This was what Anarchy looked like – and still looks like

Posted: December 7, 2016 in history
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There are some things in life that we should never revive.

And yet, there exist other things in life that we would definitely reestablish. Lest we forget that nothing created nor compounded into existence could ever possibly resurrect again. All is change, things vanish, and this arising and ceasing explains the endless cycles of impermanence.

The Human Condition suffers under its own mental chains of Civilization, and so it has continued destroying all of its previous creations. Yes, all of its previous creations are no more – and will never resurrect again.

Humanity has transformed its existence into the open air prison of the Modern State. The State has become the Monster, the Beast of legal murder, brazen criminality. Aligned solidly with such a criminal institution is our Modern, Capitalist Political-Economy, which has also transformed into a recurring nightmare of brutal poverty, institutional violence, endless scams, and economic misery. All hope is lost.

We simply cannot return to any original source, since there never was any so-called ‘first condition.’ We are too addicted to suffocating technology and institutional coercion. How could we possibly thrive inside such a concocted sham of a system?

Some communities, societies, and even nations, actually survived within true and sincere Anarchy – simply living their lives.

They had no social hierarchies, no political class of legal crooks, no banking-funny money scams, no political-economic elites who made profits off of the hard-working majority, no property pimp renting contracts, and especially no private property rights trumping community rights.

There were no life and energy killing wage slave jobs, no jail cells, holding centers and prison dungeons, no torture centers and concentration camps, no schools, day jails and education institutions.

Their societies did not have any legal psychobabble quacks nor medical doctors in disease ridden hospitals with full legal rights to forcibly imprison weaker victims.

There existed no professional military-police-spy corps with the full legal immunity in the right to lie, steal and murder, and no twisted legal codes to catch and destroy the unwary subjects.

Those cultures and civilizations were the first Anarchists. They all lived an actual Anarchy of Liberty and Freedom. Only the noble truth and a man’s word of honor mattered. All law-legal systems represented the traps of the dishonest.

Such Anarchic societies represented the ancient cultures of Europe, such as the Celts, Slavs, Avars, Huns, Turks and Germans. In Africa, hundreds of such cultures existed. The geography moved from the noble Berbers of the northern Atlas mountains across the Mediterranean, to the Bantu Bushmen warriors of the Kalahari Desert near the southern cape.

In Asia, we move from the ancient Malay hunters within the southern tropical forests, to the Mongol horsemen on the northern steppes. In Oceania, we could visit the great cultural traditions of Maori warrior clans, and then view the hundreds of Aboriginal nations fighting and living in the great interior bush.

Human history also records the true nobility of the Iroquois Confederation and the Eskimo people hunting and fighting on the northern forests and steppes, moving thousands of kilometers south – we find ourselves among the native warriors of the Mapuche, living and fighting in the cold foothills of the Andes and lower river valleys.

How many thousands of such great Anarchic civilizations are no more? The exterminated ones were actually quite lucky for they died noble deaths. Only a few ancient noble civilizations have survived  the recent European-Christian grand extermination plots and their destructive goals of total enslavement.

Of those ancient world cultures who still survive, they all find themselves shackled to cultural terminal illness. European invasions, European colonization-resettlement schemes, open mass murder-genocide, and Judeo-Christian Monotheist Cult confessions have murdered the joy of the hunt and the feast.

The original invasion-colonization methods have laid the wicked foundations of modern urban society. Euro-state criminals later shoved those same nations into the open prisons of modern cities, becoming a reserve army of ready wage slaves, or resigning their bodies to die bad deaths inside rural reserves. The once noble nations, now cultural pathology victims, had to survive through a bogus cultural modernity, and even transform themselves into the pawns of a community destroying global capitalism.

Those noble nations of tight warrior clans and family oriented, community values, either had to adopt to the enemy’s rancid culture and sell their honor – or perish as the knights of the last stand, committing honorable suicide through the ultimate battle. Fight, steal and kill until the European sociopaths had to murder all of them. Such was the fate of many of the California natives during the Great War of Extermination, 1840s-80s.

We remember those ancient nations of genuine honor and nobility. Modern Europe really had no choice but to murder all of them. Their Anarchy was too much to bear. The actual freedom of the simple and natural life exposed the European civilization trap. They became nothing but a collection of regional-urban monstrosities, sham systems of deceit, violence, hate, greed, imprisonment and ugly hypocrisy.

The European Anarchists of our Modern Era have only existed as twisted writers, tortured intellectuals, marginalized workers, travelers and bums, dreamers and quacks.

They were never fortunate enough to live the true Anarchy – nor will they ever. The historical list of modern Anarchists has included Godwin, Stirner, Bakunin, Cleyre, Proudhon, Fabbri, Rocker, Magon, Malatesta, Galleani, Most, Kropotkin, Goldman, Berkman, Armand, Makhno, the Haymarket Martyrs, Vanzetti, Berneri, DiGiovanni, Michel, Durruti, Gonzalez Prada, Pellicer, Ward, Graeber, Bookchin, Zerzan, the Punk Bands Crass, Subhumans and Rancid, etc.

And this sad list will only increase, as the actual injustice of human existence becomes even more demeaning – within our contemporary inferno, lashed inside a putrid smelling hell – ultimately gasping for breaths within a cold corpse of ferocious vermin.

That absurd time in history went way back. It was around 1000 BCE, so about three thousand years ago – and really not long ago in the grand scheme of the Natural History of the Universe. The actual place was the super dry, red-brown desert, Mediterranean region of the Levant, or as the Corporate-Amerikan-Zionist propaganda machine refers to it today – The Middle East world region – whatever that means.

There was an Anarchy culture that thrived during that historical epoch. They called themselves The Bedouin. The Bedouin have never had a true nation-state. The entire desert itself, from the Great Sahara of North Africa to the Arabian Desert that bordered Persia, was their home. They did not just live on the grand desert dunes, they sailed it, feasted on it, danced on it, and even partied on it.

They had no official government contacts, which was just fine with them. If you wanted to trade them for their weapons, or their cattle, mostly goats, sheep, camels, and even later in history, blood licking bulls and Arabian horses – then you had better meet them on their own terms, usually somewhere in the vast desert.

No money was ever exchanged, no banking nor state controls involved; simply, a bartering trade deal, a friendly hospitality of delicious tea to lighten the tension, and then a slight bow-embrace of respect between both parties over a good and honest trade. A Bedouin man’s word was enough.

The Bedouin had no corrupt legal codes, judges, jails nor juries – it was always the word and actions of honor that mattered. And yet, their system always worked. Official crap history does not record much about this culture – but they certainly avoided the hells and pitfalls of most other civilized cultures across the Earth.

For the Bedouin, family was everything. I am not implying our contemporary nuclear family, which is not a true family of solidarity and love. Their families were of extended blood and combat lines inclusive of multiple generations, now referred to in anthropology textbooks as clans.

The whole entire family clan lived, partied, slept and hung out together, pitching their tents, packs, blankets, camels, dogs, cats and goats – wherever the desert breeze commanded. They preferred to sleep under the magical night, creamy sky of beating-breathing stars and shiny gold dust that echoed strange dreams into their senses – rather than the closed container buildings of the rich and powerful crooks.

Their families also consisted of their animal buddies and friends. The Bedouin were a tight-knit group, and they shared everything, meaning food, clothes, drink and most importantly, music, song and dance. Everyone was in, nobody felt excluded or stayed left out.

Delicious food, thick hashish and homemade wine were all plentiful. While the native Caribs, before their mass extermination in the West Indies from European Conquest and Colonialism, had invented our modern barbecue pits – the Bedouin version has always possessed the sweet smells of taste bud delights.

Their meals consisted of smoked meats, green onion-garlic bulb veggie mixes, figs-dried into fruit mixes, all natural goats’ milk, fresh and super chilled well water – and some nice coffees, teas, alcoholic beverages – oily cannabis leaf to finish the culinary good fortune.

There was no stupid drunken-intoxicated behavior at those communal feasts – every Bedouin man had his weapon at the ready – due to any disgrace of honor. Honor and ready weapons have always made the most polite, gentlemanly societies.

The Bedouin lived and died through faith, family, festivities, food, fun, and fortitude-courage. They were really the first adherents to the words of the Prophet. They have even shared a marvelous story told throughout the generations about truly experiencing the Prophet’s great night journey across the ancient lands of the Patriarchs. They actually saw the Angel Gabriel’s Spirit fly out into the deep wavy sky, called the Night Flight, across those sacred desert lands. No doubt, the Faith, Dar Al Islam, would spread across this grandiose part of the world.

Until this very day, the mystical travelers of Islamic Sufism find the Bedouin as spiritual cousins living in the sacred gardens of sand, flowers and sweet oils. Many Sufi masters have also taken their wanderings and travels across such dry seas – just like their Bedouin brothers, all the while, conversing inside the greater Ummah believing community. Both Cultures, the Bedouin and the Sufi, have spoken the fine arts of poetry recitation through spiritual wine, cannabis scents, hypnotic music and group dance – somehow they have conveyed the Great Mystery.

One of the Three Kings of Jesus’ Nativity was also a Bedouin prophet. They always understood the stars and night sky movements because they had always let the Desert speak silently through the deep evening dance – rather than have the imperial astrological experts from Babylon proclaim the official truth.

The Bedouin have preferred their own versions of the DIY, or do it yourself methods: travel, food, sexuality, song, poetry, family and fighting. Their methods were so magical that the first Islamic and European alchemists thought that the Bedouin had possessed The First Knowledge.

The women danced and sang voluptuously with the men after the food and drink celebration. When walking about those civilized human dumps, or ancient cities, they wore long dark shawls of sienna brown and muted burgundy. The mysterious women often covered the middle of their brows with metallic coins and other attractive designs, all of which hid a sensual beauty under those dark and inviting eyes.

Any offense to their sacred honor, led to a horde of Bedouin bad boys with twisted, pointy weapons thirsty for the Vengeance. All bad guys knew that messing with the Bedouin girls meant death – a really bad death!

Around this same time however, other cultures began to sell out their minds and bodies to the trappings and chains of civilization. The Bedouin always opt out.

This putrid historical list has included the Royal Pharaonic Egyptian Empire, the Assyrian Military Empire, The Akkadian-Kassite Dynasty of the Babylonian Confederation of Crescent Cities Empire, the Ideological-Military Persian-Median Empire, the Hyksos Raiding Empire, the Phoenician Port City Naval Empire and the Hittite Priest Class-Royal Empire.

There were also periodic attacks from the growing Nubian and Ethiopian Empires. Out of this imperial empire mess representing ancient state dynasties, there emerged colonized cities trying to eke out their own historic glory.

This period has the name of the infamous Iron Age. We have the Habiru, or the Hebrews, the Canaanites, Moabites Ammonites, Kenites, the Ephraimites-Israelites, or later the Samaritans, the Nabateans, Midianites, Arabs, Philistines, Amalekites, Calebites, Amorites… and the so-called twelve tribes of Biblical lore, the Benjaminites, Judaeans, later the Jews, Reubenites, Simeonites, Danites, Levites-Kohanim, Naphtalites, Gadites, Mannassites, Zebulunites, Asherites, and Issacharites. All of these agricultural-pastoral-warrior cultures possessed walled cities where temple-money pits-priest-ruling classes, and political centers existed.

Out of this historical-cultural clutter, the Bedouin never sold out. Like the hated gypsies, who had to travel from Hindu-caste-jati dominated South Asia, or Pradesh-Nepal-Rajasthan-Gujarat-Punjab-Kashmir-Orissa-Bengal world region, to the Great Hypocrites of Europe, the Bedouin just pitched their tents and traveled.

The Bedouin maintained the simple faith and stood firm on honor. Life was hard enough. Traveling, having few possessions, and sharing between a loving family community sufficed. They were right – and still are right.

Their worst enemies in today’s horrifying world represents the Zio-nazi Crusader State – now situated right in the middle of their ancient traveling routes. The Zionist fascists want no free travel from Africa into Asia – especially from a group of lowlife Arabs. The Euro-Zionist murderers have forcibly resettled the Bedouin on reservation dumps in historic Palestine, only later to suddenly remove them, pushing them into a marginalized gypsy existence surrounded by a massive Palestinian Concentration Camp.

What is left for the rest of us, stuck and imprisoned in this modern world? We remember the Bedouin.

As of now those travelers live under continual harassment, as we also live under continual government intimidation. As the state criminals are desperately trying to culturally exterminate them, so have they done previously across Asia, Africa, the Americas and Oceania. Meanwhile, the State crooks tax, fine, observe, control, watch, spy on, attack, imprison, coerce, and charge us incessantly. All hope has blown with the desert winds.

We do have the practice of freedom however. We always ignore their pleas, propaganda and programs. We discipline, educate and tame our minds towards awareness, while focusing on our mastery and crafts. We stand on the word of honor, truth, and sincerity, always respecting our fellow humans, for we all suffer and fall into traps.

We train as noble warriors, hunters and even soldiers. We live on courage, and yet we are humble, rejecting the ego mania disease of modern life. We never kill, hurt, steal or lie against our brothers and sisters. We hold love and compassion for all humans who are just trying to survive on this miserable Earth.

The Bedouin, the noble nomads still survive – and so must we all.



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