Contemporary Crony Capitalism USA: Shit Clown Political-Economy

Posted: October 1, 2016 in history
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Don’t do it!

I mean become a wage slave just because some hypocrites and lowlifes tell you to get a job. What jobs are those bum experts talking about anyway?

Do they mean a low paying retail job, where you still have to clean toilets and mop floors, and which only pays 10$ per hour – the same rate of pay from 20 years ago? Do they imply a fast food McJob that pays even less than 10$ – and you still have to mop floors, clean disgusting bathrooms – and prepare dirty burgers? Or is there some social service job available, possibly working with homeless people, recovering addicts, parolees, or whatever half-way house prisoners – and you have to babysit them-play cop, also for less than 10$ per hour? There is an even better question to ask: why don’t those same buffoons who always scream get a job – actually work at those same crap jobs?

We all know the answer to that one. Us unemployable, ex-students, ex-part timers, ex-Mcjobbers, ex-homeless, ex-waiters, ex-addicts, ex-prisoners, ex-PhDs, ex-bums, ex-travelers, ex-beggars, ex-couch surfers, ex-musicians, ex-cooks, ex-exers – don’t have any worthy skills worthy for any contemporary job available.  

What skills does one really need for today’s pyramid scheme economy, which uses Centralized Federal Banks’ funny money? Our pathetic goals are simply to create greater profit windfalls for corporate multinationals. How does one help the corporation achieve greater profits? Well, the corporation needs to beat the competition – and the only method that works one hundred percent is monopoly. How does monopoly function in today’s brutal economic world? Chosen elites arrange secretive money deals with even more corrupt entities, such as US Federal, State and Municipal governments. When one has the State on its side, the monopoly becomes locked and loaded. Even when profits and performance die – the money keeps rolling into shareholder coffers.

This is how Contemporary Crony Capitalism functions, like a well-built, well-oiled machine. Its leaders and enablers do no useful work, except insure legalized crime and corruption. Profits go to the shareholder class of parasites, meanwhile, the skilled working man earns even less, and less – and soon dies a sad death.

Scam casinos rely on the slot and crap game dummies in order to cover their basic operation costs. Contemporary Crony Capitalism USA relies on government handouts, infusions, and market privileges for covering their most important activities, such as corporate shareholder executive salaries, and compensations in the millions of dollars. Its second crutch finds the cheapest labor source available in the world, whether overseas, foreigners on student visas, or even undocumented workers in the illegal markets.

These crooks are the true Queens of Welfare. Whether they exist as war industries, i.e. defense contractors, or energy companies, or consultant companies, or electric car companies, or private prison companies, or mercenary-war companies, or even preferred commercial banking companies.

Thousands of States within this same United States of America, or the Amerikan Empire, Federal, State and Municipal, grasp their jaundiced fingers within multiple economic pies and legal bribery ties.

American capitalism wasn’t always like this however. About a hundred years ago it was quite different.

Actually, seventy years before Detroit became the infamous, Detroit Rock City, of White Stripes fame, and fifty years before, The Motown Sound, this same city had received another nickname, The Motor City. It really was moving in sync with the Roaring Twenties.

What had transformed a former military outpost, fought between French Canadians and Anglo-Americans during the 1700’s, into the ‘Motor City Capital of the World’?

Detroit’s identity transformed from the hard work and corporate vision of one man. He represented a complete, man of destiny. His intensity of operation also included a violent security-police force that rivaled the local La Cosa Nostra Famiglia, the racist-fascist Black Legion, and the Detroit Police Department.

His name was Henry Ford. His very own Ford Motor Company would not only transform the city of Detroit, but he would even revolutionize Industrial Capitalism for the entire world.

Ford did not start out as a rich kid inheriting daddy’s money. His parents were farmers out in rural and super cold Michigan. His dad was a hard disciplinarian. If Ford refused to get up at 5:30 a.m. to do the farm work – and even in 25 below 0 Fahrenheit weather with a nasty wind chill in the middle of winter – then the dad got out the belt and his hands for some instant karma. Ford never liked it, but it made him tough and rough. Rural Michigan was part of the wild west during the 1870s.

On his time off, Henry did not do the country kid, Huck Finn-Tom Sawyer adventure games; instead he worked on engineering projects – even after feeling tired from rigorous farm duties. As a kid, he already found a money-making venture out in small-town Michigan. Henry realized that more farmers were using mechanized machinery on the land. Henry advertised himself in town as the go-to fix-it guy for broken machines. He found so much instant work and money that he turned down the crappy jobs.

Nor did the young man spend his money on wine, woman and song. He saved his money because he knew what he wanted to accomplish in the future. He invested in machine parts, and started as an apprentice to a local machinist. Farming just wasn’t his thing.

Engineering was the thing, creating and making things with his own hands – and most importantly, he wanted to eventually become his own boss – run his own company, his own way. Ford would become one of the successes of the American Dream: combining hard work, thrift and ingenuity. And to top it all off, Ford never attended high school, nor any stupid university in order to obtain a useless degree. Ford knew that he was good – and ready for action.

As a young man, Mr. Ford acquired his own farm property, married, had a child, while Thomas Edison’s company, Edison illuminating, later hired him as one of its mechanical engineers.

Edison admired Ford’s work ethic, honesty and innovation so much in fact, that he promoted Ford to the chief engineer position of the company. Ford was running his very own team of professional engineers, inventors, artists and scientists.

During the 1890s, most cars still ran on the slow and cumbersome electric model. Ford understood that drivers were seeing those autos as more of a light diversion, rather than a functional vehicle that could actually move people across the country. Ford always spotted an opportunity – and then grabbed it by both hands.

In Ford’s own garage, after a hard ten-hour work day at the company, Ford labored tirelessly on a new automobile, which used gas-oil and a battery to run continually, long and fast. Electric cars overcharged a battery that would eventually die out. Through hands-on work, Ford had finally developed a full-on internal combustion engine – and next, built the frame around it – and he even built the entire thing himself. This auto would become Ford’s Model A Car.

Ford’s destiny star was still rising. He left Edison Illuminating, and next worked at the Detroit Automobile Company. He quit that job when his time was opening up. In 1903, He finally formed his very own auto company, The Ford Motor Company, which has been in operation until this very day!

Ford transformed into the work maniac meets prophetic visionary. When a company president or some shareholder started to mess with his vision and organization, he would buy out their positions or shares, and then immediately fire them!

He gave the orders and ran the corporate venture as a British Navy Man-of-War. Any executive caught in ill-discipline, managing the projects haphazardly or just shirking on assignments – met with a verbal warning from him. If it happened again – well, here’s your severance check and goodbye.

Another man by the name of Selden held the first auto patent, which made him quite wealthy. Ford refused to pay Selden for using his steering wheel design. If Selden wanted to sue, Ford was ready with a team of nasty attorneys, ripening for a state of war.

Ford later made deals with other wealthy capitalists in order to receive the gentleman’s special rates. He was not only friends with his former boss, Edison, but became a close friend of Henry Firestone of rubber tire fame and John D. Rockefeller of Standard Oil or Exxon fame, and he even got acquainted with the infamous JP Morgan of international banking and corporate merger fame.

Ford’s successes continued unabated, and soon US Presidents, such as Warren G. Harding and Franklin Roosevelt wanted to consult the Man from Dearborn. Ford truly understood the art of making of cars – since he built one from his own hands – and he knew that the world was changing industrial production.

Most car companies still built their cars, like the old artisan guilds, one car at a time, where four or five workers made the masterpiece. This process functioned inside custom body auto shops – but it did not work for selling good cars.

Henry Ford revolutionized the industrial capitalist process, not just for cars, but for all industries across the world: rubber tires, steel production, oil production and later, airplane construction.

Mr. Ford understood that mechanics and engineers needed parts, which they could fit on any Ford car. Ford introduced manufactured interchangeable parts for all of his vehicles. If any problem occurred, then the right serial number to the part corresponded to the Ford repair manual. Ford also patented every single one of his parts, so that other car companies had to come to him for the diagrams and models.

Ford produced these parts not inside garage spaces, but on long shop floors with loud and fast, mass industrialized production. Ford was the first corporate leader to set up the mass assembly line process, where each worker had one specific, repetitive task to accomplish as the parts moved down the assembly line. Ford could then manufacture hundreds of cars per day. This common manufacturing reality had the name of division of labor.

The Man Ford was the first venture capitalist-inventor-engineer-mechanic who understood that workers on assembly lines had to work both properly and efficiently – and especially when it came to automobiles. Ford, an avid reader, read Frederick Taylor’s, The Principles of Scientific Management, (1911). He used Taylor’s theories as a standard for his line factory automation. Ford then timed his autoworkers to produce a greater yield and within faster increments, while the foremen screamed over the workers’ heads. By the 1920s, no other auto company could out-produce the Ford Motor Company.

But Henry Ford was not just a heartless task driver, he also understood that he needed to pay his workers a living wage, where his very own laborers could also buy affordable cars! This is just what happened. Ford developed his classic motor car, affordable to both elites and workers. The masterpiece was the Ford Model T, and he was even the first carmaker to mass produce the V8 engine. The world knew this labor system as Fordism.

Ford cars were then all over the States – and the world. Ford had plants in Europe, Africa and in Asia. He even had a plant in the Communist Soviet Union! Ford’s cars worked so well, that the folk-hero gangster of the 1930s, John Dillinger, wrote Ford a letter praising his V8 engine car while eluding cops. Even the actor-director Charlie Chaplin took a humorous swipe at Ford and Taylor’s automated assembly lines in his classic silent film, Modern Times, (1936).

Henry Ford had become the face of the American dream. He had a 56 room castle-estate built for his family, called Fairlane. He also set up funds for his own charitable society, called the Ford Foundation, and he created the first, non-traveling living museum, called Greenfield. Ford also financed and supported multiple race car drivers.

There was also a negative side to the man – but he didn’t care. Ford became a devoted anti-Semite, publishing a book, The International Jew, (1920), also earning a flattering line within Adolf Hitler’s own work, Mein Kampf. Ford was a union hater, and hired a special group of security thugs, called the Service Department, to beat the crap out of UAW organizers and agitators. Ford’s enemy list also included Black Jazz music, Hollywood Cinema, the Newspaper Media, Commies and Alcohol.

Mr. Ford avidly supported Prohibition. If you wanted to work at the Ford Motor Company, employees had to sign a special contract allowing his Sociology Department, to visit your private home and spy out any alcoholic drinking, carousing, partying, smoking and sexual indiscretions. Infractions got a warning. After the second demerit – well you could go pick up your last check.

Henry Ford, admire him or despise him, was his own man. He made his American Dream come true – not Hollywood style with a dopey happy ending – but with hard work, brilliant ideas and jumping right on to life’s opportunities.

Henry was also born and bred Michigan – and lived there for the rest of his life. He was so influential that he changed the history of world capitalism and his adopted city of Detroit. Henry lived cars – and yes, he actually built them from his very own two hands – inside of his very own garage.

But he was not the only American to actually fulfill his American economic dream combining a successful business with the enjoyment of honestly earned wealth. Millions of other American men, almost all of them having the white skin privilege, have also obtained their own versions of the American Dream.

The American Dream was never a lie – and a large portion of the world’s population also knew this truth. I can recount my own personal experiences seeing ancient guys coming from all parts of Europe, or from lower class backgrounds, with almost no funds, nor state education diplomas in their pockets – and yet after 40 years of trials, traumas and triumphs – they too have achieved the golden road to affluence, and the retirement worthy of princes. And so what happened to the Dream?

Around the early 1970s, elite criminals through their organizations, such as The Trilateral Commission, The Council of Foreign Relations and The Bilderberg Group, hijacked the freedom and took the prosperity hostage. They just wanted all the funds and fun for themselves – and the rebellious youth were turning against them anyway. Time for a retrenchment.

For us younger fellas – there is only the Amerikan nightmare leftovers. The biggest growth industries are in parasitical civil service and government jobs, often run by senior fatsos and lazy bums who sit at desks for a few hours, receive their yellow checks, and then wastrel away on eternal pensions.

The other growth industries are in the institutions of legal violence and murder: the US Military-Industrial-Spy Complex, the Prison-Industrial Complex, the Police-Industrial Complex, and the Security System-Mercenary Contractors.

The good jobs in the Oil-Gas industry are drying up faster than the Fracking wells, and some tech jobs now go to Foreigners on the H-1B visa waivers. Even the dummies with four different diplomas now reject teaching jobs. So where does all that leave us?

We only have the low wage, bad jobs of the service sector available – that is if you can still tolerate them. There are always fast food dump McJobs and some Wal-Fart opportunities. Then there are the small businesses that have stayed behind: restaurants, retail, bars, cafes and other desperate joints that eye potential customers as starved sharks in an aquarium pool.

They want loyalty from us wage slaves, yet will fire us within a flick of a match. Once hired, our horrible lives revolve around their crazy scheduling. The owners force us to schmooze the hated customers into buying more of the crap product. We must act super nice, like street hustlers, so those same customer marks leave spending some of their hard-earned cash. Meanwhile, the boss in the back room treats us like potential adversaries.

There are also particular business scams that generally harass and steal from the poor, often festering exclusively in Amerika’s thousands of ghettos. We have Government agencies, like cops, firemen, bail bonds and jails, and there are the Check Cashing-Instant Money joints, Pawn Shops, Convenience-Liquor Stores, and hole in the wall Churches with pastors who look like they just got released from the State Mental Institution.

The only lucrative trade left, comes down to landlordism, or property pimping condemned structures, with no regular repairs, nor pest extermination, while charging higher than usual rents.

Unless the law school graduate comes out of a good law school, i.e. Ivy League material, he or she will have to do a lot of walking and hustling for a decent paying legal job. At least they get to spend the first few years of their youth almost working to death. A few lucky ones have found some on-line, self-employed gigs that can pay the bills.

The smart set actually moved into the old derided trades: mechanics, plumbers, cleaners, electricians, heavy machinists, line workers, cosmetologists and builders. The health profession will never go out of business at least, doctors and nurses still have some chances.

If we possibly have some physical-mental talents and connections, then we could try for music, acting roles and sports. Many owners of these agencies, entertainment companies and teams, often have no talents whatsoever. They could not act out of a high school play, cannot sing, nor even throw a ball across the court or field. Yet, these masters call the real shots for the team or production. The coach and the director are only the field commanders. The generals sit in the glass over suites. If all else fails, and a woman isn’t fat, she could try out stripping.

The owners of multinational corporations love to harp on the sacrifice of our soldiers, but if they find a cheaper labor source – they will either close down and move the work site to a foreign country, or just hire foreign visa workers – or even use undocumented immigrants. Our economic system of gross hypocrisy and vile injustice has fallen into a polluted, festering sinkhole.

This is the sad and dismal state of Contemporary Crony Capitalism. If a true entrepreneur and inventor really wanted to make a difference in his community, the US government would tax and legally harass the man towards a prison hole or an early grave.

Multiple bank deposits around the 10,000$ US mark could get a Federal SWAT team with automatic weapons visiting the work site. Yes, all banks, including the so-called credit unions, which act just like banks nowadays, must snitch on their own depositors. If you run a business that the US government particularly hates, such as selling firearms, erotica, tobacco, alcohol and cannabis – then you had better invest in some good attorneys and accountants.

Most American business owners have completely sold out. They now act like the same US government sociopaths. Some of our more sensitive brethren have gone the rout of drug addiction – can we blame them?

We are all prisoners now – and we are doomed to fail. This is what the elites always wanted. They diverted our attention with endless wars against continuous enemies. The media cheerleaded the entire path to perdition. Too many unsuspecting citizens also cheered on the violence along the way, only because it made them feel good to hate.

Meanwhile, the political-economic elites, the rich bastards, tightened both the noose and the screws around our necks. We failed to truly see the War, the Eternal War, that they have been waging against us. Contemporary Crony Capitalism represents the final Order of the Day, and the Giant Tomb for many.

Those same elites have been warming the checking accounts of the politician-media parasite class. Both freeloaders continue to leech and sponge off the working man’s honor and dignity. We are still the ones who pay most of the usury taxes, fines, charges, payments, bills, and endless fees to our enemies.

Even so, we have just ultimately unveiled the ruling elite’s lame cabaret show, Welcome to the Shit Clown Political-Economy. The Wizard of Wall Street-Washington-Hollywood lays totally naked in full frontal view – as it now revives the corpse of the American Nightmare Zombie Apocalypse!

There is no hope, no dawn of a new era, no horizon visible…

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I now have thousands of them, and some of them are actually the same word, for about three consecutive times in the category list.

The WordPress system does not have a good corrective function in eliminating multiple category words, so it is actually impossible to get the full categories right. There are too many categories now, and many of them are repeats.

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