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Dangerous Ideologies IX: Socialism or the Corporatist State

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All ideologies rank and smell.

Ideologies usually vomit forth from rancid mouths of hate, as their most outspoken supporters expectorate with them frequently.

The author also includes classical Anarchism inside this putrid list. But there is one persistent turd of ideology that always raises its ugly head, often during the regular down cycles of Capitalism. This particular ideology calls itself, Socialism, or to hide its nefarious works, Social Democracy.

Why would an Anarchist Doctor Historian condemn such an anti-capitalist ideology? The reason is because it is not really anti-capitalist. Like their ideological cousins, the Progressive Leftists, these ideological experts often tell lies, and they could care less about the structural damages that they often cause due to their dishonesty and dishonor.

They care even less about the supposed ‘working class’ who they always claim to support. Some of Socialism’s ideological proponents do not even come from the working classes!

Similar to Psychobabble, Zionism, Liberalism, State Schooling, Higher Education and Judeo-Christianity, this ideological mess talks a good game, but its practices are very different. Socialism, or Social Democratic practice, is actually another name for crony capitalism through state intervention, corporate alliances, and state-corporate monopolies.

In Europe, 1600 AD, was the year before the terrible storms of hate, piety and murder broke out in Europe – but in China, a strange decadence and corruption took over the Ming Dynastic court in Beijing. While the Emperor filled his entourage with luxury and eunuchs, or castrated male slave-royal advisers, the Chinese people suffered famines and epidemics.

Living in China at the time, there was this Italian Jesuit Catholic priest, a bizarre foreigner, who had entered the intellectual life of the Chinese Mandarin elites. Who was this strange man? And most importantly, how did he manage to have so much available money in silver and gold to buy land, homes, fine silks, expensive objects and porcelain wares? This rich foreigner also professed poverty through his religious order. He sparked envious interest from the profligate emperor.

A hundred years after 1600, the Catholic princes of Europe would learn the truth about the Jesuit Order’s political-economic mastery in hoarding, investing and procuring amazing wealth. The Chinese emperor, however, was too late in discovering the origins of the mysterious, foreign loot. Less than fifty years later, the peasant armies and Manchu knights would destroy forever the great court of the Ming – and so an even more corrupt dynasty seized power in the Middle Kingdom – the Qing.

Unlike the Chinese emperors, or the European monarchies, the Jesuit Order continued to prosper. So what was the grand secret to their financial success?

The Jesuits were one of the first, modern international corporate entities, implying their formal corporate title: The Society of Jesus. They functioned through top down management: preaching Christian poverty, while procuring material prosperity.

This corporate entity owned multiple businesses, such as slave plantations of sugar and cattle, and tea plantations around the continent of South America. Jesuit priests became the personal confessors to the Catholic monarchs of Europe. Those same Catholic monarchs often funded the Order’s activities through the royal treasury. The Jesuits were also a religious order of missionary priests, so the Papacy always funded their projects.

This Order transformed into the religious elite of the Catholic Church. They represented the professors at the major universities and eventually administrated the same institutions. In every European Catholic empire, they owned schools that taught the wealthy elites, so charitable patronage often ended in Jesuit hands. Basically, the Jesuits ran their religious organization as an efficient business enterprise. They always received available capital for their European colonial projects, whether coming from papal, royal or aristocratic sources.

When the Jesuits managed their missionary projects across the world, they either traded in fine objects or hard metals with the more advanced civilizations they encountered, such as Imperial Ming China, the Tokugawa Shogunate of Japan, and Imperial Mughal India, or they supplied surplus food to the less technologically advanced nations in their paths, such as the Guarani and California natives. The Jesuits correctly understood that a corporate institution must supply the material necessities that a society lacks, such as food, education and currency.

The Socialist State operates in a similar fashion. It works with the lords of capital, or any other elites, to supply what they lack – not what society needs.

If the elites need workers, the Socialist hacks will open the borders to both legal and illegal immigration, and next, pass amnesty legislation, which enables a cheap, marginal, reserve army of labor. If the union bosses with most seniority need more personal money, the Socialist factotums will ensure that the most corrupt and inefficient of the leaders receive pay bonuses like the corporate business owners who they often envy.

The Socialist politicos concoct readily available alliances with societal elites, such as business owner juntas, bosses, generals, self-proclaimed leaders, and institutional administrators, through whatever political arrangements. The trade-offs signify the Socialists parlaying access to state funds, payoffs, tax breaks, and many other, often hidden economic privileges. The other side of the temporary alliance, in turn, bribes the Socialist politicians with votes and political donations. You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours. Another name for this corrupt political practice is Corporatism, or the political-economy of Fascism.

This old scam and unequal profit system finds itself within every single state apparatus across the globe – including the United States. Corporatism, Socialism, or Institutionalized Corruption does work well – but it also rots and destroys the economic base of a people, an entire nation.

The Socialists favor one part of the population with free stuff, while it denies another section any money whatsoever. One smaller group gets everything, while another larger group gets nothing. This is Socialism’s most heinous crime: complete criminal neglect of an entire population – only due to its lack of access to political power.

We can see the fruition of this madness inside the nation of Venezuela – where the poor and working classes now starve. Don’t believe for a minute that the Socialist politicians, soldiers, police and bureaucrats are not eating well, or not able to dine out in restaurants!

I also experienced first hand how Socialist governments operated when I lived in Europe. The Socialist politicians were the biggest thieves around. Not only did they hand over top government posts, well the best paying ones, to their family relations and buddies, but they even stole state, public funds for their own personal finances. All of these corrupt practices were legal since the Socialist ‘leaders’ had political immunity. One Socialist thief-prime minister was so brazen, Bettino Craxi of Italy – he fled his own country, so he could escape to his own private villa in North Africa!

The Socialists still fail to realize why they are the most contemptible of politicians. Across Europe, the Anarchist Squatters whom I had encountered, hated all of them.

The Socialist political gangs have always acted as shameful hypocrites and dishonorable liars. They call for the redistribution of wealth – yet they only redistribute money from their targeted rich enemies that don’t pay them off – so only they can get rich. The Socialist bosses harp on certain political issues, such as higher minimum wages, bogus tax refunds, freebies and greater welfare benefits – but they will never guarantee good jobs to the hard-working majorities of their populations. The Socialist leaders rant against criminal gangs, mafias, cartels, monopolies and syndicates, yet they always give themselves strict political immunity – so they can legally steal, while utilizing the violence of the State.

I have even seen supposed Anarchists join in political alliances with such dissemblers. The vice of cowardice contains a deep, darkened well with no bottom floor, shamefulness without bonds or boundaries.

Let this essay become a telling reminder to the discerning among us.


Capitalism: Family Solidarity Killer, Destroyer of Communities

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 Capitalism works for allFilipino-homeless-kidsSaigoncasino-capitalismEnjoy CapitalismCocoa-Child-Laborerchina-wage slave

We are all living under an excrescence of legal murder and sustained institutional violence. What did we do to deserve such a horrid fate of hate and destruction? Why did the political-economic elites choose us for extermination?

Only Real and Actual History can answer such doubts. The false and bad history narratives beam and scream their constant bile on the TV and Hollywood cinema screens. At least we still have the Internet where we can read about the truth and then write something about it.

With all of the ongoing, terrible economic news, and an even more horrible political-economic forecast, there are still those soul breaking stories that emerge from the media refuse.

I will never forget one recent story about a builder who always had good-paying, stable work for most of his life – but then suddenly, he was out of work. He drove and roamed around the city in his pickup truck looking for some stable employment, or some decent paying job for his skills set. And unlike myself, a useless PhD bum in the humanities, he did have real skill sets in construction, and he also possessed a long work history of builder experience.

He eventually found some temporary jobs as a regular construction laborer, but his work itinerary was so fleeting that he had a hard time surviving in his bank owned house and dealer owned truck. It was hard to keep one’s head above water through all of the endless billings and the scams of modern living.

With a substantially lowered wage and a spotty work schedule, he just could not survive paying all those mortgage and truck financing dues, utility rates, rising food costs, pay stub withholding taxes, annual city, state and federal taxes, state sales taxes, vehicle maintenance costs, and finally, the forced, gouging insurance rates from Obamacare and the state Division of Motor Vehicles. There were other open and hidden costs that I probably forgot to mention. Almost all of his surplus money vacuumed into endless payments, indirect taxation, fees, added-on rates and hidden fines.

One day finally, the poor and broken man of previous social respectability took his last honorable decision. He would not join the lumpen class poor and accept government or personal handouts. He could never lower his dignity to beg, borrow and steal. Desperate indigents often have to debase themselves for some survival money after demeaning bouts of prison or homelessness.

He would just kill himself, and go for the stoical death with dignity. He entered his truck one last time, turned on some tunes, and kept the truck running – he was just inside the garage the whole time. He let the diesel and carbon monoxide finish his last personal work. He was in his mid-forties and he left a wife and a kid.

What could drive such a decent, hard working man to do such a thing?

The fault mainly lies with those cheap and dishonest ‘landscaping-construction’ business owners who regularly employ illegal aliens or young kids still in high school, so they can pay substandard wages and keep the payroll off the legal accounting books. Those bad owners also allow substandard construction work while bilking the customers for ‘extra hours and materials’ on the job. But there are other culprits that this essay must name.

That honest man refused to live as criminal or an ex-con where he could have received some free money from a local, ‘urban progressive’ government – and possibly a foreign vacation too – all for the ‘promise of not robbing and killing anymore.”

He was also born a male. If he was a poor woman, he could have pumped out three different kids from different fathers, and so become permanently hitched to the government payroll sugar daddy. In the Amerikan imperial nightmare, there are benefits for others and nothing for the unemployed male.

He was too old. Ageism triumphs in the job hire jungle of capitalism. This monstrosity of corruption prefers the young and immature because they are easier to abuse and intimidate – like any good slaves. Yet is it not an outrage that every job offer fraud always demands ‘experience’?

He obviously did not know anyone, or have any ‘good contacts,’ or even some inside ‘family members,’ possessing those cushion, do-nothing, well-paying government-parasite jobs within city-county-state-federal bureaucracies. The less work one does, the higher up on the wage scale.

Or was it just another downturn in the economy usually instigated through those evil central banking elites, and the poor man felt depressed about the scary future on the horizon. Most Americans hate the poor – including the poor themselves.

He was screwed, like millions of other hard working American families across the continent – and across every land on Earth. Like many Americans, he blamed himself for his failure to secure some stable employment with decent pay. What crooked system could transform a hardworking man of experience into another economic loser statistic?

The correct historical answer is our current capitalist system, global monopoly capitalism.

The history of capitalism has exposed a criminal political-economy of false justice and even more dubious political-legal systems. Yet like most structured political-economies, this twisted ball of corrupt vines and dishonest strings slowly strangles its victims into an even deadlier code of violence. Capitalism, unlike Feudalism, Paternalism, or any other historical economic set up, has been winning the war of extermination against family solidarity and sustainable communities.

Our current unlivable system of Global Monopoly Capitalism annihilates any attempts to form a stable family and maintain a thriving self-sustaining community. Many of the lower classes try, and a few succeed in preserving the family unit, but they are fighting a losing battle with history – and capitalism will destroy them too eventually.

Capitalism rots the insides of all the nations upon this Earth, and so there is no escape. Ultimately, the history of capitalism has exposed a relentless political-economic system, which has successfully exterminated all and every auto-sufficient small community on our Globe.

Aboriginals in Australia, Pacific Islander societies, Native communities in the Americas, auto-preserving farming communities in Asia, and cattle raising-agricultural communities in Africa – all of them have had their bittersweet lives ended through the invasions, oppression, and infiltration of global capitalism. Capitalism utilized all of the deadly arts of European imperial tactics: Imperialist Violence, Mission Christianity, and Settler Colonialism to fulfill and accomplish all of its heinous, subversive work. Capitalism annihilated those true anarchist communities, (those with no legal state craft), because they lived on auto-sufficiency. They had too much honor and dignity to sell themselves as wage slave commodities on the ‘labor markets.’

Capitalism’s rancid breath survives on ever greater market opportunities across-inside-above the entire Earth, and at the same time, it needs an ever greater reserve army of labor to herd into their ‘work to live in order to die’ traps. Capitalism and the State always work together for their inside jobs – and this scenario also includes the despicable Socialist regimes. This sinister tag team is still murdering and purifying the courageous holdouts to this very day. Think for example on the traditional cultures of Afghanistan, East Africa and Yemen.

Capitalism murders solidarity through removing the family from any land or any household productions that can sustain some auto-sufficiency. It then forces the family to move from its generational roots to the brutal urban wasteland of suburban slums, also filled with the countless uprooted and unknowns. This noxious system then enlists each family member individually for precarious employment. Instead of a family unit, each member transforms into a wage slave employee who must then daily travel, back and forth, to the foreign work site, spending most of his working and traveling day and night, with all the other peon wage slaves.

Within each family, some family member must make the ultimate sacrifice to travel far and wide, and then live a great amount of distance from the unit in order to earn more survival money. The family soon loses its old identity as a small community of solidarity, and now each member is rated according to his or her earning potential. When some family member dies and leaves an inheritance will, then the personal animosities truly burst out into the open.

Once the family loses its roots, the greater communities lose their power. Towns often become dead villages of old people, women with babies, and the indigent poor who must survive on both parish and county services. The rest of population has to constantly change addresses and find another urban squalor settlement for ‘work opportunities.’ As the urban dynamic grows out of proportion, with more and more desperate wage slaves looking for less and less available jobs, life turns mean, nasty, brutish and dispiriting. The urban vices of the poor proliferate, such as petty criminality, drug-alcohol addiction, abandonment, neglect and brutal violence.

As both institutional and street crime increases, each job seeker feels alienated from the other competitors. The peons fight each other for the crap wages and the discarded scraps of the rich, while the owners continually blame the poor and working classes for their own culture of ‘social degeneracy.’ Meanwhile, the state in the pay of the owner elites, sends the ‘forces of order,’ usually the police forces, to intimidate the economic throw away populations. This debasing cycle continues its death-dealing, downward spirals, like an overflowing sewer drain during a flood.

Friedrich Engels wrote about such conditions in his book, The Condition of the Working Class in England, (1845). His books is a testimony to the brutal alienation, resigned poverty, and social misery of everyday life for England’s working classes.

In densely populated slums all across northern England, neighbors could barely interact with each other because entire families, parts of families, fathers, sons and daughters, had to constantly move about, work at odd hours and times, and even travel to other parts of the British Empire – in order to eat and ‘make a living.’ Life was precarious in those times, and the factory owners fired workers for the flimsiest of excuses.

For over a century, thousands of young men without work had ‘to go to sea,’ in order to avoid forced slavery and an early death in the workhouses, or even ending one’s life press ganged by the captain’s thugs into the ‘naval service.’ The Royal Marines made sure that no press ganged victims escaped.

For most of the previous century, stealing bread for hunger could get one hanging like an old pig corpse at the wooden catafalque. The British Empire in its masterful hate forced the forsaken poor into ’emigration schemes’ towards the ‘convict colonies,’ where they often had to work to death as ‘indentured laborers.’ The old colonial plantation lists of infamy included, Virginia, Barbados, Carolina, Jamaica, Georgia and ultimately, Australia.

From the late Seventeenth-Century, or the 1600s on, the English working class had five doleful identity changing life choices ahead. The first choice was to just drink gin liquor, starve slowly to death due to malnutrition, and die on the side of a slum road. The second one was entering the workhouse, the prison gang, the ship galley crew, or if lucky, the lord’s domestic service – and eventually die over there, where one might never see his or her family again.

If the worker had a little saved capital, then a personal emigration scheme would possibly function in another part of Europe, or somewhere else on the globe for any decent paying job. Another passable option was military service, where the recruit became a peon soldier ready to murder his fellow working class agitators, rebellious African slaves, or any other colonized victim that could not fight back – while receiving physical punishments, rotten food and bad pay. The final option was to go pirating, plundering and highwayman work, or in our contemporary lingo, become a career criminal. And why not? The aristocratic parasite class lived an easy life of no work, no struggle, and there were always separate laws for their legal criminality.

After long centuries of grinding, non-stop Capitalist production with its miserable living conditions, this merciless political economy has continually pushed millions of honorable men and women to their bad deaths – just like our unfortunate American builder who had to gas himself in his bank owned garage, so he could maintain his honor.

In the late nineteenth-century, the 1800s, the trade union took the social-political initiative in fighting back against the onslaught of Capitalism’s institutional violence. From this worker led movement, and the brutal repression that followed, working class political parties emerged throughout Europe who defended their political interests. The social democracy system birthed on that continent.

But now, all of those same ‘leaders’ have sold out to the Enemy. Union and political party bosses make similar salaries, with decent social benefits, as the corporate elites – they are supposedly fighting against.

Capitalism has successfully ripped us from our roots and origins. At the present moment, our families take their identities from their ‘jobs.’ We must all beg and plead to other family members who have some extra capital in order to survive physically on this cruel Earth. The modern family is strictly an economic unit of consumption. Its sordid truth comes out in the will and testament divvying after Death.

How many of us truly know our neighbors – or even care to know our neighbors? Our contemporary ‘communities’ are often imagined ones wedded to work schemes, advertising-publicity media lies, ideological sects, hobby clubs, gang units, or just some other ‘mystical chords of union.’ With defeated minds, we excrete our dreams inside the colonized caverns of the already dead.




sugar confectionary paradise

sellingsugar medievalSlavery-In-The-Sugar-Plantation Mexicotransportedeescravos BresilCaribbean bad deathplantation extermination centersugarplantation-african slaveryDentist-performing-a-tooth-extraction-procedure.-300x215obesity

Sugar is the most excellent drug found on this bio-diverse Earth, and it is the simplest image for our Modern World: white sand, sweet tasting crystals leading to a bad death.

This quick energy drug is ubiquitous within the foods that we allow into our bodies, yet at the same time, each sugar crystal is a tiny microcosm of sweetness delight. The sugar crystal is not natural; instead, this cultivated poison moves from a hard, tall green stalk into a black vomit inducing blob, and ultimately transformed into its refined purity of whiteness.

Sugar is a curse, a culinary staple, and it has a nauseous history of mass murder, which has acted even more criminally than another notorious, black sticky, pharmaceutical mess – opium. This furtive drug, Saccharum Officinarum, is quite tiny, yet so dangerous.

Not one state apparatus has attempted to ban it. If this drug has such an egregious history and is so harmful to our human bodies, then why does it lurk in every kitchen, and now sit ominously on every supermarket shelf, waiting for its simple victims to purchase such a deadly toxin?

The 1290s AD was a suffocating decade for some, yet a type of endless summer rotated around the northern hemisphere of Earth. For those slaves working in the Venetian Empire’s sugar plantations, on the island of Crete – they were however experiencing the first tastes of medieval, concentration camp-death. Due to the previous extermination of the native trees, the Venetian slaves built those infernal sugar plantations out of graveyard stone. You won’t find any of this history inside those official textbooks.

On this beautiful Mediterranean island, known for its glorious ancient history of cities, artistic genius and great warriors, the Venetian aristocratic parasites and merchants-soldiers, divided the sacred island into sections of prisoner of war-slave killing centers. This refined art of murder had developed a more efficient method in disposing of its unfortunate victims.

The heat in the slave death camps reached strangulation proportions. The massive ceramic vats of crushed sugar cane reeked of vomit pestilence splayed with fecal remains. It even looked like an excrement inferno coming out of a fiery hell mouth. Some slaves would suddenly drop dead from taking in its noxious fumes! Other slaves, dying through overwork while cutting the sugar cane in the humid, malodorous morass, would crawl into the sea in order to drown and feed the sharks. And then a few others, just died on the dirty, rocky paths to the plantations. The owners let them die alone, since the hungry rats and dogs might feed on their putrid flesh.

Eventually, the native Cretans had had enough, and they revolted around seventy years later. The Venetian imperial murderers destroyed Crete’s moment of freedom. They would not be the last ones to foil Crete’s desire for independence either. The Venetians would construct those killing centers on another Mediterranean island, called Cyprus, a couple of hundred of years later. Throughout the eastern Mediterranean, the Venetian naval empire established military ports, or castles, on the Dalmatian coast and around Greece, such as the city of Napflio, so the Grand Empire could protect its slave trading-sugar refining investments.

The Venetians kidnapped their human booty of slaves from every part of the Mediterranean world. It didn’t matter whether they were Catholics, Orthodox Christians, Jews or Muslims, European, Asian or African. Any captured victim would do, since so many died within the first years of sugar plantation work. The Venetians also collaborated with the other Mediterranean slave trading medieval empires, such as the Genoese, the Pisans, the Catalans, the Arabs, the Byzantines and the so-called, Crusaders on the island of Malta, called the Knights of St. John, whose main business was also the slave trade.

Nobody beat those tight Venetians who had established proto-capitalist monopolies in expensive commodities. This maritime empire possessed the unstoppable construction of naval warships at the Arsenal factoryThe Venetian imperial oligarchy was also ingenious in the art of backstabbing its trading partners, while it maintained secretive trade agreements-treaties across the globe.

Marco Polo was no discoverer. He was a Venetian spy-merchant who ensured trade agreements between the Mongol Khanates, such as the Mongol dominated Yuan Dynasty in China, and the Venetian Empire, or as they called themselves, La Serenissima.

The Venetians, supposed Catholics, maintained better relations with the Muslim Mamelukes in Egypt, the Muslim Ottomans in Turkey, and the Muslim Caliphate in Baghdad – than the Orthodox Christians Byzantines, who they had sieged, sacked, destroyed, and robbed mercilessly during the Fourth Crusade of 1215!

If the Venetians could not grab cheap prices in precious metals and expensively traded commodities, then they would suddenly attack their enemies – and rob the stuff. They periodically performed such double crosses against the powerful Turkish naval empire. The Venetians did allow all of their foreign traders to maintain storehouses on their properties, called Fondacchi.

The other European powers admired their violent wealth accumulation, while they hated their double dealing cheapness. Some three hundred years later, even the Pope joined a military alliance against this maritime empire of aristo-thieves and slothful degenerates. European aristo-parasites craved their elite consumption, such as fine glassware, elaborate window blinds, embroidered silk from China, carved ivory from the Orient, or most importantly, exotic spices from around the Earth. There was only one international market store, which always had plentiful supplies of hard to find products – the Venetians.

Medieval European elites developed a peculiar taste for a very particular Asian drug-spice, previously known for its monopoly trade name in the Islamic world, Al Sukkar, or as the Euros named it, Sugar. Before the Venetians, the Arabs were the premier traders in this Asian sweet spice. They had fashioned the dessert delights of marzipan. The Arabs also established massive slave plantations in Mesopotamia and in north Africa to cut the cane. The Muslim slave traders operated in the Balkans and Black Sea zone through the human trafficking of heathens, while they also moved their slave trading into East Africa for the kidnapping of some idolaters.

It was the Venetian Empire who first launched the modern, maritime gold mines of slave trading, human trafficking, large slave plantations, efficient mass murder, and the expert commoditization of Asia’s most powerful drug – sugar. This evil, double-headed hydra of sugar and slavery amassed amazing wealth and power. By the 15th century, the Venetians transcended into the most formidable naval empire on the planet.

Today, when tourists visit the canals, bridges and plazas of Venezia, they look astounded at the sublime beauty, architectural glory and intricate building design that permeates the entire, ancient city. We must never forget where this outward prettiness came from – the maleficent twin fists spewing out of proto-capitalism: slavery and sugar.

Sugar is the most prevalent and most dangerous pharmaceutical drug on the planet. This is the true reason why criminal states and governments across the globe refuse to ban it. Sugar’s sweet taste and quick hit of energy have also transformed this drug into the greatest medical-dental gift. Sugar continues to fill corporate doctors’ pockets with a steady line of customers for further drugging and expensive surgeries.

Sugar’s most abominable crimes are not its legacies of mortal disease, incurable diabetes, horrifying obesity and terminal illness, but its contemptible historical associations with mass kidnapping, mass slavery, and mass murder.

It was not always this way. Sugar originally came from New Guinea, and it slowly moved west becoming the sweet salts of the tropics across the Indian subcontinent. Once sugar entered the processing stage into its white crystal form, greedy merchants wanted to monopolize both its production and distribution. Sugar then had to resort to its loathsome use of slave labor in order to produce the white mess of sweet destruction.

Copying the evil legacy of the Venetian slave trading-sugar plantation inferno, other European maritime empires entered into the sugar-slavery profit windfall.

The first Atlantic mass murderers were the Portuguese who would build their massive navy, during the same period when Venice was the premier naval power. The Portuguese constructed bulky trading ships for the Atlantic Sea, which was a lot larger, brutal and unpredictable than the Mediterranean Sea, and the Portuguese sailed south – well into Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Portuguese invaders established similar castle fortresses like the Venetians, which also featured pre-modern prison-like, jail cells for captured slaves dying in their metal chains. The Portuguese began purchasing their slaves as captured war booties from other African nations. Migratory African population movements due to climate and warfare, also enabled the Portuguese to establish mixed race hunters, meaning mixed European and African traders, who constantly supplied the Portuguese with kidnapped victims.

Copying the Venetian soldier thugs, the Portuguese naval criminals brought sugar cane plantations from the Mediterranean to their Atlantic archipelagos and African coast islands, such as Madeira and Sao Tome. Sugar was a tropical plant and it worked splendidly. African slaves died off after a few years. Once the planters worked the unfortunates to death, the colonial soldiers dumped the human excrement into the mighty Atlantic for shark feed.

When the Portuguese took the American Atlantic coast of northeast Brazil in 1500, they planted sugar plantations everywhere – after they had first exterminated the Brazil wood tree and the Tupamori Nation in the north part of the country. After five centuries of sugar cane plantations and African slavery, northeast Brazil now has the same topography as the Moon.

The Portuguese first used captured Tupamori and Guarani natives from the southern part of the country, around Sao Paolo. The natives died off en masse working to death on sugar plantations, while others had escaped deep within the Amazon interior. No Portuguese peasant was willing to work to death in Brazil, so the Portuguese began their mass kidnapping-mass murder campaign with Africans, transported from their port prison colonies of Guinea, Angola, Kongo and Mozambique. By the 1600s, the Portuguese Empire had become the richest slave and sugar trading system in the Americas. In 1640 they revolted from Spanish control.

The other European Atlantic powers looked in envy at Portugal, and so they too joined in the mass kidnapping-mass murder of Africans spree in order to monopolize the Triangular Trade.

Triangular Trade implied selling the Africans to the Sugar planters in the Americas, next making their victims work to death on the sugar plantations. The ship captains would transport the Sugar to Europe, which was a monetary commodity in itself. The European ‘traders’ would then travel again to Africa, so as to replenish the sugar hells with more African victims. The Spanish, French, English, Dutch and even the Danish and Swedes joined in this evil Mercantile Capitalist system. Most of Europe’s royal families made their more profitable investments through this shocking economy.

By the 1700s, the European colonial-settler invaders had successfully exterminated the native Caribs and most of the tree life on many of the West Indian islands. All across the Caribbean archipelagos, massive sugar plantation-extermination centers opened their veins. Those extermination centers transformed into tropical dungeons through the arts of murdering Africans, with the processing of cane into pure white sugar. In Brazil, the average life expectancy of an African slave on a sugar plantation was only five years!

With this massive liquidation of natives, trees and Africans, there also emerged ex-slave African communities across the Americas, called maroons in English, cimarrones in Spanish, marronage in French, and palenques in Portuguese. In Spanish Florida, a community of escaped African slaves and Seminole natives created their own viable communities. The US Government would exterminate that group during the first half of the 1800s.

Most of the Europeans that used sugar were the aristo-parasites who dumped the sweet white salts into their refined tastes for African Coffee, Asian Tea and American Chocolate. But as sugar production increased all across the American tropics, planters needed to process the black mess into other products. They successfully created Molasses and Rum. By the mid 1700s, most of Europe’s working classes began to use sugar as a food substitute, which withstood the pangs of hunger, and yet released brief spurts of energy.

This wider consumption of sugar across Europe, also explains the Golden Age of Pirates and Buccaneers in the Caribbean during the 18th century, (1700s). Sugar was another expensive commodity for successful trading, included within the monetary delights of gold, silver and copper, with the precious objects trade of pearls, jade stones, diamonds, silks, ivory and porcelain. Sugar started a new industry across Europe, called confectionary, or in Italian, dolce, which in turn created our modern, candies. Some wealthy Europeans began to grow large bodies from eating so much sweet crap.

With this wider use of sugar, more Europeans began to lose their teeth. It is no accident that the first works on modern Dentistry emerged out of this same period. The French doctor, Pierre Fuchard, wrote Le Chirugien Dentiste, in 1728. Like today, with rotting teeth due to sugary after effects, the solution was extraction and the setting of false teeth.

Sugar production and slavery were so lucrative that American African slavery continued well into the late 1800s. The last country to liberate their African slaves was Portuguese speaking Brazil, in 1888.

As Industrial Capitalism grew in the 19th century, capitalists found sugar substitutes in beets, such as beet sugar, while we now have multiple GMO sugar substitutes, which also includes most beet sugar products, and other monstrosities, such as Splendida, Sweet N Low, and the worst GMO product of them all, High Fructose Corn Syrup. The only sweet sugar substitute that doesn’t fall into these categories is Xylitol.

So here we have the sordid history of the sweet drug of sugar cane. If one travels to the US state of Florida, off the main highways, one can still visit horrid sugar plantations with dying slaves, now containing both white and black victims. When they lose their will to work, the slaves lie around and just wait to die on the property. As sugar rots the topsoil of the land, it encroaches into the natural Everglades ecosystem murdering even more trees and other native plant life.

Amerikan corporate chain supermarkets mostly sell GMO food crap that contains massive amounts of sugar, sugar by-products, glucose, sucrose and a whole list of GMO sugar substitutes. It is not just the sweet stuff, but also the canned goods, the frozen items, the prepared foods, and everyday products, such as dairy and meats – where they all contain some amount of sugar. Finding actual food products with 0 grams of sugar is usually the exception to the rule.

With this oppressive reign of sugary terror, millions suffer the debilitating health effects of rotten teeth, diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Maybe this is the eternal curse emanating from the African victims of the Atlantic slave trade and killing centers in the Americas. The Americas are experiencing the bad karma of sugar’s history – with no escape from its malevolent colonial consequences. Like the State itself, sugar is completely legal, and yet it kills so wonderfully.






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A Fine Benin Bronze Plaque In High Relief With A Warrior Chief, Full Length, In Elaborate Battle Dress With Shield And Lance. Circa 1600.

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Some truths manage to brand themselves within the inner sanctums of the human mental condition.

Yet these same truths also have their deniers. We would like to deny those particular truths because they are the recurring nightmares of history. The truth is real, but we some how hope… Are there not exceptions to the everyday, sacred laws of existence?

One such historical truth concerns the evils of the State and its sordid Political-Economy. In Ancient History, there were some exceptions to that Historical Rule of Barbarity – but within our Modern-Contemporary world, the exceptions have all but disappeared. The cruel actuality of our existence has exposed the Truth’s putrid venom.

At one time in the Sahel of West Africa, whipped the brush, and scented-blinding winds of imperial glory – which also included tribute taxations, violent conquests, extensive householder slavery, and a wealth in bullion where the prosperous Islamic merchants of Baghdad would even bow their knees in glory.

The decade was the 1230’s AD. The great Pagan Empire of Ghana was losing its power to the glorious Muslim armies of the Almoravid Empire, which had already reconquered Spain, Andalus, for Dar-Al Islam. A vision came upon the political leaders of the Malinke Nation concerning a new imperial creation. The leader of destiny was Sundiata Keita.

He established a disciplined army of strong Malinke soldiers who allied with other tribute nation warriors. This great army had marched onward to war. Through his tactics and discipline, he won both the battles – and the final war.

Malinke then established an even greater Empire in the Sahel, from the semi-deserts of North Africa, all the way to the tropical forests of West Africa, later called Mali.

Many Empires have decayed after their first conquests, since the ancient warrior-leaders often neglected their original successions and recent conquests. But not this Empire – as the years passed, the Mali Empire seemed to expand and increase into even greater political distinction.

The Empire ruled over the river commodity exchanges of the Niger and the Wangara. The Mali Kingdom received massive tributes in gold, human slaves, tributary soldiers and salt.

This Empire understood that a successful ancient empire must tax human migrations, labor, armies, hard currency and spice-foodstuffs, all in order to control the surrounding cultures. This empire controlled so much land that only the Mongols in the northeast had conquered more territories. Soon, Europe, Africa and Asia heard of the fantastic stories concerning its wealth and massive army.

The emperors, or Mansas, like the Mongols later in history, converted to the religion of Islam. But this was not a strict regimen. A type of syncretic religious system developed where West African rituals and native myths mixed with Islamic world culture, all of which fused into a new cosmopolitan civilization, headquartered in the magical city of Timbuktu. Timbuktu would later possess a massive university system for Islamic scholars and intellectuals.

A hundred years later, the great Mansa Musa took the throne, and he decided to perform a great pilgrimage to Mecca. He would travel with his elite soldiers, harem entourage, slaves, exquisite food – and his gold, through the Sahel and the Sahara. This pilgrimage of power and piety had thus become Historical Legend.

All the senses exploded upon urban Islamic civilization. Mansa Musa ate sumptuous meals flavored with the exotic herbs and spices of West Africa. His servant slaves were armed and had powers too. They acted more like family then humiliated peons. All of his entourage, including his slaves, wore fine clothes of leisure and sensuality. Their deep colors represented the magical Earth of orange-blue African sky, and the dry Sahel yellow ochre-green savannahs salad, mixed with tropical green-brown, pasta strewn forests. Their weapons of war seemed like works of art – even though they could maim and kill with gentle ease. But it was the overall, carefree existence of that royal entourage, in truly holding such wealth, yet not boasting of it, nor showing it off.

Musa gave generously to all religious institutions on his spiritual path, while the merchants of the great Islamic cities stood in the awe at the generosity and nobility of such an emperor. Mansa transformed into a type of mystical Sun King bursting upon the Earth from the Heavenly Golden Palace.

At that same time in history, the Europeans were suffering from the horrible effects of the Bubonic Plague, which had already killed a third of its population. They failed to see their own dirtiness and hypocrisy, and so they looked in askance. Those dirty Europeans would return to Africa with a vengeance however.

But like always in the sordid annals of human history, the cusp of imperial greatness also leads to the slow and painful decline and fall – to eventual extinction. Another one hundred and thirty years later, one of Mali’s tributary states had successfully revolted and conquered Timbuktu.

This empire was the Islamic West African Kingdom of Songhai. The Songhai supported the intellectual life of the university at Timbuktu however, while they had succeeded in capturing the tributary taxes of the previous Malian rulers.

Unfortunately, the Malians tried to enlist the devious Europeans in their desire for continued power and glory. They chose the Portuguese maritime seafarers in order to further their reconquest. This became a terrible omen, for it was the Portuguese maritime empire that first established the mass murder system of the African Slave Trade in the mid 1400s.

Meanwhile, other African nations wanted greatness for their own kingdoms, such as the Wolof, the Hausa, the Benin and Ashanti. To the east, existed the Muslim African Empire of Kanem-Bornu. The Europeans discreetly understood the devious applications of Divide and Conquer.

This imperial history of West Africa perfectly explains the nature of the Ancient State. West African Kingdoms sought their power bases through family dynasties, tribute taxations, a political economy of patron slavery, and a warfare-conquest spoils system.

Most of the subject people were farmers and artisans. The wars rarely touched them. One Empire came, and then another dynastic authority took its place. And such was the bittersweet cycle of life. The new King shone bright, only to die unto History’s dust.

The Ancient state and political-economic systems of tribute tax-paternalism were not necessarily brutal. Even Alexander the Great did not willfully murder whole populations of cities, nor did he target entire ethnic-religious groups for mass extermination.

The Judeo-Christian Monotheists, i.e. the Israelites of Numbers, Deuteronomy and Joshua, and the Medieval Christian Crusaders were the first ancient mass murderers or paleo-Nazis.

Yet, the ancient stories of the West African Empires fully explain the modus operandi of the State and its political-economy, always based on the power of one group over another.

Power is simply the legal rights to use violent methods for whatever reasons found necessary, which include intellectual and economic forms over subject populations. As the modern intellectual Max Weber wrote, the State always holds the final means for a total monopoly of violence. Or as we Anarchists proclaim: the most dangerous, violent criminals are State actors and their economic elites.

Yet the modern state has transformed into a wholly different, and much deadlier, rabid animal-monster. When Capitalism and its brutal profit motives invaded the daily life of humanity, during the 19th century; something in the State Sadist changed drastically – and for the worse.

A perfect historical example that exposes the criminality of the modern State is the so-called Risorgimento, or the forced unification of the Italian States during the 1860s.

The 1860s represented another violent decade across the human globe. In Japan the Emperor Meiji successfully destroyed the Tokugawa Shogunates and the Daimyo gangs ruling over the Japanese populace. The Second German Reich birthed through continual wars against its weaker neighbors: Denmark, Austria and France. The British Empire invaded and subdued the Bhutanese in South Asia. The Russian Emperor eliminated the Serfdom system, while the American Empire invaded, subdued and committed atrocities against the white South, or the Confederacy, while liberating the African-American slaves – yet giving them nothing to live on! The French Empire invaded and subdued Mexico, while three Latin American countries: Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay joined together in a War of Extermination against the Paraguay Nation.

But there was one invasion that most historians completely forgot during that same historical period. A royal-aristocratic gang of social parasites, using a bunch of Liberals as the public face of the movement, invaded another royal-aristo stronghold, and then murdered a substantial part of the rural population who had refused to give allegiance to the new bosses.

The royal house of Savoy, who spoke better French than Italian, allied with another local aristo, named Count Cavour, all of whom were located in a region of northern Italy, called Piemonte-Saboya. Those crooks came up with an ingenious plan to continue their corrupt political rule. They surfed on the Euro-Nationalist wave, and later transformed their juntas of soldier-thugs into the Italian National Army.

Those men were not stupid. In order to give a noble veneer to their wicked deeds, they publicly used Italian Nationalist-Liberals for the public face of the movement. They chose two notable Liberals: Giuseppe Mazzini who represented the political wing, and Giuseppe Garibaldi who represented the military wing.

No war is complete without a violent invasion, and so this ugly cabal from the north of Italy attacked another degenerate royal-aristo base in the southern part of the country, ruled by the Spanish Bourbon parasites, called the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

This was not just a fight between two different Euro-parasites for the control of a new country. The Piedmont-National Army also conducted mass murder across the rural country of southern Italy in order to fully subdue any resistance to the new kings. This Northern Army murdered around 100,000 southern Italians. This early counterinsurgency program worked quite splendidly, and so, the new National government in Rome annexed the southern peninsula. But war always leaves its scars of loss, anger, hunger and poverty.

Whole regions in the South lost valuable men and the almost self-sufficient farmers lost portions of their lands. The National Government allied itself with the local Southern aristos, carpetbagger politician-elites from the north, and the Camorra-Mafia gangs – to fully control the wealth of the region.

The Great Italian Emigration began from the South to the North of the country, to northern Europe, and across the globe, mostly to the Rio de Plata of South America and to the United States, in order to look for work. Still to this day, in Modern Italy, the North and Rome accuse the Southerners of weakening Italy’s greatness.

This is what the modern state and its economic elites do to modern peoples. Unlike the ancient states, they don’t just invade, amass two armies for battle, scale the walls, and then retake the palace, they also commit mass murder exterminations against civilian populations, or an act of total war against a subject population.

Why do they do this? Because our Modern Lives have lots of non-State media sources: printed publications, theaters and public spectacles. The Modern State demands that all subjects not just respect it, like a good gang leader – but also fear its criminal power of destruction. Fear works even better for the complete social control of subject populations.

The Modern State with its full monopoly of violence and legal crime always demands the center stage, the center of national attention. The National Official History is the history of its own appropriated, great leaders. National Culture is its own appropriated lies and state propaganda babble, often relayed through boring, school-university textbooks.

Do any of us still believe that a mass murderer-serial rapist will somehow transform himself or herself, and suddenly become a nice and respectful person? So then why do we continue to believe such criminal institutions, the State and their economic elite enablers, will all of a sudden reform themselves and reject the monopoly of violence.

Let all attentive subjects awake to the ides of History.



Theodore Herzl

(c) Ben Uri, The London Jewish Museum of Art; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

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