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Who deserves greatness, deserves your hate… Better it is die, better to starve, than crave the hire, which first we do deserve… How weary, stale, flat and unprofitable, seem to me all the uses of this world… Things rank and gross in nature possess it merely. That it should come to this!

William Shakespeare, quotes from Coriolanus and Hamlet

The hardest tasks within our rough lives are often the simplest ideas to write on paper. The reasons for this absurdity relate to the human condition under civilization.

We put the mind to the grind work, and then life’s complications immediately spring up. Mind habits and inherited customs seem to crowd out the divine practice.

Maybe we should just put away our cravings and desires in ‘becoming better, more accomplished’ humans. Have we not already accessed the apex of our powers? We could simply acknowledge our own humanity, while embracing the wisdom that already resides inside of us.

Many astute writers of wisdom have also noticed this sick political-economic system, which vomits continually into the cesspool of human civilization. Yet so many humans would rather drown into their own mind bile – falling into rancid deaths. Some essayists have asked: how can we fight such monstrosities, and tear down the rotting walls of the system?

We are all doomed towards coming old age, terminal illness and final expiration. Since we will all die and exist no more, then we should not use violence against this unjust and violent system. Being inside the human condition, we suffer, and we are all guilty of unkind actions. Violence is only feasible as an act of self-defense, when confronting a brutal physical attack.

Humanity survives within a turbulence that condemns most of us to rot, beg and wander. This Monster convicts the weaker parts of humanity to die off sooner. Global Monopoly Capitalism and the State have united together in denying us the noble life.

Forsaking compassion, this horrid complex of institutional violence gifts its free crap to the cowardly, dishonest, and cruel. The Asylum-Hell grows stronger. It breathes bloody bile. We are living in it. Openings for vitality and freedom run desolate.

Only Anarchy can save us. Anarchy gives the designs for tearing down this rotten system. There are three steps to the Anarchy process.

The first step is a complete and total rejection of this actual world.

The second course of action ignores the elites’ loaded games, traps and snares, which have already ambushed most humans.

The third stage forces us to act, cultivate our own minds and bodies, while leaving expanses for our own liberation.

How does such a humanistic practice and method function? First, we read, and talk with good friends and family. If we are tired of the lies, living the life of torture, and the potential for legal murder, then we must make the First Decision. We categorically and completely refuse the operation of the Machine. This first action is the hardest part of the process.

So many us, including many Anarchists, still possess that glimmer of hope – maybe the rotten operation will reform itself, change to a better position – allow the formerly hated prophets to reign? Nothing of the sort will ever happen.

Once an organization degenerates into legal crime and violence, it is not salvageable. But with all of the eternal violence and lies of the State, emerges the resistance – Anarchy.

Instead, we resign ourselves to the actuality of the moment. We let go of our own doubts and slothful fantasy nonsense.

While the Mainstream Media, paid hacks and corporate advertising madmen scream about Changes, Election-Selections, Order, State of the World, etc., we just ignore them. We let their rants enter the universal space filled with mostly garbage culture, and then we go on our ways. We refuse to pay any attention to their prattle.

We never attend their events, gatherings, polls, rituals, interviews, elections, comments, discussions, programs, etc. Again, just letting go is sufficient. This is easier written than done, yet we never asked to live inside such a corrupt and vile social structure – so we opt out. Actions speak greater volumes on the nature of resistance and power.

Next, we create works of art that expose and denounce the legal criminality. Each one of us has artistic abilities where we can expose such disreputable organizations: continual state violence, political-economic elite ‘high culture,’ the scams of global monopoly capitalism, or FIRE sectors: finance-bank swindles, insurance frauds and real estate property pimping.

For us historians, we write – and write some more, all in opposition to the lies and deceit. There exist carpenters, sculptors, architects and builders who create living structures in tune with the land and in opposition to real estate dealer gangs. We have cooks that can prepare delicious meals from scratch outside of the restaurant shell game, or even fabricate their own sweet wine.

Real doctors run open practices where they are both healers and educators on the human body. How many other painters, mechanics, website developers, athletes, electricians, poets and scientists could contribute to a community’s imaginative artistry and growing liberty.

It is through the act, the process, and the practice where the liberation births. The Matrix of Hate and Money, disguised through crap advertising and base publicity, keeps pushing the lies that we all must advance, force ourselves to swallow, imprison ourselves within goals, embrace outcomes through obsessive note taking. They tell us: we must reach the distant apex and far off objectives. Self-help websites and spirituality videos continue such flimflam operations.

We return to the process. We reject their garbage of mental derangement, while we ignore their traps to spend money, all so they can abuse our good intentions. Anarchy reenters the wheel of liberation. Anarchy creates from inside our own fountains of rebirth.

All humanity possesses the skills to fabricate freedom and power. Our bodies exist in the realms of suffering and correction, but we can also live in the paradise of liberty and love.

Free the mind first and the rest will follow.