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The feelings and thoughts about lost times, years never to recuperate – those mental pains are some of the tortures that regularly accompany the living.

I distinctly remember one of my first years of graduate school. We grad student representatives, dressed in our khaki pants and ugly university t-shirts, had hosted a party for the incoming grad students inside a small and dirty, multi-use student lounge. The grad students had to show their flimsy identification cards in order to enter, while ‘the party’ featured stale bread, Wal-Mart cheese plates and super cheap wine.

All types of grad students entered the premises. I saw haggard women in their sixties just getting degrees for the sake of degrees and loud mouth kids barely out of their undergraduate studies who embarrassingly got drunk like they were at a frat party. There were also lots of rich foreign kids from China, India and other Asian countries, and some really peculiar specimens representing the melancholic diversity of human misery entered at the door.

I spotted a small, balding homeless man with dirty clothes. His physical, facial profile resembled a cross between a hallucinating mental patient and a twisted pigeon that one finds crapping off urban ledges. He did not talk and let off weird noises and grunts as he devoured the cheap cheese and dip snacks. I spotted another forty something male, wearing all black clothes. He was large, fat, had bad acne, a dirty black pony tail, and he smelled funny. The man just sat alone and was talking to himself, nursing his plastic glass of cheap wine, and then he would suddenly break out in a cackle to himself every once in a while.

As I was chatting up some foreign grad student women, a young man in his mid twenties with smeared food on his chin, suddenly interrupted our conversation and began droning his words at us. He wore glasses, had brown hair with white specs in it, and his speaking rhythm was quite slow. I felt terribly sorry for the rude chap even though he interrupted our conversation. After talking at us about some innocuous subject, he then straightaway said his good byes and left us.

I later became a madman too. I continued in graduate school for five more years, torturing my mind relentlessly, until finally receiving my very own, funny doctoral papers.

After receiving that ‘degree,’ I needed three more years of post-graduate school detox in order to mentally break free. It was no coincidence that I moved into Death Studies, Thanatology, towards my last years of doctoral studies.

For years after receiving my PhD, the doctoral useless degree in history – or whatever history or the humanities, I nourished a harsh mental concoction of both betrayal and anger.

I wasted six years of life involved in such a struggle – all to receive the highest degree possible. My doctoral degree has also become the unending curse of my recurring unemployment. The lucky ones escaped early before their torturous exams and thesis dissertations. They became bartenders and a few even made some real money – unlike me.

Nor do I have any friends from my long graduate school period – and I was not the only grad student to experience this. I stayed on because I thought that I needed a doctoral degree in history in order to become a historian. I now know that I was wrong.

This essay is for those historians of heart and soul who want to know the truth in order to become true historians. Historians free from the American graduate school curse.

This essay will explain the mystery in becoming a historian without having to endure the fetid dumpster of graduate school. The free-spirited historian has to go through ten levels or historical exercises, also called ‘the method,’ before reaching the historian peak. Anyone with a love of history, curiosity and basic intelligence can do it.

The first skill embraces simple freedom. For the historian, he or she completely rejects the graduate school scam and the lowlifes that congregate in such spaces, which also includes the professors and administrators. I use the word lowlife because most grad students are not your typical hard-working and talented subset of workers and artists. They are exactly the opposite.

Most graduate pupils are weird, petty, pathetic and extremely annoying. Many grad students are incapable workers and cowardly misfits that cannot hold positions in the real world of labor and suffering. For them, grad school is a safe option where they can do meaningless work on the government’s dollars, or in the case of the private universities, on the scholarship of a rich benefactor with dementia.

They soon ‘work’ with their tenured professor advisers that both love and hate them. The professors are just as cowardly as the grad students, which explains the love and hate dynamic between them both. Meanwhile, the university administrators break into vicious smiles. They are the real ‘brains’ behind this degrading university industrial complex.

Grad teacher pay is terribly low and the university admins just adore them. This is because the administrators can pay slave wages to a bunch of spineless graders that will pour through hundreds of college student papers without one word of complaint. Every succeeding academic year, a new crop of academic screwballs enters the academy for more self-abuse. The supply is endless, and the administrators know this.

The university scammed me brutally, and all I received was a piece of paper giving me the pathetic title of ‘doctor.’ Yes, I am a doctor, but for being so intelligent, I was also quite stupid in sacrificing six good years of my youth for such nonsense.

Imagine having to endure six hard years of such abuse for collecting a simple piece of paper. Very few grad students can successfully charter the American university cesspool, while guarding both their integrity and dignity in the strong box. Most graduate student drifters entered the college halls as sublime losers, and they will leave grad school as academic wackos. This terrible, cruel world of demeaning experiences is no place for the art of history. History has nothing to do with such horrors. Just stay away.

The real, actual and true historian can birth him or herself through reading lots of books and visiting libraries, archives and museum collections. This represents the second level and the Method: a love for reading and writing. This method does not mean the despicable skill of ‘academic writing,’ which is the best sleeping pill around. The method embraces all types of writing: poetry, prose, essays, letters, theater, cinema, song and installation art.

This love of books and writing leads into the third level for a historian: a curiosity about some past culture. The historian might have an interest in the lives of Roman imperial soldiers, or the sexual mores of the French Renaissance. The diversity of the world is completely open to all interested parties.

The historian needs to see what the encyclopedias say about the Roman military or French social customs during the 1500s. With this general information, the historian now has linked terms related to a particular study, such as Roman campaigns, martial poetry, French marriage customs, and French gender relations in the early modern period.

The fourth level is when she or he types the links on or and can then see some of the recent historical monographs, (books), or articles on the topics. The budding historian can save those linked works, download copies perhaps, and he or she now has a working bibliography of secondary sources, or books and articles on the original topics.

Now one has to read the different articles and books. The historian does not need to read every little thing from each article and each book. Most books are actually compilations of different article chapters.

Like a good historian, read to browse. Look at the chapters, read the introduction, so as to get the general feel of the work. Next, read the chapters that interest one first. Later, look at the index section for page numbers, and the reader can devour the book for the pertinent info from the index themes. Read the conclusion, which often summarizes the introductory themes and perspectives.

The historical reader must look at the source bibliography for each work. One will notice that the authors tend to use certain sources, both secondary and primary, (primary meaning actual historical works from the period that the historians had studied). This is the fifth level and the hardest part is now over.

The struggling historian will have to categorize all of the sources according to perspective, or ‘paradigm,’ (the author’s method in looking at history), and the publishing year. This historical process has the name of historiography. This is the sixth level.

The writer now has an annotated bibliography, meaning a bibliography of articles and books with a few lines next to each source explaining the paradigm and perspective of the author. For example, some authors might focus on institutional changes in the Roman military rather than the social lives of soldiers. Another author might emphasize women’s history when discussing the sexual and marriage relations of the French in the 1500s.

The seventh level is finding the historical works from the period that one is studying. He or she will have already possessed a bibliography list of translated primary works from the anterior readings of secondary sources. Once the historian has read over thirty secondary source history books, primary source manuscripts, and various articles, she or he has thus transformed her/himself into a historian scholar.

The eighth level is the actual traveling around. Talk to the locals, listen to the songs and local radio, walk ancient winding streets, taste and smell the foods and drinks, experience the festivals, feel the airs, gaze at the moon and stars, touch the earth, visit historical ruins, climb the mountains, visit museums, libraries, and the actual historical archives. Ask the archive staff if a reader can consult some of the original sources from a particular historical period.

The historian wants to get into the mindsets of the people he or she is studying and make the historical connections between the people of the past with their contemporaries. Some cultural traits radically changed, while other cultural values only changed slightly. For Roman soldiers, the writer will need to read Latin and visit various parts of Europe; while for French social customs, the reader will need to understand French and visit France, Wallonie Belgium, Luxembourg, the Swiss French Cantons and Quebec.

Read the archives not as a transcriber, or a paid copier-notation taker; but instead, read for the omissions and additions in the ancient documents. Ask one’s self these questions: who were they writing to, why did they write such documents, how did they organize their documents, and what were the general historical contexts surrounding the documents. The good historian reads between the lines. Organize all of the notes together between the archives, primary source copies of ancient manuscripts, and secondary, regular history book sources, both monographs and articles. This is the ninth level.

The tenth and final level has the historical reader writing essays, journalistic articles, or even a book. The historian now possess interesting and marvelous discoveries that birthed from all of the previous historical research. So congratulations, one has steadily become a free and independent historian.

An honest historian doesn’t need to devote one’s whole life to such a pursuit either. He or she can live as a painter-historian, a car mechanic-historian or an attorney-historian. The person must simply begin with the love, curiosity, and ultimately, have the self-discipline to use the method.

The budding historian ought to never fork over ‘tuition money’ in order to receive ‘a cheap, useless and titled paper.’ The revolutionary historian achieves his or her dream through the art of reading, interpreting, visiting, traveling, investigating and writing.

It takes a lot of discipline and a self-effacing love to conquer the art of history. Any fervid lover of history can carry out such feats. The art of history moves with the freedom to read, travel and write – never selling one’s soul to one of the most heinous scams in global monopoly capitalism – the Amerikan university.


Anarcho-Historian Lesson #7: Actual-Real History versus Crap History

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Aztec account of Siege of TenochtitlanSpanish account of Siege of TenochtitlanBubonic plague EuropeAztec_smallpox_victimsMexican version of American invasionAmerican version of Mexican War

October 1519 was a dangerous month for living in central Mexico. A new invading army with metal plated chest armor, leather boots, helmets, pikes, swords, horses, and a few firearms were on the march – literally. These hundreds of foreign speaking men smelled real bad and a good amount of the men sported beards, which clustered stale food droppings mixed with dried mucus. They were a sick sight to behold.

An even sicker sight was a strange disease never seen before, which had already wiped out whole villages on the Caribbean coast. Thick red and black bulbs grew on the outside of the body and then the human form would rot from the inside out!

Accompanying these rancid bearded men, thousands of Tlaxcalan warriors marched ready to do some damage to their old enemies, the Aztec-Mexican Empire. Spanish conquistadors acted with discernment when encountering advanced civilizations, (meaning urban societies), during their invasions. They first acknowledged the main empire to fight, and then they made alliances with their enemies in order to destroy them. Only twenty years later, they would use the same tactics against the Inca Empire in Peru.

The Spanish had already destroyed some of the crack Aztec warriors within the pyramid of Cholula. The Spanish warriors would soon enter Tenochtitlan, the capital city, and take Moctezuma II hostage. Eventually, the Aztec-Mexica warriors counterattacked in the capital city, and they almost exterminated the Spanish with their Tlaxcalan allies. But the Spanish-Tlaxcalan alliance won the final war in August, 1521. This ad-hoc alliance finally destroyed the Aztec-Mexica empire centered in Tenochtitlan. But there was another invading force that gave the new invaders a special edge.

What truly destroyed the Mexica-Aztec capital was a strange outbreak, never experienced beforehand in central Mexico, called ‘cocolitzli,’ or smallpox, which burst forth in the year 1520. An outbreak had ultimately hit the capital that same year, and it had killed the very emperor himself, Cuitlahuatzin. The epidemic spread all over central Mexico, which of course, made ‘the conquest,’ so much easier. Even the Spanish allies, the Tlaxcalans, experienced its ravages.

A hundred years later, from August 1521, 90 % of the indigenous population of central Mexico would die terribly due to recurring plagues and epidemic outbreaks. The Conquest owed a lot more to micro-biological history than to the genius of Cortes, or even due to the thousands of Tlaxcalan warriors that had increased Cortes’ military forces up towards 8,000 troops.

Yet, crap history accounts continue to rant about the military brilliance of Hernan Cortes, or the invincibility of the Spanish knight-conquistadors, or the funniest account of all, that the Mexica-Aztecs, especially Emperor Moctezuma II, thought that the Spanish were gods. All of these accounts are lies, legends and represent crap history.

How does the discerning historian spot the crap history, or the excrement, from the real and actual history?

Crap history accounts always resort to easy one line reasons for historical acts.

All of those crap accounts are lies because we humans, under the human condition of civilization, are too complex for easy one liners. Looking outside the window at the world around us, we see the incredible complexity that represents the living humanity moving in and out of the urban streets. Since the birth of human civilization, humans have had this human complexity. True history always shows the intricacies that lie behind the incredible acts of human violence.

Crap history also has a particular and very open agenda. It is often found within the pages of state college and public school textbooks, corporate media hype broadcasts, boring history teacher lectures and in museum displays. There is an old saying that the winners write the history books. This is true.

After the Spanish imperial invasions in the Americas, Spanish conquistadors did recount their great ‘heroism and valor.’ But their accounts are often annotated with ego rants and descriptions that defy ordinary beliefs. Their hodgepodge of historical offerings are actually quite hard to read, and few historians use Cortes’ own ‘incredible account,’ for historical research.

The same historical problem also relates to the winners codifying and arranging their writings in archives and in libraries, so that later historians would have easier access to their works. A bad historian will simply read their works and recopy the garbage found in their notes. A good historian however, will reread their writings and then look for particular themes that pop out between the lines. The well-trained historian reads with the discerning eye, while the crap historian reads as a copyist – and then writes a pathetic book or article that most people don’t care to read anyway.

Unfortunately, the historical profession still suffers from the infection of crap history and crap historians. But there is a solution.

Anyone can do the art of reading and write real and actual history. All it takes is the eye of discernment. While reading an ancient text, the historian ought to ask his or herself a few questions: why is the author writing this work, who is the intended audience, how does the author put the work in order, and what was the historical context of the work? We all have our own agendas – and so did our forbears in human history. The official history of United States is a perfect example of the recurring plague of crap history.

The official and standard, crap Amerikan history only lists the official wars of the United States government against other official states, such as Britain, France, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Korea, China, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. It is also gives a special section on the Civil War.

The real and actual history however includes the US govt.’s continual wars of extermination against the Native nations on the continent, the war against the Mormon religion, the Civil War-War of Northern Aggression, the war against crime or against African-Americans, the war against Asian aliens, the war against ‘illegal’ drugs or against young people of color, the war against alcohol or Prohibition, the war against Terrorism, or against Islam, the war against Narco-terrorism-Latino drug cartels, the war against obscenity, the war against International Communism, or the Cold War, the war against illegal immigration, the war against the poor-lumpen proletariat that have no work skills, the war against drunk drivers, etcetera.

The official and standard crap Amerikan history prefers the points of view of presidents, generals, the rich and the powerful. It often praises both their acts of greatness and crimes; while it never offers the perspectives of their unfortunate victims. Crap history acts if the rich and the powerful represent the entire country, culture and society! Obviously, the upper classes don’t live like the rest of us.

The real and actual history includes the perspectives, thoughts, writings and actions of a whole diverse group of historical players: the homeless vagabond, the construction worker-laborer, the skilled mechanic-artisan, the sick and dying in the hospitals, the feisty small business owner-merchant, and the prisoner locked away in some prison-dungeon. Their views matter because they had the gift of human life and lived during a certain historical epoch. What they did with their lives was their business, and often due to birth, they had no other choices open to them.

Again, the complexity of human history comes into play. Even within a particular regional culture, the local humans have represented diverse backgrounds, such as familial relations, ethnic histories, work experiences, and educational formations. All of these elements, and even more that I haven’t listed in this paragraph, construct an individual’s cultural frames.

We frequently live our lives on dysfunctional remote control containing jumbled past experiences, contradictory cultural references and mental juggling acts. We the people under the condition of civilization are complex and all too human.

The Anarchist revolutionary must also act as a historian. He or she understands the truth of this human condition. Any time we hear some mad ranter or pseudo-expert historian ramble about the simple and easy answer to any current problem in society, then we need to either ignore the screamer, or if it is within a private setting, then rebuke the foolish discourse.

We clean our asses after excreting the feces. Our lifetimes are too short for tolerating anymore crap history.

The Amerikan Empire VII: Bad Education through Dirty Social Control

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irocker001p1Univ. of Alabama president's plantation houseUS univerity campus copsanti-mobbing US universityschool bullying01n/27/arve/G1914/017
After twelve years of living overseas in Europe, vagabonding and traveling around the world, I decided to return to the Amerikan school system. I wanted to get the top degree as a historian, a PhD. Yet, I always hated the Amerikan system of ‘education.’ Like most people in the country, most of my Amerikan schooling experiences were quite negative.

I had thought that studying for a PhD, or a useless doctorate degree, would signify a totally different experience. I would be able to read what I wanted, and study various themes and topics that interested me. I could write passionately about what truly fascinated me related to historical stuff. I could then become a professor too.

I finally did receive my longed for PhD six years later – but I was terribly wrong. I was good at history, but common sense kicked me in the butt. The rot of the education system had even infected the deadbeat world of Amerikan university graduate school.

From daycare-head start, nursery ‘schools’ to the doctoral program schools in Amerikan universities, bad education reigns through dirty social control. The main culprit represents the mandatory and compulsory state ‘public’ school. The Amerikan forced and coerced schooling system exists solely for training obedient, institutionalized slaves. The elites wanted, and have continued to want, mental cowards that follow orders throughout their bad employment careers. The Amerikan school system currently runs like a minimum security jail system confined within the bureaucratic iron cage.

I’ll never forget my first few weeks on the Amerikan university campus after being out of the ‘school system’ for over ten years. The university charged and extorted students for almost everything that they needed on campus. There were counseling fees, student bookstore fees, student union fess, building fees, computer resource fees, etcetera, and even teaching grad students had to pay for tuition.

In the Amerikan Empire, the state, inclusive of federal, state and city governments, normally tax the citizens incessantly. However, the Amerikan university had perfected this art of taxation, charges and fines, which possessed even greater reach than the state – since tuition costs rose by the rate of inflation times twenty each year.

The university also had a long list of fees and sanctions that required continual outlays of payments, such as parking fees, for both cars and bicycles, late registration fines, drinking alcohol on campus fines, skateboarding fines, and the poor undergrads that lived in the dorms had it worse. Their lives were exactly like prisoners in minimum security jails. They had to inform the security staff when both leaving and arriving in the buildings. Any minor room infraction could land them serious fines, ending up homeless – or even arrested by the campus donut brigade.

I was really shocked when I saw one peculiar ‘innovation.’ The university had a full-fledged and legal, autonomous police force, with its very own detective and jail, cops openly carried semi-automatic guns, high-powered shotguns, and the unit had an armored vehicle with drug sniffing dogs. These cops were often young and hard-core. They regularly rode and walked around the campus looking to harass and bust both unwary students and strangers that ventured on the campus spaces.

While the cops kept the campus on lockdown, surveillance cameras were prevalent everywhere. It wasn’t as bad as a casino or a prison, but it came close. The vigilance cameras were in the hallways, library bookcase areas, and they even faced the front doors of restrooms.

A terrible ambience of fear and distrust pervaded the entire university campus community. The university bosses or administrators managed the whole operation from the top down. The Regents or Trustees possessed the legal management of the university, so they appointed the president. The president next appointed his or her own assistants, and in turn, they appointed the provosts, vice provosts and the other campus directorships. Meanwhile, the provosts appointed the deans and the assistant deans, and the deans appointed their assistants. Almost none of these six figure salaried administrators, and in the case of the president, millionaires, taught classes. They generally attended meetings and passed e-mails to each other.

The administrative chiefs often delegated the heavy university workload, innocuously called service requirements, onto the tenured professor managers. These administrators could dismiss any worker or terminate any job position at will – even if the victim had tenure.

This American university system resembled the old Communist Central Committees of Eastern Europe, or the old Corporations run by the family juntas of the Rockefellers and the Vanderbilts at the turn of the century. The top directors also referred to ‘their university’ as a not-for-profit corporations. The irony apparently escaped them.

The tenured professor managers were quite disappointing as both workers and people. They often acted in a cowardly manner. They never argued with the administrators, and never fought back against most university injustices. The few who did fight back, ended up fired. Most tenured university professors transformed themselves into institutional drones.

Most of them had already transformed themselves into servile workers through faithfully attending the Amerikan Empire school system.

The worst of the bunch were the other graduate students. I had thought that my fellow students would emerge as intellectual colleagues where deep discussions on history, culture and politics were commonplace. The opposite was true. With so little money at the bottom of the pyramid and with most of us gaining horrible salaries at the poverty level, every other graduate student was a competitor for the meager amounts of available money. Hatred ruled inside of those tiny and claustrophobic grad student offices.

The hatred and anger seethed at all levels on the campus. Administrators often blew their tops against recalcitrant professors. Some professors went ballistic against grad students. The grad students showed their rage through harshly grading the papers of the undergraduates – who represented the ‘lazy’ students. Yet it was the laziest of the bunch, the administrators, who received the greatest payouts. And from there, the pyramid of tension, hate and control regularly flushed down into the university cesspool.

I began to hear other horrible stories and legends. A tenured, professor-pervert got away with his sexual indiscretions due to his ability to garner outside grant money for the university, i.e., the administration. The uni donut cops managed a corrupt practice of busting drivers around the campus at night for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, (DUI) money; meanwhile, some of those same cops would get drunk and then receive free rides home. University administrators would physically threaten attorneys, coaches and professors that refused to bend to their wills.

I also heard about some departments where cowardly professor bullies formed mob actions against their non-conformist colleagues. The university environment functioned under some of the worst institutionalized behavior in the education industry. Only the Amerikan prison gulag or the US Post Office seemed worse off – and yet, I had voluntarily entered this sick world.

I stayed on for six years longer until I received my PhD. I had no where else to go. I was good at history, reading and writing. But I paid a serious price for my desperate and stubborn will to continue and finish graduate school. I too fell victim to the pettiness, the competitive meanness, the nasty envy, and worst of all, the frustrated anger. Yet, I prided myself in resisting such institutional vices. It took me four years after receiving my PhD to fully heal my mind from such a harsh ‘educational’ experience.

After reaching the long sought doctoral degree, I then realized something even more sinister – the Amerikan university had become a rotten extension of the Amerikan high school, which in turn, birthed itself out of the infernal concoction of Amerikan forced schooling, or ‘the public school system.’

The mandatory public school system was actually a recent historical phenomenon. About a hundred years ago in the USA, few people attended the local public schools. Kids might attend a local school-house, but the school was completely autonomous, under a schoolmaster or even a local teacher. Most children attended for a few years, but it often ended when they had to work at their parent’s businesses, farms or small ranches. Children mainly learned their life and work skills from their parents.

At about the same time, Amerika’s elite business capos, such as the Rockefellers, began to lobby the state governments for forced, mandatory schooling. They wanted a more ‘disciplined’ workforce, and so they united with German Empire trained, public intellectuals, such as John Dewey, to set up ‘school boards,’ ‘child labor laws,’ and ‘teacher colleges.’ The Amerikan federal and state apparatuses supported this school system because they watched the spectacular military power of the German Empire, or the Second Reich, which had compulsory state schooling. Other world empires, had also utilized this successful school model, such as the French Empire and the British Empire.

By the 1920s, most US states had some form of mandatory public school law, which gave states the legal right to take away parents’ kids, and hold them against their wills for a good party of the day. The elites however, such as the Rockefellers, never sent their kids to those obligatory public schools; instead, their sons, and eventually, daughters too, attended elite college preparatory private schools, and afterwards, attended the ivy league, elite universities.

The requisite state, Amerikan public schools had more administrators than teachers. They often sat in offices, never taught, and received great salaries, benefits and severance pay packages. Under them were the ‘education leaders,’ or principals, who also made very good money.

In order to earn a little money, I did some substitute teaching at some local public schools. During my period breaks, I overheard teachers recounting some outrageous stories of corrupt Board of Education bosses, often coming into the main office for a few hours and then leaving for the rest of the day. And these bosses made six figure salaries! At the same time, most of the teachers that I saw in the teacher’s lounge seemed tired, worn out, weird and their pay was average. The teachers did most of the work, since the principals never really taught any classes.

Working as a substitute also pained me to view the poor children harassed, categorized and ordered around by the school authorities. Bullying was rampant and the violence between students often exploded into nasty fights. The corporate media liars always blamed school violence on bad kids, bad parents and bad teachers. But I saw first hand that it was the institutional violence of enforced schooling, which had started this nefarious cycle.

The school system of the Amerikan Empire did teach a few reading and math skills. Most importantly however, those schools also taught more deceitful lessons.

The compulsory schooling scam has taught children about their low place in the social hierarchy, and how in order to ‘stay afloat in the world,’ the good student must lie, tolerate boredom, elicit favors, and maintain a false, hypocritical public persona.

The Amerikan state school has represented the most impressive institution for maintaining social control. As long as the Amerikan Empire continually murders and vomits out its casualties across this planet, this disguised jail system for children, adolescents and young adults, will rip apart and destroy its own sad victims.

History shall condemn such a monstruous institution clothed in the black robes of ideological deceit, or ‘educational policy.’ Compulsory State Education has forced millions of parents, under the terrible threats of the State, to hand over their own children for mind and personality mutilation.


I had already finished three hard years of doctoral studies in a university in the American west. I had also recently moved into my very own apartment around the university area. Years before, I had to share a disgusting flat holding other university students, some nice while others not so nice. Changes were coming into my life. I was advancing into a new level of my studies with my comprehensive exams scheduled in the fall. There were no more classes to take, and I was no longer a member on the corrupt graduate student council. A celebration was truly in order. I would reach the level of doctoral candidacy, and with this, a student should enjoy his or her own, cozy, personal space.

Personal protection entered my mindset too. After settling into my own place, I decided to buy my first gun at a local gun show, since I resided in a state where it was easy to buy them. In the city where I lived, every month there was a gun show at the local convention center. With a graduate student friend at the time, we walked into my first ever gun show. I looked around for about an hour, and then spotted a gun for a good price seated on a local dealer’s table. The weapon felt comfortable in my hand, and it seemed easy to operate. I then purchased my first gun, and it felt good to become a gun owner. With purchasing a weapon, an actual gun, I was helping to put my Anarchist politics into practice.

Anarchy and guns make a very good match. There are Anarcho-Leftists that will say otherwise, such as all violence is wrong, guns are right wing, and other Leftist-phony pacifist crap – but they are actually wrong. They are either Communists masquerading as Anarchists because we are a lot cooler than them, or maybe it is because these same Anarchists have allowed Liberal media manipulation into their minds with supporting Leftist-Activist positions, or as they say in America, ‘progressive causes.’ Absurdity is a part of the human condition, and self-proclaimed Anarchists are not immune to it. But if you look at Anarchist history, there is a motto that still maintains it is force: ‘Propaganda through both the word and the deed.’ Or as the first revolutionists stated, the Christians, in the book of St. James, ‘Faith without works is dead.’

An Anarchist that only blabbers the revolutionary talk loses respect in radical circles. If the Anarchist wants Anarcho-street cred than the revolutionary has to walk the walk too. This walking the walk can imply many things. Some examples have included writing and visiting prisoners, feeding the homeless through Food Not Bombs, offering natural herbs and salves to sick brothers and sisters, or setting up a Really Free Market with lots of free clothes and knick-knacks lying around on blankets. Other examples have comprised opening up abandoned buildings, or Squats for the homeless, paying respects to our fallen comrades in the struggle, and even buying a round of beers, drugs and handing out free cigarettes for everyone, including friends, acquaintances, and even for enemies. And yes, there is showing up at a boring demonstration in a Black Block outfit, or not going in an outfit at all, and in addition, posting articles for the local Indymedia. There are also the deeds of sabotage and self-defense. This is where the guns come into play.

For an Anarchist, the gun is the tool that defends our rights to live without molestation, whether it is against a criminally minded hoodlum intent on robbery, murder or rape, or against a racialist skinhead grabbing a bat or chain, and ready to do some physical damage to his racial enemies. Anarchists believe in the right to self-defense. So why don’t American Anarchists join with the gun owner rights movement in the States?

The answer is that we do sympathize with their cause, but we also know that the movement represents a highly diverse salad of ideological interests. Some of those ideological interests also represent our political enemies in our struggle against the State and Capitalism. The diverse American gun owners’ rights groups include Tea Party Conservatives, war wimps that sympathize with right-wing militias and mercenary groups, pro-US military diehards and extreme American patriots, a few hard right Christian Conservatives, Libertarians, gun collectors, sports shooters, and small arms sellers, such as Ruger and Smith & Wesson. As Anarchists, nor do we join groups like the NRA, Gun Owners of America, hunters associations, and other gun rights groups out there – but we stand with the right to bear arms, meaning guns, and defending ourselves by any means possible – Second Amendment or no Second Amendment.

Recently, US state political hypocrites have run on the media offensive against America’s gun culture. The state spongers in the capital of the Empire manipulated another mass shooting attack. Like previous attacks, the shooter was taking legal psycho-drugs, or ‘meds,’ and then decided to murder a bunch of people. But for this recent episode, it was the theme of the ‘children’ as the victims. Of course, the shooting happened at a gun free zone, such as a school, similar to previous mass shootings. Gun free zones make it a felony to possess weapons on the premises. These are the perfect places for gun attacks to proliferate, since the victims cannot defend themselves. Some months ago, an angry, psycho-med guy entered a mall ready to murder people. The perpetrator murdered one person until a concealed carry individual, also inside the mall, took the murderer down. The corporate media did not report much on that story.

We are actually dealing with some real nasty sociopaths in power, on both political aisles. They will say anything in order to win elections, and they will mythologize any event in order to move their agendas into enacting more criminal laws. The corporate media immediately jumped into the fray with its usual attacks on ‘gun violence,’ while American urban politicians that are more like local tyrants in the Third World, demanded some legal actions to ban the guns. Even the next year’s Super Bowl had pre-game and half time spots against guns. Of course, the corrupt bosses that control the NFL had to do their parts too. It was obvious to observers of the media, state politics and hype manipulation, that powerful manipulators were trying to whip up a phony social movement and ‘build momentum’ against America’s gun culture.

What really surprised me was that some of the Leftist websites where I have normally read interesting articles against the Amerikan Empire, such as Counterpunch, soon published a litany of anti-gun articles. Some of the authors were the typical tenured coward gang from cozy university offices. But other authors shocked me completely, and especially those that have written articles exposing government-state lies and murders. Those authors seemed to equate gun ownership with right-wing assholes tied to the NRA. Yet, do these insightful Leftists trust the same government that they curse and criticize regularly to faithfully hold a monopoly on violence? However, a few courageous authors on the Internet defended the use of weapons, and including the use of weapons by Leftists and radicals, against the US government. And yes, many gun guys in the States are right wing, patriotic, white skin privileged, fat boys – but not all of them are like that.

Guns are ubiquitous to the American landscape. There are also us Anarchists and radicals that own guns and know who the real enemy is. The true enemy is an Imperial state located in D.C. where sociopathic mass murderers plot endless wars against the Earth’s humanity. This constant and eternal war against the life, liberty and happiness of humanity has been ongoing since the founding of this monstrosity, in the year 1790. Some Anarchists have guns and train with them – and we will use them against the common enemy of humanity, the imperial state apparatus and their parasitical elites, if and when they decide to confiscate them and/or imprison us. Like I stated before in this post, ‘Propaganda of both the Deed and the Word.’ A good Anarchist knows his or her weapon of choice because a well-used tool furthers the revolutionary spirit.

307335Agents of Repression

Last April 1st, 2013, the Supreme Court refused to proceed with the petition of Ward Churchill. He was fighting an unequal conflict against the sinister and corrupt administration at the University of Colorado. Thus, a cabal of federal government appointees ended Ward’s tumultuous struggle since 2005, which has represented almost ten full years of struggle and resistance. Most university professors would have cowered in quiet desperation after such outrageous acts of injustice. The University of Colorado administration club of six figure salaried parasites did not know with whom they were fighting. Ward not only talked the radical scholar talk, he has lived the life.

Before this legal fight, the academic public regarded him as a doctor of humanities, a tenured university professor and a respected, published scholar. After the media hype went against him in full throttle mode, he then had to change his tactics. From writing books exposing the US governments’ war of genocide and repression against native nations, he next had to engage with his attorney, compile facts of any attacks made against him, and ultimately maintain his composure and outspokenness while losing his main source of income.

During this period of warfare, he sustained continual media defamations, personal attacks to his honor and dignity, isolation from former ‘friends,’ loss of his main bread and butter for survival, a complete ripping away of his academic privileges, inclusive of cancelled invitations to speak on numerous campuses and at various conferences. The corporate right-wing US media, University of Colorado administrators, and powerful demagogues writhing within the secret chambers of the state of Colorado performed a Seventh Cavalry charge on the man. But Ward stood his ground and fought them through the courts.

He won the first round, and then the university appealed. A political judge opportunist reversed the original decision, in true legal mugging style, and Ward appealed again, next to the State Supreme Court, and later to the Federal Supreme Court. The University of Colorado admin flunkies did not win their petty war however. Like all public university administrative attorneys, they received their wages through the public trough of state taxes, not from the fattened wallets of administrator hacks. Appealing a man’s right to his job has never meant anything to state spongers. And those public criminals still tried to get Ward to pay their legal bills!

Ward’s legal petitions had no such recourses. He had to pay from his own pocket. While unemployed, he did manage to secure some severance pay from the cheap university, but he still had to politely ask for legal fee donations. The University of Colorado admin junta ultimately hoped to destroy the man himself. They did neither. Ward Churchill, like all scholars of veracity and honor, constantly maintained his warrior spirit and added his voice to the winds of truth.

Like Ward, I also have a doctorate in the humanities. I am permanently unemployable in Amerikan academia, and am quite proud of it. Transforming my soul into a scared institutionalized coward for ‘a tenured spot,’ or into a bootlicker of a university administrator that has a personality closer to a Pentagon apparatchik, is not worth the loss of self-respect. I identify more with the real tenured radicals that no longer exist in the Amerikan academy. Life is too short to lose one’s human rights. And once they are lost, it is so much more difficult to recuperate them ever again.

Of course, managed professors in Amerikan higher ed, including a few of his former colleagues in Ethnic Studies that publicly distanced themselves from his ‘comments,’ thought Ward was an exception. He was too left of the radical fringe. They said the same things about Sami Al-Aran, Norman Finkelstein, David Graeber and Denis Rancourt. All of these above intellectuals and scholars wrote books, essays, and articles, taught classes, and most importantly, stood openly against injustice. Whether they spoke for the plight of Palestinians or on Anarchist theory, those fighters refused to bow to the bad authorities.

Although the corporate lackey media has now forgotten Ward Churchill, his eight-year legal struggle bodes some horrifying omens for tenured professor managers in Amerikan Academia. Like Dietrich Bonhoeffer stated before his own Nazi style execution: by the time they came for me, there was nobody left to fight back; and so it is with the thousands of tenured cowards hiding away in their offices. Yes soon, the six-figure salary club of non-teacher admins will even come for their jobs. They will receive their termination slips for any slip of the tongue, weird e-mail, and critique of the corp-university. They will lose their jobs even if they possess a full professorship and have gotten used to their first tastes of a six-figure salary after twenty plus years of teaching. They had better get used to both treading softly and speaking with their heads down in the presence of their new, most powerful, vengeful gods.

Most importantly, and as the Ward Churchill Solidarity website stated: university administrations have complete immunity from legal challenges. The whole rotten judicial system of the United States, with its spurious crime felonies that increase daily like cancer cells in a terminal bound patient, and with its highest prisoner population in the entire world, will reject all and every appeal coming from the hunted intellectual-scholar-professor versus the university corporate complex of administrators. Now, the university admin juntas have complete and total legal immunity and they will fight for their sacred legal privileges until their universities become so expensive that they will have retained most of their students under some form of debt-slavery. Woe to any professor, worker or student that tries to stand up for him or herself within those humanity crushing institutions.

The biggest precedent of the ruling remains a cultural one. University administrators in the United States have now entered the sacred club of the revolving door elites. They subsequently receive similar paychecks and benefits as the top officers, the starred generals of the US military, the mass murderers of millions of victims across the globe, who get every government handout with no strings attached. Nowadays, they share the same enclosed box seats at sporting events with the top politician hacks that monthly increase the felony loads on the lower classes. Both gangs know that there are separate laws for them.

They now eat at the same restaurants with the top banksters that have legally robbed millions of Americans. None of them have yet to enter the horrors of the American gulag. Both mobs share their wonderful severance packages when fired or pushed to resign. These elites do not have to worry about receiving unemployment benefits. In fact, all of these elite cabals have received their grande portions of loving welfare, from both state and federal government agencies.

Ward Churchill fought as the warrior spirit for both his honor and for the justice of all scholar-activists within the authoritarian hells of the Amerikan university system. He lost this battle. But conflict is what makes human history. Think about all the great stories from mythology and the chronology of mankind under civilization, all of them are either violent accounts, or face the subjects of vengeance and death. Human history is also filled with absolute absurdity.

During the sixteenth-century, The Spanish monarchy was the greatest world empire where the sun refused to set, yet now the country writhes in shame with a political class of buffoons that simply mandate the police to beat up the suffering people in the streets. Empires rise quickly in both coercive power and in the art of murder, but they slowly rot and putrefy through their very own historical consequences. Meanwhile, the winds of truth never extinguish. The war of maneuver against such nefarious evil that Ward has dedicated his life against has still yet to begin.

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