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Dangerous Ideologies IX: Socialism or the Corporatist State

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All ideologies rank and smell.

Ideologies usually vomit forth from rancid mouths of hate, as their most outspoken supporters expectorate with them frequently.

The author also includes classical Anarchism inside this putrid list. But there is one persistent turd of ideology that always raises its ugly head, often during the regular down cycles of Capitalism. This particular ideology calls itself, Socialism, or to hide its nefarious works, Social Democracy.

Why would an Anarchist Doctor Historian condemn such an anti-capitalist ideology? The reason is because it is not really anti-capitalist. Like their ideological cousins, the Progressive Leftists, these ideological experts often tell lies, and they could care less about the structural damages that they often cause due to their dishonesty and dishonor.

They care even less about the supposed ‘working class’ who they always claim to support. Some of Socialism’s ideological proponents do not even come from the working classes!

Similar to Psychobabble, Zionism, Liberalism, State Schooling, Higher Education and Judeo-Christianity, this ideological mess talks a good game, but its practices are very different. Socialism, or Social Democratic practice, is actually another name for crony capitalism through state intervention, corporate alliances, and state-corporate monopolies.

In Europe, 1600 AD, was the year before the terrible storms of hate, piety and murder broke out in Europe – but in China, a strange decadence and corruption took over the Ming Dynastic court in Beijing. While the Emperor filled his entourage with luxury and eunuchs, or castrated male slave-royal advisers, the Chinese people suffered famines and epidemics.

Living in China at the time, there was this Italian Jesuit Catholic priest, a bizarre foreigner, who had entered the intellectual life of the Chinese Mandarin elites. Who was this strange man? And most importantly, how did he manage to have so much available money in silver and gold to buy land, homes, fine silks, expensive objects and porcelain wares? This rich foreigner also professed poverty through his religious order. He sparked envious interest from the profligate emperor.

A hundred years after 1600, the Catholic princes of Europe would learn the truth about the Jesuit Order’s political-economic mastery in hoarding, investing and procuring amazing wealth. The Chinese emperor, however, was too late in discovering the origins of the mysterious, foreign loot. Less than fifty years later, the peasant armies and Manchu knights would destroy forever the great court of the Ming – and so an even more corrupt dynasty seized power in the Middle Kingdom – the Qing.

Unlike the Chinese emperors, or the European monarchies, the Jesuit Order continued to prosper. So what was the grand secret to their financial success?

The Jesuits were one of the first, modern international corporate entities, implying their formal corporate title: The Society of Jesus. They functioned through top down management: preaching Christian poverty, while procuring material prosperity.

This corporate entity owned multiple businesses, such as slave plantations of sugar and cattle, and tea plantations around the continent of South America. Jesuit priests became the personal confessors to the Catholic monarchs of Europe. Those same Catholic monarchs often funded the Order’s activities through the royal treasury. The Jesuits were also a religious order of missionary priests, so the Papacy always funded their projects.

This Order transformed into the religious elite of the Catholic Church. They represented the professors at the major universities and eventually administrated the same institutions. In every European Catholic empire, they owned schools that taught the wealthy elites, so charitable patronage often ended in Jesuit hands. Basically, the Jesuits ran their religious organization as an efficient business enterprise. They always received available capital for their European colonial projects, whether coming from papal, royal or aristocratic sources.

When the Jesuits managed their missionary projects across the world, they either traded in fine objects or hard metals with the more advanced civilizations they encountered, such as Imperial Ming China, the Tokugawa Shogunate of Japan, and Imperial Mughal India, or they supplied surplus food to the less technologically advanced nations in their paths, such as the Guarani and California natives. The Jesuits correctly understood that a corporate institution must supply the material necessities that a society lacks, such as food, education and currency.

The Socialist State operates in a similar fashion. It works with the lords of capital, or any other elites, to supply what they lack – not what society needs.

If the elites need workers, the Socialist hacks will open the borders to both legal and illegal immigration, and next, pass amnesty legislation, which enables a cheap, marginal, reserve army of labor. If the union bosses with most seniority need more personal money, the Socialist factotums will ensure that the most corrupt and inefficient of the leaders receive pay bonuses like the corporate business owners who they often envy.

The Socialist politicos concoct readily available alliances with societal elites, such as business owner juntas, bosses, generals, self-proclaimed leaders, and institutional administrators, through whatever political arrangements. The trade-offs signify the Socialists parlaying access to state funds, payoffs, tax breaks, and many other, often hidden economic privileges. The other side of the temporary alliance, in turn, bribes the Socialist politicians with votes and political donations. You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours. Another name for this corrupt political practice is Corporatism, or the political-economy of Fascism.

This old scam and unequal profit system finds itself within every single state apparatus across the globe – including the United States. Corporatism, Socialism, or Institutionalized Corruption does work well – but it also rots and destroys the economic base of a people, an entire nation.

The Socialists favor one part of the population with free stuff, while it denies another section any money whatsoever. One smaller group gets everything, while another larger group gets nothing. This is Socialism’s most heinous crime: complete criminal neglect of an entire population – only due to its lack of access to political power.

We can see the fruition of this madness inside the nation of Venezuela – where the poor and working classes now starve. Don’t believe for a minute that the Socialist politicians, soldiers, police and bureaucrats are not eating well, or not able to dine out in restaurants!

I also experienced first hand how Socialist governments operated when I lived in Europe. The Socialist politicians were the biggest thieves around. Not only did they hand over top government posts, well the best paying ones, to their family relations and buddies, but they even stole state, public funds for their own personal finances. All of these corrupt practices were legal since the Socialist ‘leaders’ had political immunity. One Socialist thief-prime minister was so brazen, Bettino Craxi of Italy – he fled his own country, so he could escape to his own private villa in North Africa!

The Socialists still fail to realize why they are the most contemptible of politicians. Across Europe, the Anarchist Squatters whom I had encountered, hated all of them.

The Socialist political gangs have always acted as shameful hypocrites and dishonorable liars. They call for the redistribution of wealth – yet they only redistribute money from their targeted rich enemies that don’t pay them off – so only they can get rich. The Socialist bosses harp on certain political issues, such as higher minimum wages, bogus tax refunds, freebies and greater welfare benefits – but they will never guarantee good jobs to the hard-working majorities of their populations. The Socialist leaders rant against criminal gangs, mafias, cartels, monopolies and syndicates, yet they always give themselves strict political immunity – so they can legally steal, while utilizing the violence of the State.

I have even seen supposed Anarchists join in political alliances with such dissemblers. The vice of cowardice contains a deep, darkened well with no bottom floor, shamefulness without bonds or boundaries.

Let this essay become a telling reminder to the discerning among us.


Anarchist Tendencies, Orders and Cliques

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Anarchist_flag.svgGreen_and_Black_flag.svgreligious orders and the medieval stateChristianMilitaryOrdersjoseph-stalin-vladimir-lenintrotskyism

The names and forms of ideological groups often speak volumes about both their directions – and their mental chains.

Christians have often named their sects after their founders, such as Lutherans, Calvinists, Mormons, Wesleyans, Nestorians, Arians, Franciscans, Swedenborgians, Augustinians, Dominicans, or they have dubbed themselves according to their theological obsessions, such as Old Believers, Orthodox, Christian Science, Catholics, Adventists, Christadelphians, Baptists, Methodists, Jesuits, Carmelites.

Some Christians have identified their groupings according to race, and mostly due to Christianity’s part invention and support of racialism. Two examples represent the African Episcopal Methodists and the Chinese Baptists. Other Christian groups have used similar ethno-nationalist terms, such as the Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Armenian, Byzantine, Assyrian, Anglican, German Brethren, French Reformed, Dutch Reformed, Latin Catholic Rite, Eastern Catholic Rite.

Like the myriad of Christian cults in our modern world, Marxist sect groups have also named themselves after their revolutionary idols, such as Marxist-Leninists, Maoists, Stalinists, Guevarists, Trotskyists, or they have used titles proportional to their political fixations, such as Social Democrats, National Socialists, Socialist Worker, Socialist Action, Christian Liberationists, United Left, Popular Fronts, Left Front, Left Coalitions, Socialist Labor, Revolutionary Communists, Revolutionary Socialists. Like the Christians, Leftists also enjoy designating themselves according to their ethno-nationalist origins, such as Russian Communists, British Laborites, Spanish Socialists, French Communists, Indian Marxists.

Unfortunately, we Anarchists also have our ideological fronts, divisions, tendencies, sectarian splits and particular cliques. Unlike the Christians and Marxists, we do not label ourselves according to our religious-sect founders, nor do we name ourselves in relation to ethno-nationalist groups. We have no Bakuninists, nor Kropotkinists, nor Anarchists of America, nor any United Spanish Anarchists. However, we do label ourselves in proportion to our peculiar inclinations.

The biggest division within Anarchism is between the Insurrectionists and Civic Anarchists. The Insurrectionists use incendiary sabotage, hacktivism, retaliatory violence and property destruction against targeted elites, or the propaganda of the deed. The Civic Anarchists, use direct picketing, immediate shut downs, business boycotts, abandoned building or land squatting, direct media publishing, new age traveling, spontaneous street parties, natural medicine distributions, petty shoplifting, dumpster diving, free learning classes and totally free markets in order maintain some cultural autonomy.

Yet there are many Anarchists that use both tactics, and in fact, true Anarchist revolutionaries, use both methods. Both tendencies unite under the double activities of Anarchy: Direct Action and Mutual Aid.

Direct Action is the offense. It implies the Anarchist Act over Anarchist Words. As we say in America: walk the walk, over talking the talk. Mutual Aid is the defense, and it implies that if you reject the State, then help out others, and share with your fellow Anarchists through every facet of life: food, clothes, shelter, medical care, self-defense and cultural, non-institutional, education activities.

Within contemporary Anarchy, there is, unfortunately, a lot more words than Direct Action, and there is very little Mutual Aid that remains in Anarchist subcultures. With all of the Anarchist tendencies, and even the contradictory ones, they all unite under the hatred of the State – even if they create mini-States within their very own organizations.

Anarchy has unfortunately fallen into similar pits of ideological mess and hodgepodge as the Christian cult institutions and the Marxist-Leftist sect gangs. This is because of our ideological history, when Anarchy had first called itself Anarchism, or Anarcho-Syndicalism.

This ideological situation also has relations to the beginning of the armed struggle, fighting on both fronts: anti-Statism and anti-Capitalism. Around 130 years ago, and also due to possessing common enemies, Anarchists consorted among the other Leftist tendencies, such as the Socialists and the Communists.

What saved Anarchy from Marxist vanguardist and Christian sectarian mental illness was the Punk movement beginning in the 1970s. Punk rock culture returned Rock music to its roots through playing the original rock music, of Black-Working Class rebellion, and with this authentic return, Punk acted in full revolt against the wage slave-work-consumerist culture of Capitalist society. A few bands, such as the Clash, publicly exposed the State criminals and murderers. But like all cultural expressions of ‘rebellion,’ Capitalist culture fought back and eventually co-opted a good deal of the music and fashion sense.

There are still Anarcho-Syndicalists, or Anarcho working class agitators. They often fight through union organizing struggles, the most notable being the IWW, One Big Union, or the Wobblies. Once and a while they do have organizing successes against the bosses because they don’t have the six-figure salary, typical union boss overhead, i.e., the AFL-CIO union hacks, nor do they sell-out the workers during the contract negotiations. The Anarcho-Syndicalists know full well how the Capitalist system functions. Still, the IWW ‘Wobs’ often meet more defeats than victories, and Global Monopoly Capitalism is a lot more powerful than Industrial Capitalism was about a hundred years ago. The rotten capitalist system continues as strong as ever.

Another ideological tendency in contemporary Anarchism is Anarcho-Primitivism, or Green Anarchy. This view represents Anarchy united with a certain element of the Environmentalist movement. This orientation finds that our technology has become a literal social and cultural monolith, and that it has sucked out the joy and magic from our already dismal existence. Technological institutions have replaced Capitalist institutions as the destroyers of the living. Those Anarchists have been right about our dire situation – but it is too late now. Most of humanity has allowed both the laziness and slavery of technology to infiltrate their lives. This woeful actuality includes Anarchist subcultures.

Other contradictory ideologies have latched on to the Anarchy brand. In the United States, there is a large Anarcho-Capitalist perspective. They tend to write blogs, make videos, and have informal gatherings. Some of them are just as hard-core as the other previously mentioned Anarchist groups. This sect believes that there is a true possibility for a totally free capitalist market between willing individuals, and that technology will open and facilitate this freedom.

They use parts of Ayn Rand’s philosophy and take it to the American Libertarian fringe. The issue with this group is that many of them did not continue their readings with Adam Smith. In his Wealth of Nations, (published at the time of the American Revolution), Smith wrote that modern Capitalism absolutely needs the help of the State.

All socio-economic activities require some type of arbitration, or the markets will cease existing as actual markets – and will thus become nasty examples of Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest. Why pay for a product, if you can shoot the seller in the head, keep your money and the prize? And there’s the other way around, why give away your product, if you can just take the seller’s money and shoot the buyer in the head afterwards?

There are also Anarcho-Nationalists, or Anarcho-Fascists. These sects embrace the idea of race, nation and people over other inferior groups or enemies, yet they don’t want a State. How could they even conceive of such a society? How would they even defend themselves from their enemies, which have to fight them eventually since their ideology is so extreme, without even resorting to a state? The only way to mobilize any modern military organization is the institution of the modern state.

And yes, there still exist the Anarcho-Communists. They want a Communist society without a Communist state. They see hope for a utopia vision of a Communist society inside the writings of Karl Marx – or possibly Thomas More’s Utopia, or perchance, the pre-European invaded, Native societies of the Americas? This political cult forgets that humans cannot retrace their steps back into the dark realms of human history. We are very different from those earlier societies. The modern capitalist state destroyed those societies for a reason. We simply can never return to the past.

There are also the sub-sects of Anarcho-Nihilists, who reject all politics, and Anarcho-Surrealists who prefer to fight the system through anti-corporate media activities, even creating ‘anti-events,’ where they counter co-opted festivals and exhibitions.

Anarchy returns to its full circle around the A.

Our only noble fight left remains Autonomy. We cannot destroy any modern class society because there will always exist certain humans that crave power, control and authority, and even inside Anarchist circles; nor can we return to a historical period with less technology and smaller communities. Our minds have permanently mutated through the repetitive use of technology, and through learning brutal habits, while surviving inside the urban monster, called the megalopolis.

Autonomy means that we use all of our personal energies and efforts to maintain both our dignity and honor. We should try to avoid laboring and destroying ourselves inside any demeaning wage slave work. We ought to live our lives the way we see fit. We can refrain from consumerist buying, striving for the Amerikan nightmare, taking out loans, investing in pyramid schemes, borrowing, lending and gambling.

We could remain physically free to live outside of the cages and shackles of the prison industrial complex and the State supported institutional system, which includes hospital clinics, state mandated schools and police-paramilitary units.

We would prefer death over some open or disguised form of slavery. Our dignity and honor depend on maintaining these freedoms and liberties. If we live as Anarchists, then we can never trade nor sell out our sacred autonomy. Autonomy is all that remains.









Anarchists Beware: Political Cultists, Ego Maniacs, Hierarchical Leaders

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Sergei_NechayevLeninjim_joneslyndon larouchebob avakianlouis farrakhanpeter-joseph

The New Testament, or the Holy Book of the Christian Religion, contains an interesting story. The leader of the Nazarenes, Jesus Christ, during his Sermon on the Mount, warns his disciples about the ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing.’ Apparently, even those days, there were abundant ‘self-proclaimed leaders’ among the brotherhood of believers. That leader, the Christ, cautioned his disciples that they must remain wary of the dangers in the evil world, (the Roman Empire), as they went out and proclaimed the power of the Christ. He later admonishes them again during his last days in Jerusalem, before his future Passion and Death, about the many false prophets and deceivers that would try to lure them away from the Truth.

It is quite ironic that Christianity, and which has represented the most powerful, sophisticated and extremist of the monotheist religious ideologies, has always maintained a humongous list of such wolves in sheep’s clothing. The historical record of its own gross hypocrites, pathological liars, hierarchical leaders, ego maniacs, madmen cultists, lunatic sects, arch-criminals, rapists and murderers, has been quite outstanding. No other world religion in human history has developed nor cultivated such a torrid and perverted catalogue of monsters and deceivers. Still to this actual day, spiritual degenerates across the globe have parasited off the unwary, naive and desperate believers.

We should not just point the finger at the spiritual ones in regards to the parasite-leaders and hucksters that have abused their faithful followers. We Anarchists have also fallen under the disease ridden gazes of cults of personalities, bogus leaders, radical salesmen, super revolutionaries, pseudo-authentic cool rebels – and even egotistical fanatics. Again, we have human history that has exposed such sordid truths.

There was the infamous story of the Russian revolutionist, Sergei Nechayev. Sergei actually came from a working class Russian background, unlike many other fellow revolutionaries, such as the Anarchist, Pyotr Kropotkin, who was born upper class. Sergei first worked with the Anarchist, Mikhail Bakunin. They collaborated together on writing revolutionary pamphlets, and then in the 1870s, Sergei branched out to form his own political cult, ‘The People’s Retribution,’ or ‘The Society of the Axe.’ Their holy book was his previously written pamphlet, ‘The Catechism of a Revolutionary.’

Like most cult leaders or cults of personalities, Nechayev was a sloppy reader of political and philosophical texts. He either didn’t have the time, or more than likely, was simply too lazy to read as a historian, meaning reading most of the author’s general works, and then interpreting between the text lines for the overall historical contexts.

Sergei read parts of Machiavelli’s The Prince, and St. Ignatius Loyola’s Spiritual Exercises, and then decided to plagiarize from them for his holy book, ‘The Catechism.’ Most spiritual and political ‘leaders’ have used identical methods, and will continue to use similar pilfering – without footnotes of course.

This super Russian revolutionist transformed into an ego maniac who controlled ‘his group’ through deceit, divide and conquer techniques, and psycho-manipulation. While the arch hypocrite fulminated against the evil, despotic Czar Emperors of Russia, this madman was constructing a little monstrous state of about 50 followers. When one of ‘his followers’ questioned his leadership, he formed a secretive group to murder him, which the leader exactly performed. A hundred years earlier, before there was Jim Jones and his Poison Acid-Kool Aid mass suicide at the People’s Temple in the jungles of Guyana, there was this maniac.

Thankfully, Bakunin alerted the other Anarchist revolutionaries of Europe about the danger of Nechayev, and that other radicals had to watch out for such a crooked individual.

Eventually, the Russian authorities captured the deceiver and sent him to die in a Czarist prison. Some years later, the Third Section Intelligence Service tried to recruit the lowlife as an informer and spy, but Nechayev’s madness had already diseased both his body and mind. The lunatic died wretchedly in his cell a few years later.

Unfortunately, the sinister influence of such a ‘revolutionary martyr,’ has led to other control freaks and political monsters in copying such nefarious methods. One such leader was the Russian Communist revolutionary-dictator, Vladimir Lenin, who formed his own death squad to imprison and murder his political enemies, called Cheka. After Lenin, there emerged the infamous Josef Stalin, who formed a more perfect union of the intelligence-death squads, later renamed NKVD. Such are the fruits from one prophetic so-called leader seeping out of the radical vanguard.

Anarchists have also fallen for the traps and snares of such master manipulators. During the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s, many Catalan Anarchists dived into the spell of the Anarchist leader-bank robber-outlaw-revolutionist, Buenaventura Durruti. Durruti was a great Anarchist leader, but he was not the only warrior to fight Fascists in battle. The regular fighting men of his military column performed great acts of valor too. As Anarchists we must always praise the common work and basic struggles of all honorable fighters. And as Anarchist historians, we fully reject the cult of all leaders, or the ‘great men of history’ trope. The human condition under civilization has always created its own history of everyday heroes. And this has always been the truth.

But within our own troubling, contemporary times, there are still self-proclaimed, ”radical’ leaders and political cultists that fight for our affections. They rant, hog the conversations, interrupt us, bully the weak, write unreadable and tiresome books and other useless pamphlets, and they even send their minions to our events and struggles. They do this – not to further the resistance – but instead, to recruit more slaves into their organization.

How can we spot the wolves in sheep’s clothing? Their literature and words always point at and mention one particular leader, one specific ego, one self-adulating buffoon who seems to have most of the answers for all the horrors found in our evil world.

How do we deal with them? We must reject them completely. The moment they begin their propaganda diarrhea, or ‘spiel,’ we can stop them verbally and admonish them to think for their own selves. A few might threaten violence against us, but reaching for our firearms ready for use will shut up the true believers quite quickly. Remember this too: a cult follower is also a coward.

We Anarchists are not cowards, nor are we slaves; we follow no leaders, no personalities, no cults, no sects, no ideologies and no states. We bow to no strange ‘gods,’ nor to any human rulers or leaders. We are free warriors fighting for our daily dignity and honor. This simple code maintains our freedom, while it shields us from the political cultist pests.