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I know that I still have a few loyal readers around the world.

Guns and Anarchy is over – but that doesn’t mean that my writing is over. I have a new writing blog out called, Amerikan Nightmare on Hell St., so check it out!

This blog has shorter excerpts. I stop at 1,500 words. Anything more than that is too much for contemporary readers. With the current technology ruling over our sinister world, reading anything over 1500 words is simply torture for both the eye and mind consciousness.

The writing is now more frequent – unlike the sparse contributions found in Guns and Anarchy. The previous blog represented a more historical, intellectual base of information for those street historians who refused to sell themselves, or even in debt themselves, into the Amerikan University scam.

This new blog also frees me to write prose writing, (story telling and poetry), which I also enjoy very much. Guns and Anarchy limited my writing style to essays and articles loaded with historical content, research and historical theory. I often had to prepare two weeks in advance, (through extensive reading, research and outlines), before finally writing the articles and essays in rough draft form.

I am finding that with more freedom and enjoyment in the art of historical writing, there often arrives a better overall composition.

Most importantly, Amerikan Nightmare on Hell St., no longer possesses that nasty, Anarcho-Asshole Attitude, often rotting between the words of my previous Guns and Anarchy essays.

I am a Buddhist now, so the stories show compassion for the poor, the downtrodden, the senseless victims of institutional violence – inclusive of the poor and hurting who often lash out through harmful, reactive violence.

Yes, even our political-economic elite sociopaths who rule over us deserve some compassion.

Mentally ill rulers who believe their own lies, are actually living in one of the Buddhist Hell Realms. They don’t realize this of course – but Karma remains real whether they like it or not. The Dharma or the Way, actually exists and always runs perfectly. Siddhartha Gautama Shakyamuni, or the Buddha, discovered this truth, around 2,560 years ago.

This truth explains the sudden public exposures, which sometimes burst out concerning their bizarre behaviors; all of which they jealously try to guard against – yet the bright lights eventually discover their criminal actions.

So please, my few devoted readers, continue to read Guns and Anarchy for some general historical knowledge, and then move onto Amerikan Nightmare, for some enjoyable tales and political-historical commentaries relating to a very serious topic, the Downfall of World History’s Most Notorious Empire.