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We are all collapsing.

Our bodies are collapsing, our possessions are collapsing, our loves are collapsing, our worlds are ultimately collapsing. The collapse is already present.

Either we want to see those breakdowns, or we can continue to live with ignorance – all under the delusions of grandeur, which make such disintegration worse. The questions do not relate so much to the collapse itself – but how we can handle such catastrophes and not suffer the consequences from our ongoing downfalls.

How many gloom and doom websites, like the Christian mad people screaming on the streets with placards, have proclaimed the imminent apocalypse of the System? Even after they have failed at their divination, many mad people have still predicted and prophesied the approximate date and time of the Great Destruction. Whether they have used the Book of the Apocalypse or any other mystical reading, they have continually adhered to their bizarre theories on the Ultimate Collapse.

We are currently inside of the collapse and it will only get worse. Like our own human lives of suffering, collapses are often evolutionary, historical processes, not revolutionary events. Yes, there are wars, invasions and deluges – but they often attack when the powerful least expect them. And so, after a certain, short period of severe suffering, everyone thus knows that the collapse has happened.

The next questions move towards the different types of future collapses. Will they become political, political-economic, political-economic-military, or even a political-social-cultural-economic-military, total and complete event, or will everything transform into a sudden meteor attack, alien destruction, or an EMP crash, or some other foreseeable monstrosity?

The future does seems desolate.

The collapse will first arrive from inside ourselves. The states around the world know this truth, This is the reason governments are stockpiling weapons and allowing the police forces to wreak havoc against us. We, the powerless subjected ones, fail to understand the truths of history.

Some armchair historians, or just the outspoken ones, like to harp on the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire as the true method of the collapse. Very few of them have actually read any parts from Edward Gibbon’s tome, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. So, for the sake of history, and since I am an Anarchist Doctor Historian, I will write about how that collapse was a very specific one in world history, and how it is almost impossible to compare one particular historical collapse to another future collapse.

First, the Roman Empire did not collapse on September 4th, 476 AD, or 1540 years ago. The Roman Emperor was not living in Rome at the time, but in Ravenna, since the city of Rome had recently suffered destructive invasions from the Germanic non-aligned Roman armies, the Goths and the Vandals, first around the 410s, and later during the 450s.

Second, the Roman Empire was not one Empire, but two. There was a Western Roman Empire and an Eastern Roman Empire. The Eastern Roman Empire was the stronger one, which explains the move of the western capital from Rome to Ravenna, which was on the Adriatic Sea that faced the eastern empire.

The Eastern Roman Empire with its capital at Constantinople would seize the great mantle of Rome, and especially after the Conquests of Justinian about hundred years later, the 500s. The east then transcended into the great, universal, Christian, medieval Greek-speaking civilization, called Byzantium.

This Second Roman Empire would last another thousand years, until its final invasion and destruction through the Muslim Turk Advance in 1453 AD. The Turks would then grasp the great mantle of Rome through becoming the Sultanate of Rum of the Sublime Port of Istanbul, or the Ottoman Empire, until its own destruction after WWI in 1922 AD. Meanwhile, there were other European Empires that claimed the Roman mantle.

There was the so-called, Holy Roman Empire of the First German Reich, which also lasted a thousand years, from 800-1806 AD. Napoleon’s French Empire dissolved the Germanic First Reich and created the German Confederation. The First Russian Empires under the Czar, beginning with the Czar, or Russian Caesar, Ivan III, proclaimed Muscovite Russia as The Third Rome, in the 1490s, which would later end in 1917 AD, when the Communist Bolsheviks seized power.

The Venetian Naval-Mercantile Empire, during its height of power in the 15th century, the 1400s, proclaimed itself La Serenissima, or The Serene Sublime Republic. The Catholic Popes of Rome during the height of their power during the Renaissance, 1450-1500 AD, through administering their own princely properties, The Papal States, self-anointed themselves the titles of Caesar declaring themselves the true heirs of Roman imperial domination.

The modern varieties of European imperialist empires also joined the auto-proclaimed, Neo-Roman Empire club. During the 1500s, the Spanish empire copied the Aurelian Roman cult of Sol Invictus, which was popular during the decade of the 270s AD. The Emperor Constantine used this god as one of his protectors, called the Conquering Sun God. The Spanish Habsburg kings stated that their empire was donde nunca se ponía el Sol, or where the Sun never sets. The British Empire around 1914 AD asserted the exact same imperial garbage. Britain’s Children Crusade of WWI would put an end to that arrogance quickly.

The French Colonial Empire during the 1690s, under King Louis XIV, proclaimed himself, Le Roi Soleil, or the Sun King, since the French now controlled grand dominions in the Americas, such as Canada, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint-Domingue and Louisianne, and this empire possessed colonial outpost cities along the coasts of West Africa and southeastern India. Three hundred years later, during the 1990s, Amerikan elite sociopaths began to compare themselves to the Roman Empire – after the downfall of the Soviet Russian system. Our entire Earth still suffers from such imperial madness.

So, if the Roman Empire did not fall on September 4th, 476 AD, what truly did happen during the Great Roman Imperial Collapse?

The correct historical answer was that the Western Roman Empire did fall – and then transformed itself into two major power blocs. The first power bloc represented the political-economic-military might of the Germano-Roman Generals and their armies, and the second one personified the Christian Bishop headquarter-cities and their religious mob armies. The ancient, major cities of the Roman world were Constantinople, Turkey; Rome, Italy; Antioch, Syria; and Alexandria, Egypt. Through the death of one system, the early medieval world had birthed another culture.

On September 4th, 476 AD, The German-Roman general Flavius Odoacer, stood before the last Western Roman Emperor, Romulus Augustus, and forced him to give up his throne. Romulus had no choice because Odoacer commanded the strongest army in the field during that historical period. Odoacer wanted the emperor position all to himself. Odoacer had also recently killed Augustus’ father in battle in order to finally seize power.

Augustus accepted the offers, and simply retired to an imperial villa, spending his last days in aristocratic idleness and degeneracy – until he too died not long after. Odoacer proved that he was a strong and powerful dictator-leader. But like all political contests, the most ambitious and heinous often win the prizes. Another German-Roman general with an even stronger army, named Theodoric, then killed Odoacer, and took over the Roman throne.

The last Western Roman king had already represented the great fool of empire. His name was taken from the founder of Rome, Romulus, and the other name, from the first Roman emperor, Augustus. The respect given to him was minimal since he was still an adolescent when crowned, and his father put the boy on the throne.

Most Romans referred to such an ’emperor’ as Momylus Augustulus, which meant the ‘little disgraceful emperor.’ The one year emperor kid did get his ugly mug stamped on the debased Roman gold coins however, which proclaimed ‘prosperity and victory’ underneath the mug face.

Always remember the six laws of history – irony is everywhere. Even before his removal from the throne, most Romans knew that the western part was ready to end. Saint Augustine had finished his book, The City of God, which explained such a collapse, about 40 years before.

We see the complex nature of historical collapses. What about the current imperial monstrosity, the Amerikan Empire of Sociopaths? It is collapsing right now as of writing this essay – but it is of a very different type of collapse.

Think of its coming collapse as millions of balloons filled with a strange gas slowly suffocating human heads; but instead of slowly deflating – they are slowly inflating. Eventually, such sick balloons filled with an even greater amount of putrid gases – will burst their holes.

Many writers on the Internet have surmised that the elites seem oblivious to such a coming collapse within the Amerikan Empire. This is not true. The Amerikan political-economic elites are very much aware that a collapse is immanent and this is the reason the US government has been stockpiling weapons in all of its federal agencies – including the Department of Education!

The Federal, state and municipal governments have continually supported increase police repression: on the roads, in the schools, at public events, and on the sidewalks. The Federal Government has increased TSA harassment in the airports, and for those living near international borders, Border Patrol harassment on road checkpoints. This is also the reason the elites are incessantly trying to legally strangle the last holdout amendment on the Bill of Rights: the Second Amendment. All of these gradual methods soften the wills of our less courageous citizens in fighting such abuses.

Yet, like good sociopaths, they are desperately trying to hide their evil visages through passing more bogus reform laws and legislation. These Amerikan politician tactics are only slowly suffocating their victims.

For example, our self-proclaimed leaders increase minimum wages, yet regularly cut unemployment benefits – and refuse any monetary help to the permanently unemployed. They want more overtime pay for workers, yet they increase the legalization of illegal immigrant workers, and then allow whatever Amerikan industry to hire more foreign workers on the H-1B and F-I visa systems.

The corporate mainstream media blame us for not spending more, yet our saved capital sits in the zero interest rate banks, which only decreases our savings annually. The pundits demand that we work harder, meanwhile the only growth industries are government hack jobs and service industry McJobs. The highest paid workers are the ones that do no useful work. The top dogs only administrate and act the executive.

The politicians offer supposed tax rebates after filing returns, yet they also increase the allowed taxable income amounts each year – on all Americans, whether they can pay or not pay. The US government wants more Americans to own homes, yet both rental and buying costs keep going up as wage salaries keep dropping, inflation continues to increase, and property taxes almost never drop. The only exceptions represent distant, agricultural rural areas.

There’s more to this deceitful madness. The elites offer us the vote, as long as we vote for either Product R or Product D every few years. The same state apparatus in D.C. wants more people attending rip-off, expensive higher education courses through taking out student loans with low-interest rates. But this same cabal will never mandate that those same ‘schools’ guarantee any future employment for the millions of suckers now caught in the debt slavery prison.

The state criminals want opportunities for the millions of ex-cons without any future. At the same time however, the US Congress and state legislatures deluge the law books with thousands of more possible felonies, which in turn, increase the prisoner population to become the highest in the world – and even the highest in world history!

Those same political cliques love to start various wars and murder millions across the globe – and of course, they truly love ‘thanking our veterans’. But if our veterans have the label ‘disabled’ through the corrupt Veterans Administration system, then why do they want to take away their gun rights – and even deny certain medical plans?

For the sake of this essay, I will not continue the list. But hopefully all readers can understand how the balloons with the strange gases have already strangled so many human heads both inside and outside its latex infernos. The stifling contradictions and inconsistencies of the Monster have only augmented.

We might think we are safe – but sociopaths always look for newer victims. We are on the list too – but so are they. All inflated and deflated balloons eventually pop – and so will this group. Once the first hole opens, the strange gas will spread forth everywhere – it will become a strange collapse indeed. Emperor Kid, Romulus Augustulus should be so lucky.












Dangerous Ideologies I: The Judeo-Christian Monotheist Cult

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Justice signifies a somewhat loaded, strange word.

Nowadays, the state thugs in the Amerikan Empire who scream the loudest about justice have also been its worst abusers against US citizens. Police and prosecutors normally put the word justice on their buildings, cars, uniforms, and within bizarre emblems that hang on their prison walls. The British writer George Orwell predicted this deranged behavior in his great book, 1984, (published in 1948), about the destruction of language, such as the term, peace, which really meant unending war and endless enemies.

The Amerikan Empire currently labels insecurity and fear mongering as security. High unemployment, lack of any social safety net for most Americans, and higher trading volume on the Stock Market, possess the label of economic recovery. The list of official lies, state corruption and elite criminality fills volumes from the pages of world history.

One peculiar ideology has helped twist human languages and meaning destruction during its long reigns of terror and error – and it still works wonders to this very day. This ideology birthed out of a group of west Asian people who called themselves Jews during the sixth century BCE. They were one of the captive nations under the Persian-Medean Empire at that time.

The Jewish elites had performed a miracle of language. They had codified diverse religious texts, taking stories from the Zoroastrian Avesta, picking laws and customs from the ancient Babylonian city states and the Assyrian Empire, and adding some religious mystical concepts from various, regional religious rites, such as the Carthaginians, Palestinians and Egyptians. They claimed to discover a righteous and brutal God in continual war against a despicable world order under the darkness of idolatry.

Those Jewish intellectuals transformed their holy book, called ‘Tanakh,’ into an often contradictory and bizarre hodgepodge of minute, regulatory, religious laws, such as Torah and Mitzvot, all of which was under a blood lineage priest class.

Their holy cannon also included a second section of prophetic dirges related to retribution and vengeance, or end times prophecies, such as Daniel, and the other Prophetic Books or Nevi’im. The third section regarded religious chants, psalms and miscellaneous religious axioms, such as Proverbs and Wisdom, or Ketuvim. In relation to the Torah, or the Five Books of Moses, were ancient Levant lore and legends, Joshua and Judges, and political-historical rival narrations, Kings and Chronicles.

The Jewish priests were the first people in human history to create a religious nation, with its temple center in Jerusalem, from a complete compendium of books, now called the Old Testament. In past history, it was the other way around. Those priests were quite successful in their religious-nation construction. But their religion of intolerance, authoritarianism and vengeance could only succeed, if they maintained an autonomous religious empire within a land mass continent, which also held much stronger pagan idolatrous empires.

After the full dedication of the rebuilt Second Temple, about a hundred and fifty years later from the Return of Exile, they soon had problems with the Seleucid Greeks. Then came the Romans, which also led to some jurisdiction issues. The Romans would eventually destroy the Temple and the city of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. Those Romans had mistakenly thought that they had done finally away with the annoying nucleus of judeo-monotheists.

We now know that the monotheists had their final laughs inside their own secret chambers. Judeo-Christianity eventually took over the Roman Empire by the sixth century A.D. Around a thousand years later, monotheism had fulfilled its long journey of control, but it was still not finished.

During the previous, fifth century A.D., the Christians had been in full battle mode, which was their modus operandi from the beginning. Their religious structure of bishops, priests and deacons actually resembled the efficient structure of the Roman army. The Christians revived the old Jewish prophetic tradition through the influence of mad preaching monks of the desert and of the cities. Like the Jewish priests of ancient times, the Christians began to write extensively against pagan intellectuals, philosophers and even against their old Jewish forebears. Bishop Saint Augustine of Hippo represented one of those most effective polemicists.

Using the same methods centuries earlier, the Christians, specifically Saint Jerome, had finally codified their own holy compendium of books, now called the New Testament. They even took the Old Testament as their own and transcended everything into the Holy Bible, or the Holy Book. All the other circulating Gospels, Early Church histories, Epistle letters, and prophetic texts, mostly related to the Gnostics, entered the dustbin of rejected accounts.

This massive organizational and militant project was only in its beginning stages however. The Christian movement moved into the full public sphere of spiritual and military agitation, while conducting religious rallies of revenge against their pagan enemies and diverse idolaters, such as the Neo-Platonists, Jews that refused the Christ, Mithraites, followers of the Goddess Isis, or anybody that simply stayed loyal to the Greco-Roman, Celt or Germanic religious traditions. The Christians especially proved virulent against their religious rivals, called ‘heretics and schismatics,’ such as the Manichaeans, Gnostics, Monophysites, Donatists and Arians.

On a hot day in March, 415 A.D., the Christians ordered the pagan woman philosopher, Hypatia, burned alive in the main square of Alexandria. The Christians would continue their mass murder of religious enemies for centuries to come. The authoritarian and Zoroastrian, Neo-Persian empire at that time, had suddenly found itself the lone defender of religious toleration!

Within this historical period, Christian mobs led by the mad monks and bishops soon burned the great libraries of Antioch and Alexandria to the ground. Why did the Christians support the burning of libraries? The thousands of rolled scroll books stored in those centers represented the most serious threats to the power of Christianity.

Christianity’s ideological power resided, and still resides, through its own narrow definitions of the most basic terminology within human civilization. Christianity has had its own restricted definitions for the most basic of words, such as belief, justice, good, evil, grace, understanding, truth, peace, hope, compassion, virtue, life, death, light, darkness, rebirth, suffering, pain, joy and freedom. Christianity, like other religious movements on the Earth, had even taken some of its lore and legends from rival religious movements, such as the ancient legends of the Buddha.

Christianity representing the only true faith has always demanded a strict adherence to literate dogma. Although it claimed its powers through faith, Christianity has always maintained some legalistic standards. It had to do this if it wanted to survive. Christianity demands total subservience to its doctrines. There are no alternative routes to salvation.

No other religious ideology in world history developed Crusade armies of religious fanatics to murder their religious enemies full-scale, including all women and children, like they did during the sack of Jerusalem July 15, 1099. Likewise, no other religious organization developed military orders, such as the Teutonic Knights in the Baltic region or the Knights of Santiago in northern Spain, to publicly hunt and murder pagans or apostates, as both groups were active during the 15th century. No other religious ideology in world history developed religious orders, such as the Franciscans and Dominicans to publicly fight heresy, institute anti-idolatry crusades, and set up mission stations that imprisoned the savages of ‘no religion,’ which they did to the California natives during the late 1700s.

Christianity is the only world religion that constructed an efficient, legal machine to destroy and murder heretics, or any other free thinkers, contrary to the doctrines of the official faith. The institutional name was the Inquisition, which actually lasted for six hundred years, 1230-1830 A.D.

Christianity is the only religion that has sent out to the world its innumerable missionaries, or really culture destroyers, or even more so, the first non-governmental agency subversives, which enabled the larger and sinister European empires to control vast amounts of lands in the Americas, Pacific, Africa and in Asia from the 1500s until today.

The cult of Judeo-Christianity has fomented multiple wars of conquest to destroy its endless enemies across the globe, like it did in Spain during the 1930s, while it has instituted internal wars of extermination, which they did against women, labeled witches during the 16th and 17th centuries. It even forced young girls to live the rest of their lives imprisoned in convents during that same period. Finally, the churches have always instigated violence against the Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jewish ghettos that lived under their domains.

Christian monotheism represents the most extreme ideology that has repressed and mercilessly persecuted freedom fighters who dared to practice or defend the basic love-making instincts of humanity, whether auto-eroticism, homo-eroticism or any other act of eroticism outside of marriage. Behind almost every modern reactionary political movement, or movement against personal freedom, or any cult demanding some type of censorship, even bans or control of art, there exist activist-fanatics, often found in various extremist sects, while feeding within the multiple cocoons of Christianity.

Due to Judeo-Christianity’s powers and successes in fomenting wars, continually sending out missionaries and demanding the sacrifices of millions of souls, other world religions have tried to become just as militant, such as Islam, Buddhism, Judaism and Hinduism.

Yet no other world religion or secular ideology can compete with the power of Christianity. This religious ideology now has the most adherents in the world. Christianity’s historical methods have explained clearly the reasons for such success.

The real agenda of Christianity has been extremism, the outrageous and imaginative creations of monsters and evil representations, continual and militant warfare, the cruelest methods of torture and violence, deep persecution-paranoia complexes, obsessions with the control of others, the ceaseless murdering of enemies, and it has been one of cultural foundations for modern Fascism.

The true hero of the passion of Christ, was not the whipped god-man hanging on the cross, but the traitor-snitch, Judas, who allowed the scriptures their ultimate fulfillment. He then repented of his sin and later hung himself all alone on that dark hill. His Passion was the Gospel Truth.

The true spiritual god of Christianity was not the mystical spirit of the Christ, but Satan, the God and Prince of this World, using whatever means necessary to rule over the souls of humanity. The Glory of Christian Civilization was the Italian Renaissance, and its Bible was Machiavelli’s, The Prince.

How did a religious ideology masking such hidden evil take over so many nations and empires across world history? Like Constantine, the roman general usurper turned emperor, the criminal state easily spotted Christianity’s power through its militant and vicious religious practices. The state loves war, and any religious ideology that embraces it tends to work fine within the power arrangement. Christianity has often molded itself to the whims of pliant states. For example, Christianity fully supported and encouraged genocidal African slavery in the Americas, and its corresponding ideological lie, the heinous lie of racialism.

But with Christianity’s heinous history, it has also breathed a double-edged sword against power. The Christian religion has also stabbed mortal wounds into crooked state apparatuses when they have least expected it.

Anarcho-historians ought to remember that Christianity was the first revolutionary organization in world civilization. The elites and the state both know this truth, and this often explains their ambivalence and secret fear of Christianity’s militant powers. Christianity can become the greatest defender of the state criminals – and yet, it can always turn completely around – and transform itself into the state authorities’ most pressing internal enemy.

World history supports this thesis. The first uncompromising abolitionists in the British West Indian colonies during the nineteenth-century were Baptist preachers. During the English Civil War of the seventeenth-century, the most radical revolutionaries were the Christian Diggers and Levellers. Frances’ most resolute and intellectual defenders of the Nation during the seventeenth-century, versus the degenerate Monarchy of Louis XIV and his palatial paradise of Versailles, were the religious movements of the Calvinists and Jansenists. The strongest political opposition against the medieval English tyrant, King Henry II, had the face of Beckett, the Archbishop of Canterbury. The Catholic monarchs united in unison to destroy the Jesuit Order during the eighteenth-century. They knew that the Jesuits possessed more popular admiration fro their subjects than for the sacred monarchies.

Christianity has also spawned the great activist work of the Quakers, the revolutionaries of John Brown’s raiders against the Slavocracy in the US during the 1850s, the civil-rights agitations of Martin Luther King and other the ministers marching across the US against official segregation in the 1950s, the Northern Irish Catholics marches in the 1960s, which led to the armed campaign of the IRA. During the Franco Fascist regime in Spain, Basque activists organized themselves into a nationalist club, while they studied at a Jesuit seminary in northern Spain. This proto-nationalist movement eventually transformed into the armed struggle of ETA. Even the mass murdering Communist dictator, Josef Stalin, began his higher studies in an Orthodox Christian seminary.

The US government had to finance and train hundreds of state murderers from Latin Americans in order to murder their fellow citizens, all in order to combat Liberation Theology from the 1960s to the 1990s. This essay cannot even do justice to the number of historical times that Christianity has successfully turned on its old state supports, and then destroyed those same state and elite collaborators.

The historical lesson for us Anarchists is simple. The religious ideology of the Judeo-Christian Monotheist Cult has been a perfect representation of human absurdity lurking within our evil world.

It has more often supported reaction and mass murder, yet some of the most effective revolutionaries have burst forth from its roots, while such political activists have successfully undermined the legitimacy of the state.

Unlike our Marxist sect and Leftist-reformist mortal enemies, we Anarchists must not forsake nor reject the work of these Christianity inspired revolutionaries. Their intensity of revolutionary work knows no bounds. The Christian in revolt against both the State and the rich Elites often works alone, outside of the official, institutional churches. We don’t have to join their religious confessions, but we can encourage each other through our constant struggles against the economic elites and the criminal state.