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Company CEOs arrive at the White House in Washington

Company CEOs arrive at the White House in Washington, October 2, 2013, for a meeting of the Financial Services Forum with U.S. President Barack Obama. Pictured are (L-R) Lloyd Blankfein, chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs, Robert Benmosche, president and CEO of American International Group (AIG), Keith Sherin, chairman and CEO of GE Capital, and Douglas Flint, group chairman of HSBC Holdings.REUTERS/Jason Reed (UNITED STATES – Tags: POLITICS BUSINESS)

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Within the darkened labyrinths and hidden institutional tunnels, there has gangrened one of the most furtive and sly ideologies of our contemporary world. Strangely, this ideology only seems to breed inside Western European countries and in the Americas. And like most modern ideologies, it carries a wholesome, rational, progressive face. I have even seen Anarchists support this institutional nonsense glazed over with poisoned sugar.

During one of my past, forsaken lives, I lived as an ex-pat in Europe. And like most English native speakers, I taught English classes. I performed this easy work in order to pay rent in a shared apartment, sleep in my own bed, cook my own food, take showers when I wanted, use a personal toilet, and generally, enjoy my European existence. I also needed some personal traveling funds. It was not a bad life really.

I simply took away decent work from the local natives who actually spoke English quite well. The cowboy outfit, scam language academies where I had worked preferred native English speakers. It was all fine with me, in that I lived in Europe as an illegal alien with particular privileges.

I looked like the natives, so I could pass – unlike the illegal Africans, mixed-racial caste Latin Americans, and other Asians. For those darkened ones, every day was a dangerous walk into the vicious obstacle course of illegal work – or possibly, a sudden police stop, asking for papers, jail time, and then a morose deportation to their original continents.

I fell in love with the European life and mentality. I started to speak their languages quite well – and I even began to think like them. As an ex-pat American, I sort of fit into the Euro-lifestyle. There were some things that impressed me greatly about European life, and there were other cultural issues that troubled me at the same time.

Europe, unlike America, had a long, deep and violent history. Their cultures had deep historical pockets to past millennium, while the United States was a young colonial-settler state. Our European-American structures, which had still somehow survived the ravages of time, traveled the farthest back to the late 1600s.

Most European regions partook of a common language and a common history, a type of shared culture of values, behaviors, artistic expressions and social activities. This shared culture united the rural towns with the larger cities, the agricultural worker class with the industrial workers, the artisans with the journeymen. Each region slanted toward a certain religious tradition, whether Catholic Christian, Protestant Christian, Orthodox Christian or Sunni Muslim. There was also a lot of atheism that abounded.

Every European region had its cultural prototype, where one could see, feel and point at definitive representations of each European subgroup, or people. There was no question about this. As an outsider, I was happy to experience this cultural power. It felt great to enamor oneself and embrace a new culture.

The sophisticated visitor could even grab a new soul through loving the language and the history of the place where he or she was residing. I always renewed my tourist visa through visiting friends in non-EU Switzerland.

While living in those different parts of Europe, I also saw many other visitors or residents that did not represent the nation or its people. They were actually from other parts of the world. In most parts of Europe, and even in the eastern parts, the urban society was heavily multicultural. One could find foreign populations from every corner of planet Earth inside Europe’s megalopolises.

My European friends regularly complained about this over-diversity of foreign populations. But I also understood from history that the European powers of Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark-Sweden, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands had invaded and colonized the rest of the planet. They all introduced the violence of the modern state and capitalism to the rest of the Earth. Did not the ex-colonized poor have a right to search for work in the metropolises of Europe?

In Spain, I noticed large foreign populations of North Africans and Latin Americans, while in France, I saw many North Africans, Sub-Saharan Africans and Levantine Arabs. Britain contained many South Asians, West Indians or Afro-Caribbeans, Mesopotamian Arabs, East Asians and Sub-Saharan Africans; meanwhile, the Netherlands had a good amount of Malays and Afro-West Indians. Italy possessed populations of both North Africans and East Africans, and in Portugal there was an overabundance of Brazilians and Sub-Saharan Africans. The former colonized had effectively colonized the home countries. Quoting the Christian Bible, those former European colonial powers have simply reaped what they had sowed.

But I also noticed that many European nation states had allowed in foreign peoples, where the European Metropolis had never colonized in the first place. A good example was Switzerland. I was shocked to see in its large cities, faces and peoples from all over the world. Another example was in the Netherlands, which had one of the largest foreign populations of Moroccans within its borders. France and Spain colonized that country, not the Netherlands.

When I asked my European friends about those different nations living inside their own nations, they all told me that they were refugees. A refugee implied a political refugee, or person in danger of violence, through some corrupt state apparatus, often due to their ethnic origin, religion or political persuasion.

The European Union countries, and to lesser extent, Canada and the US, have had to accept a certain number of these refugees from across the globe, due to some UN precedent. In the case of the Amerikan Empire, they usually accepted refugees from the same countries that the Empire had already invaded, or where they had already murdered a substantial percentage of that country’s population, such as Latin America, the Philippines, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and most recently, Mesopotamia.

I also noticed a peculiarity of the refugee life, and especially in particular northern European countries, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Britain, France, Denmark and Sweden. It was obvious that those same refugees were actually enjoying the good life.

The states or governments of those countries paid for everything in the refugee’s lives. The state gave them a minimal salary, yet they did not have to work. The state also gave them decent housing that they didn’t have to look for. If they got sick, they received state health care for free, and if they had children, they could send them to the free state schools!

Living as a political refugee in those countries ensured a type of social parasite-aristo lifestyle – easy money and no work whatsoever. The refugee could simply hang out in the local cafes, go out to eat, shop for cheap clothes, and just live the relaxed life.

Meanwhile, the regular citizens had to go to work and look for housing – and pay their taxes, which funded the same refugee lifestyle. What was going on? This unjust system rightly angered the regular citizens of those countries. I even felt a pang of jealousy. Could I possibly become a political refugee from America, so I could receive such marvelous economic benefits?

The most perplexing concern of the refugee aristo lifestyle revolved around the fact that Europe’s entire political class supported this system. From the Conservatives to the Social-Democrats to the Euro-Communists, they all continued to fund this system, and at the same time, legalize the refugee-immigrant situation, and even allow other, completely unrelated refugees or immigrants to enter their countries.

During a visit to Barcelona, I was shocked to find that in one of its central medieval neighborhoods, called Raval, there was a large community of Pakistanis. Britain colonized Pakistan, not Cataluña. After living in Europe for a few years, I would soon learn the truth involving the state-elite ideology of Multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism is the State’s and the Elite’s greatest Wild Card and Trojan Horse against its own native populations. Why would the State and Elites manage such nefarious methods?

First, the State and Elites literally hate their own populations. As Mikhail Bakunin, the Anarchist intellectual, wrote so eloquently, even the most open minded radical, once he or she takes political power, begins to hate his or her subject populations. She or he believes that the political elites, which they now belong to, knows what’s better for the citizens.

Multiculturalism also enables an easier transition to rule. It is much easier to rule over a divided population than a united one. The best forms of political division is cultural disunity. If France was multicultural during its revolutions of 1789, 1830 and 1848, would they have had successful revolutions? The last so-called revolution was 1968 – and it failed miserably. Divide and Conquer is still the best State method in ruling over and destroying the opposition.

Another good example comes from Amerikan imperial history. What was the most dangerous historical point for the US Government, during its entire history from 1790 until today?

The US Civil War, or the War between the States, was the most dangerous period for the Amerikan Empire. A culturally united South, or the Confederate States of America, almost defeated the Union Army. It’s moral laws, unity of purpose and thick, homogenous culture ensured a continual struggle for four long years of military-spiritual struggle. Even the anti-Secessionist Southerners understood the Southern Cause, and sympathized with their Secessionist brethren.

For the brutal political-economy of Global Monopoly Capitalism, the top elites who run the pyramid schemes love Multiculturalism. This ideology allows a massive reserve army of labor, both illegal and legal, such as those visitors using student-worker visas to work at the former job positions of the natives – all for lower wages and with less economic rights. Multiculturalism shoves the unemployed natives into hating the illegals, while hiding the face of their true enemy – capitalism.

If the illegal immigrants or foreign visa people complain about their lack of rights on the job, then the owners will quickly fire them – and in the case of the illegals, refer them to the proper authorities. Foreign workers are a cheaper and more compliant workforce. Under the loaded gun of Capitalism, profit always remain supreme.

Our political-economic elites do love a divided and demoralized, multi-cultural reserve of wage slaves. Yet, they do not want their children attending the same schools with such social vermin.

If the so-called ‘close the border’ politicians truly wanted to stop illegal immigration, they could implement one simple decree. Whatsoever business, multinational to small proprietorship, which hires illegal immigrant workers will have their private property confiscated. This decree would put the whole illegal immigration problem to rest. Would the elites do such a thing – never.

Our Leftist mortal enemies defend Multiculturalism as a more progressive future for the country. Yet, most immigrants, both legal and illegal, are not interested in furthering a new progressive agenda. They are actually quite conservative. Most of them want to work as independent contractors and make some decent money. At the same time, they have to socially interact with their fellow compatriots inside of a foreign land. We would all do the same thing if we were in their situations. While I lived in Europe as a permanent tourist, my best friends were other Americans.

Multiculturalism is not a grassroots movement. It is the State and the elites who are responsible for the mass movements of peoples, also permit mafias to direct the movement peoples across the globe, and then regulate the human mass populations within national parameters.

Most heinously, Multiculturalism gives the State an untapped military force against both domestic and foreign enemies. During the recent Amerikan imperial invasions of Mesopotamia and Central Asia, the US Military needed more troops for their legal assassinations, so they browbeated desperate Latin American immigrant populations in order to hand over their young men for cannon fodder. Military service for the Empire gives full citizenship rights – whether the recruit returns dead or alive.

We Anarchists, who are also natives within our respective countries, must maintain our mental guards, so that we don’t join or support the Fascist political blocks that blame all of their problems on the others, while pushing hatred and violence against the foreign immigrants and visitors. Nor should we join in the traps of the Leftists, agitating for open borders or for the complete political-economic rights of all illegal residents.

The State gives nothing without some ulterior motives – either for control or for fear. All States and Elite rulers need potential mercenaries, whether political, economic or military. The State will also demand some form of compliance within the segments of the population who possess precarious legal privileges. Multiculturalism hands the State an American combo plate, piled with game pieces. Multiculturalism is just another fine tool for the State’s furtive methods in divide and conquer.