The essays are from the perspective of a Buddhist Historian.

ex-Anarchist Anal-Asshole. Now existing Free under the Buddhadharma.

Have a PhD in history; yet have been living under permanent unemployment since receiving that degree.

Have lived overseas in both Europe and in the Americas, and have also done some traveling around the world. Worked as both an English teacher and street performer during such travels.

Served in the US military for four years in a non-combatant role.

  1. Pam Vernon says:

    great site 🙂 I happened here researching fascism. I also discovered (elsewhere) that Abe Lincoln’s ‘chair’ has two of those fascist bundles on it! Fascism is ever creeping in even in our little nation (well once was a nation) NZ.

    • cellinivega says:

      Hi Pam,
      Sorry to reply so late, but your comment was put into the Spam queue.

      Thank you for your comments.

      You definitely came to a good site, if you were researching Fascism. Our authorities want us to think that it was a particular aberration, during a certain historical place and time, i.e. Italian Fascism or Nazism. But all States are Fascists.

      They completely hold the reins to the monopoly of violence – and they like to use such powers in maintaining their ruse of legal violence. The Amerikan Empire ruled by Sociopaths is one such contemporary example.

      But even in New Zealand, the State has, and will resort to Fascist methods – if it deems it necessary. Two good examples have been the recent Anti-Terrorist legislation passed in Parliament, and the Land Wars of the 1860s, in order to dispossess and eventually exterminate the Maori Nation, as had been recently accomplished against most of the Aboriginal population in Colonial Australia.

      The Land Wars were partly successful in dispossessing the Maori from their sovereignty on the North Island, but the Maori were two numerous and powerful – even for the most powerful Empire in the world during that time – the British Empire. The British authorities thought they had softened up the Maori through missionary contact, as was done in the other Pacific Islands. But they were wrong. Such is the absurd and vile account of real and actual history.

      • Pam Vernon says:

        Thanks for replying cellinivega. Yes I’m so very aware of our Australian brothers & sisters and what they endured & still do from the fascist colonial invasion. Also here for sure. I have a second site waiting to publish (time!) on that topic, colonial rape & pillage. Freemasonry was the big player in all of that. And here right now fascism is on the increase, or should I say becoming more overt as opposed to the historical covert. Ready for the total tyranny of the new world order aka global governance. That fascism particularly evident in the trojan horse district councils/local govt as they proceed with the land grabs. Great chatting, have bookmarked your site.

  2. Jett C. Johansson says:

    Tony, it has been great for me to discover your essays on the internet, most of all they have helped me understand more about: what is an anarchist ?

    previously i was of the common opinion that an anarchist is someone who idealizes a society where chaos rules and the law of the jungle applies. However i now understand that this is lie and not at all the true meaning of the concept.

    I am a young man from Europe and my curiosity is never ending. Right now i am in southern California visiting relatives. If you are anywhere close to there, it would be a pleasure to meet you and talk.

    • cellinivega says:

      Thanks for the comments Jett,
      This is one of the reasons for my blog. Anarchy is a way of life that tries to create an existence outside of the crooked reigns of the state and capitalism. It hopes to create livable alternatives to the evil world around us.

      Enjoy the weather in Southern California – but watch out for the laws in that over-legislated state run by crooks and criminals. Some everyday activities of fun for a European are actual felonies that could actually land you some years in one of the highest prison populations in the world – the State of California.

  3. Tony, this is hard stuff, and yes, so true, but I think America was still the best place and was based originally on the ideas of the Age of Reason, but as even the founding fathers said, things like what your describing here would happen and we would end in convulsion. Its happening, and I like your basic liberal ideas, which as far as I am concerned mean embracing the right of free individuals to own the weapons of war, good show! I’m a documentary film maker who is currently working on a piece about how Spain and Hispanics were essential in winning the American Revolution, getting a lot of resistance to this! In the mean time loving your articles, thanks!

    • cellinivega says:

      Thanks Thomas for your points about American history and the Age of Reason.

      The founding fathers of the US were definitely political Liberals in the original sense of the term, meaning they wholeheartedly accepted the ideas of the Enlightenment, such as freedom of speech, opinion, press, petition of grievances, and armed citizens versus the power of the state. The Liberalism that they represented was the Liberalism of civil liberties, offered by the State for citizens under the same state.

      Good luck on your documentary work regarding Spain and Spanish speaking people during the American Revolution.


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