autonomous community, and usually in small-sized groups, everyone possesses the freedom and privilege to do whatever he/she wants within their own private spaces, with no fear of any state coercion nor having to engage in capitalist wage slave work.

Anarchism is against work in the capitalist sense, but it is not against doing things that one wants to do, and actually enjoys doing. According to Anarchism, this is not work, but one’s life, one’s creative edge, one’s unbounded freedom to explore and conceive. The state dies a horrible death, and a local band of people forms their own community organization, which comes alive through the complete consent and autonomy of each individual member. If a particular member dislikes the community, then he/she can leave, go off on his/her own, or associate with another community. If one likes a particular community, and for whatever reason whatsoever, then this community survives through mutual aid, which means that the community shares their extra resources, such as food, drugs, booze, clothes, guns, ammo, art, free sexual relations, etc.

This also means that no one exchanges money for such things, everything is either a barter or a member gives something out freely that they can share. What remain are autonomous communities, scattered warrior-outlaws, or traveler ensembles roaming free in the wilds. There are no empires, confederations, nations, alliances, borders, treaties, state institutions, cops, militaries, prisons, execution sites, legal internment, nor any standard legal codes. Each community has its own agreements, and everyone goes armed. Conflict will not end nor will it ever stop. The human condition under civilization functions that way. But every person has the right to defend his/herself through whatever means possible. Anarchism goes down the basic living list of survival: eating, drinking, excreting, sleeping, partying, creating, playing and dying.

Yet during these complex and absurd days, I have seen some Anarchists that have spoken and acted more like Leftist-Marxists, and even like Leftist-Liberals… And devious communist-socialist types have also hidden behind Anarchist banners. I have visited websites dedicated to Anarcho-Communism. All Anarchists need to study history, and especially what the Communists have cruelly done to Anarchists once they have taken power, i.e. Russia 1921, and Barcelona 1937.

I have also witnessed hard-core American Libertarians, (or free market, pro-capitalist ideologues), stating that they were the true Anarchists, calling themselves Anarcho-Capitalists. And there are now Anarcho-Nationalist clubs in Europe, where racist-nationalist ideologues have advocated autonomous societies for their ‘own people.’ Are all these groupings Anarchist? For one part, no. But Anarchism has one last element: it is against all revealed truths, dogmas, ideological positions and codes – even though Anarchism is another ideology. The new age traveler addicted to heroin, or the punk squatter who gets drunk every single day and never cleans his/her own room, are also living inside Anarchist realms. They are living lives to their own methods, and so who can judge them. There are also Anarcho-Christian clubs, Anarcho-Vegetarian meet ups, and Anarcho-Yoga classes. I am sure that I am missing another Anarcho-what group somewhere in this absurd Earth.

What is actual Anarchism then? It is doing whatever the you want as long as it does not cause suffering to another living being. The cultural revolution of Punk transformed Anarchism – and this was a good thing. So bring on the jugglers, drunk punks, beggars with cool signs, travelers, squatters, buskers, DIY cooks and artists, and even the deadbeat clowns!