Don’t Believe the Hype: The Political Dialectic of State Criminality

Posted: November 5, 2016 in history
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It’s amazing! What might you ask?

We the people still cut out important time out of our busy lives, during the cluttered workdays – to vote. We only vote for their preselected candidates, often chosen from our own worst enemies – the elites. Why would normally intelligent people destroy their own precious time and decimate their own stored energies, just to vote for their adversaries’ political candidates?

The reason is that we believe the citizen-democracy hype: the double fisted ideologies of Liberalism, or Liberal-Democracy, and Socialism, or Social-Democracy. Both of those ideologies have invaded our mental consciousness and have parasited off our minds.

There is no cure until us deluded citizens want the cleansing. For a long time, most democratic citizens have not been interested in any real changes. The politicians scream and rant about changes to come, but most citizens really want the status quo, or the continuation of the same dismal rot.

Real change is brutal to the mind – and to life in general, while the human condition under civilization always prefers the accustomed-boring life. We love watching movies about heroic tragic lives – but that doesn’t mean we want to live such dangerous existences.

Personal transformations kill the old selves, and then self-recreate newer existences. The endless cycles of deaths and births breed greater sufferings towards physical extinction. Basic survival is sufficient.

Is the Human Condition under Civilization a sick species? Well, the answer is both a yes and a no. Most humans, meaning those under the heated and loaded gun of modern, urban civilization, actually enjoy mental suffering. Suffering offers both conscious meanings and a false sense of self-identity.

Many believe that our political elections are an integral part of the permanent cycles of human existence, such as paying annual taxes, showering daily, going to sleep at night, and eating three meals per day. We continue to live and die as human addicts beholden to our mental-physical habits and false views. Few question the perverted logic of such mental riddles and mind games.

One such mind game-mental riddle comes from the intellectual dump of Modern German Philosophy, or Modern Ideologies. It is the Hegelian Political Dialectic. Although it was another German philosopher who invented it, Johann Fichte. Karl Marx used such a dialect to formulate his Communist Materialist, (Non-Theist), Philosophy, specifically in his Communist Manifesto, in relation to Class Struggle or Class War.

Other intellectuals on the Left, such as the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxists, have used it. We now refer to them as the Politically Correct, Anti-Oppression Cult. Their schema is Repressive Forces versus the Anti-Oppression Resistance-Erotic Liberation Movement, which then leads to Hedonism-Anomie, or Social Disorder-Tradition Destruction.

The basic premise of Fichte’s Political Dialect is that the Thesis versus the Antithesis always leads to the Synthesis, or the Truth.

For the Modern State this method implies: formulate a problem-thesis for the citizen dupes, create a controlled opposition-antithesis to the problem, such as a phony debate, a nasty political discourse, a media hyped event, or whatever, and then the same leaders offer the solution-synthesis of the State. The State thus performs two important functions at the same time.

First, it elicits interest within the civil society, or the general population, for its boring and hypocritical cant. Second, it also proposes the bunk solution to the phony issue, which the State had originally dreamed up.

Why does the State continually and nauseatingly employ such methods? Because this trite practice furthers the legitimacy of the State. Modern states have to maintain legitimacy as humans must breathe in order to live. The State elites light the fires. The public divides into opposing factions, while it does the actual screaming and street fighting. Ultimately, the Media surrogates in league with the State will offer the bogus solutions.

This so-called political ruse or dialectic of divide and conquer, is nothing more than an either/or, black or white, friend-enemy mental phenomenon, just another political tactic in perpetuating social control. Yet, it works every single time the State employs it!

This historical period was just over one hundred years ago, around the 1890s. A group of elites, this time in the Republica de Chile, were sitting around a thick wooden, brown-black table inside a large, rectangular white room with high ceilings. They were discussing the formation of a political-military junta de gobierno, or an ad-hoc government body, in order to seize the State. The place was the coastal, cosmopolitan city of Valparaiso.

Those Chilean elites actually seemed like a late nineteenth-century clown show of Euro-copying madmen mixed with over the top, Latin American styled, military generals, with super starched uniforms displaying neat epaulets, shiny buttons and gaudy medals. They could have also passed as Latino cousins, or primos, getting ready for a crazy fiesta, Latino wedding.

The elite men, all of them men, and all of European persuasion, also wore finely starched suits, incense-cologne of rose-water stench, exquisitely trimmed moustaches, crisp bifocals, greased back black hairs and shiny black boot-shoes. These refined hombres all spoke fluidly about extremely important subjects, such as their illustrious European family heritages, trips to Europe, house furniture, mine investments. Yet, these elites were hatching a dishonest political struggle for seizing power. They didn’t speak the Castilian Spanish of Spain – but their accents and tones were of smooth Spanish groove.

They were setting up Chile’s Third Civil War, of which they were quite successful.

The previous civil conflicts had similar beginnings, during the 1850s, and right after the so-called Independencia, in the 1830s. This political cabal of fools represented los Conservadores, or the Conservatives. Their so-called political bozo rivals, los Liberales, or the Liberals, actually looked and acted almost exactly like them! The elites excluded all racial castes, such as indians, blacks and mixed breeds.

When these political hacks were not fulminating, attacking or murdering each other, they would also manufacture periodic crises, or crises, always related to Chile’s national territories. Chilean governments would distract the common population with periodic invasions of its enemy neighbors.

Chile fought a war against Argentina over some unpopulated land in the polar cap of the Tierra de Fuego. No humans lived there, but Chile’s honor was at stake because Argentina drew a line going too far west on the map. Then Chile wanted more lands for its mining and guano industries in the desert north, the Atacama, so it fought repeated wars against Bolivia and Peru.

Chile finally seized Bolivia’s Pacific province of Antofagasta, making it a landlocked country in the middle of the Andean Mountains to this day, and then completely destroyed Peru, even stealing its rich heritage of historical archives, during the War of the Pacific. Chile also robbed Peru’s southern province of Tarapacá.

Within those changing political currents, the two opposing political factions also revised their names . During the first years of the Chilean Republic, the wars were between the Realistas, or Royalists, and Patriotas, or Patriots. Next, it was the Liberal-Conservative divide. Some years after, there were the Centralists-Federalists who fought each other. In the early twentieth century the political situation moved to the Radical-Socialist divide, and so on. The degenerate political game always transformed into a new and improved political contest – and yet nothing ever changed.

The political-economic elites grabbed their cravings for control, either through military violence or the stuffing of the voting box hoax. If the synthesis-solution didn’t seem to work for the nation, then a civil war suddenly erupted, and later, a military dictatorship assumed the mantle of the state.

Just murder the political opposition, and afterwards, a new opposition-light would soon take over from the killer gangs. If those idiots failed, then another group of politico-military thugs took charge. The rich and wealthy always maintained their privileges regardless of who forced their way into political positions.

Chile was not the only American nation to experience such a system of criminal neglect and common corruption. Most of Latin America has suffered the same pathetic fate and future. Because the Chilean state has maintained such a destructive political system – so it will inherit a future state of even more violence. Karma always fulfills its works. Chilean history has not even represented the extreme example. Chilean history amply shows the debacle of the Modern state across the entire Earth: problem, reaction, solution.

The problem begins with the state propaganda lies. The reaction represents the political warfare distraction for the citizen dupes. The solution continues the horror of institutional structural violence.

So for us Anarchists, what is our solution to the repeated outrages of this noxious political deception tactic? How can we break free?

First, we must read, read again, and read more of History, so that we shall know the Truth, and which will set us free mentally. Second, we must remember our courage and honor – to rebel, rebel some more, and rebel even harder. How do we rebel?

We ignore their mainstream corporate media games. We don’t watch their shows on TV, instead click and surf the channels; and we avoid their sites on the Internet, instead click again and hit another site. We do not participate in their political faction games. We refuse to support their so-called, elite alternative candidates.

We don’t engage in heated debates defending one political loser over another political loser. We disengage from all political posturing, voting for the preselections, troll commenting on political sites, heated arguments, screaming profanity, obnoxious demonstrating, ego talking to the Media, and generally acting like fools. Why lose one’s honor and dignity over a so-called radical elite candidate who actually hates our guts?

The Anarchist revolutionary warrior acts with a complete and total – no compromise position – in relation to both the elites and the State. The Anarcho-soldier avoids as best as possible, working on the books, and the paying of taxes, fines, fees and charges, and even using state services, such as the cops. He or she also rejects eating out in restaurants, gluttonous fast food intake, and public intoxication in bars, cafes and clubs.

Anarchists are the artists of life, so we create. We could possibly construct an actual Anarchy of true freedom and liberation.

First, one frees the mind with alertness, while engaging in the mental focus of a true and tried artist. The Anarcho-artist lives according to the moral code of love, friendship and community. Everything works between good friends. Through a good friendship, there is a combined effort, a celebration of work. This goodwill and love builds a strong foundation for an alternative world.

Let the political-economic elites play their pathetic, casino house games. If enough of us don’t attend their loser events, then the whole rotten political-economic system will eventually go out of business. Meanwhile, back inside our own sacred realms, we still have some projects waiting for us to fulfill.



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