Summation VII: The Buddhadharma, Good from Start to Finish

Posted: February 27, 2017 in history

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Death delivered me to this particular point in Eternity.

So this is the End my Reader Friend. The Ending and Final Post of my Four-year Historical Blog, Guns and Anarchy. This historical essay blog has reached its greatest fruition and final destination.

History has also brought me here. And Anarchy dragged me down to the depths of it.

The Truth leading to True Freedom – so what is it, where is it, and how does one attain it?

There exists an even greater, more profound Truth than History itself.

Yes, History is Power, but it cannot Free the Mind from its attachments to the Body becoming Corpse, the Fake Dharmas-Ideologies of the World, the False Created Consciousness of Self-Identity, and from the Human Mind’s own External-Internal Infections.

The Human Mind under the Human Condition drowns daily within its own Craving-Desires, Hatreds-Aversions and the myriad Mental Delusions and Ideological Nonsense, inside of such a confusing, bewildering world. We all cling, attach and wallow in our pathetic mind-body addictions. How can one escape from such a Maddening System?

There is only One Good Way, a way that truly works: The Buddhadharma.

The Life of the Soldier cannot do it; the Life of the Lover cannot acquire it; the Life of the Traveler-Bohemian cannot accomplish it; nor can the Life of the Scholar fulfill it.

The political religious ideologies of Anarchism, Leftism, Liberalism, Conservatism, Marxism, Socialism, Nationalism, Communism, nor the Judeo-Christian Monotheist Cults, have any access whatsoever. Those World Ideologies open no doors to True Freedom.

None of our Modern Philosophical Methods, such as Neo-Stoicism, Anarcho-Nihilism, Materialism, Agnosticism, Consumerism, Humanism, Religious Asceticism, Neo-Epicureanism, Deism, or Whateverism, could possibly reach True Liberation.

Why is the Buddhadharma the ultimate truth: good in the beginning, good in the middle and good in the end?

The Buddha Dharma is the only Spiritual Tradition, or sole World Religion, which has reconciled the Actuality of Death with the Melancholic Narrative of History.

History is a hard art to endure. History embodies the intellectual arts in reading, interpreting and writing. History encompasses all of the past actions of humans under the conditions of civilization.

However, most Academic, University teaching, brainwashed historians are not revolutionary historians; instead, they live their lives as professionalized-institutionalized cowards, and especially those fools and hypocrites found in the American Historical Association, (the Historian Guild found in the United States).

And like most cowardly, dishonest parents who glory in the attainment of New Money Status, and in their overachieving children – as long as they follow what they hold dear – such people refuse to tell the honest, complete truth about the human condition under civilization.

Real and Actual History does not lie, nor does it just explain the Truth. History possesses the power in exposing the harsh and ugly truths of the Human Condition into the Light of Wisdom.

This truth on the Human Condition under Civilization represents the catalogue of legal criminality: violence, (both legal and physical), deceit, group manipulation, and the attainment of power, (ego-self gain, public praise-glory, worldly fame-esteem and the acquisition of material possessions or wealth) – through whatever means necessary. All of this nastiness and brutish karma represents the endless cycles, or the continual historical periods-epochs, of human suffering and misery.

Yet, all human conditioned realities have their origins. All human conditions are temporary and fleeting. They arise and cease, come into being and pass away. All Family Dynasties, Royalties, Civilizations, Empires, City-States, Nations, Societies, Cultures, Institutions, Ideologies and Systems rise and fall. None of the past civilizations from ancient days still live today – except in the pages of history books!

Good and True Historians always ask two important questions: Why and How. Why did such a conditioned historical phenomena emerge, and How did such a conditioned historical phenomena attain its Power?

There are many historical examples, which can explain such origination and attainment. And there does exist a first cause to all historical conditions. It is not the Transcendent God, nor the One, nor the Eternal Soul, nor the Sublime Intellect. It is a simple, yet common and peculiar vice found in the Human Condition under Civilization: Ignorance.

Ignorance twists Empty Forms into the Great Forms of Eternal Substance. Ignorance grasps onto Cheap Feelings and Cool Sensations as the Real Thing. Ignorance implies Human Selective Memory, (i.e. anything related to the Self), and Perceptions creating a skewed and slanted version of the Truth. Ignorance renders Impulsive Mental Thoughts into chain letter conditions, all of which fathom World Views clustered within Mental Illusions, swimming in the tides of Imaginative Fancies. Ignorance births False Consciousness, or the Ego-Self Identity Game. The rest is History – and so the Sickly Birth-Death Cycles continue…

Sometimes I could never finish reading certain historical accounts due to the Victorious Vomit regarding History’s Winners. My Conscience fell sick.

I continually encountered the Triumph of Injustice, the Fortitude of Lies, the Exaltation of Hypocrisy, the Glory of Sociopathic Violence and the Jubilation of Evil. World History’s Great Men, and a few Women, were nothing but the most vile, power-hungry, ego-maniacal, despicable and criminal geniuses of their times.

Why does such depravity always triumph? Why is there never any justice for the wronged? Why do such nefarious actions still conquer in our contemporary times?

I fell into a melancholic temper and just could never find the answer. That is until I finally encountered the Truth of the Buddhadharma.

The Buddhadharma did not just supply the wisdom on the Human Condition, through explaining the Human Mind and its own fabricated Mental Chains. But it also gave me true Liberation, true Freedom. A particular historical example can round off the final explanation: Barbed Wire.

The first world empire to use such a simple technology, yet so hateful and murderous – was the Great Sociopath, or the Amerikan Empire. The symbol of this Technological Progress now signifies death, prison, torture, imprisonment, genocide, war and hate.

The American settlers were the first nation to use this invention during the 1870s. The Cattle Barons of the American Wild West utilized barbed wire against various enemies.

The first enemy represented the Native Nations. Barbed Wire was one of the nails for their crucifixion-extermination, both physical and cultural. Barbed wire helped implement the mass liquidation of the American Buffalo-Bison. This technology allowed Euro-white settlers to stake lands against them, while allowing the Railroad bosses to legally steal Native lands, with all of the eventual massacres, mass murders, warfare, roundups to reservations, and the imposed famines and starvation on such lands. Later US governments prohibited Native cultures and spiritual traditions – and even shoving compulsory boarding schools onto the children, or simply stealing them from their own parents.

Barbed Wire also worked against the outlaws and homesteaders who did not own such quantities of animals as the Barons’ had on their Great Estates. If the homesteaders still did not get the message, then the Large Land Owners hired assassins to murder them. Barbed Wire kept out the cattle drivers and cowboys that wanted to edge into the Cattle Barons’ profits.

Barbed Wire ultimately enclosed and imprisoned the Owners’ private movable properties: millions of imprisoned cows for mass extermination inside the slaughterhouses of the Amerikan Midwest.

If one drives on Highway route 160 through the entire state of Kansas, the overwhelming stench of mass animal butchery and slaughter still breathes its rancid fumes.

This technological advancement, peculiar to the Amerikan Empire, now lives and thrives everywhere across the Globe. It separates the unwanted, the despised, and the hunted from the Good; the no mans land from the great slaughter of war and invasion; the inalienable rights to private property versus the common lands of the Earth.

Barbed Wire also holds an even greater Essence. It is the true identity of the actual, contemporary Human Mind. Barbed Wire represents our very own individual, ideological, pathetic egos, which crave, hate, create worse karma, elicit violence, and continually seek revenge against the passing phenomena and phantoms of reality. As we live and invent more dangerous opinions, always disguised as truth, we build our very own mental institutions, prisons, concentration camps, hospitals and asylums – all for our eventual drowning into madness.

The Buddhadharma finally taught me this Truth – the Truth on the Negative Downfall of Human History. Why does Humanity degrade into worsening conditions?

All of the past evil karma, like an overflowing cesspool of rotting dung and corpse, from thousands of years of fetid history has done its sinister work. With all of the mental barbed wire fences, fields, boundaries, moats and trenches, humanity has fabricated its most evil invention: the  Well-versed, Smiling Sociopath who believes in his or her own lies.

It murders and calls it democracy. It steals and calls it free markets. It lies and calls it history.

Frankenstein was a Saint. Dracula was a Historical Leftover. The Werewolf only came out on Full-Moon Nights. The Zombie Apocalypse lives on Plasma Screens. This Monster however creeps around – everywhere among us.

We also seek to obtain such status, and we now live in our own Mind Created Hells. Our Only Hope leads us to the Dank Stairwell of Death.

Try living without using funny paper money or credit for using most things found in this world. How about not paying rent, or not selling yourself on the labor market for some low paying, life crushing job, or even not paying the required fees, payments, taxes and fines just to eat, buy clothes, use transportation, or just to enjoy one’s own leisure time?

At one time in history, it was Birth and Death. Now it is Birth, Pay, School, Pay, Work, Pay and Death – and the System will even tax your surviving family on that privilege too!

Thankfully, the Buddhadharma liberated me towards the Deathless. I jump off that dreaded cycle even through I physically live within it. I let go of my so-called Body, my so-called Self, and even my so-called Mind. I own nothing. I have nothing. I am nothing. Emptiness is the World.

I relinquish all for the Faith of the Buddhadharma. Freedom… Freedom… Freedom…

No Self in the Created or in the Uncreated… Beyond these terrible Birth and Death Cycles of History… Love and Compassion, Peace and Goodwill, Virtue and Benevolence… I wander around the Unknown Stream.

I have discovered a Truer Nobility and Honor… There is no attainment with nothing to attain… All is Maya or Mental Illusion… Material Reality is Real – the Mind Crap that accompanies it – is not, so the Mind awakens to the actual…

Gate, Gate, Para Gate, Parasam Gate, Bodhi Svaha… Gone, Gone, Gone to the Other Shore without ever having to leave This Shore… This Guns and Anarchy Blog is Over.

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