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Anarchists Beware: Political Cultists, Ego Maniacs, Hierarchical Leaders

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Sergei_NechayevLeninjim_joneslyndon larouchebob avakianlouis farrakhanpeter-joseph

The New Testament, or the Holy Book of the Christian Religion, contains an interesting story. The leader of the Nazarenes, Jesus Christ, during his Sermon on the Mount, warns his disciples about the ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing.’ Apparently, even those days, there were abundant ‘self-proclaimed leaders’ among the brotherhood of believers. That leader, the Christ, cautioned his disciples that they must remain wary of the dangers in the evil world, (the Roman Empire), as they went out and proclaimed the power of the Christ. He later admonishes them again during his last days in Jerusalem, before his future Passion and Death, about the many false prophets and deceivers that would try to lure them away from the Truth.

It is quite ironic that Christianity, and which has represented the most powerful, sophisticated and extremist of the monotheist religious ideologies, has always maintained a humongous list of such wolves in sheep’s clothing. The historical record of its own gross hypocrites, pathological liars, hierarchical leaders, ego maniacs, madmen cultists, lunatic sects, arch-criminals, rapists and murderers, has been quite outstanding. No other world religion in human history has developed nor cultivated such a torrid and perverted catalogue of monsters and deceivers. Still to this actual day, spiritual degenerates across the globe have parasited off the unwary, naive and desperate believers.

We should not just point the finger at the spiritual ones in regards to the parasite-leaders and hucksters that have abused their faithful followers. We Anarchists have also fallen under the disease ridden gazes of cults of personalities, bogus leaders, radical salesmen, super revolutionaries, pseudo-authentic cool rebels – and even egotistical fanatics. Again, we have human history that has exposed such sordid truths.

There was the infamous story of the Russian revolutionist, Sergei Nechayev. Sergei actually came from a working class Russian background, unlike many other fellow revolutionaries, such as the Anarchist, Pyotr Kropotkin, who was born upper class. Sergei first worked with the Anarchist, Mikhail Bakunin. They collaborated together on writing revolutionary pamphlets, and then in the 1870s, Sergei branched out to form his own political cult, ‘The People’s Retribution,’ or ‘The Society of the Axe.’ Their holy book was his previously written pamphlet, ‘The Catechism of a Revolutionary.’

Like most cult leaders or cults of personalities, Nechayev was a sloppy reader of political and philosophical texts. He either didn’t have the time, or more than likely, was simply too lazy to read as a historian, meaning reading most of the author’s general works, and then interpreting between the text lines for the overall historical contexts.

Sergei read parts of Machiavelli’s The Prince, and St. Ignatius Loyola’s Spiritual Exercises, and then decided to plagiarize from them for his holy book, ‘The Catechism.’ Most spiritual and political ‘leaders’ have used identical methods, and will continue to use similar pilfering – without footnotes of course.

This super Russian revolutionist transformed into an ego maniac who controlled ‘his group’ through deceit, divide and conquer techniques, and psycho-manipulation. While the arch hypocrite fulminated against the evil, despotic Czar Emperors of Russia, this madman was constructing a little monstrous state of about 50 followers. When one of ‘his followers’ questioned his leadership, he formed a secretive group to murder him, which the leader exactly performed. A hundred years earlier, before there was Jim Jones and his Poison Acid-Kool Aid mass suicide at the People’s Temple in the jungles of Guyana, there was this maniac.

Thankfully, Bakunin alerted the other Anarchist revolutionaries of Europe about the danger of Nechayev, and that other radicals had to watch out for such a crooked individual.

Eventually, the Russian authorities captured the deceiver and sent him to die in a Czarist prison. Some years later, the Third Section Intelligence Service tried to recruit the lowlife as an informer and spy, but Nechayev’s madness had already diseased both his body and mind. The lunatic died wretchedly in his cell a few years later.

Unfortunately, the sinister influence of such a ‘revolutionary martyr,’ has led to other control freaks and political monsters in copying such nefarious methods. One such leader was the Russian Communist revolutionary-dictator, Vladimir Lenin, who formed his own death squad to imprison and murder his political enemies, called Cheka. After Lenin, there emerged the infamous Josef Stalin, who formed a more perfect union of the intelligence-death squads, later renamed NKVD. Such are the fruits from one prophetic so-called leader seeping out of the radical vanguard.

Anarchists have also fallen for the traps and snares of such master manipulators. During the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s, many Catalan Anarchists dived into the spell of the Anarchist leader-bank robber-outlaw-revolutionist, Buenaventura Durruti. Durruti was a great Anarchist leader, but he was not the only warrior to fight Fascists in battle. The regular fighting men of his military column performed great acts of valor too. As Anarchists we must always praise the common work and basic struggles of all honorable fighters. And as Anarchist historians, we fully reject the cult of all leaders, or the ‘great men of history’ trope. The human condition under civilization has always created its own history of everyday heroes. And this has always been the truth.

But within our own troubling, contemporary times, there are still self-proclaimed, ”radical’ leaders and political cultists that fight for our affections. They rant, hog the conversations, interrupt us, bully the weak, write unreadable and tiresome books and other useless pamphlets, and they even send their minions to our events and struggles. They do this – not to further the resistance – but instead, to recruit more slaves into their organization.

How can we spot the wolves in sheep’s clothing? Their literature and words always point at and mention one particular leader, one specific ego, one self-adulating buffoon who seems to have most of the answers for all the horrors found in our evil world.

How do we deal with them? We must reject them completely. The moment they begin their propaganda diarrhea, or ‘spiel,’ we can stop them verbally and admonish them to think for their own selves. A few might threaten violence against us, but reaching for our firearms ready for use will shut up the true believers quite quickly. Remember this too: a cult follower is also a coward.

We Anarchists are not cowards, nor are we slaves; we follow no leaders, no personalities, no cults, no sects, no ideologies and no states. We bow to no strange ‘gods,’ nor to any human rulers or leaders. We are free warriors fighting for our daily dignity and honor. This simple code maintains our freedom, while it shields us from the political cultist pests.





Anarcho-Historian Lesson #4: Understanding The Six Truths of History

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Pope_Innocent_IV_sends_Dominicans_and_Franciscans_out_to_the_TartarsMongols ready for warLynyrd Skynyrd-Sweet Home AlabamaEagles-Desperado

The historical period was the 1240s. Medieval Catholic Europe was completely embroiled in its genocidal and murderous colonizations versus the Enemy. At that time in history, the Church’s enemies included all of their religious-ideological rivals around the Mediterranean and Eurasian worlds.

In the east and the south lived the Orthodox Byzantines and the Muslim Caliphates. In the west, such as Spain, the Muslim caliphate was weak, but the last stronghold remained in Nasrid Granada. In Italy, there resided Orthodox Christian groups and other heretics called Waldensian Protestants. Holdouts of pagans and nominal Christians survived in the northern fringes of Europe, such as western Ireland and in Old Prussia-Lithuania. In the south of France, a strong and vibrant Manichean influenced community, called Cathars or Albigensians, flourished. And of course, the eternal enemies of the Church, the Jews, were everywhere.

The Pope had thought that his Catholic knights of the Cross and the Sword had once again landed at the golden cusp of history. He was sure that they could recapture, reconquer and destroy forever, the Church’s ideological rivals. The times seemed fortuitous. God had definitely given the Church, and the Christian Crowns in service of the Church, good omens of Victory. During the same decade, the Church’s greatest doctor theologian St. Thomas Aquinas was prepping notes for his opus work, ‘Summa Theologica.’ The Glories of the Cross and the Mass resided in the clouds. The pope at the time, Innocent IV, was so convinced of such good fortune that he convened an ecumenical church council at Lyon, France, which demanded complete obedience of all secular authority to the Roman pontiff.

But like all emperors, dictators, despots, tyrants, presidents, politicians, prime ministers, sociopaths and leaders, he was wrong. The man probably knew his theology well, but history was his weakness. And just as it has been for most of humanity’s watchers within the real theater of the absurd, called life and humanity. History has six truths, and those humans that do not know them will never understand how the human world operates. With Pope Innocent IV’s lurid visions of victory, arrived the cataclysms of multiple defeats.

His secular defender, Saint King Louis IX of France, had just exterminated the Albigensian Cathars during the siege at the castle of Montsegur in Occitania, now southern France. Yet, this same saintly King went on two crusades, the Seventh and Eighth, and could never recapture Jerusalem again, and even their Crusader castles on the Levant coast would eventually fall to the Muslim Saracens. The French did not get their revenge until 1920 when they reoccupied the Levant and carved out, ‘Lebanon,’ from the lands of greater Syria.

During the Seventh Crusade, the Saracens even captured Saint King Louis after a battle, and then demanded that the French royal court pay a hefty ransom, for the King’s release. This hostage fee completely depleted the French royal court’s capital. The English royal court would attack their French royals around fifty years later. Such incidents began the First Hundred Years War. During his voyage on the Eighth Crusade, Saint Louis ultimately died a bad death. He fell sick due to catching a traveler’s disease, in Tunis, north Africa. Saint Louis’ contemporary fame has pinned itself to a crime ridden American city along the Mississippi River.

More troubles for Christendom ensued. The Teutonic German knights were almost certain that they could force a complete extermination of the pagans in Old Prussia and Lithuania, or even force them towards Christian conversion. The Teutonic Knights occupied more lands and territories each successive year. Yet, their most recent battles against the pagans were utter disasters. The Baltic pagans fortified their cities, temples, and rites, and they remained committed pagan pantheists for another 200 years!

Then all of a sudden, the maximum upheaval took place, which no one during that decade could foresee. An invading army from the east had attacked the Chinese emperor, the Muslim Caliph in Baghdad, and the Russian Emperor. And this imperial onslaught continued to move westerly. History refers to this invasion as the Mongol Empire under the Khan, called Genghis Khan. The Mongols eventually attacked the Catholic monarchs of the East, such as the Poles and then defeated the Hungarians, all until their routs ended with defeats in the Balkans. The Catholic kings of the East could do nothing.

The Byzantines in Greece next regrouped, and succeeded in taking Constantinople once again for the Orthodox Church. The French royal court tried to form a military arrangement with the Mongols, and the Pope even sent Franciscan monks as emissaries to the Great Khan to advance a mutual pact. The Church hoped to form an alliance with the pagan Mongols to exterminate all the world’s Muslims. The Pope’s evil intentions fell into the chamber pot. Less than a hundred years later, the majority of the Mongols in central Asia eventually converted to Islam instead! Pope Innocent IV just did not understand the six truths to world history.

The first truth of history is that all particular civilizations and political-economic-military empires decay and implode upon themselves after their rise to power. This cycle will continue until the human race naturally extinguishes itself on the Earth.

The second truth of history is that world history moves in circular cycles, not through linear stories, such as the ideologies of Human Progress, the coming Utopia, the Second Coming, the return of the Messiah, or the Battle of Armageddon of the Apocalypse.

The third truth of history is that there was never any Golden Age, nor did there exist any mythical Kingdom of Justice, such as Atlantis, the Garden of Eden, Paradise, etc. There were however, various cultures that had Anarchist social relations of equality, with no social class differences, no fixed property relations, no prisons, no police forces, no permanent social exclusions, and they supplied all the basic necessities for all of their members: clothing, community, culture, shelter and food. Modern states and empires have successfully exterminated such cultures – and they will continue to do so.

The fourth truth of history is that the grand conspiracy theories of evil groups that control or pervert world power, such as the Jews, the Illuminati or the Masons, have never existed and nor do they now exist. Humanity is too complex in order for such groups to have complete power and influence over our lives.

The fifth truth of history is that all state apparatuses, institutional bureaucracies, criminal enterprises, despotic empires and tyrannical regimes generally relax and slightly liberalize their brutal systems, so that they can save time for implementing even harsher laws in the future. They liberalize with token reforms, and criminalize gradually through retroactive laws.

The sixth truth of history is that state criminals, corrupt politicians, despots, and tyrants often act on sudden or extreme positions due to the harsh actuality of the current situation, or due to expediency within the political moment. The actions of state criminals rarely begin with planned plots inside of closed, secretive quarters. Hopefully, the reader can see that Pope Innocent IV failed to understand the six truths of world history. No empire, whether papal or secular, can survive the ravages of time and human cultural change.

The Amerikan Empire is good at murdering millions of victims across the earth and inside of its own continent, but the Amerikan Empire tends to lose its wars in the end. The US government destroyed the Confederate States, both militarily and economically, during the Civil War. Yet, the Confederate South won the culture war, which was greatly more important. The cult of the Wild West, outlaws, rebels, guns, Evangelical Christianity, racism against African-Americans and other racial castes, barbecue and Country folk have transformed the official American culture. This cultural hodgepodge will always remain ‘Americana’ until the US government decides to exterminate the residues. And once it initiates this cultural and physical liquidation, the empire will crack into a maelstrom of violence that will even shock most of the world’s inhabitants. The US military recruits mostly from the white South.

The Pope thought that the Papacy had reached a Golden Age of power, and it some ways it did, but other empires also received their second winds, such as Islamic world culture, the Mongol Empire, the Mexica-Aztecs, the Sukhothai Empire, the Mali Empire, the Yuan-Mongol dynasty of China, and even the Inca Empire would reach its coming glory. In every historical period, there are gaining and receding powers.

Pope Innocent thought that the evil heretics, the eternally wicked Jews, and the reprobate Muslims, deserved the final destiny of the fire and the sword. Finally, the Church could eliminate the satanic conspiracy that plagued the known world. The Church could ultimately reform itself and not have to worry about the evil conspiracies around it. Even during the 1240s, the world was a complex place. The Jews, the Muslims, the Orthodox – and Heresy survived.

However, Pope Innocent IV was a moderate strategy player when the political situation demanded action. He pardoned the noble knights that defended the Cathar heretics in the south of France. He wanted to use their military prowess against his rival, the German Emperor Frederick, (the Holy Roman Empire). He next tried to form an alliance with the pagan Mongols for a counterattack on the Muslims. Pope Innocent IV also institutionalized the authority and power of the Holy Office of the Inquisition to discover, redeem – or extirpate, (meaning murder), all ‘heretics.’ Even with his newly empowered Inquisitorial courts, Innocent IV could never destroy all of the heretics.

The political and cultural situation of the world today is not much different. The technological advances have made the world a faster and more complicated place to survive, but the human god-animal is still a complex and absurd actor on the globe stage. As long as there exists a human condition under civilization, the six truths of history will never change.

Anarchists should understand these six truths of history, so that they can relax and party, stay free and enjoy the absurdity of life, keep vigilant against any token state-criminal reforms and warn others about the state’s corresponding methods of gradual repression, and like always – continue the revolutionary practice, the revolutionary art, and the revolutionary life.

Book_cover,_Soledad_Brother_by_George_JacksonAmerikan jailUncle Prison Sociopath

Amerikan gulag

For some kids with white skin privilege, and holding the class privileges, or the money, to enjoy it, the ‘Sixties’ in the States was a time for free experimentation and more freedom. This was especially true for those lucky ones that lived in big American coastal cities, like Boston, NYC, Los Angeles and San Francisco. And for artist-musicians, the times had definitely changed, with a tidal wave of clear blue paradise that washed over the music-cultural scenes, from street concerts, cafe jams to three-day music festivals.

For the ‘others,’ and especially Black and Latino working class kids, the times were not that different. Change did not really happen, and in fact, the fascism got worse. Now, the US government emerged even stronger, and even more sophisticated in its manipulations and attacks. The monsters would hand out some economic aid to certain sectors in the racialized substratum, while other unfortunates stuck in the bars of poverty received the donut cop’s stick and the prison cell for longer stints than mass killers. This is exactly what happened to an African-American street hustler kid, named George Jackson.

As a teenager, he entered the street hustling world as a petty thief, and finally, for hitting a gas station at the age of 18, the state judicial system handed him a life imprisonment sentence. Jackson resigned himself to this terrible fate, or actually, his living death within the confines of the prison walls. Yet, he used his prison time prudently through becoming a voracious reader. Before prison, he was barely literate, yet within a few years, he transformed himself into an encyclopedia of radical history, conflict sociology, and Marxist philosophy. Jackson now walked the same path as the revolutionary Malcolm X.

The American Prison-Gulag destroys most inmates, yet George Jackson transcended it. Even when the prison authorities tried to silence him by throwing him in solitary confinement, or ‘the hole,’ he still read and wrote insatiably. He was able to have two books published from his erudite letters to supporters, ‘Soledad Brother’ and ‘Blood in my Eye.’

George Jackson was no fool either. He knew that the California state prison authorities were going to assassinate him. He became a field marshal for the Black Panther Party and began to successfully organize Black, White and Latino inmates in prison. The Hole, guard attacks, and isolation periods did not seem to work, so they transferred him to another prison. Even after the prison transfer, he still kept busy at his revolutionary work inside of the gulag inferno.

In 1971, the prison authorities finally set him up, and he went down to his last fight – by killing, two prison bum guards before sacrificing his own life as a revolutionary martyr. Only two years later, across the continent, Black, White and Latino prisoners united to successfully take the Attica Prison in New York. The governor of New York at the time was one of the Rockefeller thugs. He sent in the State Police for the murder rap, and he made sure that the prison revolt ringleaders died in the process.

The Rockefellers were no fools either, and they had lots of practice in the art of murder. Think on and look up the Ludlow Massacre of 1914. They were just always smart enough, and rich enough, to have other criminals do the murders for them. George Jackson died a revolutionary martyr, but he was not the only one, nor was he one of the few exceptions that have suffered at the claws of Amerikan injustice.

Millions of others have died terrible deaths, and still die terrible deaths, through the evil grasps of the Amerikan prison system. It is now the largest in the world, in both the actual number of prisoners-parolees, almost seven million, and in the percentage of prisoners to the general population, now two percent of the general population. This same nefarious system also has the most severe punishments and prison sentences in the world. The entire Amerikan system of legalism, legal law miasma, state prosecutor misconduct, and prison construction, has transformed the American landscape into a dangerous Prison Sociopath.

Thousands of prisoners still rot in the system’s dungeons due to crimes committed during the same 1960s of George Jackson’s time! No other gulag system in the world contains such prisoners from over forty years ago. Almost all of the prisoners that still endure the loss of their lives from the sixties, seventies and eighties, remain in lockup due to their political crimes against the system, such as the donut cops and the bogus authorities. Their crimes were simply fighting against the Amerikan Empire.

They are political prisoners, but the United States government represents the only government in the world that does not recognize such political prisoners. Even the British Empire eventually recognized the political status of IRA prisoners after the Hunger Strikes. Only, serial killers like Charles Manson still reside within the prison walls for the same amount of time. Yet, murderers, rapists, robbers and career criminals have had less time served than our ‘political prisoners,’ or as the US state apparatus murderers categorically state, ‘convicted terrorists.’

A Cuban right-wing terrorist that blew up an airplane walks around Miami as a freeman, while a killer of one of the Kennedys has his parole repeatedly denied after over forty years of time served. Politicians annually add more laws on the books to ensnare more and more US citizens in the felon and prison web. Yet, the elites that do mass robbery through cooking the banks’ books, pushing flim-flam mortgages on naive buyers, or robbing account holders through numerous fees, or even the generals that have committed murder and genocide through mass warfare, have either received light fines, severance salaries, or federal government payouts. This same legal system has a complete two-tiered judicial system, one for the political-economic-military elites and another one for the rest of us. The state criminals refuse to acknowledge such as travesty.

This unacknowledged two-tiered justice system is the reason why the laws are so convoluted and increase daily within the skank legislative halls and closed judicial chambers. The political-economic-military elites can pay good lawyers to skip around the legal miasma, while the rest of us have to endure the legal fiat of the appointed judge and the double entendre of the district or state attorney. This is the great Amerikan legal fraud.

The district or state attorney receives the reports from the police or state agencies against the defendant. Then, the DA simply adds a greater list of charges to the indictment, since the DA has the sole legal rights to press charges. The politically ambitious state attorney then throws ‘the book’ or the long list of charges against the defendant’s attorney. The defense attorney has no other choice then to advise the defendant to plead guilty to the lesser charges. This infernal method has the innocuous name of ‘plea bargaining.’ Now we know the true reason why the Amerikan prison gulag keeps growing exponentially.

With the annual increase of felony loads against the citizenry, and for the most inoffensive of ‘crimes,’ will all of the forced plea-bargaining from the state, the defendant has no chance in the ‘court of law.’ In most American large cities, public defenders must endure heavy backlogs of cases. The malefactors that run this legal system have concocted a mastery of evil. The politically ambitious prosecutors will convict the innocent in order to prove their toughness on crime; meanwhile, they will protect the donut cops from their thefts, tortures and murders. The police forces do have a reputation to uphold.

Driving on America’s highways and byways, one sees the growth of the prison industry, both state and private ones. Prisons have even become one of the most lucrative industries for many states. The Amerikan Empire, or the United States, has become the greatest jailer and legislator of unjust laws in world history. The Amerikan prison-gulag has thus transformed itself through creating its own political economy. The Amerikan prison-industrial complex regularly employs forced inmate labor at slave wages, gouges indigent prisoners on telephone calls, and even fines prisoners for their own jail time! The Prison Sociopath is alive and eating. Let this essay be a warning to those that live inside of this Imperial Beast.

American genocide in Japan Welcome_to_america_prison_state Phoenix extermination Vietnam Blood on their hands

In the early 1980s, during the early morning hours of the autumnal dry season, a special military extermination squad invaded a local Mayan autonomous village in the lush green, tropical mountains of Guatemala. They violently occupied the entire village when the humid mountain mist still floated in the air. They wore uniforms that were different from the typical army khakis worn by most of Latin America’s militaries.

They dressed in camouflage, more like US Army BDUs, or Battle Dress Uniforms. They spotted maroon berets on their heads. The soldiers donned hard black leather shined boots and carried state of the art US military grade battle rifles. They were actually not a combat unit. Instead, this military unit represented a physical liquidation battalion. This unit’s goal: the complete physical extermination of the Mayans.

They possessed the name of Kabiles. Their training consisted of courses led by US Military Advisers in the tactics of counterinsurgency, or really, the methods of legal mass murder against targeted enemies. The group’s officers actually spoke decent English and finished their training at the School of the Americas in the United States.

The Kabiles immediately began their nefarious work. They grabbed women, little children, sick children, babies, infants, old people, and rounded up the older men and younger men that still lingered around the village. All of the villagers were unarmed at the time. The few villagers that had guns had been in the outer mountainous region trying to scour crops to feed their families.

The pacification squads fired indiscriminately on the mass of shocked townspeople, while using their US military high-grade rifles with high-grade ammunition. Other soldiers quickly jumped into the fray hacking the wounded victims with machetes, mostly working on the faces, ripping off facial features, and cutting off skin from the skulls. A few state murderers even jumped on the men and castrated them cruelly with large knives. They finished this heinous act with digging a massive trench in the village, burying the murdered victims, and then lighting the whole village on fire. Most of the Kabiles typified mixed race mestizos or ladinos from Guatemala City, but their training, uniforms, weapons, ammunition, and total economic support came directly from the United States Government.

The US Government has been responsible for the murders of around 200,000 of these Mayans. In Latin American history, from 1845, the beginning of the Mexican War, to the present day, the American state in Washington D.C. has been responsible for over one million victims. This hidden Amerikan genocide has often reflected on direct mass murder through recurring invasions and occupations, such as in Haiti, Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras, Colombia and the Dominican Republic.  Other nefarious methods have included the training of mass murderers at military combat centers, such as the School of the Americas, (now called WHINSEC), and through CIA sponsored coup d’etats, such as the recent ones in Venezuela, Honduras, and other more infamous ones in Chile and in Brazil.

Guatemalan elites were definitely not the only  state criminals that took advantage of such generous US government money and military training. Many other corrupt governments, dictatorships, despotisms, police states and tyrannies around the world, and throughout history, have also enjoyed unlimited economic and military support from such an Empire. Think on the Zionist-Crusader State, or as they call themselves, Israel, and there have been scores of others, not only in Latin America, but also in Asia, Africa and in Europe.

Why has the United States government, or the state apparatus located in Washington D.C. supported, funded and trained such violent monstrosities, mass murder and sickening genocides? First, the US government has been directly involved in such mass murder from its very inception. From its first year of operation, 1790 onward, the US state invaded and warred against the native nations in both the east and in the west of the continent, and it has consistently supported slavery, torture, legal police murders, economic dispossession, mass imprisonment, the war on drugs and the war on crime, against working class Black Americans, or the permanent criminal underclass in the United States. There have been many other human, animal, and flora victims from its crimes, yet few people, besides honest historians, have actually known about such sinister methods of mass destruction. This leads into the second reason.

Since the post WWII period, the political-economic elites who have run the United States still believe that their mass murders, tortures, mass imprisonment, destruction of all life, and human-animal-plant genocides have all been beneficial to the world. These leaders have convinced themselves fully about their own good intentions – and yet, their delusions are complete falsifications. Just listen to them speak in public. They are not manipulating us, or trying to hoodwink us. They truly believe in the greatness and good aspirations of their degenerate and criminal enterprises. Sociopaths also believe that their actions are great and powerful, and that their victims deserve their fates. They inwardly cherish their very own lies about themselves.

These respectable and ordinary sociopaths that run the US government are also extremely powerful, and they do not occupy the guarded rooms of the criminally insane. Rather, they manage a combined military-police-intelligence force that is now greater than the world’s entire military outfits put together. This military-police-intelligence complex has maintained the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency up to the present time. This state system in D.C. commands a slick, well-oiled, corporate media-propaganda network that has utilized the most sophisticated and ingenious brainwashing techniques and mental manipulations that the world has ever known – and will have ever known. No other nation or culture can compete with such a propaganda system, with the exception of the world’s two main monotheistic religions: Christianity and Islam.

Liberal-Leftists love to write on radical blogs that the US Empire is falling, dying, decaying and rotting. Nothing could be farther from the truth. This Empire increases its strength exponentially, and the political crooks on top have never stopped laying out even greater plans for world domination. This leads to the final point concerning the danger of the Great Sociopath that now rules the Earth.

This excrescence on the globe has been the most dangerous and most brutal mass murderer and mass imprisoner in human history. It has acted even worse than Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia. Unlike Stalinist Russia or Nazi Germany, this putrid growth of the superstate has gotten away with its continual warfare, imprisonment and mass murder since 1790. It has successfully performed this historical magic act because it has made sure to omit both the historical notations and open documentation of its holocausts and genocides. The US state apparatus in DC has also been fighting a genocidal war against History.

The political juntas that hold power in the United States refuse to engage in any annotations of such crimes. This is the reason for its continual warfare and mass murder up to our actual moments. The state enablers believe that they do not murder at all. Actually, those brainwashed rulers are convinced that they serve grander purposes.  Their sociopathic denials and cover-ups will continue until such a state abomination achieves its annihilation. It is impossible for such a fetid system to ever change. All Empires have died, and so will this one eventually.

Yet, the exposure of US state apparatus’ continual war, carnage and holocausts represents one of its few and fatal weaknesses. Honest history shows the actual and true nature on such a political malignancy. Nothing can cover up the mass murder of millions of human victims just trying to work and to survive.

As a historian of Latin America, I always wondered about the modern changes in the art of murder and violence on that continent. During the late nineteenth-century, Latin American governments regularly murdered their own people with impunity, and especially the native, poor, and Afro-Latino peoples. But the corrupt dictatorships of Latin America generally murdered the troublemakers with sprays of bullets to the heart area. This method, perfected during the Porfiriato dictatorship of Mexico in the late nineteenth-century, had the name of ‘Ley de fuego,’ or the Law of Open Fire. This legal murder signified the soldier shouting, ‘stop escaping,’ or ‘treason to the nation,’ and then murdering the victim in cold blood.

Around the 1960s, under the Liberal Kennedy, dictatorial Latin American governments began to change their tactics. Anti-Communism, ‘purification of the Christian nation against subversives,’ and other Fascist ideologies began to creep into public political discourse. Corrupt and pathetic Latin American militaries started to have that more ‘professional look,’ with better uniforms, military hardware, arms, and training. Their mobilizations commenced a new ‘counterinsurgency’ and low intensity conflict stage in warfare. All of these modern changes came out of President Kennedy’s Alliance for Progress – which included Green Beret instruction in the fine art of murder.

Militaries and police units did not just shoot the troublemakers in the heart area, they also gouged out eyes, cut off tongues, breasts and genitals, and ripped open intestines. Their victims were little girls of eight years old, Catholic priests and nuns, eight-day-old infants, and old men that walked with canes. The Great Sociopath transformed the Latin American dictatorship into the contemporary nightmares of the Nazi Einsatzgruppen extermination squads against Jews, Gypsies, and Communists in Eastern Europe during the 1940s. The Great Sociopath has not just perfected their assaults overseas. They have also continuously fought simultaneous wars against their domestic adversaries.

The greatest imprisoner in world history is now and has been the United States of America. Two percent of the population is either under a barbed wire security wing, or must endure the parole-probation period, which often lands the prisoner right back into jail. Imagine imprisoning a whole population of a large city? Many prisoners in the Amerikan gulag suffer bodily privations, tortures, rapes and daily acts of institutional violence. Their lives are permanently destroyed because it is impossible for them to reenter the work and rent paying slave society after the prison stint. Their families also suffer grievously due to long distance traveling in order to visit the prisoner.

The prisoners’ real crimes have come from their birth into poverty, following the bad examples of the top legal criminals, or just ending up unlucky, often due to selling or ingesting illegal drugs. Poor unfortunates still rot inside those cages due to petty thefts, fraudster scams, drunk driving and even shoplifting. No other country in the world has such unjust and cruel legal codes where donut cops, state prosecutors, and judges have complete legal immunities from perjured lying on the stand, hiding evidence, imprisoning the innocent, and even murdering their victims. The ultimate modern police states are not countries like Guatemala, but the United States of America. The police are everywhere, riding on patrol in every city in Amerika, and there are cop gangs with high grade weapons inside of small towns. They receive their military grade, free equipment straight from the US government, and now small bedroom communities have paramilitary police SWAT forces on alert.

George Jackson, the assassinated and imprisoned Black Panther revolutionary leader during the early 1970s, referred to the United States state apparatus system as the highest form of Fascism that the world has ever known. Like the truth telling British journalist John Pilger has stated before, this Great Amerikan Sociopath is now even more dangerous than the Fascism of the Nazis in the 1940s. Hitler’s nightmare only lasted 13 years. This malevolent cabal of pathological liars and mass murderers has lasted for over 220 years and it is still on its continuous warpath – against all enemies foreign and domestic, and for whatever ideological beliefs that they hold. It is not going to stop its crimes anytime soon.

Those of us that know its true history and that know the truth of its crimes must now expose them to the people around us. It takes courage to do this because there are so many brainwashed people that live within the interior of the monster. Yet, the Great Amerikan Sociopath also writhes in fury, desires to carve out our insides, lock us up, and torture us in a prison until death. As of now, and for the sake of our duty, freedom and honor, we have no other choice but to expose and fight such an execrable empire.


In 1892, after the Homestead Strike battle between strikers and the Pinkerton thugs, an Anarchist living in NYC decided to seek revenge and honor the deaths of workers with an attentat, or a Propaganda of the Deed, against the top executive of Homestead, a Mr. Frick. The Anarchist Alexander Berkman, bought a nice suit, shaved and bathed – and purchased a gun. He traveled to the executive offices, made an appointment to meet with Mr. Frick, and then calmly entered his office. He took a shot at him, wounded him even, but it was a bad shot. Berkman next tried to stab him, got a cut in, but some of Frick’s aides quickly entered the office, subdued the assassin, and beat him to unconsciousness. Berkman had to do 14 years of hard time in prison due to the attempted shooting.

In 1901, a NYC Anarchist traveled up to Buffalo to attend the Pan American Exposition. He was not there as a visitor to check out the different booths. He attended the event because the warmonger, anti-worker president of the US was also going to visit the exposition, President McKinley. The Anarchist Leon Czolgosz bought a gun, a nice suit, and then plotted his act of justice in order to take out the man that started the genocidal Spanish-American War in 1898 against the Filipinos, and his imperialist annexation of Hawaii. Czolgosz stood at the front of the crowd, and when McKinley came towards him, the assassin answered with two final shots. McKinley died some days later, and the police and military men present subdued the assassin, and beat him up pretty bad. The police beat him again in prison, and eventually the state murdered the Anarchist in the electric chair.

These two hidden stories from official American history have explained the dual role of Anarchism about one hundred and twenty years ago: propaganda of both the word and the deed. Anarchists became violent because honor and justice demanded it. If the authorities murdered a bunch of workers or revolutionaries, so they had the right to defend themselves and kill the enemy too. Vengeance always follows honor publicly disgraced.

Honor has been violent and cruel, but it has also demanded respect and fear. Many radicals find Honor distasteful because it has had ties with Monotheistic dogma and religions. But a lack of honor is what has killed radical movements, and especially the cowardly Left in general. The ghosts of honor still breathe their voices upon the men and women that demand justice across the globe. Honor is a natural defense to the human soul that must fight to survive in an unjust world.

During that same period in history, there were other propagandas of the deed and attentats in the industrial capitalist countries of the world, such as Russia, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Portugal and Argentina. Sometimes the deeds got their victim, and other times the deeds failed miserably. Almost all of the assassins or would be assassins ended up captured, tortured badly, and executed mercilessly by the state. They became martyrs to the cause – and did the attentats change the system? They did not, except for criminal politicians passing even more repressive laws.

The wars and injustices continued: WWI, WWII, imperial invasions and genocides in Asia, Africa, and in the Americas. The working classes still slaved for pittance wages, while hunger and diseases of the poor continued to afflict most of the children subjected to such miserable living. At the same time, the great industrialists, capitalists and banking magnates lavished themselves within private lairs of luxury not known since the caliphs of ancient history. Absurdly, the one cultural value that both the slovenly Anarchist and the respectable banking magnate shared was honor.

Most contemporary Anarchists do not respect, nor understand the original concept of honor. The concept comes from the Roman ‘dignitas’. Roman dignity, or honor, represented the respected public name of a patron, or upper class dignitary, through public service to the polis, or to one’s own city or town. Lower class Roman Plebeians could also attain dignitas through some exemplary service to their land or to their family’s name. Ancient honor meant connections to illustrious ancestors, meritorious works and decent connections towards ritual and service to the local gods. Other ancient societies such as Assyria, Mexica-Aztec, Persia, Egypt, Ghana, Classic Maya, Benin, China, Champa, (Vietnam), and Japan had similar cultural values and practices.

Monotheistic religion appropriated honor and it then became a vehicle of oppression against women. Before, a woman’s honor was public grandeur, natural beauty and intelligent speech. But with the introduction of monotheistic ideology, a woman’s honor moved into sexual chastity, modesty and submissiveness to a male authority. In Catholic Europe, the woman either had to marry and become property of the husband, or become a prisoner inside of a convent. Honor was shamed. With men, honor transformed itself into a terrible passion. Men had to check their own honor, and the honor of their women, their families, their names and their reputations. Honor and extreme violence fused together. The Anarchists also inherited this cultural baggage from the marches and manacles of history.

The Anarchists of about one hundred and twenty years ago thought nothing of giving up their lives in order to defend the honor of their revolutionary brethren and the weaker classes. They were the modern knights against the tyrants and despots of the industrial world. So where did this honor go? Some contemporary Anarchists safely remain in their urban subcultures of class privilege and racial privileges. Many wonder why they attract so few people and why they represent just another urban tribe of black clothes and stale beer. The problem is a tactical one.

Their radical message is on a permanent disconnect with the other interested, potential revolutionaries that are out there. There still exist many working class guys and women that think about honor, such as the great deeds of their ancestors and deceased family members, the hard life that their families went through just to eat, and they yearn to stand up to the abusive donut cops, judges, bureaucrats, and state thugs that harass them without ceasing. The people that publicly do stand up seem to burst forth as lone wolves, the crazies and the desperate. Young, Marxist, urban guerrilla groups mobilized honor and vengeance stretching from the sixties to the eighties. Mafioso wise guys have kept the illusion of the honor code, and this is the reason Hollywood still admires them.

The sociopathic state waits anxiously for the next rounds of revolutionary groups that refuse to surrender, sell-out, coopt, buy into, compromise or adopt cowardice, and that would choose death over dishonor. It is easy to proclaim that one does not fear death. In order to embrace the good death however, the revolutionary must also embrace honor. The laws of history always demand such a sacrifice.