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Who deserves greatness, deserves your hate… Better it is die, better to starve, than crave the hire, which first we do deserve… How weary, stale, flat and unprofitable, seem to me all the uses of this world… Things rank and gross in nature possess it merely. That it should come to this!

William Shakespeare, quotes from Coriolanus and Hamlet

The hardest tasks within our rough lives are often the simplest ideas to write on paper. The reasons for this absurdity relate to the human condition under civilization.

We put the mind to the grind work, and then life’s complications immediately spring up. Mind habits and inherited customs seem to crowd out the divine practice.

Maybe we should just put away our cravings and desires in ‘becoming better, more accomplished’ humans. Have we not already accessed the apex of our powers? We could simply acknowledge our own humanity, while embracing the wisdom that already resides inside of us.

Many astute writers of wisdom have also noticed this sick political-economic system, which vomits continually into the cesspool of human civilization. Yet so many humans would rather drown into their own mind bile – falling into rancid deaths. Some essayists have asked: how can we fight such monstrosities, and tear down the rotting walls of the system?

We are all doomed towards coming old age, terminal illness and final expiration. Since we will all die and exist no more, then we should not use violence against this unjust and violent system. Being inside the human condition, we suffer, and we are all guilty of unkind actions. Violence is only feasible as an act of self-defense, when confronting a brutal physical attack.

Humanity survives within a turbulence that condemns most of us to rot, beg and wander. This Monster convicts the weaker parts of humanity to die off sooner. Global Monopoly Capitalism and the State have united together in denying us the noble life.

Forsaking compassion, this horrid complex of institutional violence gifts its free crap to the cowardly, dishonest, and cruel. The Asylum-Hell grows stronger. It breathes bloody bile. We are living in it. Openings for vitality and freedom run desolate.

Only Anarchy can save us. Anarchy gives the designs for tearing down this rotten system. There are three steps to the Anarchy process.

The first step is a complete and total rejection of this actual world.

The second course of action ignores the elites’ loaded games, traps and snares, which have already ambushed most humans.

The third stage forces us to act, cultivate our own minds and bodies, while leaving expanses for our own liberation.

How does such a humanistic practice and method function? First, we read, and talk with good friends and family. If we are tired of the lies, living the life of torture, and the potential for legal murder, then we must make the First Decision. We categorically and completely refuse the operation of the Machine. This first action is the hardest part of the process.

So many us, including many Anarchists, still possess that glimmer of hope – maybe the rotten operation will reform itself, change to a better position – allow the formerly hated prophets to reign? Nothing of the sort will ever happen.

Once an organization degenerates into legal crime and violence, it is not salvageable. But with all of the eternal violence and lies of the State, emerges the resistance – Anarchy.

Instead, we resign ourselves to the actuality of the moment. We let go of our own doubts and slothful fantasy nonsense.

While the Mainstream Media, paid hacks and corporate advertising madmen scream about Changes, Election-Selections, Order, State of the World, etc., we just ignore them. We let their rants enter the universal space filled with mostly garbage culture, and then we go on our ways. We refuse to pay any attention to their prattle.

We never attend their events, gatherings, polls, rituals, interviews, elections, comments, discussions, programs, etc. Again, just letting go is sufficient. This is easier written than done, yet we never asked to live inside such a corrupt and vile social structure – so we opt out. Actions speak greater volumes on the nature of resistance and power.

Next, we create works of art that expose and denounce the legal criminality. Each one of us has artistic abilities where we can expose such disreputable organizations: continual state violence, political-economic elite ‘high culture,’ the scams of global monopoly capitalism, or FIRE sectors: finance-bank swindles, insurance frauds and real estate property pimping.

For us historians, we write – and write some more, all in opposition to the lies and deceit. There exist carpenters, sculptors, architects and builders who create living structures in tune with the land and in opposition to real estate dealer gangs. We have cooks that can prepare delicious meals from scratch outside of the restaurant shell game, or even fabricate their own sweet wine.

Real doctors run open practices where they are both healers and educators on the human body. How many other painters, mechanics, website developers, athletes, electricians, poets and scientists could contribute to a community’s imaginative artistry and growing liberty.

It is through the act, the process, and the practice where the liberation births. The Matrix of Hate and Money, disguised through crap advertising and base publicity, keeps pushing the lies that we all must advance, force ourselves to swallow, imprison ourselves within goals, embrace outcomes through obsessive note taking. They tell us: we must reach the distant apex and far off objectives. Self-help websites and spirituality videos continue such flimflam operations.

We return to the process. We reject their garbage of mental derangement, while we ignore their traps to spend money, all so they can abuse our good intentions. Anarchy reenters the wheel of liberation. Anarchy creates from inside our own fountains of rebirth.

All humanity possesses the skills to fabricate freedom and power. Our bodies exist in the realms of suffering and correction, but we can also live in the paradise of liberty and love.

Free the mind first and the rest will follow.













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A Fine Benin Bronze Plaque In High Relief With A Warrior Chief, Full Length, In Elaborate Battle Dress With Shield And Lance. Circa 1600.

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Some truths manage to brand themselves within the inner sanctums of the human mental condition.

Yet these same truths also have their deniers. We would like to deny those particular truths because they are the recurring nightmares of history. The truth is real, but we some how hope… Are there not exceptions to the everyday, sacred laws of existence?

One such historical truth concerns the evils of the State and its sordid Political-Economy. In Ancient History, there were some exceptions to that Historical Rule of Barbarity – but within our Modern-Contemporary world, the exceptions have all but disappeared. The cruel actuality of our existence has exposed the Truth’s putrid venom.

At one time in the Sahel of West Africa, whipped the brush, and scented-blinding winds of imperial glory – which also included tribute taxations, violent conquests, extensive householder slavery, and a wealth in bullion where the prosperous Islamic merchants of Baghdad would even bow their knees in glory.

The decade was the 1230’s AD. The great Pagan Empire of Ghana was losing its power to the glorious Muslim armies of the Almoravid Empire, which had already reconquered Spain, Andalus, for Dar-Al Islam. A vision came upon the political leaders of the Malinke Nation concerning a new imperial creation. The leader of destiny was Sundiata Keita.

He established a disciplined army of strong Malinke soldiers who allied with other tribute nation warriors. This great army had marched onward to war. Through his tactics and discipline, he won both the battles – and the final war.

Malinke then established an even greater Empire in the Sahel, from the semi-deserts of North Africa, all the way to the tropical forests of West Africa, later called Mali.

Many Empires have decayed after their first conquests, since the ancient warrior-leaders often neglected their original successions and recent conquests. But not this Empire – as the years passed, the Mali Empire seemed to expand and increase into even greater political distinction.

The Empire ruled over the river commodity exchanges of the Niger and the Wangara. The Mali Kingdom received massive tributes in gold, human slaves, tributary soldiers and salt.

This Empire understood that a successful ancient empire must tax human migrations, labor, armies, hard currency and spice-foodstuffs, all in order to control the surrounding cultures. This empire controlled so much land that only the Mongols in the northeast had conquered more territories. Soon, Europe, Africa and Asia heard of the fantastic stories concerning its wealth and massive army.

The emperors, or Mansas, like the Mongols later in history, converted to the religion of Islam. But this was not a strict regimen. A type of syncretic religious system developed where West African rituals and native myths mixed with Islamic world culture, all of which fused into a new cosmopolitan civilization, headquartered in the magical city of Timbuktu. Timbuktu would later possess a massive university system for Islamic scholars and intellectuals.

A hundred years later, the great Mansa Musa took the throne, and he decided to perform a great pilgrimage to Mecca. He would travel with his elite soldiers, harem entourage, slaves, exquisite food – and his gold, through the Sahel and the Sahara. This pilgrimage of power and piety had thus become Historical Legend.

All the senses exploded upon urban Islamic civilization. Mansa Musa ate sumptuous meals flavored with the exotic herbs and spices of West Africa. His servant slaves were armed and had powers too. They acted more like family then humiliated peons. All of his entourage, including his slaves, wore fine clothes of leisure and sensuality. Their deep colors represented the magical Earth of orange-blue African sky, and the dry Sahel yellow ochre-green savannahs salad, mixed with tropical green-brown, pasta strewn forests. Their weapons of war seemed like works of art – even though they could maim and kill with gentle ease. But it was the overall, carefree existence of that royal entourage, in truly holding such wealth, yet not boasting of it, nor showing it off.

Musa gave generously to all religious institutions on his spiritual path, while the merchants of the great Islamic cities stood in the awe at the generosity and nobility of such an emperor. Mansa transformed into a type of mystical Sun King bursting upon the Earth from the Heavenly Golden Palace.

At that same time in history, the Europeans were suffering from the horrible effects of the Bubonic Plague, which had already killed a third of its population. They failed to see their own dirtiness and hypocrisy, and so they looked in askance. Those dirty Europeans would return to Africa with a vengeance however.

But like always in the sordid annals of human history, the cusp of imperial greatness also leads to the slow and painful decline and fall – to eventual extinction. Another one hundred and thirty years later, one of Mali’s tributary states had successfully revolted and conquered Timbuktu.

This empire was the Islamic West African Kingdom of Songhai. The Songhai supported the intellectual life of the university at Timbuktu however, while they had succeeded in capturing the tributary taxes of the previous Malian rulers.

Unfortunately, the Malians tried to enlist the devious Europeans in their desire for continued power and glory. They chose the Portuguese maritime seafarers in order to further their reconquest. This became a terrible omen, for it was the Portuguese maritime empire that first established the mass murder system of the African Slave Trade in the mid 1400s.

Meanwhile, other African nations wanted greatness for their own kingdoms, such as the Wolof, the Hausa, the Benin and Ashanti. To the east, existed the Muslim African Empire of Kanem-Bornu. The Europeans discreetly understood the devious applications of Divide and Conquer.

This imperial history of West Africa perfectly explains the nature of the Ancient State. West African Kingdoms sought their power bases through family dynasties, tribute taxations, a political economy of patron slavery, and a warfare-conquest spoils system.

Most of the subject people were farmers and artisans. The wars rarely touched them. One Empire came, and then another dynastic authority took its place. And such was the bittersweet cycle of life. The new King shone bright, only to die unto History’s dust.

The Ancient state and political-economic systems of tribute tax-paternalism were not necessarily brutal. Even Alexander the Great did not willfully murder whole populations of cities, nor did he target entire ethnic-religious groups for mass extermination.

The Judeo-Christian Monotheists, i.e. the Israelites of Numbers, Deuteronomy and Joshua, and the Medieval Christian Crusaders were the first ancient mass murderers or paleo-Nazis.

Yet, the ancient stories of the West African Empires fully explain the modus operandi of the State and its political-economy, always based on the power of one group over another.

Power is simply the legal rights to use violent methods for whatever reasons found necessary, which include intellectual and economic forms over subject populations. As the modern intellectual Max Weber wrote, the State always holds the final means for a total monopoly of violence. Or as we Anarchists proclaim: the most dangerous, violent criminals are State actors and their economic elites.

Yet the modern state has transformed into a wholly different, and much deadlier, rabid animal-monster. When Capitalism and its brutal profit motives invaded the daily life of humanity, during the 19th century; something in the State Sadist changed drastically – and for the worse.

A perfect historical example that exposes the criminality of the modern State is the so-called Risorgimento, or the forced unification of the Italian States during the 1860s.

The 1860s represented another violent decade across the human globe. In Japan the Emperor Meiji successfully destroyed the Tokugawa Shogunates and the Daimyo gangs ruling over the Japanese populace. The Second German Reich birthed through continual wars against its weaker neighbors: Denmark, Austria and France. The British Empire invaded and subdued the Bhutanese in South Asia. The Russian Emperor eliminated the Serfdom system, while the American Empire invaded, subdued and committed atrocities against the white South, or the Confederacy, while liberating the African-American slaves – yet giving them nothing to live on! The French Empire invaded and subdued Mexico, while three Latin American countries: Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay joined together in a War of Extermination against the Paraguay Nation.

But there was one invasion that most historians completely forgot during that same historical period. A royal-aristocratic gang of social parasites, using a bunch of Liberals as the public face of the movement, invaded another royal-aristo stronghold, and then murdered a substantial part of the rural population who had refused to give allegiance to the new bosses.

The royal house of Savoy, who spoke better French than Italian, allied with another local aristo, named Count Cavour, all of whom were located in a region of northern Italy, called Piemonte-Saboya. Those crooks came up with an ingenious plan to continue their corrupt political rule. They surfed on the Euro-Nationalist wave, and later transformed their juntas of soldier-thugs into the Italian National Army.

Those men were not stupid. In order to give a noble veneer to their wicked deeds, they publicly used Italian Nationalist-Liberals for the public face of the movement. They chose two notable Liberals: Giuseppe Mazzini who represented the political wing, and Giuseppe Garibaldi who represented the military wing.

No war is complete without a violent invasion, and so this ugly cabal from the north of Italy attacked another degenerate royal-aristo base in the southern part of the country, ruled by the Spanish Bourbon parasites, called the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

This was not just a fight between two different Euro-parasites for the control of a new country. The Piedmont-National Army also conducted mass murder across the rural country of southern Italy in order to fully subdue any resistance to the new kings. This Northern Army murdered around 100,000 southern Italians. This early counterinsurgency program worked quite splendidly, and so, the new National government in Rome annexed the southern peninsula. But war always leaves its scars of loss, anger, hunger and poverty.

Whole regions in the South lost valuable men and the almost self-sufficient farmers lost portions of their lands. The National Government allied itself with the local Southern aristos, carpetbagger politician-elites from the north, and the Camorra-Mafia gangs – to fully control the wealth of the region.

The Great Italian Emigration began from the South to the North of the country, to northern Europe, and across the globe, mostly to the Rio de Plata of South America and to the United States, in order to look for work. Still to this day, in Modern Italy, the North and Rome accuse the Southerners of weakening Italy’s greatness.

This is what the modern state and its economic elites do to modern peoples. Unlike the ancient states, they don’t just invade, amass two armies for battle, scale the walls, and then retake the palace, they also commit mass murder exterminations against civilian populations, or an act of total war against a subject population.

Why do they do this? Because our Modern Lives have lots of non-State media sources: printed publications, theaters and public spectacles. The Modern State demands that all subjects not just respect it, like a good gang leader – but also fear its criminal power of destruction. Fear works even better for the complete social control of subject populations.

The Modern State with its full monopoly of violence and legal crime always demands the center stage, the center of national attention. The National Official History is the history of its own appropriated, great leaders. National Culture is its own appropriated lies and state propaganda babble, often relayed through boring, school-university textbooks.

Do any of us still believe that a mass murderer-serial rapist will somehow transform himself or herself, and suddenly become a nice and respectful person? So then why do we continue to believe such criminal institutions, the State and their economic elite enablers, will all of a sudden reform themselves and reject the monopoly of violence.

Let all attentive subjects awake to the ides of History.


Anarcho-Historian Lesson #15: Europe’s Gift to World Civilization, or The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

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Throughout human history, Evil has often emanated from the comforting lights of deceit.

For around 500 years, starting in the mid to late 1400s A.D., one peculiar social class, coming out of one particular continent, has attacked, invaded, plundered, tortured, enslaved, and murdered the mysterious magic behind Earth’s existence.

This estate of people were the class climbing ambitious ones who wanted noble titles with the rights that came from such titles. They birthed from the continent of Europe, which was a civilization that sanctified the slothful, lazy and parasitical, and yet at the same time, formulated the heinous lie of the ‘hard work ethic.’

Ultimately, this social class of deceivers invented the most evil ideology in human history: racialism, all in order to maintain their wicked clutch of power. Europe was a strange civilization indeed. Who, what, when, where, why and how could describe such a bizarre continent?

The first monstrosity that poisoned the Soul of Europe was the Judeo-Christian Monotheist Cult. This poisoning did not begin with Constantine’s acceptance of the Christian religion into the Greater Roman Pantheon of Cults during the 4th Century A.D. Most of Europe’s culture was pagan until well into the 7th Century A.D.

In the north of Europe, modern Scandinavia, northern Germany, and in eastern Europe, mostly around the Slavic, Baltic and Hun lands, such as Lithuania, Finland, Eastern Poland and Southern Russia; most of Hungary, Dalmatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, a greater part of Romania, most of the people in those nations retained their old European pagan traditions.

By the 15th century, almost all of Europe adhered to some form of Christianity mixed with ancient pagan concepts, whether Celt, Roman, Greek, German or Slav, or all the above mixed together for heightened effect. Bad historians love to praise such a cultural mix as the birth of medieval civilization.

The various medieval regions represented the Byzantine sphere of influence, the Holy Roman Empire sphere of influence, the Frankish imperial domains, the Muslim Caliphate of Spain, or around the Maritime slave trading-raiding empires of the Normans, Genoans, Pisans and Venetians, the Mamelukes of Egypt, and the Muslim Sublime Ports in the Maghreb.

Medieval Europe did have its enchanted sides, especially in the heroic epics of just kings and noble knights; however, the Judeo-Christian monotheist ideology began to rot the thinking of many Europeans. Unlike the heroic gods of the Celts, Romans and Germans, the Christian God hung on a wooden torture device, the Cross. And yet, the Crucifixion torture device gave its God supreme powers.

The power of the Cross signified the mental anguish of vengeance with the fury of extreme violence for the Murder of God, or the Grand Deicide. The story also meant the conquering of bodily sin and the guilt of confession, according to the mad monks, often using violent methods, such as chains, whips and brutal disciplines.

The further struggle entailed the fight against the Evil One, or Satan, and his demonic kingdom. Ultimate Justice implied the Final Judgment of the Victorious Sacrificial God who will punish the Evil Apostates that refused to submit to his power. All of the non-believers will end up in the Lake of Fire and Brimstone, or Hell – tortured for all Eternity. Not even Hitler or Stalin could compare to this vengeful and violent God.

Christianity’s religious-ideological position has centered on a movement for revenge, extremism through faith, and the encouragement of suffering, meaning physical and mental suffering heightened together – all for the conquering of sin and evil through the example of Christ and his kingdom of the Saints.

This ideology of vengeance and zealotry explains its penchant for extreme violence, only found in the History of Christianity, such as Crusades, Papal Pornocracies, Inquisitions, Religious Wars, Witch Burnings, Ideological support for the African slave exterminations, Political alliances with Fascists, Gunmen attacking Women’s health clinics, and other fanatical acts of mass murder.

This ideology also encourages mental diseases and sexual perversions, such as madness, pederasty, sexual molestation and pedophilia, due to its obsessions with mental and bodily repressions versus sin, vices, doubts, backsliding and evil. Mental repression, guilt and anguish only cause further obsessions on the prohibited evil acts and thoughts.

In sum, the ideological-religious detritus of extremism, violent brutality and the mind-body repression-madness-perversion, infected European medieval culture. Instead of just killing one’s enemies, one had to develop the technologies of torturing the physical body in order to make the hated ones suffer even more horribly.

The World History of Torture is a nasty section of Humanity’s vices. But the European Medieval period is especially sick in regards to its favorite tortures and murders against the Human Body.

The medieval State encouraged the legal form of torture and murder, but in copying the Church and the State, ancient European families introduced the brutal disciplinary procedures of beatings and punishments. There were also the common torturers who used hand weapons, usually canes, whips and chains. Fathers, both secular and religious, often utilized such torture methods against adepts, wives, children and servant slaves.

Once the father uses those brute methods in educating his children, the children become permanently damaged and they often fight back through their own modes of violence and the abuse of intoxicants, or simply self-medication – or even using both forms together.

During the 15th century, when European class climbers began to fix their gazes at the greater Earth, they carried over their mental sufferings from those extremist ideologies. This ideological mix-up included the extermination of pagan-non-Christian religions for the one true faith, punishments against the human body in relation to nakedness, normal sexual diversity, or sodomy. The Triumph of the Judeo-Christian Cult was so thorough that most Europeans referred to their hodgepodge of lands as a united Christendom, well into the middle of the 1700’s.

While the Judeo-Christian ideology twisted the thinking of Medieval Christendom, Europeans also began to admire the lifestyle of the Christian corporate institution, The Church. The priests received the taxes, or tithes, from the peasants, and from there, they had to kick up the tithes to the Hierarchy.

The bishops, or captains of the region, lived like the Dux, or dukes, the knighted regional commanders. From the Bishops, they had to kick up the money to the Papal Court, the Pope and his consiglieri, or advisers, or as they used the term, La Curia, which included selected Cardinals who maintained each Congregation.

No king, nor emperor lived as sumptuously as the Papal Court. The most important congregations, or administrations in the Papacy, represented the Treasury, the Holy Office of the Inquisition, the Bulls, or funding, of the Holy Crusades, and the Papal mercenary armies, or condottieri.

Jealous of the pride, sloth, gluttony, luxury, avarice, legal violence and envious nature of the Papal Court in Rome, the secular powers had to copy such vileness. The Church was also the greatest land robber in world history. Unlike the Papal States, The Mosque in Medieval Islamic Civilization did not have a separate corporate identity, nor did it have a clergy possessing special powers with autonomous legal privileges.

The Church transformed into the first corporate institution to putrefy ancient Germanic and Roman Law in demanding both corporate legal rights and individual rights, through the legal theft of common lands; while at the same time, the Church also had another set of rights, meaning the rights of State, due to governing a vast territory in central Italy, called the Papal States. There were also the numerous religious orders inside the Church, who not only possessed the corporate rights of the First Estate, but also held the corporate rights of an organized, military-like, corporate religious order, such as the Franciscans and Dominicans.

Again, the secular elites, or knights without noble titles, copied their religious overlords in stealing lands from surrounding communities through their own, legal rights of conquest.

The Church seconded such pronouncements through encouraging a continuous Crusade for the conversion of souls. The Spanish first used this method in Al-Andalus, southern Spain. In the Americas, Spanish and the Portuguese knights again used the exact same methods in exterminating the native nations and then stealing their lands.

Even the Church’s religious enemies used such tactics, the Orthodox Church in league with the Tsars copied such sinister techniques during Russia’s wars both against the Catholic Polish and Germans, and against the Muslim Khanates, or Tatars. The Protestant English Knights-Lords, in league with the Established Church, used kindred procedures against Britain’s peasants, through the Enclosure Acts, and later against the Irish Catholics in Ulster – and even later, against the Highlander Clans in Scotland. The biggest supporters of Luther’s Protestant Crusade were the class climbing knights that plagued the German States of the Holy Roman Empire.

This ingenious legal conquest system allowed knights without noble titles to conquer the lands of the Enemy, and thereby receive noble titles for meritorious services, later becoming Nobles of the Sword, or in French, noblesse d’épée, Their medieval legal privileges did not stop with such noble titles however.

Due to the historical writings about the Noble Spartans who defended the Greek cities from the Persian Asiatic Horde, once a knight received his noble title from royalty, the man could not do any laborious work with the hands – or he would lose his honor.

The ‘new man’ then changed his name to the title, just like a person received a new name after taking Holy Orders, in becoming a priest, monk or nun. The nobles of the sword transformed into loyal allies of the throne becoming token administrators of the conquered lands, called the landed aristocracy.  

The landed aristocracy had to fight for the King when given orders. But as royal powers transcended into colonial empires, and as more European kings used mercenary forces, and recruited so-called professional armies from the ranks of the artisan and farmer classes, and even mixed racial castes, the nobles of the sword also changed their elite dimensions.

Many trained soldiers, or favorites, moved into the royal courts and lived as courtiers, often sleeping until midday in soft beds. They spent their days in luxurious sloth: hunting, practicing sword fights for possible duels, eating ten course meals well into the night, engaging in promiscuous sexual relations, gambling, and partying until the daylight hours.

Others took overseas political positions as appointed colonial administrators. While a whole other group just sat around their massive estates, putting about their 50 room manor homes, while receiving taxes and rents from the farmers that labored on the aristo’s lands.

The aristocracy had no ties whatsoever to the land, nor did they even lift a hand to help maintain the fragile ecosystem. The landed aristocrats, or social parasites, simply collected legal extortion rackets from the hardworking farmers – similar to the Mafia bosses who collect protection money from businesses located in ‘safe urban neighborhoods.’ Royal authority sanctified the whole fraud scheme through the legal rights of private property.

Many Americans mistake the rights of private property for the rights of personal property. The rights of private property signified the rights of a family, or any corporate institution, including the State, to the complete ownership of lands, often with no historical use of the said lands.

These corporate institutions had given themselves the rights and legal privileges to open more lands due to conquest, family title, or mystical authority. This legal fraud virtually imprisoned the hard-working families who actually worked on the lands for survival.

Meanwhile, the owners collected the rents and taxes. The political-economic system containing such legal fictions allowed for the growth of Capitalism’s second stage, Mercantile Capitalism.

Mercantile Capitalism was simply a corrupt economic system where royal families favored particular merchants or venture capitalists who also had special access to funds from the royal treasuries.

Those capitalists could use those royal funds because the same royal families, and also their aristocratic cousins, and other social parasites, were always the first investors.

The investors also formed military grade institutions, called companies, which possessed greater legal rights than the poor individuals in the flunky courts. A few of these companies even controlled large naval armies and administered their own foreign colonies, such as the East Indies and West Indies Companies. What was their most profitable business during that epoch?

These companies made most of their heinous profits through world history’s most evil, mass kidnapping and mass murder spree, called the African slave trade, with the extermination fields of export crop plantations located in the Americas. Always remember, Europe’s mercantile class of royalties, aristo-parasites and class climbing miscreants managed and directed this nefarious trade.

Through the massive destruction of native and African lives, all of which led to the agricultural plantation production of cash crop-drugs, incinerator capitalism had birthed – and still this noxious scam of an economy fumigates across the Globe.

As capitalism invaded the peripheries of world Empires, this political-economic system rammed through a greater decomposition within the modern European family structure.

Family solidarity changed its particular terms and conditions. For any and all economic survival under savage capitalism, a brutal struggle ensued to grab as much inheritance capital as possible. Surviving family members could become mortal enemies to each other.

Nowadays, millions of other class climbers, in every corner of the Earth, have forsaken their honor in pursuit of cheap profits. They will murder, lie, cheat, steal and destroy everything in their path – all for the love of money – profits and even more profits. If all the other animals, plants, trees and arable land just dropped dead – those hungry ghost capitalists would continue their desperation for the next emerging markets.

Within any agricultural plantation production cycle, the most pressing issue was labor. The first sugar slave plantations in the Mediterranean used captured slaves from war booty. The European colonial powers in the Americas: Spain, Portugal, France, Britain, the Netherlands, and Denmark also utilized captured, native slaves from Conquest, and somewhat later, used indentured-convict white slaves from Europe. Those methods of overwork through death did not function well. The European mercantile elite’s only recourse revolved around the kidnapping rings, liquidation murders and mass enslavement of Africans.

As the great death of native nations continued, due to introduced European diseases throughout the Americas, European elite merchants had radically changed the human map. Most colonial American cities possessed small communities of European elites representing political hacks, soldiers, clergy and slave-owning planters, while the greater half of the population comprised racial lumpens, often of mixed native-white-African roots, and then a large mass of African slaves, freemen and mulattos.

From the 1580s-1780s, the false Euro-aristos in the colonial plantations resorted to the old and true method in maintaining social control over subject populations, Divisi et vincere, (Latin, Divide and Conquer).

The colonial elites gave a few token privileges to the Euro lower classes, such as weapon ownership, legal rights, with a new social identity, as whites. Meanwhile, the Africans entered the lowest social class, permanently associated with hated slavery. Using older zoological terms for agricultural cattle breeding, the European aristo-parasites created the Great Lie of Race.

This monstrous perjury incubated the culture of American colonialism, and in all irony, it returned to the European metropolis in the early twentieth-century, as Fascism, so political dictators could murder millions of more Europeans.

The European elites have left no part of our Earth untouched. On every continent, hordes of aristo-parasites have invaded, raped, tortured and murdered for profit. Still to this very day, those same elites proclaim to us the wonders of Christianity, Capitalism and Racialism. They have successfully exterminated entire categories of plants, trees, animals and other humans. They have been so triumphant in their wicked deeds that there is no turning back for our Earth. There is no hope for reconciliation.

European elites have solidified the concluding contract with Extinction. The Earth can never heal with any humans living upon it. All of us now possess the cultural mental infections from our recent past. Mass murder does have its price – extinction to extinction evermore.

Yet, the universe will eventually recycle the refuse again, so that other forms of life leading to death, can grow into their full substance.

Dangerous Ideologies VI: The Amerikan Higher Ed ‘Ponzi Scheme’

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HARVARD-UNIVERSITYAnother PhD winnerKeeping working over-educated

Some scams are quite obvious through their open dishonesty. But there are other, more dangerous flim flam operations, which often hide under the covers of opportunity. Some fraud operations have their public exposure from the crime shows on TV.

There exist other swindles that prick at the heart and the mind because we experienced them first hand. So we are survivors now, and we have the responsibility in telling the sleazy tale of deceit. We hold the duty in warning others.

This essay is both a historical piece on one of the most shameful swindles in modern American history, and at the same time, this is a warning for those who might fall victim to the lies of the educated cheats hiding within faculty dungeons and administrator offices – all within the towers and chains of the Amerikan Higher Education incinerator. Let the reader beware.

The university administrators where I had studied, and their very own tenured gang of professors whom I worked for, scammed me horribly. They took away six years of my life for a worthless doctoral degree within the humanities subject of history. Not only did they take advantage of me, but they cursed me forever. They knew full well that I would not find decent work after graduating with a flimsy PhD paper, but they continued their duplicity until the end of my studies.

For a heinous lie, they robbed me of my life’s options, which has all but destroyed my work chances for the rest of my entire life. The only jobs that I can now do represent extremely low-level, low paying work, such as back kitchen, service industry detail, or peon retail, clerical work.

I paid dearly for attending graduate school, but while surviving in that hell mouth of constant work with futile results, I also uncovered a greater crime. It was not just graduate school itself, or the particular university structure that was a corrupt institution. It was the entire Amerikan Higher Ed, College-University System, which was at fault.

I discovered that the Amerikan college complete package was one of the most heinous Ponzi-pyramid schemes. Yet most Americans believe that going to college and getting a degree is a necessary step before entering the work force, almost like a median level between high school and the first real job. This brainwashing trope is similar to many Americans who also believe that the US Military-Industrial-Spy-Complex defends our freedoms and liberties – not the Constitution.

The Amerikan University swindle operates under the bureaucratic-pyramid structure, whether private institutions, for-profit centers, public establishments, or so-called non-profit status centers. All of the above institutions profit off the incoming students and the students’ families.

On the top of the pyramid are lots and lots of administrators, such as trustees, regents, corporate boards of directors, presidents, assistant presidents, provosts, assistant provosts, deans, assistant deans, and multiple other campus directors, such as Director of Affirmative Action, Director of Alcohol Abuse, all of whom run and administer, and most importantly, profit off everyone else that happens to work for them, or pay into the corporation.

These administrators live as the owner class of the institutions. They all make six to seven-figure salaries, receive full rounds of benefits, which often include paid for housing and transportation, and extensive severance packages if forced to vacate their comfortable positions.

The next levels are the selected, top tiered employees, or the commandeering class, who bring in lots of money to the university, such as the football and men basketball coaches, the science, medicine and law, tenured professor stars who receive millions of dollars in US govt. grant money, or the cops that violently protect the administrators’ privileges, such as the campus police force. Like their admin overlords, all of them receive six figure salaries with full, luxurious benefits, and decent severance payments if forced to leave.

The levels further down are all the other tenured, full-time professors and campus spokespersons representing the managerial class. This subset also includes the university librarians, campus food services managers, campus student services managers, campus activities leaders, executive administrative assistants, and the grounds workers, transportation workers, etc., with seniority rights.

There are many of these posts, and they receive good paying salaries with good benefits, but their pay does not often reach to the six figure level, and they must contribute a tax to their campus privileges, such as health care. If they stay for twenty years or longer, without any controversy or incidents, then they can receive a small pension for the rest of their lives, called emeritus, if they worked in the academic fields.

Then the bottom drops out, and literally drops out, for the many peons caught in the college black widow spider web. The peon rabble includes the many part-time, adjunk instructors with advanced degrees who teach a lot of the classes, and who receive no benefits. Their overall net pay is lower than most fast food service workers.

There exist hundreds of graduate student-teaching-research assistants who also teach for extremely low pay. Next, come the campus dining-cleaning workers, most of whom are illegal immigrant workers. A bizarre subset of this rabble comprise the foreign graduate students who work like slaves in the science laboratories, while they pay lots of foreign student tuition money in order to attend those same institutions!

The most abused sub-group represents the thousands of undergraduate students, many of whom also work for the university, and yet, the same university institution taxes without mercy their families for every conceivable, imagined payment. The sordid nickle and dime list of fees includes matriculation, credit classes, non-credit classes, dining, campus services, technology, graduation, transfer, transcripts, applications, counseling, security, building, parking, housing, study abroad, etc.

The next question concerns the history of such institutions: how did they transform themselves into such profiteering, corporate-bureaucratic machines?

Most Amerikan universities and college academics love to ridicule and deride both the for-profit higher learning institutions with their pathetic business and technical degrees and the religious colleges and seminaries that hand out easy doctoral degrees related to religious-theological concerns.

This snobbery is simply the derision of the arrogant buffoons with larded vocabulary looking down on the ignorant poor below. Those pride-ridden boors forget that America’s colleges and universities, the very first ones, such as Harvard, Yale and Princeton, started out as religious corporate institutions, training seminarians for the ministry. Is it not ironic that those same old colonial seminaries of Calvinist fanatics, Puritans, (English rite), and Presbyterians, (Scottish-Irish rite), are now the USA’s top private Ivy League institutions?

The cowardly academic bullies, many of them trained in Neo-Marxist gibberish and who write books and articles that very few people ever care to read, also forget how they willingly cringe and submit to their administrator overlords. The old truth still matters: the bully to the weak, is often the coward to the strong.

By the second half of the 1700’s, the Ivy League seminary schools began to diversify their studies; instead of just the old courses on Biblical Hermeneutics and Ecclesiastical History.

Until the mid 1800’s, most of the Ivy League graduates still had ties to the ministry, or to certain elite families within their geographic region. Since those institutions were the first American universities, and have had the greatest reputations, they started a noxious trend where every other university and college in States has followed their examples.

These private Ivy League institutions, run by Corporate Boards of Directors, now have Endowment slush funds in the billions of dollars, which are greater than most of the world nations’ Gross Domestic Products. Unlike most other universities and colleges, their return on investments works for their students. Even in economic depressions, their students find good paying jobs.

The Harvard Corporation insures that their faithful, institutionalized, corporatized students receive good work prospects within surrogate corporate institutions. The surrogate institutions all swim within the Liberal economic maze, while seeping inside the global capitalist labyrinth.

The Ivy League university system is most important for the Amerikan Empire because it ensures a new generation of institutionalized political-economic elites to take the place of the older ones. A few of the scholarships and poor kids who attend such colleges receive new identities as the future class traitors-ambassadors for the Amerikan imperial project.

The Harvard Corporation stole this method from the British aristo-parasites who always allowed a few wealthy families to enter the titled aristocracy. This illusion of hope and dope allows the elites some breathing room – so they don’t have the fear the mass of wage slaves waking up – and eventually putting the elites into early graves.

Harvard especially uses this deceitful method in advertising ad nauseam its token ex-homeless, ex-welfare hotel, ex-poverty-survivor students as champions of the Liberal ideology. In the Amerikan Empire, everyone has a chance of making it. If you don’t have lots of money and wealth – then that is your problem. The Great Lie reiterates: the ticket to the American Dream remains essentially a university-college education.

Due to the Ivy League’s success in transforming their religious seminaries into first class universities, Amerika’s robber baron capitalists also invested in the higher ed scheme during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

Some good examples have included, Leland Stanford in California, Cornelius Vanderbilt in Tennessee. William Marsh Rice in Texas, Washington Duke in North Carolina, Paul Tulane in Louisiana, Johns Hopkins in Maryland, and the capitalist tag team of industrialist and banker, Andrew Carnegie and Andrew Mellon in western Pennsylvania, and finally, John D. Rockefeller’s donation, The University of Chicago. All of these schools are not in the Ivy League geographic zone, but they certainly imply Ivy League standards. The elites’ investments were successful.

Amerika’s state universities also joined in the re-marketing revamp. They hid their ties as boarding schools for elites and wealthy families, and soon brought in academic stars, mostly in the hard and applied sciences. Some state universities’ reputations entered the second class tier, such as the University of California Berkeley, The College of New Jersey Rutgers, the University of Virginia, and The University of Texas Austin. The Amerikan university complex had discovered both a gold mine and an oil-gas pocket at the same time.

By the 1970s, the older western land grant, university institutions for agribusiness, and mining-gas industry related studies, modified themselves into massive state institutions with over a hundred different majors. Former state teacher certification colleges, or regional State colleges, also recast themselves as flag-ship university institutions. Even the junior-technical colleges of two-year Associate degrees, converted themselves into regular colleges with multiple majors for transferring credits into the state college system – the community college system.

All of the Amerikan universities-colleges, from the Ivy Leagues to the small junior colleges in the rural west, have utilized the corporate-bureaucratic pyramid model for achieving their profits. They all function as top-heavy structures with the well-paid administrators teaching no classes, while most of the dirty workers, including the regular instruction of students, represent part-timer adjunks receiving salaries lower than fast food wage slaves. How do these corrupt institutions get away with such fraud and continue to gather such extraordinary profits?

The answers fall to the wicked brews of publicity, marketing and advertising. also called college rankings, mixed into the lead boil ideology of the Amerikan Dream-Nightmare – blended with the bitter spices of Neo-Marxist gibberish concerning equal opportunities, harassment free safe spaces and challenges for social justice.

As the college ranking system changes annually, the administrators invest heavily in corporate marketers to advertise their university or college’s success stories. Students and professors willingly give free advertising for the administrators on their universities’ main web pages.

If one visits any higher education campus, the visitor will spot low paid student workers giving tours of the campus to lots of families and prospective students. Most of the families are from the old American working class and middle class, people who worked hard, but were able to save some capital for their kids’ college education.

In our dying Amerikan, imperial economy, the Amerikan university artifice has ultimately transformed itself into another ponzi-pyramid scheme. It robs from the marks that innocently use its same services – the students.

The Amerikan university institution is now up there in the sublime racket stratosphere with private prisons, security firms, check cashing outlets, pawn shop rebates, smart phone monthly payment plans, health and life insurance options, Division of Motor Vehicle rates, sales and payroll taxes, utility fees, civil forfeiture, public comment allotments at City Hall, jail bond bail payments, congressional gerrymandering of voting districts, TV infotainment, work application drug testing-background check fees, TSA airport security theater, police internal affairs, US imperial human rights policies, W-2 employment forms, DUI checkpoints, happy hour bar prices, cover charges, restaurant buffet lunch menus and political elections.

Is it any wonder that the only public institution that some Americans still respect is the US Military, and that the only cultural space left where some Americans actually can feel some flicker of dignity – is at church?

The Harvard Corporation works for its graduating elite students. But what will the other students do with their futile degrees at lesser ranked universities and colleges? They often do not have access to good jobs, and then after graduating, the students owe lots of loaned money to the banks?

The Amerikan Empire has released the furies of outrage and exasperation upon us all. With the Higher Education monopoly exposed, learn a real skill while getting paid – and save your dignity.