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In the early 1980s, during the early morning hours of the autumnal dry season, a special military extermination squad invaded a local Mayan autonomous village in the lush green, tropical mountains of Guatemala. They violently occupied the entire village when the humid mountain mist still floated in the air. They wore uniforms that were different from the typical army khakis worn by most of Latin America’s militaries.

They dressed in camouflage, more like US Army BDUs, or Battle Dress Uniforms. They spotted maroon berets on their heads. The soldiers donned hard black leather shined boots and carried state of the art US military grade battle rifles. They were actually not a combat unit. Instead, this military unit represented a physical liquidation battalion. This unit’s goal: the complete physical extermination of the Mayans.

They possessed the name of Kabiles. Their training consisted of courses led by US Military Advisers in the tactics of counterinsurgency, or really, the methods of legal mass murder against targeted enemies. The group’s officers actually spoke decent English and finished their training at the School of the Americas in the United States.

The Kabiles immediately began their nefarious work. They grabbed women, little children, sick children, babies, infants, old people, and rounded up the older men and younger men that still lingered around the village. All of the villagers were unarmed at the time. The few villagers that had guns had been in the outer mountainous region trying to scour crops to feed their families.

The pacification squads fired indiscriminately on the mass of shocked townspeople, while using their US military high-grade rifles with high-grade ammunition. Other soldiers quickly jumped into the fray hacking the wounded victims with machetes, mostly working on the faces, ripping off facial features, and cutting off skin from the skulls. A few state murderers even jumped on the men and castrated them cruelly with large knives. They finished this heinous act with digging a massive trench in the village, burying the murdered victims, and then lighting the whole village on fire. Most of the Kabiles typified mixed race mestizos or ladinos from Guatemala City, but their training, uniforms, weapons, ammunition, and total economic support came directly from the United States Government.

The US Government has been responsible for the murders of around 200,000 of these Mayans. In Latin American history, from 1845, the beginning of the Mexican War, to the present day, the American state in Washington D.C. has been responsible for over one million victims. This hidden Amerikan genocide has often reflected on direct mass murder through recurring invasions and occupations, such as in Haiti, Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras, Colombia and the Dominican Republic.  Other nefarious methods have included the training of mass murderers at military combat centers, such as the School of the Americas, (now called WHINSEC), and through CIA sponsored coup d’etats, such as the recent ones in Venezuela, Honduras, and other more infamous ones in Chile and in Brazil.

Guatemalan elites were definitely not the only  state criminals that took advantage of such generous US government money and military training. Many other corrupt governments, dictatorships, despotisms, police states and tyrannies around the world, and throughout history, have also enjoyed unlimited economic and military support from such an Empire. Think on the Zionist-Crusader State, or as they call themselves, Israel, and there have been scores of others, not only in Latin America, but also in Asia, Africa and in Europe.

Why has the United States government, or the state apparatus located in Washington D.C. supported, funded and trained such violent monstrosities, mass murder and sickening genocides? First, the US government has been directly involved in such mass murder from its very inception. From its first year of operation, 1790 onward, the US state invaded and warred against the native nations in both the east and in the west of the continent, and it has consistently supported slavery, torture, legal police murders, economic dispossession, mass imprisonment, the war on drugs and the war on crime, against working class Black Americans, or the permanent criminal underclass in the United States. There have been many other human, animal, and flora victims from its crimes, yet few people, besides honest historians, have actually known about such sinister methods of mass destruction. This leads into the second reason.

Since the post WWII period, the political-economic elites who have run the United States still believe that their mass murders, tortures, mass imprisonment, destruction of all life, and human-animal-plant genocides have all been beneficial to the world. These leaders have convinced themselves fully about their own good intentions – and yet, their delusions are complete falsifications. Just listen to them speak in public. They are not manipulating us, or trying to hoodwink us. They truly believe in the greatness and good aspirations of their degenerate and criminal enterprises. Sociopaths also believe that their actions are great and powerful, and that their victims deserve their fates. They inwardly cherish their very own lies about themselves.

These respectable and ordinary sociopaths that run the US government are also extremely powerful, and they do not occupy the guarded rooms of the criminally insane. Rather, they manage a combined military-police-intelligence force that is now greater than the world’s entire military outfits put together. This military-police-intelligence complex has maintained the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency up to the present time. This state system in D.C. commands a slick, well-oiled, corporate media-propaganda network that has utilized the most sophisticated and ingenious brainwashing techniques and mental manipulations that the world has ever known – and will have ever known. No other nation or culture can compete with such a propaganda system, with the exception of the world’s two main monotheistic religions: Christianity and Islam.

Liberal-Leftists love to write on radical blogs that the US Empire is falling, dying, decaying and rotting. Nothing could be farther from the truth. This Empire increases its strength exponentially, and the political crooks on top have never stopped laying out even greater plans for world domination. This leads to the final point concerning the danger of the Great Sociopath that now rules the Earth.

This excrescence on the globe has been the most dangerous and most brutal mass murderer and mass imprisoner in human history. It has acted even worse than Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia. Unlike Stalinist Russia or Nazi Germany, this putrid growth of the superstate has gotten away with its continual warfare, imprisonment and mass murder since 1790. It has successfully performed this historical magic act because it has made sure to omit both the historical notations and open documentation of its holocausts and genocides. The US state apparatus in DC has also been fighting a genocidal war against History.

The political juntas that hold power in the United States refuse to engage in any annotations of such crimes. This is the reason for its continual warfare and mass murder up to our actual moments. The state enablers believe that they do not murder at all. Actually, those brainwashed rulers are convinced that they serve grander purposes.  Their sociopathic denials and cover-ups will continue until such a state abomination achieves its annihilation. It is impossible for such a fetid system to ever change. All Empires have died, and so will this one eventually.

Yet, the exposure of US state apparatus’ continual war, carnage and holocausts represents one of its few and fatal weaknesses. Honest history shows the actual and true nature on such a political malignancy. Nothing can cover up the mass murder of millions of human victims just trying to work and to survive.

As a historian of Latin America, I always wondered about the modern changes in the art of murder and violence on that continent. During the late nineteenth-century, Latin American governments regularly murdered their own people with impunity, and especially the native, poor, and Afro-Latino peoples. But the corrupt dictatorships of Latin America generally murdered the troublemakers with sprays of bullets to the heart area. This method, perfected during the Porfiriato dictatorship of Mexico in the late nineteenth-century, had the name of ‘Ley de fuego,’ or the Law of Open Fire. This legal murder signified the soldier shouting, ‘stop escaping,’ or ‘treason to the nation,’ and then murdering the victim in cold blood.

Around the 1960s, under the Liberal Kennedy, dictatorial Latin American governments began to change their tactics. Anti-Communism, ‘purification of the Christian nation against subversives,’ and other Fascist ideologies began to creep into public political discourse. Corrupt and pathetic Latin American militaries started to have that more ‘professional look,’ with better uniforms, military hardware, arms, and training. Their mobilizations commenced a new ‘counterinsurgency’ and low intensity conflict stage in warfare. All of these modern changes came out of President Kennedy’s Alliance for Progress – which included Green Beret instruction in the fine art of murder.

Militaries and police units did not just shoot the troublemakers in the heart area, they also gouged out eyes, cut off tongues, breasts and genitals, and ripped open intestines. Their victims were little girls of eight years old, Catholic priests and nuns, eight-day-old infants, and old men that walked with canes. The Great Sociopath transformed the Latin American dictatorship into the contemporary nightmares of the Nazi Einsatzgruppen extermination squads against Jews, Gypsies, and Communists in Eastern Europe during the 1940s. The Great Sociopath has not just perfected their assaults overseas. They have also continuously fought simultaneous wars against their domestic adversaries.

The greatest imprisoner in world history is now and has been the United States of America. Two percent of the population is either under a barbed wire security wing, or must endure the parole-probation period, which often lands the prisoner right back into jail. Imagine imprisoning a whole population of a large city? Many prisoners in the Amerikan gulag suffer bodily privations, tortures, rapes and daily acts of institutional violence. Their lives are permanently destroyed because it is impossible for them to reenter the work and rent paying slave society after the prison stint. Their families also suffer grievously due to long distance traveling in order to visit the prisoner.

The prisoners’ real crimes have come from their birth into poverty, following the bad examples of the top legal criminals, or just ending up unlucky, often due to selling or ingesting illegal drugs. Poor unfortunates still rot inside those cages due to petty thefts, fraudster scams, drunk driving and even shoplifting. No other country in the world has such unjust and cruel legal codes where donut cops, state prosecutors, and judges have complete legal immunities from perjured lying on the stand, hiding evidence, imprisoning the innocent, and even murdering their victims. The ultimate modern police states are not countries like Guatemala, but the United States of America. The police are everywhere, riding on patrol in every city in Amerika, and there are cop gangs with high grade weapons inside of small towns. They receive their military grade, free equipment straight from the US government, and now small bedroom communities have paramilitary police SWAT forces on alert.

George Jackson, the assassinated and imprisoned Black Panther revolutionary leader during the early 1970s, referred to the United States state apparatus system as the highest form of Fascism that the world has ever known. Like the truth telling British journalist John Pilger has stated before, this Great Amerikan Sociopath is now even more dangerous than the Fascism of the Nazis in the 1940s. Hitler’s nightmare only lasted 13 years. This malevolent cabal of pathological liars and mass murderers has lasted for over 220 years and it is still on its continuous warpath – against all enemies foreign and domestic, and for whatever ideological beliefs that they hold. It is not going to stop its crimes anytime soon.

Those of us that know its true history and that know the truth of its crimes must now expose them to the people around us. It takes courage to do this because there are so many brainwashed people that live within the interior of the monster. Yet, the Great Amerikan Sociopath also writhes in fury, desires to carve out our insides, lock us up, and torture us in a prison until death. As of now, and for the sake of our duty, freedom and honor, we have no other choice but to expose and fight such an execrable empire.



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