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Anarchy loving, free-spirited, pathetic book bums ought to watch, or as we say in Amerika, tune into, Professional Sports. I, of course, include myself in this group.

Most of our fellow-men place their professional sports teams well within their own hallowed public spaces of national idolatry and personal identity. Professional Sports Greats or Athletic Heroes have become the contemporary Forms and Images of God-Men. This has been true for both boys and men for a couple of generations.

The male species now worships its Sports Gods, yet those same Gods must endure the modern surveillance of the heartless corporate media. Our contemporary age also lacks true honor and courage, so our professional sports athletes, those tough majestic warriors, must possess some virtue and honor liberally. If they fall outside the graces of the corporate media, then the attacks become merciless.

Athletes, and especially the top performers, inclusive of the media savvy ones, live inside a privileged law code system, just like our despised and privileged, political-economic elites.

Sports stars do make good money, and they often receive additional monetary benefits, endorsements, and easier access to quick ownership status, such as restaurants, bars, car dealerships, real estate holdings, and of course, sports management consulting and broadcasting. Like our old Rock Stars of fame and glory with their good-looking, parasite women, all-night partying, and castle living glory – Sports kings also live among the World’s Blessed Ones.

Whether you play such a sport, or not – you have to at least know the general stats of a particular Sports League. And there are now many of them.

We have the NFL and its finale of the Super Bowl, the Champions League, Major League Baseball with its seven game, World Series, the NHL and its own Stanley Cup, the NBA, NASCAR, Formula One, the PGA (Professional Golf) Tournaments, the various Professional Boxing Juntas and their World Boxing Titles, Le Tour de France, ICC World Cricket League Championship, Wimbledon and the various Opens of Pro Tennis. There also exist those international events, which arrive every four years, such as the World Cup and the Olympics.

In order to avoid offending some sports fanatics, or fans, honorable mentions also pass to professional softball, volleyball, table tennis, swimming, water polo, lacrosse, shooting, archery, bowling and billiards. In the United States, College Football and Basketball even outrank the professional leagues in viewership – and especially during the Finals and the Bowl games, at the end of the regular season schedule.

In the Stats and Fantasy Teams domains, some fans record the winners with good records. There are also the losers with crappy performances. Some of the bad teams have good players, but little sustained attack and a lack of momentum. Other teams possess both decent players and better coaching strategists. The great teams often monopolize the point spread until the end of the game-match. Sports imitates life as they say – or does it?

The Cult of professional sports does not just include the professional athletes under the media glares. Sports also encompasses a super wealthy, team owner class, or jock sniffers, who often rival top bankers in capital gains profits.

We had better not forget those end of season, gold mine profit windfalls: the super event game-matches, such as The Super Bowl, which have thus transformed themselves into national-cultural event phenomenon. There are some sports fanatics who even watch the corporate teams offices on national TV, who actually pick and choose college players, called the draft!

For most of human civilization, our ancestors could have never conceived of such cultural divisions; between the athletes and the fans, among the owners, the media networks, the coaches and the players, and the even larger chasms separating the professionals from the amateurs.

Mesoamerican civilization had its sacred ballgames featuring warriors who replayed the cosmic order of life and death – and often quite literally. Ancient Greece did hold naked competitions of artistic genius in the city of Olympus, and which also included lyric poetry verse. The Byzantine Romans managed two teams of military-horse-chariot races at full gallop, named the Blues and the Greens. Those races happened inside the enclosed and open stadium of the Hippodrome Oval. But our modern Professional Sports-Players-Jock Cult is something entirely different.

Professional Sports is a racket on top of a scam, inside of a flim-flam operation, surrounded by swindles, bathed in fraud – while lying shackled to the ultimate pyramid scheme con.

The true jock sniffing, Mafiosi owners want four basic things from us. First, give up our hard-earned money. The owners vacuum those endless funds into their Sports Complex Slot machines, i.e. personal bank accounts, public financed stadium buildings, attending high-priced matches-games, buying extortion rate team merchandise, and even buying a genetically modified laced, crushed pig intestine and bone, hot dog, and piss beer for 15$ – all inside their stadiums paid through the public tax rolls of course.

Second, the owners would like us to submit our precious personal time to watch hours and hours of game footage on the weekends – our families damned.

Third, we ought to capitulate our personal tastes to the new and improved, corporate brand loyalty logo. Team management wants us to become fans, or fanatics for the so-called, home team – even though the owners are from another part of the country – or even another part of the world. Fourth, we should even surrender our old identities of family tribe ethnicity towards that corporate-managed team identity. This also implies both the men and the women.

The Professional Sports Racket and Jock Cult is nothing more than our own modern-contemporary Bread and Circus con from old Roman glory.

The Roman Empire had lots of crazy holidays, such a Saturnalia with its King of Misrule Idiot, (where the slaves became the masters during two weeks of partying craziness). This is where we get our modern Carnival and Mardi Gras. Saturnalia used to happen during the Christmas Holiday season, so the Church changed the date from Mithra’s birthday, December 25, to the advent of the 40 day Lent period – in order to make Christianity cool to those Euro-pagans, nominal Christians. This took place during the early Medieval epoch, around the seventh century A.D., (the 600s).

Also present during those Roman Holidays, were gladiator fights, mock naval and land battles, wild predator animal hunts, public executions and torture sessions, animal and human sacrifices, magical rituals and divinations, wine intoxication and sexual abandon, frenetic dances and highly eroticized music. Roman Holidays transformed into super social events, which also unified the populace around common rituals.

Festival goers could both let off some personal steam, or temporarily let go of the frustrations of life, and at the same time, fill up their idle time with entertainment pleasure. The Professional Sports Racket and Jock Cult performs the exact same bait and switch technique: offer the Spectacle, in place of the Actual. But like every pleasure, it comes with a terrible price.

The Modern Sports Racket also de-masculinizes its male victims. Instead of performing the old manly roles of Honor and Courage, the men endure the hard life of wage slavery, and cheer on the tough guys in the grid iron. There is an even far more insidious role to Professional Sports in Modern Society.

In Ancient Greek culture, boxers, javelin and discus throwers, sword fighters, tumblers and wrestlers were all artists. Yes, they were physical artists of mastery and strength, but they were first artists. Their contemporaries represented the great philosophers, amazing playwrights, fantastic writers, scholar historians of Greek and Latin, sculptors, painters and architects in the plastic arts, and even tutors, military generals and political orators in the art of rhetoric. In the ancient world, they could never conceive of art as separated from religious devotion, life and death. Art was the magic performance, moving from intention to completion, which also displayed years of practiced craft.

Yes, our great athletes and heroic sports stars are actually great artists. But how many TV broadcasters and commentator hacks actually mention such truths? And why did the Professional Sports Racket separate the super jocks, meaning, the tough guy athletes, from the fag, loser artistes?

The answer is inside the question itself. Emasculated men are not going to fawn over painters and writers. They tend to admire hard physical action – since so many of them have already surrendered their male dignities. This is the same reason crap Hollywood cinema keeps driveling out the same comic book hero, special effects, action film garbage, season after season.

This false actuality also leads into the phony division between the professional players and the regular amateurs. The owner bosses want us to internalize the loss of our hard manliness for the worship of the professionals. Since it is really the team owner who actually owns the professionals, we therefore have to bow to the team logo, as a way of getting to view and cherish our magical heroes.

Why do so many wealthy jock sniffers, most of whom can’t even kick a football, catch a pass properly, hit a ball with a bat, catch a fly ball, or even dribble a ball – want to get into the Sports Team Business? Those dorky men of super wealth know that the Modern-Contemporary Sports Team offers the grand lie of false community to millions of hapless men. The money vacuum pit is beyond enormous – it is humongous.

Both the home team, double colored identity logo with the local TV media induced hype, create a phony regional culture of local pride. Now millions of wage slaves-lumpens can join together every weekend in a screaming and cursing fest – with the entire community of fans. Although most team fanatics utterly hate the other fat slobs, those pathetic fellow fans, (mostly due to social class-racial differences), sitting next them in the stadium – they are still on the same side.

This is also the reason why Amerikan sports stadiums have warm box seating with free catered food plates and free booze for the local elites who also attend the games – all on top. The pampered elites can show regional loyalty to their slaves – without ever having to hear, tolerate, smell, nor even look at the poorer scum who sit in the cold air, anal gas warmed seats below them.

It is not a coincidence in the United States that Sports team owners’ monopoly of regional identity happened during the same historical period when young men stopped joining fraternal organizations and mutual aid societies, such as the Masons, the Odd Fellows, the Elks and the Lions. Nowadays, many of these groups function as party clubs, or rent out their spaces to ethnic festivals and churches.

The meteoric rise of the NFL happened during the late Sixties and early Seventies, when men broke the old ties of community for the big job opportunities of America’s cities and emerging markets.

The Amerikan Empire ruled by sociopaths offers few choices for us men these days. The first and obvious choice is the feminized, rock concert worship, Jesus-loving husband Mega-church. For most young men just out of high school, and who are not from rich parents, they have four options. First, the College Sports Scholarship, then build a family with lifelong wage slavery to the grave. There is also the route of the traveling drifter, alcoholic-drug addict. We have the US Military career path, (non-combatant preferred), or possibly, the gangster criminal culture with eventual prison life leading to the Bad Death.

What’s available for older men? They only have two easy options for some type of false community: the female filled mega-churches or sports fanaticism. Which is the better choice?

The Professional Sports Racket and Jock Cult, like USA Crony Capitalism, reinforces false hierarchies, imposed systems of injustice and mean-spirited corporate governance, all of which fouls out the entrails hidden within our mangy national culture.

The main criminal syndicate is the corporate hierarchy of the Professional Sports Team. There is the owner, or the dictator, the despot, the control freak, the jock sniffer-plantation master. He, or she in a few cases, decrees the rules, imposes the regulations, maintains the laws, refashions the codes, normalizes the practices – and tilts the contracts!

Every sports team owner knows that the dumb jocks need work. The male jocks are just not that savvy in the arts of money lending, usury extortion, political bribery, contract hustling, sports hedge betting and corporate identity, faux legal power games – while the most heinous examples represent the NCAA and the NFL.

Why, did not those same good-natured jocks work for almost nothing at University, practicing every day, playing for their teams every week, making the administrators millions of dollars in profits – and only receiving a measly stipend? This was the same exact stipend cowardly loser, graduate teaching assistants in the humanities made.

The former college jocks come into the contract negotiations with broken minds. Their only collateral at the negotiation tables are their healthy, muscular, well-trained bodies. If they get injured, then it is all on the jock dudes. Good health and good play remain impermanent. All players get injured or old, or suffer both at the same time. All owners know this difficult truth.

The owner can’t do the dirty business alone, so like all capitalist bosses, he needs his underbosses, consiglieri, capos and soldiers – or as we name them today – upper management. We have the Team General Manager, Administrators, Directors, Advisors and Special Assistants. There is no democracy here – all dictates run like waterfalls, from the top on down. The owner takes a piss and the upper management drinks it up to spit out to those next in line – the coaching staff.

The players have no say in the coaching positions. The owner and the upper management actually call the shots and hire the coaches. The head coach is the leader of the pack. The team season falls on him. If he loses too much and not too well – then he is kicked to the curb – immediately. The owner usually offers a very good salary for all of this mental trauma and heart indigestion.

The intelligent head coaches stick to College Football. In the top ranked Football colleges, the head coach positions pay better than the Pros, and they even make better salaries than most university administrators – the only exceptions representing the University Presidents.

The Pro Head Coach in American Football has some important autonomy however, which makes him the top Non-Commissioned Officer, like the Military Master Sargent. The Head Coach gets special meetings with the Wizard of Oz Owner himself! This Master Sargent-Head Coach will also have a say in hiring his coaching underlings: Defensive Coordinator and Offensive Coordinator. Those two use other special coaching staffs, such as Offensive Line Coach, Special Teams, Secondary, Strength and Conditioning, etc.

At the expendable bottom of the pyramid scheme live the players. Yes, those well-paid professionals, like worker ants, eat at the bottom of the hierarchy. I should also mention those women cheerleader squads – most of whom don’t even receive any salary at all! At least, someone is under the player category.

This entire corporate, top-down, pyramid scheme operation also sustains an even more rancid underground economy. The team must win, win at all costs, and yet, it also must lose some times, lose entire seasons in a row, suddenly win a comeback Wild Card game, create heartbreaking endings of last-minute loss, make the fans scream – and cry – often during the same game. Super Bowl glory can make it all good. And yes, I have actually cried a few times in my life over my team’s losses. Team historical narratives also sell very well.

The fans really want wins, the players want better salaries and benefits – but the owners only want one thing, and one thing only – profit, more profits – and a continual gold and silver mine, topped off with an oil gusher of profits. Capitalism always works for one group and for one group only – the Owner Class.

Just over a hundred and twenty years ago, American Football began as friendly amateur matches between young, elite toughs, mostly in the Ivy League Universities of Harvard, Yale and Princeton. It was a nastier form of rugby – and already the sport had a notoriety in delivering some harsh head injuries.

By the 1920s, after the exposure of the fixed 1919 World Series of American Baseball, the Professional Sport of Baseball was off-limits to gamblers. In order to save its image as the National Pastime, Baseball brought in the Commissioner role inside the MLB organization, maintaining a wholesome veneer of corporate legitimacy.

Some of the baseball team owners, and especially in the urban Northeast and Midwest, also owned, the less popular football teams. Football teams offered those same baseball fans some entertainment when the season was over in September – unless the team went to the playoffs. For most of the NFL’s history, the season did not start in August – but in September. In fact, most Football and Baseball teams shared both the same names and the same stadiums.

All of this was due to having the same cabal of owners who monopolized Professional Sports buying and selling – and mainly, the buying and selling of hedge sports betting. Before there were fantasy football pools, there were sports win-loss point spreads. Most of the owners had the inside to the sports betting books. Yes, most of the original owners of the original National Football League – were sports betters – tried and true gamblers. Like typical owners, they always had the upper viewing seats at the House games.

As the gambling suspicions targeted more of the Football club owners, the NFL phantom began to take on a more corporate-efficiency control apparatus. By the 1960s, The NFL grew into the phantom media megalith-supposed nonproft-intelligence agency that it represents today.

Copying the Baseball strategy, the NFL set up its own Commissioner, who holds even more corporate power than the Baseball one! The Football Commissioner usually holds his power position for longer than most Third World Dictators. The NFL has a team of lawyers, informers and commentators ready to pounce on any controversy that erupts.

The NFL corporate entity has successfully deflected all and any, past gambling controversies from the public sphere of American football. The current head injury controversy is nothing compared to the former past suspicions of players, or even coaches, to throwing games. The corporate culture of professional world football, or as we call it in America, Soccer, is probably not much different.

But the diced up game is still not over. Only a year ago, the NFL had to finally give up its special tax exempt status as an actual nonprofit corporation. The Amerikan IRS tax code is brutal to self-employed layabouts who take off meals for clients. But the NFL sat on a golden egg of privilege and profit for decades.

And the game is still not even close to over. The NFL has some concerns about drops in TV watching, and there have been players complaining publicly to the corporate media – which is a big no-no.

We, the public, the people, the book readers and thinkers – now hold the snap. Instead of just watching a game on a lazy Saturday or Sunday – how about playing a pickup game in the local park between friends, (not tackling or hitting), but flag football? How about ripping the body through participation in a European-style football game, (Soccer match), which often has foreign visitors playing from all around the world?

Or for those of us lucky ones living out in the West, hiking with friends in the National Forests, shooting guns, plinking, in the desert – (no alcohol remember), a motor cross trip with friends, a shred outing on the slopes, going on a hunting, fishing and field cooking excursion with some buddies, pitching some tents at a deserted campsite with the family?

Let’s turn off that TV with the Sports Media Porn. Why do you think professional sports games have star-spangled banner song crap and military flag displays for the pre-game and half-time shows?

The Professional Sports Racket and Jock Cult is only a show. The Spectacle is the real game on the Bube Tube – all of which manipulates the fragile human mind.

Action is what we want, community feeling is what we need. If there is no community around, then we can continue our sculpting, carpentry, creating, drawing, painting, welding, reading, writing, or any other artistic creation alone.

The work is the thing!




francois-paris-jansenistesaint_cyranmonsieur-de-sainte-colombeSONY DSCcardinal-richelieuhughenots-fugitives-revocationrefugies-protestantes-en-prussetartuffe-par-molierecandide-et-lesclave-par-voltairela-revolution-francaise-de-1789la-rochefoucauld

Combien des temps nous nous restons inquiètes pour les tourmentes mentales: les nuits sans dormir, l’angoisse du futur, les attaques de mémoire sur le passé, et les fantaisies incroyables?

La vie n’est pas facile, c’est vrai; par contre, nous savons que la vie peut-être a plus de bonté pour nous. Nous existons par le peur et le timidité quand même. Les chemins de la vie sont presque comme les niveaux tordus dans le Purgatoire de Dante.

La vérité pour survivre ce monde méchant et sinistre est l’entendement de la grâce qui embrasse à tous.

Je n’écris pas du christianisme. Je parle de la réalité sur l’humanité sous la condition de la civilisation. Tous des humains sont coupables des stupidités et des négligences. Nous sommes très humains, donc nous devrions lutter pour nôtres esprits libres.

La vrai grâce est suffisante pour tous. Elle bien travaille pour nous, et en même temps pour nôtres ennemis. Toute la condition humaine fait des péchés et des mauvaises choses. Nous sommes touts coupables.

L’ignorance, les délusions malades, les désirs et les haines ensemble préparer la soupe de la mauvaise mort. C’est pour ça la grâce suffit pour les conscients et pour les inconscients. L’injustice règne suprême et le karma de la histoire humaine tue sans remords.

Il était autour du milieu de seizième siècle. Fut du temps des duels, des hommes galants avec les cheveux longs et des épées dénudées. Il y avait ausssi des mignons et des parasites aristocrates, de l’injustice des états sociaux, de la pauvreté et de la misère dans la campagne, de la grande chasse aux sorcières, et du fanatisme religieux. Tout arriva des excréments de l’ancien régime. Les Guerres de la Religion, et surtout les doctrines controversés et alambiqués du Christianisme, n’avaient pas de terminer.

Dans ceux époques là, Il y eut autre controverse sur la grâce. Un prêtre Basque vivat dans le Midi de la France, à la ville de Bayonne. Lui prédicat la grâce inconditionnelle. Su nombre fut Jean du Vergier de Hauranne, ou L’Abbé de Saint-Cyran.

Ce prêtre écrit que la vraie contrition suffisait pour la grâce de Dieu. Son Ami de la Foi fut un autre prêtre flamand, Père Cornelius Jansen, qui avait fondé l’idéologie, et à la fois religieux/politique, saisonnées par la grâce inconditionnelle. Les fondateurs souvent utilisèrent des pénitences religieuses, très strictes et vraies dures. Ils s’appelaient, Les Jansénistes. Avec tout dans la souffrance, on fit la plus grande contrition, et encore plus de la grâce – jusqu’à l’esprit du soldat de Dieu.

Dans le mêmes temps, il y eut aussi La Société de Jésus, ou La Compagnie des Jésuites. Ils furent l’ordre religieux plus importante et puissante de L’Eglise. Père Jansen fut the fondateur de Jansénisme, par contre Abbé Saint-Cyran fut l’écrivain, et simultanément le propagandiste et le général de l’ordre hérétique.

Saint-Cyran attaqua les Jésuites primairement; toutefois, les Jésuites avaient l’oreille des Royaux, sur le personnage de Armand-Jean du Plessis, ou le Cardinal de Richelieu. La Guerre de la Religion en France se commença de nouveau.

La France avait toujours eu des problèmes idéologiques, partout religieux-politique, depuis les premiers étapes de fondation de la Patrie. Fut dans l’époque Merovingien, du milieu de cinquième siècle, il y a plus d’un millenium.

Il y avait des guerres contre les Musulmans Sarrasins, les Alamans palans, les Juives, les partisans des Anglais Plantagenets, l’ordre de Chevaliers Templiers, les hérétiques Manichéens, comme les Cathares, et récemment, les Protestants Huguenots.

Les Jansénistes devinent le dernier groupe d’ennemies du Royaume Français avant La Révolution Français. L’éclair de La Révolution fut l’idéologie et mouvement Janséniste.

Les Jansénistes voulurent une église très catholique et très française concurremment. D’après-eux, Ils furent plus nationalistes, ou Galiciens, et même plus catholiques, ou Augustiniens, que les catholiques sous la papauté. Pendant le plupart du quatorzième siècle, la Papauté resta à La France, à Avignon. Les Jansénistes formèrent aussi des cadres intellectuels à leur monastère de Port-Royal-des-Champs, comme le philosophe, Blaise Pascal, et le dramaturge, Jean Racine.

Au fin de cette histoire absurde et tragique, le Cardinal de Richelieu dut passer à l’action. En 1638, le Cardinal emprisonna l’hérétique, l’abbé de Saint Cyran, dans le château-prison de Vincennes. Après la mort du Cardinal en 1643, Saint Cyran marcha dehors du prison. Il ne fut pas le même homme d’avant. Plusieurs mois après, il mourut en prière; et vingt ans après, un homme dramaturge, Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, ou s’appela, Molière, écrivit son bon œuvre contre l’hypocrisie religieuse, Tartuffe.

La mémoire de Saint Cyran eut le dernier rire. La Royauté Française continua à persécuter les dissidentes religieux en France. Le Roi Soleil de L’Empire Française, Louis XIV, décréta La Révocation de l’Édit de Nantes, ou de La Révocation du Tolérance de Cultes, en 1685. Tous les Huguenots, ou les Protestants Français, durent partir de La France; ainsi cet acte ruina l’industrie e le commerce capitaliste du pays.

Les pluparts des Protestants Français déménagèrent plus tard en Grande Bretagne, aux Pays Bas, en Prusse, aux colonies d’Amérique Britannique, comme Le Carolina, et dans L’Afrique du Sud. Tous ces pays bien utilisèrent tels bons émigrants – et presque touts furent aussi les ennemis de La France! Le reste des Protestants en France vécurent son culte en secret, et autres provocateurs, ou martyrs, moururent en prison.

En 1709, L’Eglise et La Royauté ensemble fermèrent le Centre des Jansénistes, Le Monastère de Port Royal. Quelques années après, ils le détruisirent; cependant, durant ce temps-la, un étudiant dans une école Jésuite rejeta ses études scolastiques et le dogme de L’Eglise. Il s’appela, Françoise-Marie Arouet. Ce grand intellectuel de l’Illustration Européenne s’appela, Voltaire. En 1759, Voltaire publia son conte littéraire et philosophique, Candide, sur le vagabonde sage qui voyagea par tout le monde. Trente ans après, La France sauta en lutte, La Vraie Révolution. La France ne fut pas le même pays d’avant.

Il y aura du sang. La France se roule encore comme ça. Les cycles historiques ne ferment jamais et la Sagesse fait la morale dans les salles vites.

Après tout, la Folie fait l’apparition sur la scène. Un aristocrate du seizième siècle tire soudainement les rideaux. Il s’appelle, François de La Rochefoucauld. Il raconte:

Il faut écouter ceux qui parlent, si on veut en être écouté.

La grâce est suffisante.






john-muirnature-porn-1-yosemitebuffalo-extermination1872OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAfinal-solution-for-california-nativesus-forest-service-paramilitarycolors_of_green-ngo-bookletenvironmentalism-as-religionamerikan-elite-self-proclaimed-green-prophet

What is Truth?

In our confusing and confounding world, we now have the big issues of Global Warming, Anti-Flu Shots, Carbon Footprints, Vaccine Resistant Bacteria, Climate Change, Chemotherapy, Environmental Disasters, Anti-Psychotic Pharmaceutical Drugs, The Extinction of All Life on Planet Earth, Genetic Cloning, Robotic Assemblies, MRI Brain Scans, Social Media Clicks, Rising Temperatures, The Deep Web, Illegal Drugs, Illegal Immigration, Border Wars, Auto-Driving Vehicles, Carbon Taxes, Green Energy Solutions, Rampant Fires, Earthquake Fracking, Peak Oil, Renewable Energy Solutions. Surgical Military Strikes, Depleted Uranium Bombs. Again, I am confused.

I am just a historian, and so my knowledge of such scientific data and environmental systems is almost nil. I do know quite well, and can readily discern, historical ideologies, however.

They propagate unfortunately as the great scourges of our modern-contemporary world. Modern ideologies have transformed our already confusing mental systems of forms, sensations, concepts, impulses and identities, into false Dharmas, or into our modern, crap religious dogmas.

For every modern world ideology, there are now millions of fanatics ready to destroy life wherever and whenever – just for some terrible hypes of lies. Anarchists must expose such ideologies and their institutions, as we defend liberty against the violence of the Modern State and Global Monopoly Capitalism.

There is one such ideology, like Marxist Communism and Socialism, which has also infiltrated Anarchy. It likes to call itself Environmentalism.

I am not referring to Primitive Anarchism, which is actually a well-formed critique against our current technology fetish inside of the corrupt political-economy. Nor am I referring to those courageous forest defenders who are currently protecting old growth tree life from future tree farming. And I am especially not implying the vegan-animal rights activists closing down the fur extermination centers, zoos, circuses, pet stores, or exposing the horrifying domesticated animal death camps for massive meat consumption.

I am instead referring to corporate, pro-government environmentalism, which demands reserved spaces, or nature reservations, for majestic mountain or high ocean views, totally clear of urban landscapes, or wilderness parks; while at the same time, allowing overgrazing, industrial farming, animal mass extermination plants, and residential sprawl on so-called, non-beautiful nature areas, such as swamps, valley deserts, foothills, plains and river roadways.

Its Non-Profit Corporate Institutions are simply the conduits that relay wealthy money from one group of Earth and Life Destroyers, the descendants of European colonizers with lots of blood money, into another coffer of Earth and Life Destroyers, our political-economic elites. Environmentalism represents a settler-colonial cross-section of white skin privileged elites who have fallen in love with Nature Porn.

These rich tourists seek a natural wilderness park area with lots of cute wild animals – yet with no native hunting-gatherer societies. The elite travelers are also statist maniacs, who always bribe the most heinous and corrupt politicians – so they alone can use the lands for their nature travel. Those dishonest ideologues want the nature for themselves only as the true Euro-colonial masters – yet refuse to allow the other Euro-colonial parasites to use their reserved lands, such as cattle ranching, mining and natural gas industry.

What is Nature Porn? Nature Porn represents those majestic photographic Ansel Adams prints of high, domineering, mountain scape views or those massive views of land ranges with flowing rivers, distant peaks and exotic deserts, always filled with reserved stocks of wild animals. Another form of Nature Porn, popular about a hundred years ago, featured a few untainted native men and women overlooking a grand nature scenery. Most native cultures no longer exist there however – and for the nature lovers – good riddance! They now live confined on dismal reserves to die slow deaths – just like the hunted, wild animals, with less and less land to survive on as our World grows more sick by the day.

The lovers of this Nature Porn are all Europeans or Euro colonial-settlers with money – lots of money. These people can take off work when they want and travel. They have bank funds to explore and view the majestic sites of deep visions. Why deep visions?

Well, the high mountain top views give the money and technology lovers a sense of peace – a sense of wisdom – a tranquil sagacity about the world all centered about their own majestic egos.

Our modern travelers, and don’t ever refer to them as tourists, are truly in love with their own fabricated selves. But like all false, impermanent lovers of self, all is desire, craving, clinging, and yet always mixed up with petty hatreds, neglect, discarding, divorce and forgetting. Travel makes it all right again. I know this for a fact, since I was also one of those sainted, entitled fools.

Our modern travelers, tourists and nature lovers are also foodies, gourmets of the organic food palette – of which they all can afford, cool clothes-fashion sense – of which they can also pay for. Without the money and the privileges that come with travel, then all the fleeting delights of the bourgeois Euro colonial settler inheritance are for nothing. Environmentalism, like good, organic restaurant eating, affords special glimpses for the lucky ones.

Nature Porn with the best views allows them to believe that there is still a place for exploration, an untamed wilderness, a pristine location, an untouched vista, (with no modern industry in sight whatsoever), where Nature can breathe freely. And yes, our wealthy Euro colonial Conde Nast-Lonely Planet trekking travelers can finally enjoy those spectacular moments.

After the wild foray into the Nature wilderness parks, our traveler heroes can reenter gas guzzling vehicles, return to the authentic hostel-cheap hotel-motel-pension, and then savor the hundreds of selfie-landscape-fauna life photos from the expensive camera, image click collection. Such is the wonder of modern travel, exotic culinary delights and divine technological wonders.

Environmentalism takes the Nature mystical drug, the love of the land trope, to an even grander degree of devotion. The Environmentalist wants to save his or her majestic lands from overdevelopment. Yet these same people are actually living inside of homes and apartments, which have already squatted on the native inhabitants’ lands. They have already colonized, settled and gentrified a couple of hundred times over – but they have always had good intentions, as they like to say. They just don’t read much history.

The reasons are that these people have money and they can donate to Environmentalist NGOs, which will relay the funds to the political-economic elites who also enjoy Nature Porn. Yet, those same elites must always and constantly sell-out, due to the political hacks holding lots of balled up money in even more entangled investments.

The sordid list includes corporate mining, energy drilling-processing, massive agribusiness, real estate construction sprawl, chemical engineering plants and massive public works constructions, such as dams, wide highways and recreational areas. All of those job creating, works in progress, destroy the local environmental balance.

Environmentalism offers no solution to the crisis of the Earth because the human species has already destroyed the equilibrium forever, tamed and rounded up the frontier, killed the mystery of the Cosmos. There is no returning to that old, pristine state of the natives. The Euro colonial-settler March of Progress has for once and for all annihilated completely the fragile Earth balance.

The human reign on Earth is now moving towards its own bad death – and good riddance. The Dinosaurs had their time, and soon the apocalypse will arrive for us too. The Human Mind, or Condition under Civilization, is too diseased with ignorance, ideological delusions, ego-mania, desire and hate – and there is no hope – no turning around.

Don’t tell this truth to the Environmentalist cabal though. History means very little to them. According to the experts, we need to Save Planet Earth, Act Locally, Think Globally – Switch to Green-Renewable Energy Solutions. I used to believe those bumper sticker adages of pseudo-wisdom too. But then I stuck my head out the window, read a history book – and the terrible actuality of our existence was all plain to see.

Meanwhile, the most dishonest of political crooks keep concocting new taxes, charge and fine, enable nickel and diming schemes against the powerless citizens: carbon footprint taxes, gasoline emission taxes, environmental recovery taxes. Environmentalism’s ideological founders also have interesting histories.

It all started during a long walk, actually a very long walk, in the country. This strange man wore a long beard and large brimmed hat, carried his pack, tin cup, cooking pot, dried foods, wooden staff, extra pair of boots, clothes, tent with sleeping materials, writing materials and a few books – all on his back. Was he some type of ascetic prophet? He thought so. He was quite a good walker. He walked through the entire Appalachian range all the way south into Florida from Canada. He then walked toward the Pacific side, from the interior of California – trudging all the way up into Alaska! This was the late 1860s-70s. His name was John Muir.

He was America’s first Environmentalist Saint. He read Thoreau, Melville, Hawthorne, Whitman and Emerson, all of which changed his life. He also had to do the walk and commune with Nature. He was lucky in that he was able to view the American West before the final closing of the frontier, and the final extermination against the Lakota and the Ghost Dance in 1890. Muir was also a scientist, so he wanted to continue his own personal research related to North American Geology and Botany.

Muir did observe the wretched conditions of the California Indians – the few ones that were still alive during California’s final extermination campaigns. The dirty and rancid Indians ruined his Nature views – but they would soon have to live on the death bound reservations anyway. Muir kept plodding on. Ultimately he became America’s first advocate for Nature Conservation. He wrote a lot, and also started the first Environmentalist NGO, The Sierra Club.

Our Environmentalist Seer-Geological technocrat caught the attention of the political big wigs in the US Federal Government at the turn of the 20th century. He began to work with a Mr. Gifford Pinchot, the first head of the US Forest Service. Muir thought Basque sheep herding looked good in the California ranges, but Pinchot also wanted industries to set up their sites in the wild forests too.

The US Forest Service still adheres to this code. They legally own the forests, so they can rent them out to the highest bidder – allowing clear cuts of the old growth trees in the Cascade Mountain Range. The US Forest Service even has cop-paramilitary forces with high-powered rifles to defend such massive destruction!

Eventually, Muir also got the ear of the US President himself, Teddy Roosevelt. President Teddy Roosevelt established the US Park Service to protect certain National Park Monuments from potential industry-development mess ups, and so guys like Muir could enjoy the beautiful scenic views, such as Yosemite National Park in California.

President Teddy Roosevelt has the reputation as one of the great historical benefactors of American Environmentalism. What else was there about this Progressive? Like our Lefty progressives still lurking around today, he believed in unfettered capitalism – just without the industry trust corruption, and the man was a complete warmonger. He completely supported the invasion and mass murder of the Amerikan Empire in the Philippines. This issue didn’t bother Muir so much either – as long as he maintained his sacred nature preserves.

All the Anglo white colonial-settler states have their sacred nature spots. In South Africa, Kruger National Park: in Australia, Ayers Rock National Park; in Canada, Banff National Park; in New Zealand, Abel Tasman National Park. What about natives? Well, they can also enjoy the national parks – that is, if they have the money to pay the park fees to the State. If they would like their land back, then they would need to go through blocked government channels. For example, the US Park Service kicked the Ute Nation off their lands in southern Colorado, and created the infamous, Mesa Verde National Park.

This is the sacred story to our Modern Environmentalist Ideology. Environmentalism is a closed club for elite colonial-settler whites to enjoy nature preserves – all for the love of the land. Since all the land is now their land – natives damned! The European Conquest of the Earth was murderous – but such is the past. The National Park Service guards the nature and monuments – as long as you pay the entrance fees to the State! The Environmentalist NGOs will continue to hold the criminal state’s hands because the first Environmentalist, John Muir, did the same thing. He is even now, one of the patron saints of over-legislated California!

Our environmentalist Hollywood celebrities are not hypocrites either. Yes, they can whine about Global Warming – and still travel around in gas guzzling vehicles and private jets. And yes, most environmentalists, anti-war activists, and other well-meaning Green Left Activists – still use gas, electricity and other technological advances, inclusive of laptops – well because they feel more comfortable using such technology to get out the Green Economy Word. John Muir was again – the same way. One of Muir’s benefactors was the railroad capitalist magnate, E.H. Harriman.

Unless defending the last stand of freedom against a coming government attack, inclusive of all flora and fauna life, the Anarchist opts out of this Environmentalist, ideological-state influence charade.

European settler-colonialism has already cleared the table discarding their lopsided game a long, long time ago.






There are some things in life that we should never revive.

And yet, there exist other things in life that we would definitely reestablish. Lest we forget that nothing created nor compounded into existence could ever possibly resurrect again. All is change, things vanish, and this arising and ceasing explains the endless cycles of impermanence.

The Human Condition suffers under its own mental chains of Civilization, and so it has continued destroying all of its previous creations. Yes, all of its previous creations are no more – and will never resurrect again.

Humanity has transformed its existence into the open air prison of the Modern State. The State has become the Monster, the Beast of legal murder, brazen criminality. Aligned solidly with such a criminal institution is our Modern, Capitalist Political-Economy, which has also transformed into a recurring nightmare of brutal poverty, institutional violence, endless scams, and economic misery. All hope is lost.

We simply cannot return to any original source, since there never was any so-called ‘first condition.’ We are too addicted to suffocating technology and institutional coercion. How could we possibly thrive inside such a concocted sham of a system?

Some communities, societies, and even nations, actually survived within true and sincere Anarchy – simply living their lives.

They had no social hierarchies, no political class of legal crooks, no banking-funny money scams, no political-economic elites who made profits off of the hard-working majority, no property pimp renting contracts, and especially no private property rights trumping community rights.

There were no life and energy killing wage slave jobs, no jail cells, holding centers and prison dungeons, no torture centers and concentration camps, no schools, day jails and education institutions.

Their societies did not have any legal psychobabble quacks nor medical doctors in disease ridden hospitals with full legal rights to forcibly imprison weaker victims.

There existed no professional military-police-spy corps with the full legal immunity in the right to lie, steal and murder, and no twisted legal codes to catch and destroy the unwary subjects.

Those cultures and civilizations were the first Anarchists. They all lived an actual Anarchy of Liberty and Freedom. Only the noble truth and a man’s word of honor mattered. All law-legal systems represented the traps of the dishonest.

Such Anarchic societies represented the ancient cultures of Europe, such as the Celts, Slavs, Avars, Huns, Turks and Germans. In Africa, hundreds of such cultures existed. The geography moved from the noble Berbers of the northern Atlas mountains across the Mediterranean, to the Bantu Bushmen warriors of the Kalahari Desert near the southern cape.

In Asia, we move from the ancient Malay hunters within the southern tropical forests, to the Mongol horsemen on the northern steppes. In Oceania, we could visit the great cultural traditions of Maori warrior clans, and then view the hundreds of Aboriginal nations fighting and living in the great interior bush.

Human history also records the true nobility of the Iroquois Confederation and the Eskimo people hunting and fighting on the northern forests and steppes, moving thousands of kilometers south – we find ourselves among the native warriors of the Mapuche, living and fighting in the cold foothills of the Andes and lower river valleys.

How many thousands of such great Anarchic civilizations are no more? The exterminated ones were actually quite lucky for they died noble deaths. Only a few ancient noble civilizations have survived  the recent European-Christian grand extermination plots and their destructive goals of total enslavement.

Of those ancient world cultures who still survive, they all find themselves shackled to cultural terminal illness. European invasions, European colonization-resettlement schemes, open mass murder-genocide, and Judeo-Christian Monotheist Cult confessions have murdered the joy of the hunt and the feast.

The original invasion-colonization methods have laid the wicked foundations of modern urban society. Euro-state criminals later shoved those same nations into the open prisons of modern cities, becoming a reserve army of ready wage slaves, or resigning their bodies to die bad deaths inside rural reserves. The once noble nations, now cultural pathology victims, had to survive through a bogus cultural modernity, and even transform themselves into the pawns of a community destroying global capitalism.

Those noble nations of tight warrior clans and family oriented, community values, either had to adopt to the enemy’s rancid culture and sell their honor – or perish as the knights of the last stand, committing honorable suicide through the ultimate battle. Fight, steal and kill until the European sociopaths had to murder all of them. Such was the fate of many of the California natives during the Great War of Extermination, 1840s-80s.

We remember those ancient nations of genuine honor and nobility. Modern Europe really had no choice but to murder all of them. Their Anarchy was too much to bear. The actual freedom of the simple and natural life exposed the European civilization trap. They became nothing but a collection of regional-urban monstrosities, sham systems of deceit, violence, hate, greed, imprisonment and ugly hypocrisy.

The European Anarchists of our Modern Era have only existed as twisted writers, tortured intellectuals, marginalized workers, travelers and bums, dreamers and quacks.

They were never fortunate enough to live the true Anarchy – nor will they ever. The historical list of modern Anarchists has included Godwin, Stirner, Bakunin, Cleyre, Proudhon, Fabbri, Rocker, Magon, Malatesta, Galleani, Most, Kropotkin, Goldman, Berkman, Armand, Makhno, the Haymarket Martyrs, Vanzetti, Berneri, DiGiovanni, Michel, Durruti, Gonzalez Prada, Pellicer, Ward, Graeber, Bookchin, Zerzan, the Punk Bands Crass, Subhumans and Rancid, etc.

And this sad list will only increase, as the actual injustice of human existence becomes even more demeaning – within our contemporary inferno, lashed inside a putrid smelling hell – ultimately gasping for breaths within a cold corpse of ferocious vermin.

That absurd time in history went way back. It was around 1000 BCE, so about three thousand years ago – and really not long ago in the grand scheme of the Natural History of the Universe. The actual place was the super dry, red-brown desert, Mediterranean region of the Levant, or as the Corporate-Amerikan-Zionist propaganda machine refers to it today – The Middle East world region – whatever that means.

There was an Anarchy culture that thrived during that historical epoch. They called themselves The Bedouin. The Bedouin have never had a true nation-state. The entire desert itself, from the Great Sahara of North Africa to the Arabian Desert that bordered Persia, was their home. They did not just live on the grand desert dunes, they sailed it, feasted on it, danced on it, and even partied on it.

They had no official government contacts, which was just fine with them. If you wanted to trade them for their weapons, or their cattle, mostly goats, sheep, camels, and even later in history, blood licking bulls and Arabian horses – then you had better meet them on their own terms, usually somewhere in the vast desert.

No money was ever exchanged, no banking nor state controls involved; simply, a bartering trade deal, a friendly hospitality of delicious tea to lighten the tension, and then a slight bow-embrace of respect between both parties over a good and honest trade. A Bedouin man’s word was enough.

The Bedouin had no corrupt legal codes, judges, jails nor juries – it was always the word and actions of honor that mattered. And yet, their system always worked. Official crap history does not record much about this culture – but they certainly avoided the hells and pitfalls of most other civilized cultures across the Earth.

For the Bedouin, family was everything. I am not implying our contemporary nuclear family, which is not a true family of solidarity and love. Their families were of extended blood and combat lines inclusive of multiple generations, now referred to in anthropology textbooks as clans.

The whole entire family clan lived, partied, slept and hung out together, pitching their tents, packs, blankets, camels, dogs, cats and goats – wherever the desert breeze commanded. They preferred to sleep under the magical night, creamy sky of beating-breathing stars and shiny gold dust that echoed strange dreams into their senses – rather than the closed container buildings of the rich and powerful crooks.

Their families also consisted of their animal buddies and friends. The Bedouin were a tight-knit group, and they shared everything, meaning food, clothes, drink and most importantly, music, song and dance. Everyone was in, nobody felt excluded or stayed left out.

Delicious food, thick hashish and homemade wine were all plentiful. While the native Caribs, before their mass extermination in the West Indies from European Conquest and Colonialism, had invented our modern barbecue pits – the Bedouin version has always possessed the sweet smells of taste bud delights.

Their meals consisted of smoked meats, green onion-garlic bulb veggie mixes, figs-dried into fruit mixes, all natural goats’ milk, fresh and super chilled well water – and some nice coffees, teas, alcoholic beverages – oily cannabis leaf to finish the culinary good fortune.

There was no stupid drunken-intoxicated behavior at those communal feasts – every Bedouin man had his weapon at the ready – due to any disgrace of honor. Honor and ready weapons have always made the most polite, gentlemanly societies.

The Bedouin lived and died through faith, family, festivities, food, fun, and fortitude-courage. They were really the first adherents to the words of the Prophet. They have even shared a marvelous story told throughout the generations about truly experiencing the Prophet’s great night journey across the ancient lands of the Patriarchs. They actually saw the Angel Gabriel’s Spirit fly out into the deep wavy sky, called the Night Flight, across those sacred desert lands. No doubt, the Faith, Dar Al Islam, would spread across this grandiose part of the world.

Until this very day, the mystical travelers of Islamic Sufism find the Bedouin as spiritual cousins living in the sacred gardens of sand, flowers and sweet oils. Many Sufi masters have also taken their wanderings and travels across such dry seas – just like their Bedouin brothers, all the while, conversing inside the greater Ummah believing community. Both Cultures, the Bedouin and the Sufi, have spoken the fine arts of poetry recitation through spiritual wine, cannabis scents, hypnotic music and group dance – somehow they have conveyed the Great Mystery.

One of the Three Kings of Jesus’ Nativity was also a Bedouin prophet. They always understood the stars and night sky movements because they had always let the Desert speak silently through the deep evening dance – rather than have the imperial astrological experts from Babylon proclaim the official truth.

The Bedouin have preferred their own versions of the DIY, or do it yourself methods: travel, food, sexuality, song, poetry, family and fighting. Their methods were so magical that the first Islamic and European alchemists thought that the Bedouin had possessed The First Knowledge.

The women danced and sang voluptuously with the men after the food and drink celebration. When walking about those civilized human dumps, or ancient cities, they wore long dark shawls of sienna brown and muted burgundy. The mysterious women often covered the middle of their brows with metallic coins and other attractive designs, all of which hid a sensual beauty under those dark and inviting eyes.

Any offense to their sacred honor, led to a horde of Bedouin bad boys with twisted, pointy weapons thirsty for the Vengeance. All bad guys knew that messing with the Bedouin girls meant death – a really bad death!

Around this same time however, other cultures began to sell out their minds and bodies to the trappings and chains of civilization. The Bedouin always opt out.

This putrid historical list has included the Royal Pharaonic Egyptian Empire, the Assyrian Military Empire, The Akkadian-Kassite Dynasty of the Babylonian Confederation of Crescent Cities Empire, the Ideological-Military Persian-Median Empire, the Hyksos Raiding Empire, the Phoenician Port City Naval Empire and the Hittite Priest Class-Royal Empire.

There were also periodic attacks from the growing Nubian and Ethiopian Empires. Out of this imperial empire mess representing ancient state dynasties, there emerged colonized cities trying to eke out their own historic glory.

This period has the name of the infamous Iron Age. We have the Habiru, or the Hebrews, the Canaanites, Moabites Ammonites, Kenites, the Ephraimites-Israelites, or later the Samaritans, the Nabateans, Midianites, Arabs, Philistines, Amalekites, Calebites, Amorites… and the so-called twelve tribes of Biblical lore, the Benjaminites, Judaeans, later the Jews, Reubenites, Simeonites, Danites, Levites-Kohanim, Naphtalites, Gadites, Mannassites, Zebulunites, Asherites, and Issacharites. All of these agricultural-pastoral-warrior cultures possessed walled cities where temple-money pits-priest-ruling classes, and political centers existed.

Out of this historical-cultural clutter, the Bedouin never sold out. Like the hated gypsies, who had to travel from Hindu-caste-jati dominated South Asia, or Pradesh-Nepal-Rajasthan-Gujarat-Punjab-Kashmir-Orissa-Bengal world region, to the Great Hypocrites of Europe, the Bedouin just pitched their tents and traveled.

The Bedouin maintained the simple faith and stood firm on honor. Life was hard enough. Traveling, having few possessions, and sharing between a loving family community sufficed. They were right – and still are right.

Their worst enemies in today’s horrifying world represents the Zio-nazi Crusader State – now situated right in the middle of their ancient traveling routes. The Zionist fascists want no free travel from Africa into Asia – especially from a group of lowlife Arabs. The Euro-Zionist murderers have forcibly resettled the Bedouin on reservation dumps in historic Palestine, only later to suddenly remove them, pushing them into a marginalized gypsy existence surrounded by a massive Palestinian Concentration Camp.

What is left for the rest of us, stuck and imprisoned in this modern world? We remember the Bedouin.

As of now those travelers live under continual harassment, as we also live under continual government intimidation. As the state criminals are desperately trying to culturally exterminate them, so have they done previously across Asia, Africa, the Americas and Oceania. Meanwhile, the State crooks tax, fine, observe, control, watch, spy on, attack, imprison, coerce, and charge us incessantly. All hope has blown with the desert winds.

We do have the practice of freedom however. We always ignore their pleas, propaganda and programs. We discipline, educate and tame our minds towards awareness, while focusing on our mastery and crafts. We stand on the word of honor, truth, and sincerity, always respecting our fellow humans, for we all suffer and fall into traps.

We train as noble warriors, hunters and even soldiers. We live on courage, and yet we are humble, rejecting the ego mania disease of modern life. We never kill, hurt, steal or lie against our brothers and sisters. We hold love and compassion for all humans who are just trying to survive on this miserable Earth.

The Bedouin, the noble nomads still survive – and so must we all.