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Dangerous Ideologies IX: Socialism or the Corporatist State

Posted: June 6, 2016 in Anarcho-Syndicalism, aristocracy class, bureaucrats, business owners, capital savings, cartel syndicates, Chinese history, Christian missionaries, colonial-imperial projects, corporate administrators, corporate alliances, corporate enterprises, corporate funding, corporate monopolies, corporate organizations, corporate schools, corporate universities, Crony Capitalism, cushion positions, dining out culture, economic privileges, education systems, envy, executive pay bonuses, famine, financial success, food warfare, Fr. Matteo Ricci S.J., freebies, groups, history, hoarding, Jesuit Order, Leftism, lords of capital, mafia syndicates, material prosperity, military generals, Ming Dynasty, owner juntas, piety, políticos, political access, political bribes, political decadence, political dishonesty, political dishonor, political donations, political government, political hypocrisy, political issues, political payoffs, political practices, political stealing, political supporters, political tax breaks, political thievery, political votes, political-corporate scams, Progressivism, restaurants, bars, cafes, royalty-aristocracy, sections, seniority, Social Democracy, social security system, Socialist state, Society of Jesus, state apparatuses, State Corporatism, state deceit, state intervention, structural damage, syndicates, the working classes, top down management, top government posts, treasuries, welfare economic system
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All ideologies rank and smell.

Ideologies usually vomit forth from rancid mouths of hate, as their most outspoken supporters expectorate with them frequently.

The author also includes classical Anarchism inside this putrid list. But there is one persistent turd of ideology that always raises its ugly head, often during the regular down cycles of Capitalism. This particular ideology calls itself, Socialism, or to hide its nefarious works, Social Democracy.

Why would an Anarchist Doctor Historian condemn such an anti-capitalist ideology? The reason is because it is not really anti-capitalist. Like their ideological cousins, the Progressive Leftists, these ideological experts often tell lies, and they could care less about the structural damages that they often cause due to their dishonesty and dishonor.

They care even less about the supposed ‘working class’ who they always claim to support. Some of Socialism’s ideological proponents do not even come from the working classes!

Similar to Psychobabble, Zionism, Liberalism, State Schooling, Higher Education and Judeo-Christianity, this ideological mess talks a good game, but its practices are very different. Socialism, or Social Democratic practice, is actually another name for crony capitalism through state intervention, corporate alliances, and state-corporate monopolies.

In Europe, 1600 AD, was the year before the terrible storms of hate, piety and murder broke out in Europe – but in China, a strange decadence and corruption took over the Ming Dynastic court in Beijing. While the Emperor filled his entourage with luxury and eunuchs, or castrated male slave-royal advisers, the Chinese people suffered famines and epidemics.

Living in China at the time, there was this Italian Jesuit Catholic priest, a bizarre foreigner, who had entered the intellectual life of the Chinese Mandarin elites. Who was this strange man? And most importantly, how did he manage to have so much available money in silver and gold to buy land, homes, fine silks, expensive objects and porcelain wares? This rich foreigner also professed poverty through his religious order. He sparked envious interest from the profligate emperor.

A hundred years after 1600, the Catholic princes of Europe would learn the truth about the Jesuit Order’s political-economic mastery in hoarding, investing and procuring amazing wealth. The Chinese emperor, however, was too late in discovering the origins of the mysterious, foreign loot. Less than fifty years later, the peasant armies and Manchu knights would destroy forever the great court of the Ming – and so an even more corrupt dynasty seized power in the Middle Kingdom – the Qing.

Unlike the Chinese emperors, or the European monarchies, the Jesuit Order continued to prosper. So what was the grand secret to their financial success?

The Jesuits were one of the first, modern international corporate entities, implying their formal corporate title: The Society of Jesus. They functioned through top down management: preaching Christian poverty, while procuring material prosperity.

This corporate entity owned multiple businesses, such as slave plantations of sugar and cattle, and tea plantations around the continent of South America. Jesuit priests became the personal confessors to the Catholic monarchs of Europe. Those same Catholic monarchs often funded the Order’s activities through the royal treasury. The Jesuits were also a religious order of missionary priests, so the Papacy always funded their projects.

This Order transformed into the religious elite of the Catholic Church. They represented the professors at the major universities and eventually administrated the same institutions. In every European Catholic empire, they owned schools that taught the wealthy elites, so charitable patronage often ended in Jesuit hands. Basically, the Jesuits ran their religious organization as an efficient business enterprise. They always received available capital for their European colonial projects, whether coming from papal, royal or aristocratic sources.

When the Jesuits managed their missionary projects across the world, they either traded in fine objects or hard metals with the more advanced civilizations they encountered, such as Imperial Ming China, the Tokugawa Shogunate of Japan, and Imperial Mughal India, or they supplied surplus food to the less technologically advanced nations in their paths, such as the Guarani and California natives. The Jesuits correctly understood that a corporate institution must supply the material necessities that a society lacks, such as food, education and currency.

The Socialist State operates in a similar fashion. It works with the lords of capital, or any other elites, to supply what they lack – not what society needs.

If the elites need workers, the Socialist hacks will open the borders to both legal and illegal immigration, and next, pass amnesty legislation, which enables a cheap, marginal, reserve army of labor. If the union bosses with most seniority need more personal money, the Socialist factotums will ensure that the most corrupt and inefficient of the leaders receive pay bonuses like the corporate business owners who they often envy.

The Socialist politicos concoct readily available alliances with societal elites, such as business owner juntas, bosses, generals, self-proclaimed leaders, and institutional administrators, through whatever political arrangements. The trade-offs signify the Socialists parlaying access to state funds, payoffs, tax breaks, and many other, often hidden economic privileges. The other side of the temporary alliance, in turn, bribes the Socialist politicians with votes and political donations. You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours. Another name for this corrupt political practice is Corporatism, or the political-economy of Fascism.

This old scam and unequal profit system finds itself within every single state apparatus across the globe – including the United States. Corporatism, Socialism, or Institutionalized Corruption does work well – but it also rots and destroys the economic base of a people, an entire nation.

The Socialists favor one part of the population with free stuff, while it denies another section any money whatsoever. One smaller group gets everything, while another larger group gets nothing. This is Socialism’s most heinous crime: complete criminal neglect of an entire population – only due to its lack of access to political power.

We can see the fruition of this madness inside the nation of Venezuela – where the poor and working classes now starve. Don’t believe for a minute that the Socialist politicians, soldiers, police and bureaucrats are not eating well, or not able to dine out in restaurants!

I also experienced first hand how Socialist governments operated when I lived in Europe. The Socialist politicians were the biggest thieves around. Not only did they hand over top government posts, well the best paying ones, to their family relations and buddies, but they even stole state, public funds for their own personal finances. All of these corrupt practices were legal since the Socialist ‘leaders’ had political immunity. One Socialist thief-prime minister was so brazen, Bettino Craxi of Italy – he fled his own country, so he could escape to his own private villa in North Africa!

The Socialists still fail to realize why they are the most contemptible of politicians. Across Europe, the Anarchist Squatters whom I had encountered, hated all of them.

The Socialist political gangs have always acted as shameful hypocrites and dishonorable liars. They call for the redistribution of wealth – yet they only redistribute money from their targeted rich enemies that don’t pay them off – so only they can get rich. The Socialist bosses harp on certain political issues, such as higher minimum wages, bogus tax refunds, freebies and greater welfare benefits – but they will never guarantee good jobs to the hard-working majorities of their populations. The Socialist leaders rant against criminal gangs, mafias, cartels, monopolies and syndicates, yet they always give themselves strict political immunity – so they can legally steal, while utilizing the violence of the State.

I have even seen supposed Anarchists join in political alliances with such dissemblers. The vice of cowardice contains a deep, darkened well with no bottom floor, shamefulness without bonds or boundaries.

Let this essay become a telling reminder to the discerning among us.