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I hereby, from now on, going forth into life unto my certain death, entirely renounce the modern ideology of Anarchism.

I no longer subscribe nor adhere to any Anarchist beliefs, views or opinions. I also fully repudiate and reject any identity as an Anarchist. I am no longer an Anarchist, nor will I have anything more to do with such a political ideology, implying any subset of Anarchism whatsoever. I will not elicit, nor have any more connections, nor any correspondence with whatever Anarchist political clique – from the day of publishing this essay.

Anarchy was however, a good working community system during historical antiquity, and it is still a good system. But it exists nowhere – nowhere in the entire Earth in fact.

Does anybody know of an Anarchy community that still exists, and that truly functions properly? Is there any Anarchy community that lives on total auto-sufficiency? This implies that they wholly make and create their own tools, clothes and housing, and that they grow all of their own food. Even the Amish Mennonites shop in Wal-Fart.

Anarchism was another stage of awakening during one of my past, constructed self identities. This political ideology no longer serves its purpose in my life, and most importantly, inside of my mind.

The Anarchist ideology has rather harassed my mind with fanaticism, hatred, extremism, rudeness, black or white, either-or thinking, stubbornness, nastiness, arrogance, judging others, anger and frustration. Life is hard enough as it already is, and there is just too much suffering in this melancholic world.

I now practice the Buddhadharma entirely. I do not want this pockmarked ideology with humanity’s vices invading my fragile mind space. I have found true liberation through the practices of the Buddhadharma.

Anarchism currently exists as another false political ideology from the mental garbage of Modern European Culture, (the 1700s-1900s AD). This sordid ideological list puked forth from world civilization includes Leftism, Conservatism, Liberalism, Psychobabble, Traditionalism, Judeo-Christian Morality, Humanism, Imperialism, Libertarianism, Nihilism, Socialism, Criminal Justice, Militarism, Monopoly Capitalism, Formalism, Cultural Marxism, Historicism, Modernism, Religious Fundamentalism, Statism, Environmentalism, Literary Criticism, Feminism, Consumerism, Structuralism, Political Science, Legalism, Compulsory Education, Multiculturalism, Scientific Method, Journalism, Dialectical Materialism, Postmodernism, Nationalism, Globalism, Communitarianism, Colonialism, Positivism, Fascism, Racialism-Eugenics, Futurism, Technological Fetishism and Communism. I might have missed one. I think the reader understands my point.

All modern ideologies have caused uncountable suffering across the globe. They hurt, damage, and even destroy the sensitive and the weak. They warp human minds, imprison life forms, and even cause their ideological fanatics to both intentionally torture and murder their so-called ‘enemies.’ Each ideology contains a little kernel of truth, and yet they all repeat intentional lies ad nauseam. All ideologies basically suck – Anarchism included.

Anarchy was the truth however – but it only thrived in the distant past. Once destroyed, nothing comes back to life. The same has been true for Anarchy. Anarchy had once breathed fully in various native, cultural communities around the Earth for thousands of years.

Urban civilizations, with their States and Political Economies, ultimately assassinated those Anarchic communities. Modern European Colonialism, Settler-Colonial States, (such as the Amerikan Empire), and European Imperialism together, exterminated the last holdouts. Most Native containment reserves in the United States now have casino resorts.

Nothing remains from World History’s ancient Anarchic communities. Even the desert Bedouin have to reside in segregated housing. We cannot resuscitate Anarchy back to life. We must let it go to the annihilation tales of human history. Modern Civilization with its technological madness has triumphed. The Native Communities of Anarchy have lost, gone forever, never returning, never again.

What is left of the so-called Anarchy or Autonomous political movements inside the actual Amerikan Empire ruled by Sociopaths?

We have some white skin privileged, Anarchist hipsters living in urban gentrification zones. With eclectic art galleries, art walks, artsy cafes, dark bars and ethnic restaurants, those ‘anti-establishment’ hipsters have become a part of the first gentrification wave bringing profit glory to urban landlords-property pimps. Yes, when I was living in one of those west coast Leftist urban enclaves – I was also one of those fools. I have realized my past mistakes.

This social clique tends to wear similar black clothes, and listens to the same punk records, from folk punk to crust punk. They love getting intoxicated, and enjoy attending public demos, protests, street manis with their mortal political enemies: the Leftists, the Activists, the Liberals, the Marxist cult sects, and other professional demonstrator weirdos.

What’s even worse is that some of them are just as intolerant, mean-spirited, dishonorable, ill-disciplined and rude as their Leftist competitors. They dress a whole lot cooler than the Communist wing nuts though. Does the Anarcho-malcontent club seem like a good group to join? Increasing one’s affliction through hanging out with such holier than thous is not worth the grief. I don’t enjoy spending my personal time with most Evangelical Christians either.

Are not we all polluted mentally? The answer is yes. The political economic elites are sociopaths – yet we would become just like them if we had possessed their political power and economic parasitical wealth. We are all prisoners of the human condition under civilization. We all excrete, piss, blow gas, erupt, create snot, stomach grumbles, phlegm, mucus and ear wax. We all march to the glory of Death.

And those Anarcho-agitators suffer grievously. They think that they can vomit up their suffering against those same political-economic elite enemies with bloc marching, and screaming, ‘Whose streets our streets,’ and ultimately doing minor property damage. This strategy has never worked, nor will it ever work. Nothing ever changes. Human civilization is only going to get a whole lot worse.

Meanwhile, the Leftists scream, ‘This is what Democracy looks like,’ or ‘Si, se puede,’ with their generic bullhorns. At least Anarchists don’t use bullhorns. I will give them that, and they don’t usually try to hawk those ‘newspapers’ or propaganda rags written by Marxist fanatics, as the Marxist cults do.

I am choosing to stay away as far as possible from all of it, yet I have compassion for them.

How could any small street demo make such a great difference? The demo will probably get on the nightly news – but so what? Those dishonest, corporate media dissemblers tend to love controversy, scandals and lies. Why try to impress such people in the first place?

What about the Kids on the Black Bloc? No, they do not inspire fear in the local donut cop gang. I even imagine that the cops like a little give and play with another small-time, urban clique of softies.

The big bad state gang, in Robocop taxpayer paid uniforms, stands ready to pounce on anyone that gets in their ways – and they have the Amerikan legal system to back them up too. If the Black Bloc kids would go one on one in hardcore cage match fights against the state donuts-tax base eaters, then that would impress me.

I do therefore bury Anarchy deep into the fiery pit of humanity’s ashes. I toss Anarchy into the refuse of the rotting corpses of Absurd History. I deposit Anarchy into mountains of fresh excrement, and well inside the putrid trash dungs of historic extinction.

The Human Experiment has failed and will never recover its past glory. Technology and the Bad Death have triumphed together. They only laugh at us now. There is no hope, no light at the end of the tunnel, no escape, no return to the source. All is done.

So how can we politically fight the Great Sociopath, or the Amerikan Empire with its capital in Washington D.C.? We don’t. We cannot fight them. We can only change our own behavior to practice complete and total non-compliance against human history’s most dangerous and nefarious empire.

If we free our minds first from ego-self attachments, then the true liberation will follow.



There are some things in life that we should never revive.

And yet, there exist other things in life that we would definitely reestablish. Lest we forget that nothing created nor compounded into existence could ever possibly resurrect again. All is change, things vanish, and this arising and ceasing explains the endless cycles of impermanence.

The Human Condition suffers under its own mental chains of Civilization, and so it has continued destroying all of its previous creations. Yes, all of its previous creations are no more – and will never resurrect again.

Humanity has transformed its existence into the open air prison of the Modern State. The State has become the Monster, the Beast of legal murder, brazen criminality. Aligned solidly with such a criminal institution is our Modern, Capitalist Political-Economy, which has also transformed into a recurring nightmare of brutal poverty, institutional violence, endless scams, and economic misery. All hope is lost.

We simply cannot return to any original source, since there never was any so-called ‘first condition.’ We are too addicted to suffocating technology and institutional coercion. How could we possibly thrive inside such a concocted sham of a system?

Some communities, societies, and even nations, actually survived within true and sincere Anarchy – simply living their lives.

They had no social hierarchies, no political class of legal crooks, no banking-funny money scams, no political-economic elites who made profits off of the hard-working majority, no property pimp renting contracts, and especially no private property rights trumping community rights.

There were no life and energy killing wage slave jobs, no jail cells, holding centers and prison dungeons, no torture centers and concentration camps, no schools, day jails and education institutions.

Their societies did not have any legal psychobabble quacks nor medical doctors in disease ridden hospitals with full legal rights to forcibly imprison weaker victims.

There existed no professional military-police-spy corps with the full legal immunity in the right to lie, steal and murder, and no twisted legal codes to catch and destroy the unwary subjects.

Those cultures and civilizations were the first Anarchists. They all lived an actual Anarchy of Liberty and Freedom. Only the noble truth and a man’s word of honor mattered. All law-legal systems represented the traps of the dishonest.

Such Anarchic societies represented the ancient cultures of Europe, such as the Celts, Slavs, Avars, Huns, Turks and Germans. In Africa, hundreds of such cultures existed. The geography moved from the noble Berbers of the northern Atlas mountains across the Mediterranean, to the Bantu Bushmen warriors of the Kalahari Desert near the southern cape.

In Asia, we move from the ancient Malay hunters within the southern tropical forests, to the Mongol horsemen on the northern steppes. In Oceania, we could visit the great cultural traditions of Maori warrior clans, and then view the hundreds of Aboriginal nations fighting and living in the great interior bush.

Human history also records the true nobility of the Iroquois Confederation and the Eskimo people hunting and fighting on the northern forests and steppes, moving thousands of kilometers south – we find ourselves among the native warriors of the Mapuche, living and fighting in the cold foothills of the Andes and lower river valleys.

How many thousands of such great Anarchic civilizations are no more? The exterminated ones were actually quite lucky for they died noble deaths. Only a few ancient noble civilizations have survived  the recent European-Christian grand extermination plots and their destructive goals of total enslavement.

Of those ancient world cultures who still survive, they all find themselves shackled to cultural terminal illness. European invasions, European colonization-resettlement schemes, open mass murder-genocide, and Judeo-Christian Monotheist Cult confessions have murdered the joy of the hunt and the feast.

The original invasion-colonization methods have laid the wicked foundations of modern urban society. Euro-state criminals later shoved those same nations into the open prisons of modern cities, becoming a reserve army of ready wage slaves, or resigning their bodies to die bad deaths inside rural reserves. The once noble nations, now cultural pathology victims, had to survive through a bogus cultural modernity, and even transform themselves into the pawns of a community destroying global capitalism.

Those noble nations of tight warrior clans and family oriented, community values, either had to adopt to the enemy’s rancid culture and sell their honor – or perish as the knights of the last stand, committing honorable suicide through the ultimate battle. Fight, steal and kill until the European sociopaths had to murder all of them. Such was the fate of many of the California natives during the Great War of Extermination, 1840s-80s.

We remember those ancient nations of genuine honor and nobility. Modern Europe really had no choice but to murder all of them. Their Anarchy was too much to bear. The actual freedom of the simple and natural life exposed the European civilization trap. They became nothing but a collection of regional-urban monstrosities, sham systems of deceit, violence, hate, greed, imprisonment and ugly hypocrisy.

The European Anarchists of our Modern Era have only existed as twisted writers, tortured intellectuals, marginalized workers, travelers and bums, dreamers and quacks.

They were never fortunate enough to live the true Anarchy – nor will they ever. The historical list of modern Anarchists has included Godwin, Stirner, Bakunin, Cleyre, Proudhon, Fabbri, Rocker, Magon, Malatesta, Galleani, Most, Kropotkin, Goldman, Berkman, Armand, Makhno, the Haymarket Martyrs, Vanzetti, Berneri, DiGiovanni, Michel, Durruti, Gonzalez Prada, Pellicer, Ward, Graeber, Bookchin, Zerzan, the Punk Bands Crass, Subhumans and Rancid, etc.

And this sad list will only increase, as the actual injustice of human existence becomes even more demeaning – within our contemporary inferno, lashed inside a putrid smelling hell – ultimately gasping for breaths within a cold corpse of ferocious vermin.

That absurd time in history went way back. It was around 1000 BCE, so about three thousand years ago – and really not long ago in the grand scheme of the Natural History of the Universe. The actual place was the super dry, red-brown desert, Mediterranean region of the Levant, or as the Corporate-Amerikan-Zionist propaganda machine refers to it today – The Middle East world region – whatever that means.

There was an Anarchy culture that thrived during that historical epoch. They called themselves The Bedouin. The Bedouin have never had a true nation-state. The entire desert itself, from the Great Sahara of North Africa to the Arabian Desert that bordered Persia, was their home. They did not just live on the grand desert dunes, they sailed it, feasted on it, danced on it, and even partied on it.

They had no official government contacts, which was just fine with them. If you wanted to trade them for their weapons, or their cattle, mostly goats, sheep, camels, and even later in history, blood licking bulls and Arabian horses – then you had better meet them on their own terms, usually somewhere in the vast desert.

No money was ever exchanged, no banking nor state controls involved; simply, a bartering trade deal, a friendly hospitality of delicious tea to lighten the tension, and then a slight bow-embrace of respect between both parties over a good and honest trade. A Bedouin man’s word was enough.

The Bedouin had no corrupt legal codes, judges, jails nor juries – it was always the word and actions of honor that mattered. And yet, their system always worked. Official crap history does not record much about this culture – but they certainly avoided the hells and pitfalls of most other civilized cultures across the Earth.

For the Bedouin, family was everything. I am not implying our contemporary nuclear family, which is not a true family of solidarity and love. Their families were of extended blood and combat lines inclusive of multiple generations, now referred to in anthropology textbooks as clans.

The whole entire family clan lived, partied, slept and hung out together, pitching their tents, packs, blankets, camels, dogs, cats and goats – wherever the desert breeze commanded. They preferred to sleep under the magical night, creamy sky of beating-breathing stars and shiny gold dust that echoed strange dreams into their senses – rather than the closed container buildings of the rich and powerful crooks.

Their families also consisted of their animal buddies and friends. The Bedouin were a tight-knit group, and they shared everything, meaning food, clothes, drink and most importantly, music, song and dance. Everyone was in, nobody felt excluded or stayed left out.

Delicious food, thick hashish and homemade wine were all plentiful. While the native Caribs, before their mass extermination in the West Indies from European Conquest and Colonialism, had invented our modern barbecue pits – the Bedouin version has always possessed the sweet smells of taste bud delights.

Their meals consisted of smoked meats, green onion-garlic bulb veggie mixes, figs-dried into fruit mixes, all natural goats’ milk, fresh and super chilled well water – and some nice coffees, teas, alcoholic beverages – oily cannabis leaf to finish the culinary good fortune.

There was no stupid drunken-intoxicated behavior at those communal feasts – every Bedouin man had his weapon at the ready – due to any disgrace of honor. Honor and ready weapons have always made the most polite, gentlemanly societies.

The Bedouin lived and died through faith, family, festivities, food, fun, and fortitude-courage. They were really the first adherents to the words of the Prophet. They have even shared a marvelous story told throughout the generations about truly experiencing the Prophet’s great night journey across the ancient lands of the Patriarchs. They actually saw the Angel Gabriel’s Spirit fly out into the deep wavy sky, called the Night Flight, across those sacred desert lands. No doubt, the Faith, Dar Al Islam, would spread across this grandiose part of the world.

Until this very day, the mystical travelers of Islamic Sufism find the Bedouin as spiritual cousins living in the sacred gardens of sand, flowers and sweet oils. Many Sufi masters have also taken their wanderings and travels across such dry seas – just like their Bedouin brothers, all the while, conversing inside the greater Ummah believing community. Both Cultures, the Bedouin and the Sufi, have spoken the fine arts of poetry recitation through spiritual wine, cannabis scents, hypnotic music and group dance – somehow they have conveyed the Great Mystery.

One of the Three Kings of Jesus’ Nativity was also a Bedouin prophet. They always understood the stars and night sky movements because they had always let the Desert speak silently through the deep evening dance – rather than have the imperial astrological experts from Babylon proclaim the official truth.

The Bedouin have preferred their own versions of the DIY, or do it yourself methods: travel, food, sexuality, song, poetry, family and fighting. Their methods were so magical that the first Islamic and European alchemists thought that the Bedouin had possessed The First Knowledge.

The women danced and sang voluptuously with the men after the food and drink celebration. When walking about those civilized human dumps, or ancient cities, they wore long dark shawls of sienna brown and muted burgundy. The mysterious women often covered the middle of their brows with metallic coins and other attractive designs, all of which hid a sensual beauty under those dark and inviting eyes.

Any offense to their sacred honor, led to a horde of Bedouin bad boys with twisted, pointy weapons thirsty for the Vengeance. All bad guys knew that messing with the Bedouin girls meant death – a really bad death!

Around this same time however, other cultures began to sell out their minds and bodies to the trappings and chains of civilization. The Bedouin always opt out.

This putrid historical list has included the Royal Pharaonic Egyptian Empire, the Assyrian Military Empire, The Akkadian-Kassite Dynasty of the Babylonian Confederation of Crescent Cities Empire, the Ideological-Military Persian-Median Empire, the Hyksos Raiding Empire, the Phoenician Port City Naval Empire and the Hittite Priest Class-Royal Empire.

There were also periodic attacks from the growing Nubian and Ethiopian Empires. Out of this imperial empire mess representing ancient state dynasties, there emerged colonized cities trying to eke out their own historic glory.

This period has the name of the infamous Iron Age. We have the Habiru, or the Hebrews, the Canaanites, Moabites Ammonites, Kenites, the Ephraimites-Israelites, or later the Samaritans, the Nabateans, Midianites, Arabs, Philistines, Amalekites, Calebites, Amorites… and the so-called twelve tribes of Biblical lore, the Benjaminites, Judaeans, later the Jews, Reubenites, Simeonites, Danites, Levites-Kohanim, Naphtalites, Gadites, Mannassites, Zebulunites, Asherites, and Issacharites. All of these agricultural-pastoral-warrior cultures possessed walled cities where temple-money pits-priest-ruling classes, and political centers existed.

Out of this historical-cultural clutter, the Bedouin never sold out. Like the hated gypsies, who had to travel from Hindu-caste-jati dominated South Asia, or Pradesh-Nepal-Rajasthan-Gujarat-Punjab-Kashmir-Orissa-Bengal world region, to the Great Hypocrites of Europe, the Bedouin just pitched their tents and traveled.

The Bedouin maintained the simple faith and stood firm on honor. Life was hard enough. Traveling, having few possessions, and sharing between a loving family community sufficed. They were right – and still are right.

Their worst enemies in today’s horrifying world represents the Zio-nazi Crusader State – now situated right in the middle of their ancient traveling routes. The Zionist fascists want no free travel from Africa into Asia – especially from a group of lowlife Arabs. The Euro-Zionist murderers have forcibly resettled the Bedouin on reservation dumps in historic Palestine, only later to suddenly remove them, pushing them into a marginalized gypsy existence surrounded by a massive Palestinian Concentration Camp.

What is left for the rest of us, stuck and imprisoned in this modern world? We remember the Bedouin.

As of now those travelers live under continual harassment, as we also live under continual government intimidation. As the state criminals are desperately trying to culturally exterminate them, so have they done previously across Asia, Africa, the Americas and Oceania. Meanwhile, the State crooks tax, fine, observe, control, watch, spy on, attack, imprison, coerce, and charge us incessantly. All hope has blown with the desert winds.

We do have the practice of freedom however. We always ignore their pleas, propaganda and programs. We discipline, educate and tame our minds towards awareness, while focusing on our mastery and crafts. We stand on the word of honor, truth, and sincerity, always respecting our fellow humans, for we all suffer and fall into traps.

We train as noble warriors, hunters and even soldiers. We live on courage, and yet we are humble, rejecting the ego mania disease of modern life. We never kill, hurt, steal or lie against our brothers and sisters. We hold love and compassion for all humans who are just trying to survive on this miserable Earth.

The Bedouin, the noble nomads still survive – and so must we all.


It’s amazing! What might you ask?

We the people still cut out important time out of our busy lives, during the cluttered workdays – to vote. We only vote for their preselected candidates, often chosen from our own worst enemies – the elites. Why would normally intelligent people destroy their own precious time and decimate their own stored energies, just to vote for their adversaries’ political candidates?

The reason is that we believe the citizen-democracy hype: the double fisted ideologies of Liberalism, or Liberal-Democracy, and Socialism, or Social-Democracy. Both of those ideologies have invaded our mental consciousness and have parasited off our minds.

There is no cure until us deluded citizens want the cleansing. For a long time, most democratic citizens have not been interested in any real changes. The politicians scream and rant about changes to come, but most citizens really want the status quo, or the continuation of the same dismal rot.

Real change is brutal to the mind – and to life in general, while the human condition under civilization always prefers the accustomed-boring life. We love watching movies about heroic tragic lives – but that doesn’t mean we want to live such dangerous existences.

Personal transformations kill the old selves, and then self-recreate newer existences. The endless cycles of deaths and births breed greater sufferings towards physical extinction. Basic survival is sufficient.

Is the Human Condition under Civilization a sick species? Well, the answer is both a yes and a no. Most humans, meaning those under the heated and loaded gun of modern, urban civilization, actually enjoy mental suffering. Suffering offers both conscious meanings and a false sense of self-identity.

Many believe that our political elections are an integral part of the permanent cycles of human existence, such as paying annual taxes, showering daily, going to sleep at night, and eating three meals per day. We continue to live and die as human addicts beholden to our mental-physical habits and false views. Few question the perverted logic of such mental riddles and mind games.

One such mind game-mental riddle comes from the intellectual dump of Modern German Philosophy, or Modern Ideologies. It is the Hegelian Political Dialectic. Although it was another German philosopher who invented it, Johann Fichte. Karl Marx used such a dialect to formulate his Communist Materialist, (Non-Theist), Philosophy, specifically in his Communist Manifesto, in relation to Class Struggle or Class War.

Other intellectuals on the Left, such as the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxists, have used it. We now refer to them as the Politically Correct, Anti-Oppression Cult. Their schema is Repressive Forces versus the Anti-Oppression Resistance-Erotic Liberation Movement, which then leads to Hedonism-Anomie, or Social Disorder-Tradition Destruction.

The basic premise of Fichte’s Political Dialect is that the Thesis versus the Antithesis always leads to the Synthesis, or the Truth.

For the Modern State this method implies: formulate a problem-thesis for the citizen dupes, create a controlled opposition-antithesis to the problem, such as a phony debate, a nasty political discourse, a media hyped event, or whatever, and then the same leaders offer the solution-synthesis of the State. The State thus performs two important functions at the same time.

First, it elicits interest within the civil society, or the general population, for its boring and hypocritical cant. Second, it also proposes the bunk solution to the phony issue, which the State had originally dreamed up.

Why does the State continually and nauseatingly employ such methods? Because this trite practice furthers the legitimacy of the State. Modern states have to maintain legitimacy as humans must breathe in order to live. The State elites light the fires. The public divides into opposing factions, while it does the actual screaming and street fighting. Ultimately, the Media surrogates in league with the State will offer the bogus solutions.

This so-called political ruse or dialectic of divide and conquer, is nothing more than an either/or, black or white, friend-enemy mental phenomenon, just another political tactic in perpetuating social control. Yet, it works every single time the State employs it!

This historical period was just over one hundred years ago, around the 1890s. A group of elites, this time in the Republica de Chile, were sitting around a thick wooden, brown-black table inside a large, rectangular white room with high ceilings. They were discussing the formation of a political-military junta de gobierno, or an ad-hoc government body, in order to seize the State. The place was the coastal, cosmopolitan city of Valparaiso.

Those Chilean elites actually seemed like a late nineteenth-century clown show of Euro-copying madmen mixed with over the top, Latin American styled, military generals, with super starched uniforms displaying neat epaulets, shiny buttons and gaudy medals. They could have also passed as Latino cousins, or primos, getting ready for a crazy fiesta, Latino wedding.

The elite men, all of them men, and all of European persuasion, also wore finely starched suits, incense-cologne of rose-water stench, exquisitely trimmed moustaches, crisp bifocals, greased back black hairs and shiny black boot-shoes. These refined hombres all spoke fluidly about extremely important subjects, such as their illustrious European family heritages, trips to Europe, house furniture, mine investments. Yet, these elites were hatching a dishonest political struggle for seizing power. They didn’t speak the Castilian Spanish of Spain – but their accents and tones were of smooth Spanish groove.

They were setting up Chile’s Third Civil War, of which they were quite successful.

The previous civil conflicts had similar beginnings, during the 1850s, and right after the so-called Independencia, in the 1830s. This political cabal of fools represented los Conservadores, or the Conservatives. Their so-called political bozo rivals, los Liberales, or the Liberals, actually looked and acted almost exactly like them! The elites excluded all racial castes, such as indians, blacks and mixed breeds.

When these political hacks were not fulminating, attacking or murdering each other, they would also manufacture periodic crises, or crises, always related to Chile’s national territories. Chilean governments would distract the common population with periodic invasions of its enemy neighbors.

Chile fought a war against Argentina over some unpopulated land in the polar cap of the Tierra de Fuego. No humans lived there, but Chile’s honor was at stake because Argentina drew a line going too far west on the map. Then Chile wanted more lands for its mining and guano industries in the desert north, the Atacama, so it fought repeated wars against Bolivia and Peru.

Chile finally seized Bolivia’s Pacific province of Antofagasta, making it a landlocked country in the middle of the Andean Mountains to this day, and then completely destroyed Peru, even stealing its rich heritage of historical archives, during the War of the Pacific. Chile also robbed Peru’s southern province of Tarapacá.

Within those changing political currents, the two opposing political factions also revised their names . During the first years of the Chilean Republic, the wars were between the Realistas, or Royalists, and Patriotas, or Patriots. Next, it was the Liberal-Conservative divide. Some years after, there were the Centralists-Federalists who fought each other. In the early twentieth century the political situation moved to the Radical-Socialist divide, and so on. The degenerate political game always transformed into a new and improved political contest – and yet nothing ever changed.

The political-economic elites grabbed their cravings for control, either through military violence or the stuffing of the voting box hoax. If the synthesis-solution didn’t seem to work for the nation, then a civil war suddenly erupted, and later, a military dictatorship assumed the mantle of the state.

Just murder the political opposition, and afterwards, a new opposition-light would soon take over from the killer gangs. If those idiots failed, then another group of politico-military thugs took charge. The rich and wealthy always maintained their privileges regardless of who forced their way into political positions.

Chile was not the only American nation to experience such a system of criminal neglect and common corruption. Most of Latin America has suffered the same pathetic fate and future. Because the Chilean state has maintained such a destructive political system – so it will inherit a future state of even more violence. Karma always fulfills its works. Chilean history has not even represented the extreme example. Chilean history amply shows the debacle of the Modern state across the entire Earth: problem, reaction, solution.

The problem begins with the state propaganda lies. The reaction represents the political warfare distraction for the citizen dupes. The solution continues the horror of institutional structural violence.

So for us Anarchists, what is our solution to the repeated outrages of this noxious political deception tactic? How can we break free?

First, we must read, read again, and read more of History, so that we shall know the Truth, and which will set us free mentally. Second, we must remember our courage and honor – to rebel, rebel some more, and rebel even harder. How do we rebel?

We ignore their mainstream corporate media games. We don’t watch their shows on TV, instead click and surf the channels; and we avoid their sites on the Internet, instead click again and hit another site. We do not participate in their political faction games. We refuse to support their so-called, elite alternative candidates.

We don’t engage in heated debates defending one political loser over another political loser. We disengage from all political posturing, voting for the preselections, troll commenting on political sites, heated arguments, screaming profanity, obnoxious demonstrating, ego talking to the Media, and generally acting like fools. Why lose one’s honor and dignity over a so-called radical elite candidate who actually hates our guts?

The Anarchist revolutionary warrior acts with a complete and total – no compromise position – in relation to both the elites and the State. The Anarcho-soldier avoids as best as possible, working on the books, and the paying of taxes, fines, fees and charges, and even using state services, such as the cops. He or she also rejects eating out in restaurants, gluttonous fast food intake, and public intoxication in bars, cafes and clubs.

Anarchists are the artists of life, so we create. We could possibly construct an actual Anarchy of true freedom and liberation.

First, one frees the mind with alertness, while engaging in the mental focus of a true and tried artist. The Anarcho-artist lives according to the moral code of love, friendship and community. Everything works between good friends. Through a good friendship, there is a combined effort, a celebration of work. This goodwill and love builds a strong foundation for an alternative world.

Let the political-economic elites play their pathetic, casino house games. If enough of us don’t attend their loser events, then the whole rotten political-economic system will eventually go out of business. Meanwhile, back inside our own sacred realms, we still have some projects waiting for us to fulfill.





Don’t do it!

I mean become a wage slave just because some hypocrites and lowlifes tell you to get a job. What jobs are those bum experts talking about anyway?

Do they mean a low paying retail job, where you still have to clean toilets and mop floors, and which only pays 10$ per hour – the same rate of pay from 20 years ago? Do they imply a fast food McJob that pays even less than 10$ – and you still have to mop floors, clean disgusting bathrooms – and prepare dirty burgers? Or is there some social service job available, possibly working with homeless people, recovering addicts, parolees, or whatever half-way house prisoners – and you have to babysit them-play cop, also for less than 10$ per hour? There is an even better question to ask: why don’t those same buffoons who always scream get a job – actually work at those same crap jobs?

We all know the answer to that one. Us unemployable, ex-students, ex-part timers, ex-Mcjobbers, ex-homeless, ex-waiters, ex-addicts, ex-prisoners, ex-PhDs, ex-bums, ex-travelers, ex-beggars, ex-couch surfers, ex-musicians, ex-cooks, ex-exers – don’t have any worthy skills worthy for any contemporary job available.  

What skills does one really need for today’s pyramid scheme economy, which uses Centralized Federal Banks’ funny money? Our pathetic goals are simply to create greater profit windfalls for corporate multinationals. How does one help the corporation achieve greater profits? Well, the corporation needs to beat the competition – and the only method that works one hundred percent is monopoly. How does monopoly function in today’s brutal economic world? Chosen elites arrange secretive money deals with even more corrupt entities, such as US Federal, State and Municipal governments. When one has the State on its side, the monopoly becomes locked and loaded. Even when profits and performance die – the money keeps rolling into shareholder coffers.

This is how Contemporary Crony Capitalism functions, like a well-built, well-oiled machine. Its leaders and enablers do no useful work, except insure legalized crime and corruption. Profits go to the shareholder class of parasites, meanwhile, the skilled working man earns even less, and less – and soon dies a sad death.

Scam casinos rely on the slot and crap game dummies in order to cover their basic operation costs. Contemporary Crony Capitalism USA relies on government handouts, infusions, and market privileges for covering their most important activities, such as corporate shareholder executive salaries, and compensations in the millions of dollars. Its second crutch finds the cheapest labor source available in the world, whether overseas, foreigners on student visas, or even undocumented workers in the illegal markets.

These crooks are the true Queens of Welfare. Whether they exist as war industries, i.e. defense contractors, or energy companies, or consultant companies, or electric car companies, or private prison companies, or mercenary-war companies, or even preferred commercial banking companies.

Thousands of States within this same United States of America, or the Amerikan Empire, Federal, State and Municipal, grasp their jaundiced fingers within multiple economic pies and legal bribery ties.

American capitalism wasn’t always like this however. About a hundred years ago it was quite different.

Actually, seventy years before Detroit became the infamous, Detroit Rock City, of White Stripes fame, and fifty years before, The Motown Sound, this same city had received another nickname, The Motor City. It really was moving in sync with the Roaring Twenties.

What had transformed a former military outpost, fought between French Canadians and Anglo-Americans during the 1700’s, into the ‘Motor City Capital of the World’?

Detroit’s identity transformed from the hard work and corporate vision of one man. He represented a complete, man of destiny. His intensity of operation also included a violent security-police force that rivaled the local La Cosa Nostra Famiglia, the racist-fascist Black Legion, and the Detroit Police Department.

His name was Henry Ford. His very own Ford Motor Company would not only transform the city of Detroit, but he would even revolutionize Industrial Capitalism for the entire world.

Ford did not start out as a rich kid inheriting daddy’s money. His parents were farmers out in rural and super cold Michigan. His dad was a hard disciplinarian. If Ford refused to get up at 5:30 a.m. to do the farm work – and even in 25 below 0 Fahrenheit weather with a nasty wind chill in the middle of winter – then the dad got out the belt and his hands for some instant karma. Ford never liked it, but it made him tough and rough. Rural Michigan was part of the wild west during the 1870s.

On his time off, Henry did not do the country kid, Huck Finn-Tom Sawyer adventure games; instead he worked on engineering projects – even after feeling tired from rigorous farm duties. As a kid, he already found a money-making venture out in small-town Michigan. Henry realized that more farmers were using mechanized machinery on the land. Henry advertised himself in town as the go-to fix-it guy for broken machines. He found so much instant work and money that he turned down the crappy jobs.

Nor did the young man spend his money on wine, woman and song. He saved his money because he knew what he wanted to accomplish in the future. He invested in machine parts, and started as an apprentice to a local machinist. Farming just wasn’t his thing.

Engineering was the thing, creating and making things with his own hands – and most importantly, he wanted to eventually become his own boss – run his own company, his own way. Ford would become one of the successes of the American Dream: combining hard work, thrift and ingenuity. And to top it all off, Ford never attended high school, nor any stupid university in order to obtain a useless degree. Ford knew that he was good – and ready for action.

As a young man, Mr. Ford acquired his own farm property, married, had a child, while Thomas Edison’s company, Edison illuminating, later hired him as one of its mechanical engineers.

Edison admired Ford’s work ethic, honesty and innovation so much in fact, that he promoted Ford to the chief engineer position of the company. Ford was running his very own team of professional engineers, inventors, artists and scientists.

During the 1890s, most cars still ran on the slow and cumbersome electric model. Ford understood that drivers were seeing those autos as more of a light diversion, rather than a functional vehicle that could actually move people across the country. Ford always spotted an opportunity – and then grabbed it by both hands.

In Ford’s own garage, after a hard ten-hour work day at the company, Ford labored tirelessly on a new automobile, which used gas-oil and a battery to run continually, long and fast. Electric cars overcharged a battery that would eventually die out. Through hands-on work, Ford had finally developed a full-on internal combustion engine – and next, built the frame around it – and he even built the entire thing himself. This auto would become Ford’s Model A Car.

Ford’s destiny star was still rising. He left Edison Illuminating, and next worked at the Detroit Automobile Company. He quit that job when his time was opening up. In 1903, He finally formed his very own auto company, The Ford Motor Company, which has been in operation until this very day!

Ford transformed into the work maniac meets prophetic visionary. When a company president or some shareholder started to mess with his vision and organization, he would buy out their positions or shares, and then immediately fire them!

He gave the orders and ran the corporate venture as a British Navy Man-of-War. Any executive caught in ill-discipline, managing the projects haphazardly or just shirking on assignments – met with a verbal warning from him. If it happened again – well, here’s your severance check and goodbye.

Another man by the name of Selden held the first auto patent, which made him quite wealthy. Ford refused to pay Selden for using his steering wheel design. If Selden wanted to sue, Ford was ready with a team of nasty attorneys, ripening for a state of war.

Ford later made deals with other wealthy capitalists in order to receive the gentleman’s special rates. He was not only friends with his former boss, Edison, but became a close friend of Henry Firestone of rubber tire fame and John D. Rockefeller of Standard Oil or Exxon fame, and he even got acquainted with the infamous JP Morgan of international banking and corporate merger fame.

Ford’s successes continued unabated, and soon US Presidents, such as Warren G. Harding and Franklin Roosevelt wanted to consult the Man from Dearborn. Ford truly understood the art of making of cars – since he built one from his own hands – and he knew that the world was changing industrial production.

Most car companies still built their cars, like the old artisan guilds, one car at a time, where four or five workers made the masterpiece. This process functioned inside custom body auto shops – but it did not work for selling good cars.

Henry Ford revolutionized the industrial capitalist process, not just for cars, but for all industries across the world: rubber tires, steel production, oil production and later, airplane construction.

Mr. Ford understood that mechanics and engineers needed parts, which they could fit on any Ford car. Ford introduced manufactured interchangeable parts for all of his vehicles. If any problem occurred, then the right serial number to the part corresponded to the Ford repair manual. Ford also patented every single one of his parts, so that other car companies had to come to him for the diagrams and models.

Ford produced these parts not inside garage spaces, but on long shop floors with loud and fast, mass industrialized production. Ford was the first corporate leader to set up the mass assembly line process, where each worker had one specific, repetitive task to accomplish as the parts moved down the assembly line. Ford could then manufacture hundreds of cars per day. This common manufacturing reality had the name of division of labor.

The Man Ford was the first venture capitalist-inventor-engineer-mechanic who understood that workers on assembly lines had to work both properly and efficiently – and especially when it came to automobiles. Ford, an avid reader, read Frederick Taylor’s, The Principles of Scientific Management, (1911). He used Taylor’s theories as a standard for his line factory automation. Ford then timed his autoworkers to produce a greater yield and within faster increments, while the foremen screamed over the workers’ heads. By the 1920s, no other auto company could out-produce the Ford Motor Company.

But Henry Ford was not just a heartless task driver, he also understood that he needed to pay his workers a living wage, where his very own laborers could also buy affordable cars! This is just what happened. Ford developed his classic motor car, affordable to both elites and workers. The masterpiece was the Ford Model T, and he was even the first carmaker to mass produce the V8 engine. The world knew this labor system as Fordism.

Ford cars were then all over the States – and the world. Ford had plants in Europe, Africa and in Asia. He even had a plant in the Communist Soviet Union! Ford’s cars worked so well, that the folk-hero gangster of the 1930s, John Dillinger, wrote Ford a letter praising his V8 engine car while eluding cops. Even the actor-director Charlie Chaplin took a humorous swipe at Ford and Taylor’s automated assembly lines in his classic silent film, Modern Times, (1936).

Henry Ford had become the face of the American dream. He had a 56 room castle-estate built for his family, called Fairlane. He also set up funds for his own charitable society, called the Ford Foundation, and he created the first, non-traveling living museum, called Greenfield. Ford also financed and supported multiple race car drivers.

There was also a negative side to the man – but he didn’t care. Ford became a devoted anti-Semite, publishing a book, The International Jew, (1920), also earning a flattering line within Adolf Hitler’s own work, Mein Kampf. Ford was a union hater, and hired a special group of security thugs, called the Service Department, to beat the crap out of UAW organizers and agitators. Ford’s enemy list also included Black Jazz music, Hollywood Cinema, the Newspaper Media, Commies and Alcohol.

Mr. Ford avidly supported Prohibition. If you wanted to work at the Ford Motor Company, employees had to sign a special contract allowing his Sociology Department, to visit your private home and spy out any alcoholic drinking, carousing, partying, smoking and sexual indiscretions. Infractions got a warning. After the second demerit – well you could go pick up your last check.

Henry Ford, admire him or despise him, was his own man. He made his American Dream come true – not Hollywood style with a dopey happy ending – but with hard work, brilliant ideas and jumping right on to life’s opportunities.

Henry was also born and bred Michigan – and lived there for the rest of his life. He was so influential that he changed the history of world capitalism and his adopted city of Detroit. Henry lived cars – and yes, he actually built them from his very own two hands – inside of his very own garage.

But he was not the only American to actually fulfill his American economic dream combining a successful business with the enjoyment of honestly earned wealth. Millions of other American men, almost all of them having the white skin privilege, have also obtained their own versions of the American Dream.

The American Dream was never a lie – and a large portion of the world’s population also knew this truth. I can recount my own personal experiences seeing ancient guys coming from all parts of Europe, or from lower class backgrounds, with almost no funds, nor state education diplomas in their pockets – and yet after 40 years of trials, traumas and triumphs – they too have achieved the golden road to affluence, and the retirement worthy of princes. And so what happened to the Dream?

Around the early 1970s, elite criminals through their organizations, such as The Trilateral Commission, The Council of Foreign Relations and The Bilderberg Group, hijacked the freedom and took the prosperity hostage. They just wanted all the funds and fun for themselves – and the rebellious youth were turning against them anyway. Time for a retrenchment.

For us younger fellas – there is only the Amerikan nightmare leftovers. The biggest growth industries are in parasitical civil service and government jobs, often run by senior fatsos and lazy bums who sit at desks for a few hours, receive their yellow checks, and then wastrel away on eternal pensions.

The other growth industries are in the institutions of legal violence and murder: the US Military-Industrial-Spy Complex, the Prison-Industrial Complex, the Police-Industrial Complex, and the Security System-Mercenary Contractors.

The good jobs in the Oil-Gas industry are drying up faster than the Fracking wells, and some tech jobs now go to Foreigners on the H-1B visa waivers. Even the dummies with four different diplomas now reject teaching jobs. So where does all that leave us?

We only have the low wage, bad jobs of the service sector available – that is if you can still tolerate them. There are always fast food dump McJobs and some Wal-Fart opportunities. Then there are the small businesses that have stayed behind: restaurants, retail, bars, cafes and other desperate joints that eye potential customers as starved sharks in an aquarium pool.

They want loyalty from us wage slaves, yet will fire us within a flick of a match. Once hired, our horrible lives revolve around their crazy scheduling. The owners force us to schmooze the hated customers into buying more of the crap product. We must act super nice, like street hustlers, so those same customer marks leave spending some of their hard-earned cash. Meanwhile, the boss in the back room treats us like potential adversaries.

There are also particular business scams that generally harass and steal from the poor, often festering exclusively in Amerika’s thousands of ghettos. We have Government agencies, like cops, firemen, bail bonds and jails, and there are the Check Cashing-Instant Money joints, Pawn Shops, Convenience-Liquor Stores, and hole in the wall Churches with pastors who look like they just got released from the State Mental Institution.

The only lucrative trade left, comes down to landlordism, or property pimping condemned structures, with no regular repairs, nor pest extermination, while charging higher than usual rents.

Unless the law school graduate comes out of a good law school, i.e. Ivy League material, he or she will have to do a lot of walking and hustling for a decent paying legal job. At least they get to spend the first few years of their youth almost working to death. A few lucky ones have found some on-line, self-employed gigs that can pay the bills.

The smart set actually moved into the old derided trades: mechanics, plumbers, cleaners, electricians, heavy machinists, line workers, cosmetologists and builders. The health profession will never go out of business at least, doctors and nurses still have some chances.

If we possibly have some physical-mental talents and connections, then we could try for music, acting roles and sports. Many owners of these agencies, entertainment companies and teams, often have no talents whatsoever. They could not act out of a high school play, cannot sing, nor even throw a ball across the court or field. Yet, these masters call the real shots for the team or production. The coach and the director are only the field commanders. The generals sit in the glass over suites. If all else fails, and a woman isn’t fat, she could try out stripping.

The owners of multinational corporations love to harp on the sacrifice of our soldiers, but if they find a cheaper labor source – they will either close down and move the work site to a foreign country, or just hire foreign visa workers – or even use undocumented immigrants. Our economic system of gross hypocrisy and vile injustice has fallen into a polluted, festering sinkhole.

This is the sad and dismal state of Contemporary Crony Capitalism. If a true entrepreneur and inventor really wanted to make a difference in his community, the US government would tax and legally harass the man towards a prison hole or an early grave.

Multiple bank deposits around the 10,000$ US mark could get a Federal SWAT team with automatic weapons visiting the work site. Yes, all banks, including the so-called credit unions, which act just like banks nowadays, must snitch on their own depositors. If you run a business that the US government particularly hates, such as selling firearms, erotica, tobacco, alcohol and cannabis – then you had better invest in some good attorneys and accountants.

Most American business owners have completely sold out. They now act like the same US government sociopaths. Some of our more sensitive brethren have gone the rout of drug addiction – can we blame them?

We are all prisoners now – and we are doomed to fail. This is what the elites always wanted. They diverted our attention with endless wars against continuous enemies. The media cheerleaded the entire path to perdition. Too many unsuspecting citizens also cheered on the violence along the way, only because it made them feel good to hate.

Meanwhile, the political-economic elites, the rich bastards, tightened both the noose and the screws around our necks. We failed to truly see the War, the Eternal War, that they have been waging against us. Contemporary Crony Capitalism represents the final Order of the Day, and the Giant Tomb for many.

Those same elites have been warming the checking accounts of the politician-media parasite class. Both freeloaders continue to leech and sponge off the working man’s honor and dignity. We are still the ones who pay most of the usury taxes, fines, charges, payments, bills, and endless fees to our enemies.

Even so, we have just ultimately unveiled the ruling elite’s lame cabaret show, Welcome to the Shit Clown Political-Economy. The Wizard of Wall Street-Washington-Hollywood lays totally naked in full frontal view – as it now revives the corpse of the American Nightmare Zombie Apocalypse!

There is no hope, no dawn of a new era, no horizon visible…

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** ADVANCE FOR THURSDAY JAN. 12 **FILE**Author Ken Kesey poses in this April 24, 1997 file photo in Springfield, Ore., with his bus “Further,” a descendant of the vehicle that carried him and the Merry Pranksters on the 1964 trip immortalized in the Tom Wolfe book, “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.” Kesey died Nov. 10, 2001 in Eugene, Ore., at age 66, but four years later a Hollywood restaurateur has persuaded the family to resurrect the original bus and restore it as part of psychedelic history. (AP Photo/Jeff Barnard,)

lsd_psychedelicHendrix and Acid

The human mind acts through points of sense contact, and then quite suddenly – it jumps about – between the absurd and the ingenious. Mental formations squash awareness into mental garbage forms. How to break free?

Psychedelic pharmacopeia bridges those two mental states of the absurd and the ingenious. The drugs coalesce to find a most enlightening solution: bizarre mental states unifying the realms of the hilarious, fascinating curiosities mixed with befuddled concentration. Memory, intellect, will, imagination, emotions, feelings, perceptions, mental formations and consciousness layer themselves into a gluttonous Roman salad.

The taker of psychedelics is not a mindful listener, but instead, a voyager that lets some chemicals navigate through his or her mind. Yet the experimenter is still somehow in control. A good tweak of the ambience usually elucidates a type of ‘trip’ where he or she transverses the profound doors of sensory existence, including an intense sixth sense of the mind. The voyager-tripper is both mentally and physically within the art of traveling.

If the tripper is intelligent, he or she will ingest the substance within a controlled, sacred, or creative environment, such as around trusted friends, or during celebratory festivals, the deep forest, a mountain cave, religious rites, intellectual retreats, or performance-artist events.

Ancient nations throughout world history have used psychedelia as doorways into the deeper spiritual realms. Mental transformations increased through the processes of dance, conflict, performance or costume.

A few psychedelic explorers, however, have entered those peculiar worlds through mental sinkholes – never to return. Those few, naive seekers have flown the cocoon of sanity into the fatal embrace of psychedelics; minds drowned into ego-self delusions-monstrosities.

The decade of the 1640s seemed to get only worse. In central Mexico, a strange humidity invaded the wet season landscape, around murky waters of flayed gardens and green snot forest. Only recently, a terrible flood had engulfed the capital, Mexico City, which later overwhelmed and killed thousands of residents. A nasty pestilence was still rife in the water and in the air. Death breathed a thousand vats amongst an imprisoned population of 100,000 plus residents.

Even before the Great Flood of Mexico City of 1629, there was a near riot between two opposing factions of Spanish elites: the Viceroy versus the Archbishop. The King of Spain recalled the viceroy, but he was still concerned about those urban tensions. The king needed a good foreign spy to scope out the political ramparts and intrigues of New Spain-Mexico. King Felipe III of Spain found his man.

He represented an adventurer-Anglo-Irish-ex-soldier-ex-pirate, whatever, to do the job. His name was Guillén de Lampart, or aka, William Lamport.

Due to his Catholicism, he couldn’t stay in Ireland – even with his Anglo-Irish aristo pedigree. He transformed into a long-haired, baroque outlaw, so he attacked English ships as a notorious pirate, and then fought on the Continent in the role of an Irish soldier, one of the famous Wild Geese. He was a true swashbuckler, and an educated one too. By the decade of the 1640s, this French styled fop, Spanish-speaking, Irish aristo-pirate, dolled up in seventeenth-century garb, was on a trans-Atlantic, Spanish man-of-war bound for Mexico.

Stepping into mid-seventeenth-century Mexico City was like entering a contemporary science fiction novel for that frizzy haired, Irish, young pirate-soldier-intellectual. While he was stunned with the wild Spanish baroque church temples, brown and black-skinned people, the ancient Aztec stone ruins, pungent flowers of the sun, and dirty canals like fabled Venice – he was also shocked with the injustice everywhere.

Colonial Mexico City had a new elite class of lazy, Spanish-born, wannabe aristo-parasites, called peninsulares, who lorded it over the rest of the population. These guys did no work, and only collected tributes and taxes from the populace. They used every corrupt scheme under colonialism to grab more bribes.

Those colonial bums especially harassed native communities through forcing them to purchase agricultural junk tools, called repartimiento de mercancias. Another scam was the local Spanish city councils or cabildos forcing native laborers on public work projects that paid slave wages. One of the reasons the colonial parasites wanted so much money was for the purchase of African slaves. Mexico City became one of the premier African slave trading and selling centers in Mesoamerica. Slaving was so rampant that a good part of the urban population was becoming mixed race, Afro-mestizo.

With this new slaving culture, also came the colonial brutality of public whipping, mutilations, torture and even legal murder of African slaves, mostly due to overwork. While the Spanish colonial elites proclaimed a new and wondrous Christian republic of Mexico City, the reality on the street was a completely divergent scenario. William Lamport saw through the crap facade.

William was a still a spy though, and so he took up acquaintances with some local native nobility. One night William took the psychedelic drug of Peyote with one of the native noblemen. Through this trip, William mentally transformed himself – and found a new false identity.

Somehow he had a vision of Fortuna leading him towards a Mexican Revolution, uniting the Natives and Blacks, overthrowing the Spanish colonial parasites – all with the fop-spy man proclaimed as the new King of Mexico!

Most trippers tend to keep the outrageous and comical visions to themselves – and continue with struggling through life. Not William however, he began to talk about his new-found peyote visions. He forgot that there was a very powerful legal tribunal located in Mexico City, the Holy Office of the Inquisition.

The Inquisition had many concerns with the psychedelic use of peyote. They obviously did not like it, but they were also interested in its mental transformations. William happened to tell his peyote experience to a Familar, or a snitch of the Holy Office. The Familiar promptly reported William to the Inquisitors. Within a few days, the Inquisitors had William arrested and placed inside its secret prison.

The Inquisitors were also the protectors of the King of the Spain, and in fact, the head of the Spanish Inquisition was the King of Spain. They wanted to know about this peyote vision for his planned revolt in Mexico City. William refused to tell them the story – and instead, insulted them grievously.

He represented the longest stay of any Inquisition prisoner in colonial Mexican history. While inside, he composed poetry and sonnets, and he even saw the mass imprisonment and public burning of Mexico City’s Portuguese crypto-Jews in 1649.

King Phillip III kept sending letters to the Inquisitors inquiring about his spy’s status. William even became the only prisoner of the Inquisition to actually escape from the secret prison! Within a few days they captured him and then in 1659, in front of hundreds at the Alameda Park in Mexico City, the Mexican Inquisition burned him alive with six other men.

William had survived the persistent English, the unforgiving Atlantic Sea, the cannon, flintlock, musketoon, rapier, cutlass, pike and blunderbuss battlefields of Europe – but he could not escape the Inquisition.

Some historians claim that William was a type of religious-political mystic. He was nothing of the sort. He simply took a mental voyage – and never returned. He didn’t become the Irish King of Mexico – but he did become a celebrated Inquisitorial prisoner – a type of Colonial Spanish Zoro and the subject of some later books. The Peyote trip did work.

Psychoactives or Psychedelics are the drugs of traveling without moving. The mind under the dosage attaches to the sensory orifices and then allays the sensory stimulation into profound mental states. This interior transcendence is the reason why so many artists, seekers, travelers and mystics have experimented with such substances.

The list of intellectuals, artists, scientists and inventors is a long one. For the sake of this essay, I will lightly list some of the more notable ones that transformed their identities from such potent mental drugs.

The most famous ingester from our modern times was the British intellectual and writer, Aldous Huxley. While living in California, and during his first digestion of psychedelics, Mescaline, he composed a book that elaborated on his experiences, The Doors of Perception. One of the artists he influenced was an avid reader and musician, Jim Morrison, who used the name of The Doors, for the future well-known rock band.

Even before Huxley experimented with psychedelics, other nefarious groups were also engaging in ‘psychedelic research.’ In the late 1930s, Albert Hoffman discovered a synthetic hallucinogenic mixture, Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, or LSD, inside of the Sandoz labs in Switzerland. This was the first synthetic potion, since most psychedelics normally transmit through natural plants, roots or fungi mushrooms, such as Peyote (Mexican) Mescaline and San Pedro Huachama (Peruvian) Mescaline. Other native psychedelic plants have included Psilocybin, Ayahuasca and the Iboga root from Africa.

The Psychobabble Quack Cult first tested psychedelics on incorrigible alcoholics, obsessive-compulsive neurotics and even patients that had psychotic episodes. Even the Hollywood actor, Cary Grant, took acid for his anxiety. Following the psycho-quacks nefarious footsteps, the US Military and the CIA, through their MKULTRA program, tested the drug on enlisted soldiers, convicts and other ‘unknown groups,’ to see if LSD could function as a truth serum under interrogation-torture techniques.

Professors and scientists at universities, such as the University of California Berkeley, experimented with LSD to discover its effects on creativity and genius. One such Harvard professor-scientist had lauded the effects of LSD, and soon became its greatest intellectual promoter – Dr. Timothy Leary. Meanwhile, diverse musicians and artists, such as the painter, Jackson Pollock and the Beat traveler-writers, Ken Kesey and Allen Ginsberg, took psychedelics for further intellectual-artistic growth.

By the 1960s, the massive Kool Aid Acid Tests, or the Pacific Beach-performative parties, had already taken place along the Northern California and Oregon coasts. The favorite rock band for those spontaneous performance art-festivals, was the traveling Grateful Dead. Other rock and free jazz musicians also ventured into psychedelic territories, such as The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Jefferson Airplane.

The Comic artist Robert Crumb used LSD-Acid as a window to elaborate his comics creations. Artist communes, such as the Drop City Collective in Colorado, also experimented with acid explorations. LSD had moved from the intellectual and spy fringes to the music-artist-hippie-counterculture. The powerless hippie buffoons hitched to the Trip.

The Amerikan Empire of Sociopaths also saw the change – and so like the Spanish Inquisition before it, banned LSD in 1966. Since then, the Empire has persecuted and imprisoned unfortunate LSD sellers within its megalith of gulags. During the late 80s and early 90s, the DEA, the Drug Enforcement Administration, (US), used rasta-haired, undercover narc agents to snatch up young men into the greatest prison hell hole of world history – just for a few tabs of paper acid.

Another previous psychiatric drug use, synthetic MDMA, or Ecstasy, has also entered the prison of controlled psychoactive substances – and the illegal black market. Due to its recent illegality, Ecstasy, or Molly, is now often cut with unwholesome substances, such as Heroin, increasing the risk of injury or death for casual users at raves and festivals.

Even with all the recent US Government persecution against psychedelics, the exception being the Native American Church’s legal use of Mescaline, they proliferate everywhere. Both Acid and Ecstasy are especially common at raves, dance clubs and at artistic-cultural festivals, such as Burning Man and The Rainbow Gathering.

Why do religious fanatics and state sociopaths hate psychedelics so much? The answer refers to the history of its use. Since the earliest civilizations emerged in Celtic Europe, Mesoamerica, the Andean mountains, and the forests of the Congo, humans have wanted to explore the connections between their minds and the supposedly invisible worlds around them.

Psychedelics release the sense-consciousness ducts, which allow the concealed universe to access the scattered mind. They transform mental objects into the funny and truthful. At least the human mind accepts this as so.

This freedom to explore other realms, without applying for a state passport, represents a mortal danger to those serious ones who want to maintain control over the minds of the less powerful.

Any human, regardless of intellectual training, can transpose their mental drug experiences into an understanding of the absurd and ironic – found everywhere, within all existence, and inside ourselves.

Humans can laugh at the total absurdity of their own created identity egos, sacred religious-ideological doctrines, costumed hierarchies, degenerate political structures and pathetic economic systems.

The drape has been cast away and the Wizard of Emptiness reveals itself. The true god-hero of the psychoactive drug experience transforms into the scrawny kid emperor running around with no clothes on his body.




resistanc-is-fertileAnarchy as Spiritual PracticeParcGuellOkupasanarchy gardensReally_Really_Free_Marketmissanarchy

Who deserves greatness, deserves your hate… Better it is die, better to starve, than crave the hire, which first we do deserve… How weary, stale, flat and unprofitable, seem to me all the uses of this world… Things rank and gross in nature possess it merely. That it should come to this!

William Shakespeare, quotes from Coriolanus and Hamlet

The hardest tasks within our rough lives are often the simplest ideas to write on paper. The reasons for this absurdity relate to the human condition under civilization.

We put the mind to the grind work, and then life’s complications immediately spring up. Mind habits and inherited customs seem to crowd out the divine practice.

Maybe we should just put away our cravings and desires in ‘becoming better, more accomplished’ humans. Have we not already accessed the apex of our powers? We could simply acknowledge our own humanity, while embracing the wisdom that already resides inside of us.

Many astute writers of wisdom have also noticed this sick political-economic system, which vomits continually into the cesspool of human civilization. Yet so many humans would rather drown into their own mind bile – falling into rancid deaths. Some essayists have asked: how can we fight such monstrosities, and tear down the rotting walls of the system?

We are all doomed towards coming old age, terminal illness and final expiration. Since we will all die and exist no more, then we should not use violence against this unjust and violent system. Being inside the human condition, we suffer, and we are all guilty of unkind actions. Violence is only feasible as an act of self-defense, when confronting a brutal physical attack.

Humanity survives within a turbulence that condemns most of us to rot, beg and wander. This Monster convicts the weaker parts of humanity to die off sooner. Global Monopoly Capitalism and the State have united together in denying us the noble life.

Forsaking compassion, this horrid complex of institutional violence gifts its free crap to the cowardly, dishonest, and cruel. The Asylum-Hell grows stronger. It breathes bloody bile. We are living in it. Openings for vitality and freedom run desolate.

Only Anarchy can save us. Anarchy gives the designs for tearing down this rotten system. There are three steps to the Anarchy process.