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In the year 1917, the US government decided to enter the war in support of Britain and France, which had been previously fighting against Germany in that Intra-European conflict. During this same year, the United States Government also deported scores of foreign-born Anarchists and radicals living in the United States. The state criminals first imprisoned them, and then forced them to board an old Merchant Marine ship to Soviet Russia.

The ship was more like a floating jail, where passengers could not get off until the final destination to Soviet Russia, and the ship had US military guards to ensure that the prisoners did not leave the ship until reaching that final destination. These radicals were actually lucky. Other activists in the States, who were both US citizens and that had spoke publicly against WWI, had to endure longer prison sentences than murderers and rapists under the new repressive laws of the Espionage Act. President Wilson was the instigator of these state crimes. He was a Liberal Democrat, a hypocritical reverend and a proto-Confederacy sympathizer.

Emma Goldman stood firm in not supporting such a monster when he ran for president, and even after other Leftists and Socialists almost proclaimed that phony as a new Democratic messiah for the USA. She was not fooled when the imprisonment and deportation orders arrived against her, and against her ex-lover and collaborator, Alexander Berkman. This deportation was a heavy blow to both of them. Their country of birth was Russia. However, they had transformed themselves into Americans after thirty plus years living in the country, and their Russian was quite spotty after hardly ever using it in the States.

Both of the Anarchists, Emma and Alexander, or Sasha, finally arrived in Russia, and even though they lost a country, they had hoped to see an actual workers revolution in progress. During their short sojourn, they even met with Lenin and watched the bureaucratic-military genius of Trotsky. Yet, something was seriously wrong.

The aging Peter Kropotkin, an Anarchist theorist that had previously lived in exile in Britain and was dying in Russia. He warned both of them about the Bolsheviks. Emma encountered some old Anarchist revolutionaries and comrades shut up in revolutionary prisons. The Bolshevik secret police, the Cheka, even tortured and murdered Anarchists like the repressive Czarist secret police. People were starving to death on the streets. Children in rags stole food. There was still a Civil War in the country with the ‘Whites’ losing the war yet receiving support from the capitalist world powers: Britain, France, the United States and Japan.

The Anarchist Black Legions of Nestor Makhno actually helped destroy the murderous Whites in the western part of Russia that had been murdering Jews and Gypsies in the Ukraine. After the extermination of the Whites in the west, the Bolsheviks then used the Red Army and the Cheka to hunt down the Anarchist Black Legions. When the revolutionary Kronstadt sailors revolted, the Bolsheviks sent in the Red Army to liquidate them too.

Both Emma and Sasha had realized the truth: the Bolsheviks had set up another dictatorship under a phony worker’s republic. When both of the Anarchists publicly criticized the Soviet Union in the radical press, Communist Party maniacs all over the world went on the offensive against them. They even threatened violence acts against them if they spoke at public events. The Communist movement had then become another mortal enemy of the Anarchists. About ten years later, the Anarchists in Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War would learn the same hard lesson. In Politics, all ideological formations and associations are the Anarchists’ enemies because they seek control and violence through the seizing State Power.

And these groups are still our enemies today. Yet, some Anarchists dream of a united Left front to destroy capitalism and the state. It does seem quite powerful to fantasize about a revolutionary movement of thousands upon thousands in the streets, but it is often a political pipe dream and a mirage.

The human condition under civilization truly exists inside an even funnier existence. Humans are both absurd and contradictory. Humans create and transform older cultures, yet they hold on to outdated values and belief systems from older cultures that were completely different from their own, and that had encountered very different realities. We are both innovators and contradictory buffoons.

Not everyone out in the streets protesting against a corrupt and sinister government wants the same outcome, or has joined ‘the movement’ for the same reasons. Revolutionary unity is a fiction, just like doctrinal purity is a lie. Doctrinal purity needs an Inquisitorial court, while revolutionary unity needs a Marxist vanguard party. The Marxist party fiction that the masses make revolts is also a lie because there exists no such monster as the masses. Revolutions explode due to a decent sized minority hating the system, the state losing legitimacy in the minds of some intelligent citizens, and the implosion of the society into some type of monumental disaster, whether invasion, economic destruction, or both of them together.

The Marxist vanguardist parties are our enemies. This includes those few madmen hawking their rag papers at small urban protests making up a Communist Revolutionary cell outfit, or any Maoist, Socialist, Trotskyist, Stalinist, Leninist, Guevarist, etc. and etc. conglomeration. The Fascist nut jobs and creeps are our enemies. Well, they are enemies with everyone too and quite proud of it. The Liberal-Leftist-Progressive-Reformists are our enemies because they only want a few token reforms for them only, and to leave the same rotten system for everyone else. Conservative-reactionaries are our enemies because they believe that if society and culture would never change, then everyone would feel more content. They forget that people change and culture changes. We are all just too human.

All political groups, ideological formations and party alliance positions are the enemies of all humanity. What all of these political groupings truly want is to seize a part of the state, to have a say in the decisions, to maintain control over others, and to feel their wills to power transformed into violent state power. Their only revolutionary positions are that they have been left out from also gorging on the pie of power. They are resentful and vicious, and nothing more.

As Anarchists, we ought to never align with them, never join their coalitions, never make political pacts them. We need only watch them, peruse a few of their documents, and continue to read more history. We can leave them to their ‘struggles,’ since most of the true believers will die resentful old men and women, and even enter the realms of mental insanity. But all political ideologues are malicious fools. Malicious fools are dangerous and can turn violent for any reason. If they decide to fight us, then we will give it to them. For us, it is not about losing and winning, but defending honor, dignity and freedom through the human right of self-defense. For this reason, the gun is always near.


American genocide in Japan Welcome_to_america_prison_state Phoenix extermination Vietnam Blood on their hands

In the early 1980s, during the early morning hours of the autumnal dry season, a special military extermination squad invaded a local Mayan autonomous village in the lush green, tropical mountains of Guatemala. They violently occupied the entire village when the humid mountain mist still floated in the air. They wore uniforms that were different from the typical army khakis worn by most of Latin America’s militaries.

They dressed in camouflage, more like US Army BDUs, or Battle Dress Uniforms. They spotted maroon berets on their heads. The soldiers donned hard black leather shined boots and carried state of the art US military grade battle rifles. They were actually not a combat unit. Instead, this military unit represented a physical liquidation battalion. This unit’s goal: the complete physical extermination of the Mayans.

They possessed the name of Kabiles. Their training consisted of courses led by US Military Advisers in the tactics of counterinsurgency, or really, the methods of legal mass murder against targeted enemies. The group’s officers actually spoke decent English and finished their training at the School of the Americas in the United States.

The Kabiles immediately began their nefarious work. They grabbed women, little children, sick children, babies, infants, old people, and rounded up the older men and younger men that still lingered around the village. All of the villagers were unarmed at the time. The few villagers that had guns had been in the outer mountainous region trying to scour crops to feed their families.

The pacification squads fired indiscriminately on the mass of shocked townspeople, while using their US military high-grade rifles with high-grade ammunition. Other soldiers quickly jumped into the fray hacking the wounded victims with machetes, mostly working on the faces, ripping off facial features, and cutting off skin from the skulls. A few state murderers even jumped on the men and castrated them cruelly with large knives. They finished this heinous act with digging a massive trench in the village, burying the murdered victims, and then lighting the whole village on fire. Most of the Kabiles typified mixed race mestizos or ladinos from Guatemala City, but their training, uniforms, weapons, ammunition, and total economic support came directly from the United States Government.

The US Government has been responsible for the murders of around 200,000 of these Mayans. In Latin American history, from 1845, the beginning of the Mexican War, to the present day, the American state in Washington D.C. has been responsible for over one million victims. This hidden Amerikan genocide has often reflected on direct mass murder through recurring invasions and occupations, such as in Haiti, Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras, Colombia and the Dominican Republic.  Other nefarious methods have included the training of mass murderers at military combat centers, such as the School of the Americas, (now called WHINSEC), and through CIA sponsored coup d’etats, such as the recent ones in Venezuela, Honduras, and other more infamous ones in Chile and in Brazil.

Guatemalan elites were definitely not the only  state criminals that took advantage of such generous US government money and military training. Many other corrupt governments, dictatorships, despotisms, police states and tyrannies around the world, and throughout history, have also enjoyed unlimited economic and military support from such an Empire. Think on the Zionist-Crusader State, or as they call themselves, Israel, and there have been scores of others, not only in Latin America, but also in Asia, Africa and in Europe.

Why has the United States government, or the state apparatus located in Washington D.C. supported, funded and trained such violent monstrosities, mass murder and sickening genocides? First, the US government has been directly involved in such mass murder from its very inception. From its first year of operation, 1790 onward, the US state invaded and warred against the native nations in both the east and in the west of the continent, and it has consistently supported slavery, torture, legal police murders, economic dispossession, mass imprisonment, the war on drugs and the war on crime, against working class Black Americans, or the permanent criminal underclass in the United States. There have been many other human, animal, and flora victims from its crimes, yet few people, besides honest historians, have actually known about such sinister methods of mass destruction. This leads into the second reason.

Since the post WWII period, the political-economic elites who have run the United States still believe that their mass murders, tortures, mass imprisonment, destruction of all life, and human-animal-plant genocides have all been beneficial to the world. These leaders have convinced themselves fully about their own good intentions – and yet, their delusions are complete falsifications. Just listen to them speak in public. They are not manipulating us, or trying to hoodwink us. They truly believe in the greatness and good aspirations of their degenerate and criminal enterprises. Sociopaths also believe that their actions are great and powerful, and that their victims deserve their fates. They inwardly cherish their very own lies about themselves.

These respectable and ordinary sociopaths that run the US government are also extremely powerful, and they do not occupy the guarded rooms of the criminally insane. Rather, they manage a combined military-police-intelligence force that is now greater than the world’s entire military outfits put together. This military-police-intelligence complex has maintained the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency up to the present time. This state system in D.C. commands a slick, well-oiled, corporate media-propaganda network that has utilized the most sophisticated and ingenious brainwashing techniques and mental manipulations that the world has ever known – and will have ever known. No other nation or culture can compete with such a propaganda system, with the exception of the world’s two main monotheistic religions: Christianity and Islam.

Liberal-Leftists love to write on radical blogs that the US Empire is falling, dying, decaying and rotting. Nothing could be farther from the truth. This Empire increases its strength exponentially, and the political crooks on top have never stopped laying out even greater plans for world domination. This leads to the final point concerning the danger of the Great Sociopath that now rules the Earth.

This excrescence on the globe has been the most dangerous and most brutal mass murderer and mass imprisoner in human history. It has acted even worse than Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia. Unlike Stalinist Russia or Nazi Germany, this putrid growth of the superstate has gotten away with its continual warfare, imprisonment and mass murder since 1790. It has successfully performed this historical magic act because it has made sure to omit both the historical notations and open documentation of its holocausts and genocides. The US state apparatus in DC has also been fighting a genocidal war against History.

The political juntas that hold power in the United States refuse to engage in any annotations of such crimes. This is the reason for its continual warfare and mass murder up to our actual moments. The state enablers believe that they do not murder at all. Actually, those brainwashed rulers are convinced that they serve grander purposes.  Their sociopathic denials and cover-ups will continue until such a state abomination achieves its annihilation. It is impossible for such a fetid system to ever change. All Empires have died, and so will this one eventually.

Yet, the exposure of US state apparatus’ continual war, carnage and holocausts represents one of its few and fatal weaknesses. Honest history shows the actual and true nature on such a political malignancy. Nothing can cover up the mass murder of millions of human victims just trying to work and to survive.

As a historian of Latin America, I always wondered about the modern changes in the art of murder and violence on that continent. During the late nineteenth-century, Latin American governments regularly murdered their own people with impunity, and especially the native, poor, and Afro-Latino peoples. But the corrupt dictatorships of Latin America generally murdered the troublemakers with sprays of bullets to the heart area. This method, perfected during the Porfiriato dictatorship of Mexico in the late nineteenth-century, had the name of ‘Ley de fuego,’ or the Law of Open Fire. This legal murder signified the soldier shouting, ‘stop escaping,’ or ‘treason to the nation,’ and then murdering the victim in cold blood.

Around the 1960s, under the Liberal Kennedy, dictatorial Latin American governments began to change their tactics. Anti-Communism, ‘purification of the Christian nation against subversives,’ and other Fascist ideologies began to creep into public political discourse. Corrupt and pathetic Latin American militaries started to have that more ‘professional look,’ with better uniforms, military hardware, arms, and training. Their mobilizations commenced a new ‘counterinsurgency’ and low intensity conflict stage in warfare. All of these modern changes came out of President Kennedy’s Alliance for Progress – which included Green Beret instruction in the fine art of murder.

Militaries and police units did not just shoot the troublemakers in the heart area, they also gouged out eyes, cut off tongues, breasts and genitals, and ripped open intestines. Their victims were little girls of eight years old, Catholic priests and nuns, eight-day-old infants, and old men that walked with canes. The Great Sociopath transformed the Latin American dictatorship into the contemporary nightmares of the Nazi Einsatzgruppen extermination squads against Jews, Gypsies, and Communists in Eastern Europe during the 1940s. The Great Sociopath has not just perfected their assaults overseas. They have also continuously fought simultaneous wars against their domestic adversaries.

The greatest imprisoner in world history is now and has been the United States of America. Two percent of the population is either under a barbed wire security wing, or must endure the parole-probation period, which often lands the prisoner right back into jail. Imagine imprisoning a whole population of a large city? Many prisoners in the Amerikan gulag suffer bodily privations, tortures, rapes and daily acts of institutional violence. Their lives are permanently destroyed because it is impossible for them to reenter the work and rent paying slave society after the prison stint. Their families also suffer grievously due to long distance traveling in order to visit the prisoner.

The prisoners’ real crimes have come from their birth into poverty, following the bad examples of the top legal criminals, or just ending up unlucky, often due to selling or ingesting illegal drugs. Poor unfortunates still rot inside those cages due to petty thefts, fraudster scams, drunk driving and even shoplifting. No other country in the world has such unjust and cruel legal codes where donut cops, state prosecutors, and judges have complete legal immunities from perjured lying on the stand, hiding evidence, imprisoning the innocent, and even murdering their victims. The ultimate modern police states are not countries like Guatemala, but the United States of America. The police are everywhere, riding on patrol in every city in Amerika, and there are cop gangs with high grade weapons inside of small towns. They receive their military grade, free equipment straight from the US government, and now small bedroom communities have paramilitary police SWAT forces on alert.

George Jackson, the assassinated and imprisoned Black Panther revolutionary leader during the early 1970s, referred to the United States state apparatus system as the highest form of Fascism that the world has ever known. Like the truth telling British journalist John Pilger has stated before, this Great Amerikan Sociopath is now even more dangerous than the Fascism of the Nazis in the 1940s. Hitler’s nightmare only lasted 13 years. This malevolent cabal of pathological liars and mass murderers has lasted for over 220 years and it is still on its continuous warpath – against all enemies foreign and domestic, and for whatever ideological beliefs that they hold. It is not going to stop its crimes anytime soon.

Those of us that know its true history and that know the truth of its crimes must now expose them to the people around us. It takes courage to do this because there are so many brainwashed people that live within the interior of the monster. Yet, the Great Amerikan Sociopath also writhes in fury, desires to carve out our insides, lock us up, and torture us in a prison until death. As of now, and for the sake of our duty, freedom and honor, we have no other choice but to expose and fight such an execrable empire.

Greece_anarchists_studentsProtests-in-TurkeyBlack Shirt March RomeJesuit Mission Paraguay

The historical period was the 1550s in both Europe and in the Americas. European colonization and warfare had existed within two full continents on the globe, (Europe and the Americas), and Europe’s disease ridden, stench-filled warriors were moving well into African and Asian territories. These madmen from this small continent in the north knew that they were on to something greater than themselves. Somehow, God or the Cosmos itself was involved.

However, the supremacy of the Roman Catholic Church had lost its power in most of northern Europe, the exceptions surviving with Ireland in the west, and the Polish-Lithuanian Empire in the east. The Protestant Reformation was successful. The noxious dream of a great empire of western Christendom was over. The Roman Catholic Papacy had earlier rejoiced in the Turkish sack of Constantinople, renamed Istanbul, and so the Greek Orthodox Church, which still claimed the papal supremacy of Rome, was scattered in the east. Only the Czar of Russia claimed some authority over the defense of Orthodoxy. But he was in the eastern European frontier, and the Mongol Muslim Khanates still had their power bases in central Asia counterbalancing Russia. Out of this geo-political stalemate, which still survives somewhat today, a religious-ideological leader emerged.

There were many prophets and self-proclaimed leaders in those days, (like in our days), but one ideological movement changed world history – and even without military conquests. The religious ideologue was a Basque soldier turned religious mystic, Iñigo de Loyola, and his new religious order, the Jesuits, or the Society of Jesus. This religious order in defense of the Roman Catholic Church was no ordinary order of monks, like the Benedictines or the Carmelites, nor was it simply a preaching order, such as the Franciscans and the Dominicans. These warriors of the Lord obeyed Paul’s principles in his second letter to Timothy, to both live and die as good soldiers in Christ. So, they did everything for the greater glory of God.

They became the confessors to Catholic monarchs, advisers to Catholic princes, opened numerous schools and taught the sons of elites. They occupied the most prestigious posts of scholarship in Catholic universities, wrote endless theology pamphlets, books, histories, poetry compendiums, philosophical treatises, and scientific theses. They directed new forms of painting, sculpture, architecture, theater, music and ritual performance, which history refers to as the Baroque. They even ventured to the extreme parts of the Earth as missionaries to convert the heathens and heretics.

By the turn of the century, the 1600s, they transformed the Roman Catholic Church, which history refers to as the Tridentine Church. Vatican II would officially change this Tridentine Church in the 1960s. They also changed the face of the world. Their doctrines, such as the Good Death practice, and intensive church building, laid the Order’s foundations in most of the capitals of Europe, (the exceptions being the Protestant ones, such as London), and within their colonies, such as Bahia, Brazil, Lima, Peru, Mexico City, Goa, India, Congo, Africa, and Macao, China. Their missions in the interior of Paraguay with the Guarani nation created a successful Christian community of Herbal Matte, or Yerba Mate, commerce, and armed self-defense against Portuguese, mixed race slave raiders, called Paulistas based in the small coastal city of Sao Paolo. The 1600s or seventeenth-century was their century.

By the 1700s, the eighteenth-century, these same staunch Catholic monarchs began to hate them. They were jealous of their power, and conspiracy theories emerged. How did this religious order become so successful, so powerful and so respected, and even their Protestant enemies admired them? Many believed that the Jesuits simply stole and manipulated their willing dupes, wealthy ones mostly, into handing over their loot. Pope Clement XIV suppressed the order in the late eighteenth-century due to pressures from the courts of Catholic monarchs. After the Napoleonic Wars in Europe, around 1815, the Pope lifted the suppression.

The real reason for the ‘power of the Jesuits’ was their practice of the Discernment of Spirits, or more honestly, the Discernment of Ideologies. Loyola advocated this practice incessantly. A good Jesuit had to read enormously and devour the written works of humanity, and even the texts of enemies in order to debate them and counter their propaganda. This Jesuit practice possessed the name of Propaganda Fide, or Propaganda in defense of the Faith. This practice works and it still works. Think on the Anarchist Propaganda of the Word and of the Deed.

Those Christian missionaries were quite hateful and intolerant, but at least they put their words into practice, and most importantly, they were prepared for any contingency because they knew the ideologies of the world during the 1600s: Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Pietism, Puritanism, Mystical Illuminism, Jansenism, Anabaptist-Quakerism, Calvinism, Lutheranism, Manichaeism, Sufism and even Atheism.

Nowadays, there are thousands of more ideologies, whether political, intellectual, religious or philosophical, across the globe. They all share a desire for power and the violent use of power over others. As Anarchists, they are our enemies and we fight them. But first, and like the Jesuits of old, we must also read about them. We do not have to read the entirety of their badly written books, but we can see their emphases, analyze their key words and points that they harp on, and we can possess an overall view of their conniving tactics. Some examples of the more dangerous ideologies of today are American Exceptionalism, Zionism, Communitarianism, Psychobabble, the End of History, Postmodernism, Communalism, Feminist-Puritanism, Christian Evangelical Dominionism, Media Objectivism and Global Neoliberalism.

But we are living in times that are more dangerous because the above nefarious ideologies often disguise their sinister and violent ideals through ‘anti-system’ tactics. Even well read Anarchists have fallen into their traps. We forget that the European Fascist movements of the twenties and thirties started on the streets. Both Mussolini and Hitler were ‘anti-establishment’ figures. Even the Zionists were revolutionary terrorists at one time in their history. As Anarchists, we must remain careful in supporting the first protests, demonstrations, riots, rebellions and revolutions that we watch against a particular State. Some good examples are the actual ‘rebellions’ against regimes in west Asia and in northern Africa.

Is the current rebellion in Turkey, which actually started last May Day, a true spirit of Anarchist rebellion against a corrupt state? May Day in Turkey often has more representation from Communist groups and Kurdish separatists than Turkish Anarchists. The current regime is corrupt like all states, but some of those courageous ‘street revolutionaries’ are also Kemalists, meaning that they support a Fascist platform for Turkish political-cultural supremacy in both the Balkans and in west Asia. Nazi Germany also organized Turkic-Albanian-Bosnian SS divisions during WWII. Also, when disguised fronts for Anglo-American Imperialism and Genocide, such as Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch, condemn the ‘despotic regime’ under duress, then this should make the Anarchist think again about defending all of the street rebels.

We can add the racist murderers and revolutionaries in Libya supported by the US, Britain and France, or the Wahhabi-Salafist religious extremists and murderers of Christians and Shiites, supported by the US, Britain, France, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia in Syria. These fighters are in rebellion against a corrupt, dictatorial State, yet whose side are those fighters truly on? As Anarchists, we ought to look upon our sick and evil world the same way our state enemies look at it, and the same way the Jesuit Order looked upon it during the 1600s.

The Discernment of Ideologies then comes into full practice. We see the corporate media announce the street rebellion on ‘the news,’ and soon, the Leftist alternative media plays with the campaign. Yet, we also know that the Leftists are often the willing idiots of the state institutions. They want reforms; Anarchists, on the other hand, want true revolutionary change. The Anarchist has to make a choice: join the revolutionary practice or sit and wait. If we join, we might have to make temporary alliances with our mortal enemies, the Communist gangs, (like in Spain 1936), support the revolt in propaganda writing, (such as Indymedia), or we can act separately against a few open targets of power through hit and run, partisan-guerrilla tactics.

I would choose the latter. In world history, no matter who wins the recall, the resignation or the ‘reelection,’ the regular people always lose. Read between the media lines first, and then decide. Discern the different ideologies on the street first, and then act with force, or disengage for a later date. Once the Anarchist masters the Discernment of Ideologies, he or she becomes greatly more powerful. No state system or self-proclaimed leader can control such a revolutionary. The Jesuits always had the institutional support of the papacy throughout their reign of power. The Anarchist rather, stands alone, or works within small cells, ready with his or her weapon of choice.


In 1892, after the Homestead Strike battle between strikers and the Pinkerton thugs, an Anarchist living in NYC decided to seek revenge and honor the deaths of workers with an attentat, or a Propaganda of the Deed, against the top executive of Homestead, a Mr. Frick. The Anarchist Alexander Berkman, bought a nice suit, shaved and bathed – and purchased a gun. He traveled to the executive offices, made an appointment to meet with Mr. Frick, and then calmly entered his office. He took a shot at him, wounded him even, but it was a bad shot. Berkman next tried to stab him, got a cut in, but some of Frick’s aides quickly entered the office, subdued the assassin, and beat him to unconsciousness. Berkman had to do 14 years of hard time in prison due to the attempted shooting.

In 1901, a NYC Anarchist traveled up to Buffalo to attend the Pan American Exposition. He was not there as a visitor to check out the different booths. He attended the event because the warmonger, anti-worker president of the US was also going to visit the exposition, President McKinley. The Anarchist Leon Czolgosz bought a gun, a nice suit, and then plotted his act of justice in order to take out the man that started the genocidal Spanish-American War in 1898 against the Filipinos, and his imperialist annexation of Hawaii. Czolgosz stood at the front of the crowd, and when McKinley came towards him, the assassin answered with two final shots. McKinley died some days later, and the police and military men present subdued the assassin, and beat him up pretty bad. The police beat him again in prison, and eventually the state murdered the Anarchist in the electric chair.

These two hidden stories from official American history have explained the dual role of Anarchism about one hundred and twenty years ago: propaganda of both the word and the deed. Anarchists became violent because honor and justice demanded it. If the authorities murdered a bunch of workers or revolutionaries, so they had the right to defend themselves and kill the enemy too. Vengeance always follows honor publicly disgraced.

Honor has been violent and cruel, but it has also demanded respect and fear. Many radicals find Honor distasteful because it has had ties with Monotheistic dogma and religions. But a lack of honor is what has killed radical movements, and especially the cowardly Left in general. The ghosts of honor still breathe their voices upon the men and women that demand justice across the globe. Honor is a natural defense to the human soul that must fight to survive in an unjust world.

During that same period in history, there were other propagandas of the deed and attentats in the industrial capitalist countries of the world, such as Russia, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Portugal and Argentina. Sometimes the deeds got their victim, and other times the deeds failed miserably. Almost all of the assassins or would be assassins ended up captured, tortured badly, and executed mercilessly by the state. They became martyrs to the cause – and did the attentats change the system? They did not, except for criminal politicians passing even more repressive laws.

The wars and injustices continued: WWI, WWII, imperial invasions and genocides in Asia, Africa, and in the Americas. The working classes still slaved for pittance wages, while hunger and diseases of the poor continued to afflict most of the children subjected to such miserable living. At the same time, the great industrialists, capitalists and banking magnates lavished themselves within private lairs of luxury not known since the caliphs of ancient history. Absurdly, the one cultural value that both the slovenly Anarchist and the respectable banking magnate shared was honor.

Most contemporary Anarchists do not respect, nor understand the original concept of honor. The concept comes from the Roman ‘dignitas’. Roman dignity, or honor, represented the respected public name of a patron, or upper class dignitary, through public service to the polis, or to one’s own city or town. Lower class Roman Plebeians could also attain dignitas through some exemplary service to their land or to their family’s name. Ancient honor meant connections to illustrious ancestors, meritorious works and decent connections towards ritual and service to the local gods. Other ancient societies such as Assyria, Mexica-Aztec, Persia, Egypt, Ghana, Classic Maya, Benin, China, Champa, (Vietnam), and Japan had similar cultural values and practices.

Monotheistic religion appropriated honor and it then became a vehicle of oppression against women. Before, a woman’s honor was public grandeur, natural beauty and intelligent speech. But with the introduction of monotheistic ideology, a woman’s honor moved into sexual chastity, modesty and submissiveness to a male authority. In Catholic Europe, the woman either had to marry and become property of the husband, or become a prisoner inside of a convent. Honor was shamed. With men, honor transformed itself into a terrible passion. Men had to check their own honor, and the honor of their women, their families, their names and their reputations. Honor and extreme violence fused together. The Anarchists also inherited this cultural baggage from the marches and manacles of history.

The Anarchists of about one hundred and twenty years ago thought nothing of giving up their lives in order to defend the honor of their revolutionary brethren and the weaker classes. They were the modern knights against the tyrants and despots of the industrial world. So where did this honor go? Some contemporary Anarchists safely remain in their urban subcultures of class privilege and racial privileges. Many wonder why they attract so few people and why they represent just another urban tribe of black clothes and stale beer. The problem is a tactical one.

Their radical message is on a permanent disconnect with the other interested, potential revolutionaries that are out there. There still exist many working class guys and women that think about honor, such as the great deeds of their ancestors and deceased family members, the hard life that their families went through just to eat, and they yearn to stand up to the abusive donut cops, judges, bureaucrats, and state thugs that harass them without ceasing. The people that publicly do stand up seem to burst forth as lone wolves, the crazies and the desperate. Young, Marxist, urban guerrilla groups mobilized honor and vengeance stretching from the sixties to the eighties. Mafioso wise guys have kept the illusion of the honor code, and this is the reason Hollywood still admires them.

The sociopathic state waits anxiously for the next rounds of revolutionary groups that refuse to surrender, sell-out, coopt, buy into, compromise or adopt cowardice, and that would choose death over dishonor. It is easy to proclaim that one does not fear death. In order to embrace the good death however, the revolutionary must also embrace honor. The laws of history always demand such a sacrifice.