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They call it Paradise… I don’t know why. You call some place Paradise, kiss it goodbye...

Don Henley, The Eagles, (Hotel California), The Last Resort, 1976

Don Henley’s lyrical masterpiece was the only intelligent song on Hotel California, the session musician-studio album par excellence during the 1970s. It was quite fitting that it was the last song on the album. It certainly spoke the truth concerning the invasions, institutional violence, forced religious conversions and colonialism, which formed Modern European civilization – and its extremes, even its deadly consequences so relevant for today’s crazy world.

Henley, like other successful musician artists, eventually sold out the message to the Liberal Political Powers. In his case, he sold out the message to the Modern White Man Environmentalism Cult. However, his song still contains a veracity on something more insidious: the American Empire, with its rise and eventual fall.

All Empires rise and fall naturally, and although collapse is inevitable, it always falls brutally on everyone down below it, including its regular citizens who just want to survive… 

Some months ago, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the Mayor, District Attorney and Chief of Police, all in line with the Bourgeois Communist Alliance, which currently rules America, allowed the BLM-Antifa Marxist Terrorists to legally loot stores, commit arson, steal merchandise, burn cars, graffiti buildings, thieve from whatever business seemed appropriate, destroy city blocks, physically attack bystanders, and assault local citizens and their properties; another legal riot – all part of our political elite’s grand master plans.

One young man was quite upset that the city where he had worked previously was now totally destroyed. He decided to take action: he took his AR rifle and his medical kit and headed off to the city in order to defend lives and property. During the day, he removed graffiti from the walls, and then at night, the real action started.

Of course, the local police were no where around, also under the orders of the Governor, the Mayor, and the Chief of Police, who were all criminal accessories to this violent riot.

The first tactical problem was that the young man was alone – and he was physically surrounded by the literal scum of humanity: lowlife rioters, vile looters and lumpen losers with lengthy criminal records, one of whom even had sex offenses with young kids. Did they notice the brave young man trying to stop a riot in progress? You bet those dishonorable useful idiots spotted him – and they moved in for the literal kill!

The young man saved himself from their attacks through armed self-defense. He killed two of them, and wounded another one, who just before getting shot, tried to murder the young man with his semi-auto pistol.

All of sudden, the local cops showed up… The young man immediately faced arrest, and even before his booking at the police station, the local district attorney had already charged him with three counts of First Degree Murder and raised his bail to millions of dollars!

Obviously, the legal fix was in, and this brave young man, with a full tank of courage, would have to face some double trouble: Communist subversion and the legal arm of tyranny, all thrown at him at one moment.

The young man is still in jail for the crime of self-defense; meanwhile all the other criminal rioters, arsonists and looters walk free. That young man fought solely for justice; our Ruling Elites will make him pay! Meanwhile, the top Communists have bailed out thousands of criminal rioters from across the country.

1. An Inmate Posse controls this Great American Insane Asylum. This Inmate Posse has also become the current hegemonic bloc of elites who now run and manage the American Empire.

Our Enemies are Sociopath-Tyrants who believe their own lies. When a tyrant believes in his own lies, then there is nothing so heinous that he will not do in order to maintain political-economic power. This is the current danger to all the rest of us, so-called American citizens, who have no power, and who thus live below them.

2. Even more ominously, the so-called Law and Constitution mean absolutely nothing across the Land. Look at the previous story of the young man. We cannot use guns to defend ourselves from criminal actions, but the Communist Street Enemy can use weapons and commit legal crimes whenever and wherever they feel like it.

3. Therefore, our so-called vaunted US Citizenship status also means absolutely nothing. With the Corona Economy doing the slow boat Titanic dive, there is no hope for any Capitalist miracle on the horizon. There exists no Social Safety Net for US citizens. Only illegal aliens receive the free allowances. They get free medical care and other State Welfare benefits.

4. We have no one to protect us, no one on our side – only ourselves, and ourselves alone.

As we say in America, our future looks bleak; but it is not that bleak. All this Civil War backdrop furthers our opportunities to shine forth: in true honor, virtue, duty, strength and faith.

1. Dedication to our Spiritual Faiths and Practices, (or Works), First and Foremost. Our first and foremost duty is to our Faiths. This includes its public defense against its haters, and with all of this responsibility, there also arrives a solemn duty and loyalty to protect our immediate families. We stand on the practice of our Faiths with honor, virtue, benevolence, righteousness, piety, gentlemanly behavior and self-control. We don’t just talk the talk, we also walk the walk, as we say in America.

We never fall into the traps of angry outbursts, the telling of lies, stealing and thieving, the common use of foul language; nor do we initiate violence towards any living things as our rulers do, nor engage in any sexual misconduct whatsoever, while we avoid any and all intoxication foolishness with the vulgar human herds. Awareness and Vigilance always go together.

We exist as religious warriors for the Faith. Yes, and even before our so-called Americaness flimflam identity. If you are a hardcore patriot, then stop reading this post now, and do what you have to do.

The rulers of this country do not just criminally neglect us – they utterly hate us.

Well, we don’t hate back – but instead, disengage from their rotten System, and keep the existence of our Faith alive and vibrant through continual practice and discipline.

In my case, it is Buddhism, this means lots of time for worship, meditation practices, the reading of holy scriptures, yoga-breath work, vegetarianism and the avoidance of sloth and luxurious living, meaning, the practitioner chooses the ascetic life. Our American nationality is long gone – and so got something a whole lot better.

We possess a much more important fight ahead of us, the War against our own personal vices, and so we tame ourselves; often through the letting go of our bad habits and addictions, which still stifle our energies, diligence and moral strength.

2. Understanding and Accepting our coming Deaths. This second level is extremely important. For we cannot just gloss over this serious topic since we will all suffer under it. We are currently in the beginning stages of this American Civil War IV.

The Bad Death, implying brutal violence, serious accidents, hunger, malnutrition, and outbreaks of common diseases, will dust sweep across our lands. We must stand ready and hold mental awareness on Death’s Sacred and Noble Power. For it often comes suddenly, then quickly, and once it takes root, its overarching transformations are unstoppable. 

We are all going to experience Death, and like Birth, it comes in stages: first old age, then serious illnesses and injuries, and finally, the dying-birth-marriage unto Holy Death. The final act to our hard impermanent existences is the rotting corpse ready for disposal. As we age, it grows stronger inside of us. This is our Life unto Death. We all share this future.

But there is one very important message concerning our full awareness of Death. All Death, and even the Bad Death, is truly a noble sacrifice. For both the good and the wicked experience this final pass of extinction. Death’s Sacred Wisdom refers to this emptiness and fleetingness of sentient existence. The beggar and the king experience the same end. If we only invite Death to our daily reality and accept its future potential, then we can all fully live – and love so much more too. As the country song states, live like you were dying…

3. Discernment against falling into mental delusions and joining political cults:

One important change that I recently did was block any and all right-wing websites on my laptop that praise and defend The Trumpsta Dumpsta, the World Wrestling Federation’s Numba Won Prez, or the ex-Reality TV show guy, ‘you’re fired boss!’, ex-NYC Landlord honcho, (or in Gotham speak, Property Pimp Extraordinaire), and ex-hanger-on at the Epstein Girlie Ranch.

The guy still doesn’t know what he has been doing since Day One, and he has truly given the Communists a wonderful boogieman. He keeps appointing his enemies to the top spots, and gives a special ear to the Zionist nut job son-in-law. He definitely has done a lot for the Zio-Nazi Crusader State.

I will give the guy one thing: he at least knows how to talk to the American people, unlike the entire rest of America’s political class. The man is still a Carnival clown barker-ego maniac – who is allergic to the reading of books. No Q-Anon for me. I’d like to see one of his supporters show up at his Golf Club in Florida; guarantee that Trump would call Security.

This hatred of reading books mixed up with the American vices of Ignorance and Immaturity, sways his supporters, the Trump Chumps, to love the man religiously. He entertains at his rallies through ad-lib comments combining insult with prideful tirades all centered on me, myself and I. His supporters also see themselves in his life: the crass love of money for money’s sake and the belief that old age leads to a second lease on life.

His Obamarama-lite Executive Order madness doesn’t fool me. They have no legal standing for the rest of country. It is the Congress that ultimately passes laws and the Supreme Court that either supports them – or negates them.

Should also add that the man is also good at murdering our so-called, ‘enemies,’ across Asia and Africa. He shares this marvelous title of ‘murderer in chief’ with the Obamarama and Bush II.

What about the Republican Party? The question that I always ask myself: who hates us regular Americans more, the Democrats or the Republicans? The only group that the Republicans seem to like are the Billionaire Liberals who give more political donations to the opposition. These guys will eventually go the way of the 1856 Whig Party. If you don’t know about the Whig Party in US History, look it up online. Good riddance, I say!

We also have our Right-wing Patriot groups, such as the Oath Keepers, Border Militias, and ‘Defend the Blue’ Police people. We could also add those ‘chicken hawk’ maniacs who will defend the US Military in whatever war overseas.

Do these guys really believe that the US Military and most cops are just one day going to realize that they are disobeying the letter of the Sacred US Constitution, and so they will thus form a United Front for the Salvation of America?

Most of the military and police have families. Would they sacrifice their careers and capital for some pie in the sky Constitution, as we say in America? Of course they wouldn’t. We would all do the exact same thing in the same situation.

America also boasts of its Dissident Right movement. They used to call themselves Alt-Right, but after the fiasco of Charlottesville – which was totally of their own doing, they changed their names. A few of those guys are racialists who happen to write some pretty good articles online, such as the Zman.

Most others are Racialist Maniacs who do crazy things like create their own marginalized political party to stop the Jews, or they counter-fight the Communists in the streets as if they are heroically reliving the times of Weimar Germany, or they pathetically act like ego-manic, immature man boys who concoct public relations debacles, such as Charlottesville.

Stay away, if you want to preserve your sanity. Furthermore, Racialism is a totally false science. The Romans were not racists, but only used the term race in referring to the breeding of cattle and farm animals. Race, in its modern implications and meanings, did not enter Europe’s common vocabulary until the end of the Sixteenth-century. The Spanish Empire set up the first imperial-colonial racialist system, called castas.

On the Internet, we now have a serious danger of Prepper con artists trying to sell more and more useless crap to unsuspecting armchair warriors, right-wing keyboard fighters, and people just entering the survivalist prepping community.

All of the new equipment and special stuff will do one no good, if the person has head in the clouds, as we say in America, and is overweight, not in good physical health, and never practices with his weapons. Keep to the Faith first, and everything else will fall into place.

Follow only a few websites these days that offer good analyses of Communist Enemy positions across the US. One good website is

We ought to start referring to this Hegemonic Power Bloc as communists, since their political tactics mirror the old Communist, Marxist-Leninist methods. No, they don’t offer any social benefits or any social safety nets, and so this is the reason, I call them the Bourgeois Communist Alliance. Those guys very much like their own sick version of Global Monopoly Capitalism.

If we want to know the Communist Political Bloc’s future plans, then we need to skim through the rag paper where they get most of their ideological ideas, The New York Times. Before we had our BLM-Antifa Marxist Street Terrorism, the NY Times had been putting out some historical drivel called, The 1619 Race Project.

In regards to our local scenes, a small field of study is quite easy to spot. For example, in my little town, the supporters of the Bourgeois Communist Hegemonic Bloc are found in two areas, the local city hall government, (they are all True Believers in the Corona Mask Cult), and the local paper, which is run by an old crone-woman posse, most of whom are single spinsters or angry divorcees, or both of them mixed in together. One of the group is an obsessive photo taker around town. I visited her Facebook page and just through checking out her photo collection, from ten years ago to the current month, was able to FULLY understand all of the local power politics in town.

But always remember, there is no right-wing political coalition ready to fight our ruling class. We are all completely on our own. As Voltaire’s Candide famously put it, ‘we must all tend to our own gardens.’

4. Non-Compliance: Since the Constitution and the so-called Law mean absolutely nothing, will not comply then. For myself, no jury duty, never. Other Americans are really ‘going mobile,’ living in cars, vans, buses, vehicles, etc., in order to avoid the tax man. If any American readers are still young, meaning earlier than age 40, there are still possibilities of relocating overseas.

5. Non-Participation: Since American citizenship means absolutely nothing, so as for myself, never vote; never, never, never, and not even for local elections. Also never attend any Fourth of July parade events. It also goes the other way around when it comes to social events with supporters of the Bourgeois Communist Elite Alliance. No participation whatsoever.

When using companies, we must refer to the List, and it is publicly available online, of all the companies that have given money to the BLM Marxist Terrorist NGO. A few companies we cannot forsake, since there are monopolies everywhere inside this Empire. But there are other companies who we don’t rely on, nor need their services, and so we can boycott them PERMANENTLY.

If we are building a relationship with a female, then one of the first requirements is finding out her Instagram page, and even better, her Facebook page too. We can scroll down to the June-July 2020 part of her posts, and then check it see if she posted up any pro-BLM Leftist pornography, included the BLM hashtag in some posts, or even photographed herself attending one of their Communist rallies. If we find the evidence, then dump immediately, forsaking any contact with such a person. Know the horror stories of the Buddhist monks tortured and murdered due to the Chinese invasion and occupation of Tibet. As a devout Buddhist, will never live under Communism – never…

6. Camouflage, Cover and Concealment: In order to keep ourselves and our families safe, we ought to keep quiet. For me, no attendance at social events and ranting about politics, and especially not about guns and ammo. Speaking of gun practice, we can do it at home, such as snap cap practices; rather than using up one’s ammo stash on the range. There are other good tactics, such as cooking with the windows closed and the blinds drawn; reading up on first aid, history and military tactics. We can also work out at home. A good way to keep the body healthy is just walking around the mountains, desert and forests, or whatever country spot suits one’s fancies.

7. Adversities, Acceptance, Adaptations and Austerities: All civil wars, insurrections, internal wars, revolts and revolutions turn very, very nasty. We can all adapt to the circumstances and accept the reality for each life change. As humans, we can all adapt to whatever situations that happen to explode onto our local areas. Austerities are not sufferings necessarily, but openings to new ways of thinking, behaving and interacting.

No cream for our coffee and tea, then we find something else to put into our cups. No running water, then we resort to our water storage containers and keep an eye on the local water spigots, (if you live in a rural area). No electricity, then we start doing the charcoal grilling. For every snub in our modern living, we have options.

8. Never hate one’s Enemy, only stand for one’s faith and honor: Hatred causes bad thinking and we forget that we are all humans and subject to change. Our Enemies, meaning the Communist gangs-street thugs, have also felt the pain and abuse of living under the American Empire. This is the reason that they attack anything or anyone in their way. This American Empire has already executed them and humiliated them a thousand times over.

They are totally ignorant to the fact that their violent actions are defending the same enemies who have previously destroyed them. Such is the tragedy of the Human Condition.

Yet, we must continually stand for our Faiths and for our honor, always ready to defend ourselves and our families. This sacred boundary holds its firm commitments.

We have thus been thrown onto the beginning stages of American Civil War IV, and history does not look kindly on us.

We must accept our fates and move forward. Civil Wars just don’t die out, regardless of whatever bogus election; they instead, increase in fury, and bubble forth greater outrages.

When looking at the early stages of the BLM-Antifa riots, have noticed a very disturbing pattern of severe cruelty to animals. In Gotham NYC, BLM rioters viciously murdered a little raccoon looking for some food. In Portland, Oregon, the Antifa mobs have used severed pig heads as props for their nightly destruction. It was only a short matter time before they started to regularly murder humans.

If we practice this eight-fold noble program, then we will not just survive – but see and act clearly during these Terrible Times of Civil War.

Since 1790, the American Empire has used some pretty horrible tactics to maintain its growth and power. After 230 years of almost continual warfare, it is now our turn to feel the wrath of its state terrorism.

Many nations on Earth have also suffered under its gaze. We shall finally understand many foreign peoples’ lamentations, when they too had to confront the brutal savagery of Empire.

And there is one more quote from the Modern German Philosopher, Nietzsche.

“No power can maintain itself if only hypocrites represent it.”

He was right. As a historian, this truth implies that all Empires rise and fall. Don Henley understood this too, as a musician, artist and lyricist. The American Empire is going to fall – and fall very badly. It will try to take us with it unto its dark and dank perdition.

Our real jobs and our lives, as of now, force us to stand firm in our faiths in order to resist such a horrid future.

Peace. Dasa Buddha Dharma

The Communist urban riots continue without mercy… The Communist murders continue as planned. As the American Empire slowly suffocates on its own vomit – all of this legal crime and bad death will thus advance nefariously. 

Recently in the city of Denver, a so-called security contractor working for some corporate news outfit in the city, Channel Nine News, (in ideological conformity with the Bourgeois Communist Hegemonic Bloc now ruling America), murdered some right-wing patriot white guy. The murdered victim seemed to walk around alone, or with one of his buddies, after his event was over, (the first security problem).

After the assassin and his accomplices spotted the victim, the so-called reporter and the assassin had a consultation session in preparation for the murder.

The assassin then baited the potential victim. The victim, instead of immediately walking away, fell for the baiting tactic, (the second security issue).

Of course, the string of nasty insults led to touching-posturing matches, and then the Communist assassin shot the victim in the face. The Denver police later arrested both the assassin, and his reporter accomplice as an accessory to the murder.

However, the police soon released the murderer’s accomplice, the so-called reporter – with no charges whatsoever! It was obvious that the word came down from the current Governor of the State, who is a hardcore Corona Lockdown Communist, and/or the Denver chief of police, who is also in collusion with the Communists.

Thankfully, the author of these blog essays lives in a small town in the western United States.

Recent posts have given readers an in-depth, macro-level cultural field of study, (or counterinsurgency plan), with some deep historical background related to this new ruling coalition, which now manages the American Empire.

The most recent posts have sketched out their methods and discipline during this current American Civil War IV. Yes again, we are only in the beginning stages of this American Civil War IV.

However, we, American soldiers of faith, must also do a microlevel field of study in order to fully and completely understand their methods and disciplines, or really, the practices of Fifth-Generation Warfare at the local level. Macrostudies of the ‘Big Picture’ are also good, but the micro, or local level of activity, also deserves its analyses as well.

Repeat: this ruling elite fifth-generation warfare is currently using two False Flag-Mythologized Super Events in order to maintain its control.

1. The Corona Plandemic Lockdown Hoax. Public mask wearing has transformed into the official symbol of submission to the current Bourgeois Communist Ruling Government.

2. The Corporate BLM Inc.-Antifa Street Gang Alliance. This Alliance is nothing but a Legal Street Crime Posse. Their current criminal tactics now include brandishing and threatening citizens with guns in public, stopping public traffic choke points, mass rioting, property destruction, legal theft-looting, and street violence against bystanders, inclusive of attempted murder, first-degree murder and terrorist-style assassinations.

Both these political street gangs also hold full legal immunity in committing legal crimes thanks to the Democratic party-bureaucratic bosses who control the local politicians, police chiefs, district attorneys, and judges positions found in most of urban America.

Meanwhile, any rebellions against the lockdowns, non-mask wearing, or defending oneself against the Communist mobs could lead to the full fury of the so-called Law, inclusive of arbitrary imprisonment in the American Gulag.

3. We, suburban-rural white males with not much capital, (meaning working class and poor), now represent their intended victims – both physically and culturally.

They do not just want to transform us into lumpen losers, as America’s elites did to Native Americans and African Americans around a hundred and twenty years ago; instead, they truly would like to utterly destroy us using their current methods of gradualism, or death through a thousand cuts.

Our current existence looks pretty bad. Civil war times are definitely not good times for anyone really – and especially for the working class and poor.

Yet there is also another truth related to this type of political-insurgency warfare.

These adages come out of thousands of years within human history.

4. Victories only come to those opposing forces of violence who know how to use their defeats as learning opportunities. From both learning about and studying defeats, the opposing forces can thus transform their political-military operations into actual successes, towards the total destruction of the Enemy.

5. This Bourgeois Communist Ruling Political Alliance for the Salvation of the American Empire started this Civil War IV against us. Why did they target us? Read or reread the previous posts.

6. We can thus finish this most terrible war, currently in its beginning stages – through our own terms of struggle.

7. First, we must clearly look at the Golden Opportunities given to us by our Enemies.

A Micro-level Field of Study on this Fifth-Generation Warfare is most necessary.

The Good Megatrends

1. The slow destruction of America’s Public State Schools, Public Libraries and Flim Flam College-University Operations: This new megatrend is very, very important. We often forget the power of schooling in making and creating culture, (albeit most of it crappy), within any modern society. The entire corrupt apparatus of the American Public-State School System is now completely exposed. Parents finally see that the incompetence rises to the top in that institution, whether inside the putrid Board of Education offices, or within the Principal-Vice Principal lounges, or in those disgusting Teachers Unions’ buildings. Who would dare subject their kids to such a group of miscreants and degenerates?

My current neighbors are now homeschooling their kid – and they are not the only ones embracing home schooling in the rural west. There is also a Charter School in town, which has closed its doors semi-permanently because all of the teachers are True Believers in the Corona Scamdemic. Well, now all those kids are running around and playing in the parks, or doing whatever suits their fancy, in this little small town. It is quite wonderful to see the kids enjoying life – rather than sitting tortured inside some classroom.

Right before the Corona Craziness Controls, libraries across the United States, with their mostly female worker population, were embracing a type of Radical Leftist ideology from this librarian advocate-union group. How did this librarian advocate group get all this power? Don’t know – but it was becoming more apparent for this regular user of the public library system.

Propaganda began to litter the library walls related to  racism, gender inequality, transgender struggles and LGBTQ resistance, anti-gun crap, (yes, even out west this was happening), and all sorts of other Lefty issues. All of sudden, the homeless had full rights to use the library and were allowed to get loud and obnoxious – since they were members of one of the oppressed communities. Well, these Librarian leaders were also True Believers in the Corona Cult, so they semi-permanently closed down their spaces. And as for me, a once daily user of the public library, he now prefers to read and write inside the tiny apartment!

Oh yes, our radical Commie friends in the American Higher Ed Academy… Well, their days of grandeur and legal crime are slowly drowning inside the paper suffocating cesspool – of their own making! Want more info, then checkout my other blog.

2. The slow destruction of Corporate Country Music: Since the Corona Plandemic Scam, have refused to listen to any Corporate Country Radio while driving the pickup truck – on the backroads. What is this Corporate Country Music?

It is an amalgam of Record Company Saccharine cold coffee all mixed up with Nashville faux-cowboy lite and Clear Channel Corporate Metadata. No more for me – and so avoid all and any commercial ad propaganda ad crap – and my driving has gotten a whole lot better too! Never going back to the so-called radio.

Check out Whiskey Myers for some real Red Dirt Southern Country. Americana music is about to smother Country. Oh, and does anybody remember when it was rightly called, Country and Western? Bring Back the Outlaw Country – Waylon Jennings is rolling in his grave…

3. The slow destruction of the Professional Sports Racket: This makes me real happy! No, was never a sports fan, since I was one of those loser-uncoordinated kids that got picked last for the teams. Regularly drive two hours to visit the regional barber – since there is no regular male barber in town – just too many hippies, I gather.

Well, this barber is from the old school and has had his own shop for the past 40 or so years. He hunts and fishes – and loves conversing about his professional NFL football team. Since the season apparently started already – he hasn’t said one word about ANY of the so-called games. Good riddance! Close up that racket.

4. The slow destruction of the American Resto-Bar-Cafe Service Industry Dump: Closed, closed and closed! In life, have worked in various back kitchens inside those GMO food dumps. They were the worst work experiences ever. The bosses were nasty – and so were most of the coworkers. The waitresses lived in a world of hate, while the cooks were mostly drug addicts. Yeah, a few restos will survive; the old ones that built up the steady clientele.

Right across the road from me is a family run restaurant that recently opened up – and they are doing great. The food is local, fresh and made with care and love.

Don’t even visit those American weirdo cafes anymore where the homeless, lonely old men and laptop warriors congregate, (was also part of that team). Why waste money on a cup of Joe where the rude and weird hang out?

5. Finally, healthy young people are showing their open cowardice in public through compulsory mask wearing: Corona-Corona-Corona – My Corona! Don’t have to worry about young people acting out anymore – many of them are wearing their masks everywhere. Feeling a lot more safe too… Won’t find me wearing them however.

6. The American Ruling Coalition’s attempt at a third False Flag-Mythologized Super Event didn’t work: the so-called Eviction-housing crisis: Made a wrong prediction, OK. Really thought that this False Flag would hit the public like a bomb. Nope, nothing happened. Was wrong – and feel great about it. What other False Flags do those madmen have planned? Bring it on – am ready for it all!

7. As the Anti-Southern white male discourse heats up, less of them will join the US Military, which means the US Military will have to rely on illegal aliens: Also feeling real good about this one. Haven’t heard crap out of the Neocons and the Zio-Nazis either.

8.  Some Americans have bought guns and large stocks of ammunition; others have taken to living on the road in RVs, vans, buses and even in their cars; while some Americans have relocated to the rural parts: Empire goes falling down, falling down, falling down – my fair Empire…

9. Since the BLM-Antifa Legal Crime Spree-False Flag-Super Duper Events, almost every single American Christian church has inserted their ideologies into their dogma, including the Evangelical and New Apostolic Churches, such as the Jesus Culture Movement, Hillsong, Bethel Redding and Upper Room: yes, the Democratic Party has finally fulfilled its vengeance against the White Evangelical Movement that embraced the Republican Party during the 1980s, and especially when the Catholics and Evangelicals joined together to form the Anti-abortion Movement.

But these churches are going to find that embracing such a Satanic ideology, which supports theft, violence, destruction, murder and Communism, has very serious costs. Every single church congregation has a core group of parishioners who do most of the organizational support and tithing. When they see their hard earned money going to the destruction of their lives and families – the money flow is gonna stop! Then the Lord’s vengeance will fall upon them too…

10. Anglo-American Neo-Puritan Feminism sold its soul to the Cultural Marxists: With the ‘MeToo’ Movement over, allowing a corrupt pervert to head the Democratic Party Presidential race, and now millions of American females openly supporting BLM on their Instagram Social Media pages – the Feminist triumph has crashed into defeat. African-Americans now ‘trump’ the vast majority of white females who have openly fought for Sixth-Wave Feminism. They won another round of victory three years ago. But the party is over – literally. Feminism had a great run in American history since the 1820s – but they forsook their own power to Black Lives Matter’s higher victimhood status.

11. The slow destruction of the American Empire’s fraudster Capitalist practices: Corona PERMANENTLY destroyed the US Economy. Most of the jobs beforehand were actually crap jobs where the boss mandated the hours, life and working conditions for all employees. They were not employees – but wage serfs – tied wholly to the job – until the owners got sick of them and fired them with no two week notice at all. Sometimes, the owners took a little dip out of the last paycheck, in order to screw the ex-employee – just a little more.

All such institutional violence is totally legal. Now, millions of Americans have no good jobs waiting for them in the future – only penury, poverty and homelessness. Americans can truly see what it is like to live under a regime that gives nothing to its own citizens – and everything to cheap illegal aliens. No social safety net, no problem, say our rulers.

12. The slow destruction of the Political Legitimacy of the American Empire with its lack of understanding, nor concern, on how actual Americans think and survive: This is the most important megatrend regarding the coming destruction of the American Empire. No State can survive without legitimacy, no Empire can survive without some trust between the ruled and rulers. Legitimacy is to the state as breath and blood are to humanity. Without legitimacy, all States die the bad death.

Most Americans still find their rulers legitimate. We can see this through the mask wearing charade in public – but it really is slowly losing its legitimacy – and it will eventually reach the deadly 20% mark in the distant future.

Noticing that there are normally at least three other non-mask wearers every time a visit warrants at the regional Kroger Supermarket. Once the 20% line crosses over, it is, as we say in America, lights out for the Empire. Interestingly, our elites don’t seem to care much, and so just continue with their political-economic nonsense – good, very good.

The Bad Megatrends

1. The physical dangers in buying foodstuffs inside corporate food supermarkets, with the price gouging of basic items: The Corona Cult’s Media Manipulation on Public Mask Wearing has definitely worked. For us non-mask wearers, we still have to act carefully. Situational Awareness is in order. Never have received any bad vibes nor obnoxious pandering from Kroger Supermarkets, so now visit them regularly. Stopped going to other Supermarkets, since they had mask mandate people working the doors.

We do need to watch out for other supermarket visitors who will throw at us looks of utter contempt for not wearing masks. This situation could easily switch into something nasty – and even becoming a part of the six o clock regional news. How to avoid this potential scenario regarding our personal danger?

1. Bring a foods-herbs-cleaning products-med products purchasing list; 2. MOVE FAST between aisles, so once finding an item on the list, just move out to the next one; 3. If some masker throws the eyes of hate, first things first, DO NOT STARE BACK AT THEM MENACINGLY; or if there are a bunch of maskers just hanging out in an aisle – then for both scenarios, move to another aisle quickly, and find what you need there, since you can always return to the previous aisle later. 4.. Shop at non-busy times, such as the work week days, Mon.-Thurs., late mornings and early afternoons: 5. Find a regular checkout line where the person in front of you is already putting their stuff on the conveyor belt.

Sadly, a lot of the basic food, cleaning and medical items have gone up in pricing. Inflation is here and it will probably only get worse. Unless you grow your own foods, you have no choice in the matter. We all just gotta deal.

2.The American medical-health racket, representing both insurance companies and providers, are also price gouging: Supermarkets are not the only ones upping their prices – the medical establishment is also taking advantage of the False Flags. Who can one trust? Don’t ask.

3. Since Americans have been traveling in order to break the lockdowns, gas-oil companies have further price gouged their prices at the pumps: Yeah, in the beginning of all this craziness, last spring, gas was super cheap. Not anymore however. Never liked the Oil Companies anyway.

4. With the massive increase in gun buying and ammunition, ammo companies have halted production and started price gouging on all their stock: These ammunition companies played the same game during the Sandy Hook False Flag of winter 2012. Don’t blame the distributors online – the ammo companies are culpable.

The Ugly Megatrends

1. The Communist Street Gang Posses, Antifa-BLM, are more disciplined than us. They also possess guns and ammunition, and have the full legal and logistical support of the ruling political coalition that runs this American Empire. This vile political alliance also includes all of America’s Intelligence-Spy Organizations, US Military Pentagon Leaders, and most Chiefs of Police in America’s urban districts: Very simple: if we fight them, we will certainly lose, whether physically with our lives, or legally, or both. We cannot take on the Empire. Again and again, just deal with the actual reality of each moment. If we have already centered our lives on our Faiths, then we will succeed.

2. Most rural town councils, mayors, county governments and paper newspapers fully support the Bourgeois Communist Ruling Coalition for the Salvation of the American Empire: This is definitely true in my little town, and almost sure that it is mostly the same everywhere else. There are a few exceptions of course – but those are the lucky ones. The Governor of Florida seems to act sensibly these days. But we cannot count on our local, regional, nor state officials to do the right thing, as we say in America. We must take full responsibility for our own lives and the lives of our families.

3. Many rural and suburban American men are either rigid maniacs with a thousand hangups, or they still believe the lies of the System, or they just want to do their jobs – and that is it. One should never try to form a political coalition with such people. Yes, we are all doomed: Left this one for the end because it is the hardest reality to deal with. Are we hoping for some political movement that could unite all of us, American citizens, against this Bourgeois Communist Ruling Coalition for the Salvation of the American Empire? As we say in America, it is nothing but a pipe dream.

Throw your head out the window and just look at your fellow Americans, both mask wearers and non-mask wearers – do you want to go through the tedious work process in order to unite millions and millions of people, with each and every one carrying multiple petty grievances and personal hangups?

Look at ourselves even. How many of us fall into despising certain people over some pathetic issue? One non-mask wearing guy utterly hates hippies, yet many of the non-mask wearers are in fact hippies. Another dude hates the homeless, but again, they have been suffering the most, since they just can’t move out of their places. They are literally stuck in a bad life situation.

In 2020 America, there is no trust between its citizens and the politician-media hacks; little trust between business sellers and consumers; and so-so trust between our fellow Americans.

We are doomed. But there are some easy solutions, which will ensure our own survival and the survival of our families.

Stay tuned for the next installment.


Vice white hipster news-taste-the-rainbow‘In the 1980s, a former KGB Soviet defector, Yuri Bezmenov, began to give public lectures in the USA and Canada, often video taped, explaining the subversive methods of International Communism against North American decadent culture.

The first stage represented Demoralization. Within this stage, three aspects worked simultaneously to pulverize the Demoralized nation: Ideas, then Structures, (or the Superstructure, Marxist speak for Culture), and Material Life, (or the Base, Marxist speak for the Political Economy).  The first part of his discourse, ‘Ideas,’ actually transformed both the Structures and Material Life. Bezmenov described one of the main activities of Communist subversion as ‘Infiltration of schools and universities by radicals, leftists, and simply disturbers…’

He further stated that the subversives were not actual agents of the Communist International, nor were they even in contact with the KGB – but their ‘useful idiot’ status allowed them to infuse American university students with easy answers to society’s problems. What was the Holy Answer for peace, justice and equality?

The Answer was Bureaucratic State Socialism to give out various free stuff to the oppressed classes. Who were these oppressed classes? They represented Womyn, Blacks, Latinos, Native Nations, All People of Color, Refugees, Immigrants, (both legal and undocumented), Historically Victimized Religious, (no Christians allowed), Students, Professors, Teachers, Prisoners, the Poor, the Poverty stricken, Homeless junkies, Sex workers, Welfare recipients, Workers (?), Laborers, (both urban and agricultural, excepting white racists), Gays, Lesbians, Transgenders, Queers, Bi-Gendered, Gender-fluids, and the Disabled on state supports, (both mental and physical). This was the United Left in Struggle against America’s Fascist Domination.

At the same time, Civil Society had to redress America’s evil historical oppression, in the name of racial economic justice, against all White Male, Christian Fascist, Pro-America, Straight-hetero gendered, gun owning, bad dressing losers. Those creeps had to receive their just restorative punishments.

Mr. Bezmenov described such methods as the perfect ‘divide and conquer strategy.’ It does beg the question: did such a monstrous and deranged system actually work in practice? You bet it did!’

[from a previous article I had written about eight months ago on my blog ]

Let’s do a 40 year fast forward to the Summer in the City, USA 2020…

Yeah, we definitely need to do a Field of Study, or an Actual Reality Mapping for the current American Empire.

#1 Megatrend: Total and Complete Lumpenization of suburban and rural white males with no capital, (i.e. no money). US losers are the new and improved targets

#2 Megatrend: The New American Will to Power = Inmate Posse now runs the Insane Asylum. This is the current hegemonic bloc of elites running the American Empire

#3 Megatrend: Letting Go of living like The Walking Dead and embracing the Spiritual Life

#4 Megatrend: Concocted Crises Catastrophes = American Empire New Normal & as a consequence; the Empire invades Cursed Perdition and the putrid Sepulchers of World Empires

#5 Megatrend: When the Law and Constitution now mean absolutely nothing, the personal victories emerge; and thus, the advances come together

Those of us who are the targeted victims, suburban and rural white males with no capital, (i.e. no money), have thus fallen into the beginning rounds of American Civil War IV. Yet, this is not just any Civil War, nor is it like the previous ones in American history.

#6 Megatrend: The first salvos of this American Civil War IV fall correctly in line with current American Imperial political-military strategies for subversion: Firth Generation Warfare, also called Color Revolution.

What is Fifth Generation Warfare-Color Revolution?

The American Empire now uses this subversion method to overthrow governments across the planet.

Basically, American intelligence entities, mainly the Central Intelligence Agency, (The CIA), delegate various subversion techniques to its US government organizational allies; while all of these groups can operate together, both inside and outside the US Embassy apparatus, in order to fashion societal upheavals inside the host-victimized country.

The fetid list thus includes various aggregate US Intelligence Agencies, such as USAID, the National Endowment for Democracy, (NED), The Peace Corps, (PC), The National Democratic Institute, (NDI), The International Republican Institute, (IRI), and even the American Big Boy corporate bank, (or America’s national trade union organization), the AFL-CIO’s very own, The Solidarity Center, (SC). Within these various US Government spy-subversion agencies are hundreds of little companies, clubs and consortiums all involved in some deadly subversion techniques against foreign enemy threats.

Many other Non-Governmental Organizations, (NGOs), also work within this CIA-US Government backed affiliate network. The acrid list of dishonest players includes The Ford Foundation, The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, The Smith Richardson Foundation, George Soros’s The Open Society Institute, Gene Sharp’s The Albert Einstein Institution, and Pierre Omidyar’s The Omidyar Network Fund.

One must not forget the myriad of Washington D.C. Think Tanks, which feature multiple boards of directorships. These American think tanks contain a select pool of incestuous American elites who sit simultaneously on many corporate boards of directors. It is very common among American elite circles for one director to sit on various other boards of multiple other agencies. These higher-ups tend to constitute former corporate executives, retired governmental-bureaucratic bosses, US Military-Pentagon high officers and ex-intelligence agency directors.

A sample list of these elite foundations would include the Brookings Institution, Human Rights Watch-Amnesty International, the Council on Foreign Relations, (CFR), the Rand Corporation, the Center for American Progress, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, (CSIS), the Aspen Institute, the Wilson Center, the Atlantic Council, the Center for a New American Security and Inter-American Dialogue.

So how does the American Empire use all of these governmental spy agencies and non-governmental organizations to subvert foreign enemy states, or potential global threats?

It uses three basic tactics in chronological order.

The first stage regards the general subversion of marginalized elements outside of the official foreign government. The CIA, the NED, USAID, and its aggregates, both US GOV and NGOs, fund and create counter political-ideological social networks against the official government.

Once the counter networks reach a a critical mass of attendance inside the general population, there arrives the second stage, which is the actual street mobilizations of the counter networks.

The frustrated street mobilizations seek to purposefully bait the official government into police crackdowns, so that the counter networks can engage in general street violence, destruction of property, and generalized disorder-chaos.

The third and final stage is to slowly increase the subversive tension in almost every other area of civil society, such as the Media, the Military, the Religious Cult, etc., so that eventually, the fifth generation warfare moves into fourth generation warfare: a general insurgency or insurrection.

Finally, there arrives a coup d’etat, or seizure of power of the counter network against the previous state; so thus the new government junta becomes a friendly government ally to the American Empire.

The three stages of Fifth Generational Warfare-Color Revolution embody similar political warfare tactics, (while using different terminologies), to Communist subversion strategies used throughout world history in order to violently seize political power.

What is the Communist Subversion Strategy?

‘America’s current political-economic elite’s preferred media-political method is the Baiting Political Strategy, which is mainly an offspring of the Fichtian-Hegelian German political philosophy of Problem-Reaction-Solution. 

Related to this political strategy, and more appropriate for the current political situation of the United States is the old Communist political strategy of Conflict-Struggle-Liberation.

The Communist political subversion method originally arrived from the Italian Communist Theoretician of the 1930s, Antonio Gramsci. Gramsci formulated the Trinity of Holy Subversion is these terms: War of Position-War of Maneuver-War of Revolutionary Hegemony’ [from a previous post on this site]

War of Position=building the superstructure cultural base for the demoralization of the Old System; War of Maneuver=the actual mob attacks, street violence, break down of the law, and insurgent disorder leading to the dissolution of the Old System; Revolutionary Hegemony=triumph of the new Communist Hegemonic Alliance or Bloc, or whatever Political-Economic Elites, who happen to control the new and improved old system.

What is this new Hegemonic Political Alliance, which now runs America and is now targeting most of us Americans for social and cultural destruction, and for a few of us, physical destruction?

Let us first call them from now on: Our Ruling Bourgeois, (or Pro-Monopoly Capitalism), Communist Coalition Government for the Salvation of the American Empire.

1. This Ruling Alliance owes its funding, organization and mobilizations to all of the US Intelligence-Spy Agencies, (CIA, FBI, DIA, SS, etc.),; and inclusive of the ones supposedly fighting the ‘commie bad guys,’ such as Homeland Security.

2. The main political faction of the Alliance is the full Democratic Party, with all of its bureaucratic hacks and political powerful minion aggregates, (or additions, inclusive of its Republican party-loyal opposition allies); while it maintains its control throughout all levels of government: Federal, State, Country, Municipal and Local. This political coterie also comprises state governors, mayors, city council members, police chiefs, district attorney prosecutors, and judges backing up the Democratic-run, American Megalopolis Cities-Subversion Centers.

3. The US Military Pentagon brass, (generals and admirals), allied with their related US government policy leaders in D.C.; ultimately, they back up this Bourgeois Communist Alliance through the Threat of Absolute Force.

4. The complete and total submission of the entire Media-Newspapers-Magazines-TV-News-Entertainment-Hollywood-Tech-Social Media Conglomerate Monopolies, inclusive of the so-called, right-wing Fox News. Tucker Carlson is currently the only media personality who refuses to respect this Alliance’s political goals.

5. The entire American Educational Establishment, from Nursery-Kindergarten to the Higher Education Monopolies, both Undergraduate and Graduate studies. This educational junta also includes private colleges and public state schools, and even most religious and military academies. All Public Libraries are now onboard with this Bourgeois Communist Coalition Government. 

6. The entire Biological Health-Medical apparatus-Human Services establishments, both corporate hospitals and satellite clinic-campuses.

7. The entire social class of multi-billionaire American Capitalists and Financiers, NGO directors, inclusive of Black Lives Matter Inc., Corporate Boards of Governors and Directorships, Insurance Monopolies, Real Estate Franchises, and the entire Administrative Bureaucracies of private corporations under trusteeships and public companies traded on the Stock Market. Most importantly, all American monopolistic banking structures, (also representing the Federal Reserve, such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Chase, US Bank, etc.), and the Wall Street Investment Firms, such as Goldman Sachs. All of these economic powerhouses completely support this Grand Bourgeois Commie Coalition.

8. The White Commie Street Gang, Antifa, now functions as the urban street militia for this ruling elite’s political mobilizations.

What are the current political mobilizations of this Bourgeois, (or Pro-Monopoly Capitalism), Communist Coalition Government for the Salvation of the American Empire?

The Bourgeois Communist Coalition Government is currently utilizing two false flags, and is also working on a third one, to slowly suffocate its political enemies – or simply, us.

What are the two false flags, and the one false flag it is currently working on?

1. The Corona Plandemic Lockdown Hoax with public mask wearing transformed into the public symbol of submission to the current Bourgeois Communist Ruling Coalition Government.

2. Corporate BLM Inc.-Antifa Street Gang Alliance with all of its Legal Street Crime Posses, such as brandishing and threatening citizens with guns in public, stopping public traffic choke points, mass rioting, property destruction and street violence against bystanders; while these gangs also hold full legal immunities thanks to the Democratic party-bureaucratic bosses-police chiefs, politicians-DA’s and judges found in most of urban America. Meanwhile, any rebellion against lockdowns, non-mask wearing, or defending oneself against the Communist mobs will lead to the full fury of the so-called Law and arbitrary imprisonment.

3. This coalition is now working on an economic collapse false flag comprising a new eviction-rent crisis leading to even more mass homelessness across the Nation. Why this false flag? Because the Trumpsta was a hard-core and ruthless NYC landlord before becoming a reality TV show star. This false flag will embarrass him utterly like the two previous ones did, exposing him like a pathetic yapping clown – or a sickly deer in front of a truck’s headlights.

Can we possibly fight such a monstrosity of tyranny?


We are doomed.

But so are they, utterly doomed.

Stay tuned for the next installment of American Civil War IV.

Darkened Death City USA

Well, now some folks are born into a good life
And other folks get it anyway anyhow
Well, I lost my money and I lost my wife
Them things don’t seem to matter much to me now…

Bruce Springsteen, Darkness on the Edge of Town, 1978

His last homage to America’s real working class was the ‘unplugged album,’ Nebraska, 1982.  His ‘patriotic debut album,’ Born in the USA, 1984, also spoke the truth concerning those millions of working class Americans who had to survive the austerities of Empire. By the decade of the 1990s, Mr. Springsteen had sold his honor to the Democratic Party.

So what’s left to fight about?

What is left to even write about?

Discernment still rises ever so slowly…

It erupts in spurts and surges forth – and ever so ominously… Especially during these nasty times of American Civil War IV.

Warnings attached.

A few days ago, in my little small town, out in the rural western parts of America, I heard some guy screaming and screeching outside my window.

You see, below me on the adobe terraces, are these little stores, which after the first lock downs in the springtime, just stopped making any money. Well, a few of them didn’t make much money anyway, just some junk-thrift shops with dirty merchandise from old people’s dusty, mud strewn cellars. The rest of the tiny stores never recovered – and especially the tarot card-palm reader. All of them still had to pay their rents though.

This local guy was apparently yelling at the tarot card-palm reader of a woman because she wanted him to wear a mask. And the man just exploded on her. It sounded ugly from above. I used to act that way before I became a practicing Buddhist. Nowadays, well I just let the social crap roll right off me. No use in suffering over life’s minor trifles.

I later talked to the man. He was a local, but I never conversed with him much because he was a super quiet dude. He never seemed to lose his cool, always low key, super mellow and was a big music fan. He worked with the local church in town, (but that church was long closed up due to the Plandemic Hoax). The pastor will never return to this dead end town anymore. Once and a while I would see the same dude, always with his genetically attached baseball cap, playing around with his electronic music gear set up, at the local library.

While listening to his rant, (as he was beginning to calm down), the man was truly upset about all the local, state and federal sociopaths destroying our town, our state – and our country. This man was angry and he wanted vengeance. He was tired of all of the forced mask wearing garbage, the lack of any stable work, no money around, cancelled local music events, cafes closed down for good, and the lack of any real social interactions, such as closed churches, etc.

The man was absolutely right. I was upset too, and even angry about all this political evil abounding in our land. But I told him, we still got to show the love – and forsake the anger.

Easier spoken than done however.

The lesson of this story is simple. We still have to restrain our anger and vexation about what is currently taking place around us. And the reason is that there still awaits a whole lot worse coming our way…

Just today, took my usual, slow barefoot walk towards the local cafe in my small town. No one was really walking about, which seemed a little strange on this sunny, summer Sunday afternoon.

I noticed that the front door of the local supermarket, (attached to the closed up cafe), had a new lock down order from the Commie governor: FACE MASKS NOW LEGALLY REQUIRED TO ENTER.

Well, I just walked right in without a mask, and was the only dude to do it. Ordered a cafe in my little cup and was going to sit outside with it. The barista told me that she couldn’t fill my personal cup anymore due to the new rules, so I got the coffee in a ‘to go cup’; poured the drink into my personal cup, and walked outside to the cafe terrace seating area.

Again, no one around, except for this new group of people in town who must have settled in recently. There was this fat, loud mouth type of a guy with thick glasses, who just kept yapping and hogging up the conversation. I think his wife was there, and he was talking to an audience of two people! I was hoping to read some Dhammapada – but this guy was loud and had a rough Northeastern accent.

Suddenly, this bizarre couple approached, an elderly couple in full cowboy dress with full face masks on their faces – and they were all outside. Apparently, the elderly cowboy outfit dude in the full mask mode, had to interject into the fat northeastern guy’s conversation.

The fat Northeastern guy was saying how much he admired the Antifa Commie Street Gang in Portland, Oregon – who were apparently taking on Trump (?) The old man with the cowboy costume and full mask set, concurred, and began harping loudly about the Fascist Dictatorship of Trump. Noticed a Commie Sanders bumper sticker on the old man’s truck (the same guy in the full Cowboy costume with full-time face mask)…

We always had some Leftists in town, but how did the Communists get in here?

Remember, during the first weekend of legal crime and rioting in America’s large urban megalopolis centers; was driving from the spiritual site in town, and saw that right across from the dirt road parking area, on the metal railings, before one arrives into town, a big ‘Black Lives Matter’ sign flew into the air. Across from the sign, sat a white guy in a nice car hawking that same sign to make sure no ‘racist’ would tear it down.

Remember similar antics, way back in grad school, when the ‘Right-wing assholes’ would put little American flags on the green lawns of the campus every 9/11 Super Duper Event Eve. One of the unfortunate reactionaries had the job of watching all night long inside his car, making sure that no ‘Leftist scum’ tore the flags away…

Almost every single thing is closed down today, and even the recently reopened restaurant across the street from me. Every local store has a mandatory mask sign taped right in the upper middle of the glass doors – threatening all and every customers.

A lot of visitors now drive into my town inside their RVs and campers, not just doing the summer vacation gig, but living full-time in their vehicles, and looking for off-road campsites to spend a few weeks!

Even friends and family members are having loud and contentious conversations during the nighttime about work and money. Tension is in the air, and more and more people are having their backs pinned to the walls.

There’s a Darkness on the Edge of Town.

As stated before in my Megatrend 2020 American Empire Series, we now have a ruling hegemonic bloc coalition of sociopaths, criminals and inmates running the USA Asylum.

If we too had their enormous political, economic, social and cultural power, we would probably run things the same way.

Who are the targets of their two-timing, double-dealing, False Flag, (Corona Waves Hype and BLM Legal Crime Spree), shenanigans?

Us: suburban and rural white guys with no or little money, the new American lumpen proletariat. First they came for the Indians, then the Blacks, and so now it is our turn for political-economic-social-cultural destruction.

Why did they target us, and why now?

Don’t know really. But we are all truly in their rifle front sights.

So here is what we know for sure.

  1. Our elites have successfully pulled off The Official Corona Second Wave Tactic. Every national, regional and local rag newspaper is false reporting and hyping up all of the faux-testing. More Americans are getting tested apparently, and all of the new and improved tests come up 100% positive – and all of the time! This new scenario especially took root in all those right-wing, Pro-Trump loser states that reopened their businesses. State governments once again have Corona Mandatory Mask wearing mandates for every single business. What happened to the Death Counts anyway?
  2. Just like after 9/11, our rulers will never give up their new found political powers. There will be endless Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Wave Corona Attacks to justify more of these outrageous decrees with the destruction of life.
  3. US Citizenship means absolutely nothing. Why are non-American citizens, some illegal and others legal, still given special economic privileges that most regular Americans cannot access, such as free health care, free attorney services, EBT Debit cards for free money, free College, or first dibs on the better paying jobs?
  4. The so-called ‘Constitutional Law’ means absolutely nothing. Why have all the big city urban governments and some state governments, (all controlled through the Democratic Party), allowed legal rioting, property destruction, grand theft robbery, looting, assault and murder for BLM-Antifa street gangs, and yet if some regular American defends him or herself from legal rioters, then they get the full boot of the law? Right now, the Democratic Communist mayor of Portland, Oregon, has supported his street gang Antifa to control the main thoroughfares at night; next, tells his police force to step down (?), and later, the arrestees get full release from some federal judge – who must also support this Antifa-Democratic Party alliance. The craziness is that those other crazies are attacking the federal building where the exact same judge works (?) There is something way off here. Our rulers now enforce the Law to fit their whims.
  5. Have we not noticed that those same monopoly multi-national, billion dollar corporations, which have profited off all of the small business closings during pandemic, are also giving millions of dollars to the BLM Inc. Organization? Why is Jeff Bezos the multi-billionaire owner of Amazon Inc. giving millions of dollars to BLM Inc., when at the same time, urban thieves storm his delivery vehicles and legally commit first-degree robbery? Something is wrong here.
  6. Why during the Corona First Wave, did Democratic controlled governments shove the closing of all small businesses, and not the big box, mega stores and multinational fast food franchises? Why did they mix Corona infected patients with non-Corona patients in the hospitals? Why did they list thousands of sudden, elderly nursing home deaths as all Corona related? Why did they push ventilators on both non-Corona and Corona patients; thus murdering them and listing their deaths as Corona? Why during this Corona Second Wave are they instead, pushing mandatory public mask wearing for all Americans – except for the homeless, political enforcers, and illegal alien workers?

The ground level, actual reality is even uglier.

  1. We are Defeated Nation. No so-called future Revolution will arrive on the horizon. What’s left in our society is a diabolic hatred between different sets of people. On one side we have a successful Cultural Marxism Hegemonic Bloc; on the other side, rigid right-wing assholes with more cultural hangups than Medieval inquisitors. The other common vices of most Americans have included: extreme ignorance, gross immaturity, strange behaviors, shameless gluttony, cowardice-fear over death and dying, pettiness over trivial concerns, and a general slob laziness. BLM does look a lot cooler than us guys. We must therefore deal with such a reality and accept our defeat. We should cope with the loss of the Nation, and really, it never was ours in the first place. The American Democracy Experiment is done and over.
  2. Trump was nothing but a Carnival Barker Clown and the Republican Party represents absolutely nothing, (except the hoarding of their own reelection funds). This party will soon become, the once and never again, Whig Party of the 1850s. Was Trump actually in collusion with the Democratic Party hegemonic Marxist coalition? Trump has done a lot more for the Leftists than he has ever done for his own, ‘Trump Chump,’ supporters. The Left has never been more mobilized and activated since his election. Trumps looks really bad on video. He will tweet one thing, and then does the exact opposite later!

As the Communist Cult Killer, Lenin, once wrote, What is to be done?

As an avid reader of military history, tactics and strategy: defeats are only first steps to outright future victory.

What am I actually writing here?

Basically, for every military-political defeat, there emerges newer openings for military-political triumphs. As a PhD doctor bum historian, this is absolutely true. Or as we say in America, when crises arrive, opportunities emerge.

We have some even better solutions.

  1. 1. Non-participation, non-compliance. What if our post-Trump rulers soon announce another War for Empire against, let’s say: Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Russia or China, or pick and choose your new and improved enemy of the moment – and very few showed up, nor signed up, to transform themselves into assassin-mass murderers for the US Empire? We can dream, can’t we? As the old Negro spiritual goes: Ain’t gonna study war no more… down by the riverside… While our fellow millions of Americans are dying on the streets, poor, miserable, hungry, weary – and still we pay taxes for such meaningless rights of citizenship, and where the law implies the personal whims of our now Communist styled, Cult Marxist rulers…
  2. Strategies for survival and counter-strategies. Do they require mandatory mask wearing at all food sources, so they can eventually control the food distribution? Then, we move to the rural country, and find our local farmers. We get the food straight from the source. We also accept our new austerity and rationing of food. So, if we don’t have much bread and cheese left, then we move our diet to a more vegetarian rice and beans specialty. Do they require mandatory vaccinations for work and school? We take our kids out of the public schools and home school them. If our work requires a forced vaccination, then we talk to an attorney, threaten legal action, or if having our backs to the wall – quit. If millions of Americans do this, the American Empire system will implode fully. If they decide to ban all cash money transactions, then we boycott any and all local businesses, which refuse to accept cash money.
  3. Cover-concealment-camouflage. The best method for combat survival is hiding and attacking suddenly; next up, running, stalling, and thus attacking again the Enemy.  If they close all the churches and other religious meetings, then we have our spiritual brotherhoods meet at each other’s homes. If they ban all personal ownership of firearms, then we shoot our weapons out in the deserts, mountains and forests, and then train with our weapons in closed doors with snap caps. We will still stand strong: duty and honor, faith and family. As long as we prepare the lines that we shall never cross, we will defeat the Evil Empire eventually.

Yes, there’s a Darkness on the Edge of Town.

But always and always remember. All created, component, conditioned things are impermanent and have no connection to who we are as human beings. All historical empires thus rise and fall.

For example, a few of those Democratic Party Antifa, Commie Street Gang fighters were also accomplices to the US Empire sponsored mass genocide in Syria. Those fakers sided with the Rojava Kurds in exterminating the Yazidi people, who were simply of a different religious faith as the Kurdish fighters. And always remember this, the accomplices in the great Turkish Holocaust of the Christian Armenians and Assyrians, (around hundred years ago) were also those same Kurd mercenary fighters.

When paramilitary movements take sides with the cruel empires; instead of fighting honorably, standing alone for their people – they always lose.

Worldly Empires have no friends. Only usurpers and victims.

The Light of the Dharma shines forth.

Civil War Portend

Civil War IV?

A little history is in order.

Yes, America has experienced three previous Civil Wars.

Civil War I, or the infamous English Civil War, 1642-46, which was also active in the American Colonial Plantations, as they were called in those days. Massachusetts-Connecticut supported the Puritan based Parliament forces, while Virginia-Maryland supported the Cavalier based Stuart Monarchy forces.

Civil War II, or is commonly referred in the States as, The American Revolutionary War, 1775-1783. This war was actually a colonial conflict comprising the American Revolutionary Army under the command, of ex-British General, George Washington, in collusion with the French Royal Army, versus the British Imperial Army and its American Loyalist militias.

Civil War III, or is commonly named by certain unreconstructed white southerners as, The War of Northern Yankee Aggression, 1861-65. This war featured two geographic sides of the then current United States. The Southern State Confederacy and its irregular guerrillas forces in the Border Slave States versus the Northern State Union Army with its Union Sympathizer Forces inside the Confederacy.

What is this Civil War IV then?

Civil War IV features a ruling junta or hegemonic power bloc, which now commands the political-cultural apparatus of the United States of America. This elite cabal contains some very powerful political factions.

Such powerful factions now include:

1. The full Democratic Party, with all of its bureaucratic hacks and political powerful minions, and throughout all levels of government: Federal, State, Country, Municipal and Local. This political coterie also comprises police chiefs, district attorney prosecutors, and judges inside the Democratic-run American Megalopolis Cities.

2. The US Military Pentagon brass, (generals and admirals), allied with their related US government policy leaders in D.C.; all in collusion with the US Intelligence-Spy Agencies.

3. Almost the entire social class of multi-billionaire American Capitalists and Financiers, NGO directors, inclusive of Black Lives Matter Inc., the Media-TV-News-Entertainment Conglomerate bosses, Tech Monopoly Leaders, Corporate Boards of Governors and Directorships, and the entire Administrative Bureaucracies of both the Educational and Medical Establishments.

4. The White Commie Street Gang, Antifa, now functions as the urban street militia for this ruling elite’s amalgamation.

As stated previously, this is a very, very powerful ruling hegemonic bloc. Most Americans currently subscribe to their cultural opinions and decrees. There are even some politically Conservative types who follow this sect’s commands, and yet constitute one of the Junta’s future political victims.

In 2020, this ruling elite has declared open war upon the rest of America’s general population, while specifically targeting suburban and rural white males with no capital, (i.e. no money).

Some Civil War IV Possibilities.

1. US Military Throw of the Dice: Yes, the Pentagon military bosses are on the side of that Ruling Elite, Finance Capitalist-Cultural Communist Coalition – but there are many generals and admirals who command thousands of US Military bases across the entire world, not just inside the United States. Most of them are careerists, like their Pentagon overlords, yet others are still ideologically allied with the Old American Values of Liberal Capitalist Democracy versus International Communism, Leftism and Subversion. Some of those generals and admirals, in all of the branches, (Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines), have studied Counterinsurgency and Low-Intensity Conflict extensively at both the US Army War College and the US Navy War College. Read the late general Flynn’s essay on what is taking place in the United States, and it is obvious why the current elite went after him in order to destroy his life. He is not the only US general and admiral who shares such opinions. Obama purged a good amount of the higher military officers during his rule, but a ruler who never served a day in the US Military, cannot purge all of one’s internal enemies. Will most of these higher officers, who command entire armies and naval-air force squadrons, join this vile Leftist Ruling Junta of the Woke and Willing?

2. Black Lives Matter Inc. and Black Militias: No doubt, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are extremely jealous. Black Lives Matter Inc. now has the economic support of the largest multinational, conglomerate corporations in the entire world! Black Lives Matter thus dictates the future actions for the coming one party rule of the Democratic Party Machine. Millions, (yes millions), of American, young white attractive females, now join in their public declamations and freely create public support for them on Instagram.

This movement now has an arsenal of Cultural, Political and Economic power that no other NGO organization can come close to inside the current United States. But there are a few variables left out. What about the majority of all those young Black males, dying slowly in the urban ghettos of America? They want their cake too! Black Lives Matter also has a fetish for the Cause of Palestine. Will the Non-Jewish Ashkenazi Jew Elites who run America’s Media allow such Anti-Israeli rhetoric to spill out into the wide public? Black Lives Matter at present has the willing ear of close to hundreds of millions of Americans. That is truly a large following. Not even Tucker Carlson has such a number of loyal adherents.

  1. Black Militias will possibly arise, and especially inside the Black Belt of the United States, (the South), the center emanating from the Black Cultural Center of Atlanta.
  2. Black Lives Matter might demand Northern European style, social safety net payments for all young Blacks 18 and above, without much work prospects, (Dole Unemployment, Free Medical-Dental Care, Free Education, and Housing Benefits for rent, as is the case in Britain). But, what about the mass of African-American ex-felons and ex-prisoners? If BLM does not waver, they will definitely have to make sure that all African-American ex-prisoners and ex-felons receive such benefits too.
  3. Young whites 18 and above will probably receive nothing, nor any social benefits whatsoever, due to their privilege. Eventually, Mestizo illegal aliens and African American young people will thus become the only racial groups to receive full social safety net benefits. Any Americans who refuse to pay taxes for such selective recipients will no doubt, receive the benefits of the American Gulag. This policy would also allow a full opening for millions of more illegal mestizos to pour in from Mexico and Central America, and thus tip America to one-party Democrat rule.
  4. Black Lives Matter will have to eventually shut down the pro-Palestine rhetoric – if they want to fully achieve their political results. Not only do the Non-Jewish Ashkenazi Jew Elites control the entire Media and US Public Finance – but this ethnic-social group also commands the public political discourse. Any political deviations will end up marginalized to the fringes, i.e. The Nation of Islam.
  5. Anglo-American women, and especially white Anglo-American women, have ceded their recent cultural and political powers to their racial-gender-class oppression competitors. Any woman can still call out some creep white guy and destroy his life. But, if some white girl or woman calls the cops on any Black guy – she will instead – destroy her own life. All that Fifth-wave and Sixth-wave MeToo/TimesUp Feminism flushed down the History memory hole.

3. Mexico and the vast majority of Mestizo illegal workers: Noticed that there were a few Mestizo-Americans attending the demos with all those Anglo-American white women and Black Lives Matter Activists. Those people were the exception to the rule.

Know for a fact that most Mestizo-Americans do not just dislike, but utterly despise, African Americans. Why is this? Because they consider them flojos, or lazy people who try to game the Welfare system. Most of them will have nothing to do with any BLM political action, but they too want their cake – the political power and influence cake!

Mexico is still too busy surviving its very own, low-intensity conflict civil war, la guerra contra los narcos, (actually lived in central Mexico for a year). Mexico, as a nation, does not seem ready to take on los gringos.

Expect a new Latino-Chicano governance coalition, which will manage the political systems in the southern parts of the US southern border states: the San Jose region, (excluding San Mateo Country), on down to San Diego in CA, the Tucson regional area in AZ, the entire state of New Mexico, and south-southwest Texas, (excluding Austin).

Democrats will push another massive Amnesty for all illegal workers inside the US, (inclusive of Asians and Africans), and will even institute a new and improved, fast track to US Citizenship – regardless of English speaking abilities.

4. Phoenix Program-Central America-Death Squad Option: Any and all political deviations, smacking of some white supremacist political mobilizations, among lumpenized white men with very little money in the suburban and rural parts of the States, will probably receive the full fury of an up-to-date, Phoenix Program-Central American-Death Squad Option. All this implies complete and total physical-cultural extermination from the local, state and US federal governments. The total military-police-intelligence-spy-legal-prison apparatus will most likely smother any or all outbursts. Even the organizing of some rifle club, or some strange Evangelical Christian sect, among suburban and rural whites, might receive the Judgment of the Woke State! As we say in America, a word to the wise: Keep silent, mind your own business; no political voting, no public protests, no signing petitions, nor even any loud complaining; stay with your family and camouflage.

5. Other Outcomes Maybe?:

  1. Just as in the aftermath of the 9/11 Super Duper Mythologized Event, the new post-Corona Plandemic Hoax will mandate a permanent Medical Lockdown. Mask wearing will become necessary in order to enter corporate supermarkets and most big box businesses. The US federal, state and local governments will try to take over the main routes of the food distribution supply chain. Regular vaccinations will become mandatory for whatever future work or student position.
  2. The Democrats might probably create a Eurotrash version of the National Police Force, as a phony reform to policing. This National Police Force will not only enforce Democratic law statutes, but they will also vote Democrat, unlike other local and state police forces across the States.

All these possible future scenarios seem to represent full-on gloom and doom. It is all quite bad actually. But always remember, all world empires rise and fall. This is an eternal law of history. Second, we can still maintain our dignity, awareness and honor, in spite of all the political tyranny and economic hardships.

Let us then, embrace austerities; move out of the cities and reside in what’s left of the rural parts; stay strong and vigilant; continue to train in the weapons at our disposal; act the gentleman; maintain truthfulness and sincerity; remain loyal to our personal virtues and to our immediate families; keep practicing our Faiths.




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Summarizing our Human Lives unto Death – there’s always something that we had forgot to mention – from the last conversation. Reviewing the Blog List of Topics, there was Anarchy, Empire, Guns, Drugs, Conflict, Class, Power, History…

Ah yes, Honor, that strange and peculiar virtue, which has accompanied most of human history. Honor does still exist around different parts of the world. Yet, it has recently expired its worthiness in the old imperial, thug empires of Europe – inclusive of their colonial-settler state monstrosities, such as the American Empire.

Depraved concepts of honor nevertheless rot inside the colonized minds of the hateful, and it also now lives twisted and twined to some crazy ideologies. Honor lies hidden amongst weird little subcultures across our Earth.

Honor supposedly resides within maniacal military brotherhoods, extremist political sects, and mostly amid right-wing nut jobs, patriarchal family structures of abuse, and well imprisoned inside even crazier, religious-brotherhood fundamentalist cults, deep inside the minds of monotheistic madmen. Gang members, wiseguys and other criminal underworlds proclaim themselves as ‘men of honor.’

What is this virtue, or vice, of honor, and how did most humans practice such a code throughout most of history?

Honor represented a great virtue, or action. This pure virtue of honor implied integrity, honesty and sincerity: living completely as a man of one’s words.

If your friend stated that he would help you, and if he did the work as he said he would, then he was a man of honor. This also meant that he would tell the hard truth to his good friends and blood family, regardless of the outcome. Honor’s brother in arms was Courage, and the Truth was always sacrosanct. Anyone possessing honor, also valued shame, or dishonor, which represented a public lack of trust in one’s ability to carry out honorable deeds.

This virtuous honor does not imply always telling the absolute, unequivocal truth to everyone or anyone that one encounters. This type of truth-telling is extremist and actually does more damage than good. It is the vice of indiscretion. Openly declaring to your grandmother that you once threw away one of her gifts in the past – on her birthday even – is simply rude, disrespectful and mean.

The second virtuous aspect of honor is respect. But this virtue can also denigrate into a vice.

Virtuous respect has signified the esteem for the elderly, the grey haired, one’s parents, the religious guru or priest of impeccable conduct, the aged monk of great wisdom, or the knowledgeable intellectual, literate gentleman, ex-soldier. Such men of honor knew a great deal about history, literature, philosophy, science, art, weapons, love, etc., and he or she was often a great conversationalist, a true Humanist. As the saying went, ‘respect where respect was due., Kong Qui, or Confucius, referred to these actions as the Virtue of Benevolence.

Vicious respect or Vice-ridden honor, however, is the false honor of the criminal underworld: gangsters, wiseguys, outlaws, gang members, pirates, crooks, swindlers, thieves, murderers and other sorts of disreputable delinquents.

This twisted form of honor holds ties to extreme violence. The criminal thug must use violent methods in order to get money, since the threat of violence and the actual acts of violence do the job. The criminal preys upon the weaker sorts of society, such as addicts, degenerate gamblers, the greedy, the dumb, petty thugs, street hustlers, illegal drug dealers and muggers. The continual threat of extreme, quick and brutal force, or vengeance for any sign of insolence – made one a respected guy. This is the wise guy code of honor.

All top criminal groups possess codes of honors, inclusive of police squads and military special forces, such as the violent defense of any dishonor to the ‘brotherhood,’ ritual initiations, permissible and impermissible behaviors.

In the criminal underworld, there is no honesty, since most members end up murdered or die in prison – often initiated from the mouths of their own in-group. As the old saying goes, ‘there is no honor among thieves.’

Honor has unfortunately degenerated even further throughout human history, while circling among the World’s false virtues. Honor has found powerful associations with group feeling and group cohesion.

Honor had attached itself to even greater social-cultural powers, when secular society began to esteem a person as Honorable – often through the deceitful methods of legal or institutional violence.

Honor addicted itself to Gain and Loss, Praise and Blame, Fame and Disgrace, Happiness and Unhappiness. Honor had become the fleeting, impermanent love and admiration of the crowd, the mob, the gang of cowards, the liars of history. Honor had transformed into privilege, the applause and public acclaim of imbeciles, and gave a free pass to unearned hierarchy.

The dissolute and untalented first-born son of a lazy aristocrat was honorable, while an honest and hard-working farmer who worked with his hands was dishonorable. The military general that attacked a defenseless city, and murdered thousands of human beings – just for the sake of conquest – had somehow achieved honor. The captured slave who had stood against violence through horribly sacrificing his own life – was somehow shameful.

The politician or tyrant who ruthlessly hunted his political enemies, and then spit on their graves horribly, even gloating about it – had attained great honor. The smug judge, backed up through well-armed police-soldiers, who always hung or imprisoned poor offenders before his bench – also reached the sublime goal of honor.

Men of Power who regularly abused their powers, all for the sake of their privileged egos – accomplished the Life of Honor. Worldly Honor was the sacred preserve for both illegal criminals and legal gangsters. Like everything good and virtuous, the Human Condition has always perverted them towards the extremes, dressing up rotten virtues as respectable vices.

Virtuous honor is honesty, sincerity and integrity, with respect for ancient wisdom. The World’s Honor, or Vice Honor, is respect with violence, maintaining group cohesion through fear, and an adherence to the hierarchy of the most ruthless.

The virtue of honor denies the self, while acting as a humble gentleman for the sake of telling the truth, with respect for one’s elders and teachers. The vice of honor is total ego worship, where the greatest murderer-killer-assassin takes the premium of fame and respect, both from his own murder cult and from the general society of cowards, followers, flatterers and fools.

Women also have honor, and all of its foundations are positive virtues. Woman’s virtuous honor represents self-control, natural beauty, coolness under pressure, intelligence, book learning with poetic mastery, spirituality, maintaining a strong family and home life, or devoting one’s self to the Holy life, and most importantly, abstaining from all sexual misconduct and public scandal – an impeccable reputation.

Honor also has an extremely important relation to History. Honor, excepting extreme stubbornness, and both as virtue and vice, wins over the minds and hearts of a People, a Nation, a Country, a Civilization.

Why is this? This Historical Mystery still lies unsolved. Some historical examples could possibly explain the connection.

In twentieth-century Latin American history, President Peron of Argentina was successful in his political-economic reforms, while President Allende of Chile was not. Both men were populist politicians that wanted to elevate the working classes of their respective countries. Peron and his wife Evita rallied the working classes to the streets and defied their political reactionary enemies. Allende used the same exact tactics in Chile. Both men possessed honor.

The differences between the two were that, in the first example, both Peron and Evita successfully displayed to both their friends and enemies, the charismatic honor of the National Strongman or Caudillo. Allende, on the other hand, decided to play fair, using parliamentary procedure and a state visit to Castro’s Cuba. Peron, the politician actor, always looked big and strong, while Allende sometimes seemed weak and vulnerable – and especially to the military junta that murdered and replaced him. All it took was a little CIA oil, which forced the wheels a turning.

Within nineteenth-century European History, the Emancipated Jew, or the Secular Jew of the Haskalah, began to elicit great hatred from the Conservative Right. There are many reasons for this detestation, but one of the main reasons was that the New Secular Jew, lacked the cultural façade of honor.

The emancipated Jews spilled from walled ghettos comprising the occupations of rabbinical studies, merchant selling, day trading and money lending. The secularized Jew soon jumped into the professions, the university, the parliament, the arts business, the newspapers, investment banking and venture capitalism. According to the Old Order of Europe, none of those occupations possessed the veneer of honor – unlike, soldiering, seafaring, colonial and church administration, royal service and land trusteeship.

There are even greater lessons on Honor and History, which come out of the Teetering American Empire. In US History, the Left always seems to elicit a terrible hatred, both from most American citizens and from the greater apparatus of the US government. The reason is mainly that the Left always looks bad in public, holding no honor whatsoever.

Recently, a new type of Leftist Movement has burst forth onto the political scene – Anti-Fascism or Anti-FA…

This motley group claims to align itself with Anarchist political tendencies, but when I was one of those white skin privileged hipsters, Anarcho-fools, living in a Left Coast City, I never remembered Anarchists involved in such a Leftist position.

I do remember seeing Anarcho-Primitivism, Anarcho-Syndicalism, Black Blocks, Tree Sitting, Class War Politics, Urban Squatting, Anti-Capitalism, Green Anarchy, Anti-Globalization, Vegan Straight Edge Punks, and its other extreme, Trainhopping Oogle Crust Punks. The Anti-Fascist Blocs only seemed to augment, and usually with crazy Communists and demonstrator weirdos, whenever a bizarre, racist group publicly manifested in town.

I have noticed that this group does not act with the typical ill-discipline as other Anarchist or Leftist types. They seem tight-knit and move quickly, almost in military squad level precision. Like Autonomous Black Blocs, they wear black outfits for concealment and mask their faces. Unlike the previous group, this group now carries light weapons, such as thin bats, defensive shields, sawed crow bars, DIY made chains, incendiary devices, chemical agents and small polyurethane pipes.

They are definitely in the demonstrations to commit violence and mayhem. They are not only present to commit major property damage – but to seriously harm people. Eventually, they will murder their political enemies. This is the trap lying in wait for them.

The sad part is that their actions will also open counterattacks against their supposed supporters, who actually do not condone such violence, such as tenured radical college professors and Left-wing Liberal politicians.

This political groupthink now lives imprisoned within its own boogeymen of Hate. They truly hate Fascists. They forget however that people often choose right-wing or left-wing populism because they live desperate, frustrated lives lacking any power. The Anti-Fascists forget that they are also frail humans who suffer, and therefore, could also choose this route. Instead of Compassion, they choose Hatred. Hate and Hateful actions eventually breed the Vile acts of Murder. Murder is murder. Unlike other vices, Murder Actions immediately explode into fatal consequences. Karma is real.

These groups now have military discipline, hate their enemies thoroughly, and are willing to use total violence to achieve their goals – but they don’t show any honor. They instead display the all of the vices of dishonor

The Anti-FAs tend to physically attack weaker people, such as women, beat on random people as perceived enemies, surprise their political enemies with attacks when they are not armed for a fight, and enjoy destroying anyone’s personal possessions just because they are in the way of their violence. Such fanatics also enjoy stealing, robbing, thieving and taking things from other people – and then set those objects on fire or destroy them.

These Anti-Fascist hardcores had better start taking political demonstration-protest breaks and begin training with firearms.

The Right, Their Fascist Enemies, however are waiting – and slowly building up their reaction… They are rightly playing it cool – which implies honor.

Once this cabal of violent rioters moves into the violent arts of cowardly murder, the Liberal Corporate, Mainstream Media supporters will also turn on them. Once the general populace perceives that there is an internal threat of dishonorable wretches on the loose – then the liquidation without mercy begins.

Honor, History and Hegemony work together. The most important public activity that any cultural, social or political movement ought to possess is the perception of honor, inclusive of strength and mastery, with integrity of purpose. Once a faction holds such perceived public virtues, then they have a good chance of succeeding in their political programs. The State refers to this as legitimacy. If, however, the political coalition does not control such virtues, then they shall dig their own graves.

As for me, now living the Dharma of the Buddha, I willingly jump off this brutal train wreck of worldly honor, with all of its hypocrisy and violence.

I rather choose Honor related to the simple virtues of sincerity, honesty, integrity and trustworthiness. This honor includes respect for my elders, parents, good friends and the sages of great wisdom – wherever they exist on Earth. The summary of Honor is Truth, the Goodwill of the Gentleman, and Compassion – for all living beings – regardless of political-religious-ideological persuasions.


La muerte que viene, y que venga… Muchos temen a La Muerte, y así la muerte nos sigue aún más. Todos somos seres humanos, y todos de nosotros vamos a morir. Ya sabemos que hemos de morir. -¿Cómo podemos morir con fuerza, con dignidad y de no traicionar nuestra honra?-

Hemos de descubrir las luces que viven dentro de nuestros cerebros. En los rincones del cerebro hay chispas de luz que siempre conectan con la verdadera actualidad, o en otras palabras, al Universo, a los Cosmos – al Dharma.

A todos los vivientes y espíritus, ambos los vivos y los muertos, y a todas las materias que están en movimiento, o a los que parezcan de existir, hay un ciclo oculto entre la vida y la muerte en la profundidad del vacío. Cruzamos al misterio.

Algunos escritores, profetas, santos y filósofos lo llamaban ‘lo místico.’ Ese misticismo significa el silencio que siempre existe y existía, desde los principios. Cuando nos escuchamos sobre los ruidos comunes en la mente, y no cogiendo distracciones por los pensamientos adictos, ya entendemos la sabiduría. Hay un equilibrio entre la vida y la muerte.

Todos mueren, y al final de todos los movimientos del universo, todos se extinguen. -Y a los viajeros que vivían por entonces, qué hacían ellos por ese camino escabroso?- Ellos deberían entrar en las fiestas agrias, o la vida dura, y esforzarse aun más para enfrentar las pesadillas de la condición humana.

-!No Seamos cobardes para nada: vivimos, luchamos, comemos y moremos!- Es difícil de encontrar los poetas que viviesen sus vidas como escribían en sus obras.

Miguel Cervantes y Lope de Vega eran unos, y también Federico García Lorca vivía así; sin embargo, otro artista, quien estaba además un amigo y contemporáneo de Federico García Lorca, ganó el premio de la vida, y de la muerte, se llamó Miguel Hernández.

El escritor-soldado Miguel Hernández exclamó: Llegó con tres heridas: la del amor, la de la muerte, la de la vida…

Miguel nació en el pueblo de Orihuela, la provincia de Alicante en el año 1910. Su padre era labrador y ganadero. Cuando creció el niño, su padre le mandó a un colegio de jesuitas, y mientras tanto, el joven empezaba a trabajar con su padre en el campo.

Cuando Miguel terminó sus estudios del bachillerato, él resumía su vida en el campo y durante su poco tiempo libre, visitaba las bibliotecas para leer profundamente. A él le encantaba la poesía contemporánea y los autores del Siglo de Oro Español. Era un autodidacta de sabiduría y conocimientos. Como a todos los lectores entusiastas, los libros de la civilización humana siempre transformaban a los curiosos.

Para buscarse la vida, vivir de la poesía, Miguel viajaba entre las ciudades de Alicante y Madrid, durante los años treinta. Él poeta sacrificaba todo para escribir, y hizo amistades con muchos artistas y intelectuales en La España de la Segunda Republica.

El escritor-intelectual, como miles de otros artistas izquierdistas en Europa, se radicalizó a la ideología del comunismo, y también visitó La Rusia Soviética algunas veces. Cuando estalló La Guerra Civil Española en el verano de 1936, el señor Hernández se alistó para defender La Republica. El ganadero del campo valenciano y lector autodidactica, se hizo poeta-guerrero, como el español renacentista, Jorge Manrique. Ese soldado combatía valientemente durante la guerra.

Después de la caída de la Segunda Republica en 1939, Miguel se fugó, pero poco después, se cayó en una trampa por sus enemigos del otro lado de la guerra. El fin de la historia fue que el preso terminó su vida en la cárcel franquista. Fue el año 1942. Hasta su muerte Sr. Hernández escribía sin disculpas, como un periodista encarcelado, contra la injusticia de las penas posguerras.

Ese escritor murió en la cárcel, y no en el campo de la batalla. Los que conocen la cárcel también saben que el sobrevivir en la cárcel es una batalla, y muchas veces implica una lucha aun más fuerte que el combate de guerrero.

La violencia se manifiesta de algunas formas por la vida absurda: la guerra, la ocupación, el colonialismo, la esclavitud, el encarcelamiento, los trabajos forzados, el exilio sin hogar fijo, el vivir sin casa, las dependencias, los desalojamientos, la miseria, la pobreza, los accidentes laborales, la perdida de familia y las catástrofes naturales.

Miguel Hernández, como artista, escritor, poeta, orador, soldado, preso y periodista, se enteró todo ante la muerte. Todos de nosotros podemos vivir como artistas de la vida y de la muerte. Si elegimos y seguimos un camino en la vida, haremos todo lo posible para conseguir y adelantarlo. El trabajo, y el trabajo duro, es necesario para vivir bien. Vivir bien no significa la riqueza de posesión. El vivir bien significa la honra y las virtudes juntadas. El esfuerzo, la fuerza de la sangre, y la liberación del corazón cambian todo. No obstante, hay siempre un termino. Llegamos al mismo fin – la muerte sencilla.

Nada se escape de la muerte. La muerte nos espera y cada día que existimos, la muerte se nos acerca más. La muerte es cierta, pero no sabemos cuando nos la pase. Es cierto que cuando llega el camino final de la vida agonizante, no podemos pararlo. La muerte siempre gana el premio. El Buda explicó todo hace dos mil quinientos años en La India.

Miguel entendió algo más profunda de la muerte. Él andaba en dificultades económicas para seguir escribiendo poemas. Claro, la vida del poeta no era fácil, sino cuando una guerra civil sangrentada reventó en España, el autor muy español, tuvo que escoger una posición con armas. Solo había dos opciones. Miguel Hernández era izquierdista, así que él se juntó con el ejercito republicano. A diferencia de otros habladores en esa época, el señor Hernández agarró su arma y luchaba hasta la muerte.

Después de la guerra, y la perdida brutal de la Segunda Republica, algunos soldados republicanos se fugaban fuera de España. Otros no tenían tanta suerte. Miguel Hernández era uno de los segundos.

Con tanta pena en la carcel franquista, ese poeta soldado no se quejaban como victima y cobarde. Siempre se comportaban como el soldado duro y poeta profundo enfrentando la muerte.

Así es la lección de su historia noble. Vamos a morir. -¡No se atrape en la tumba de la vida para evitar la muerte!- Hemos de aceptar el destino sin salida. La vida dura y la muerte noble se mueven alrededor de nuestros sufrimientos comunes. Ellas consuman todas las obras maestras. Las palabras se acaban, y los hechos gritan.

Un escritor del siglo diecisiete, P. Baltasar Gracián, escribió:

Hasta de inútiles lo es el ser eternos. No ai afán sin conorte: los necios le tienen en ser venturosos, y también se dixo «ventura de fea». Para vivir mucho es arbitrio valer poco; la vasija quebrantada es la que nunca se acaba de romper, que enfada con su durar. Parece que tiene invidia la fortuna a las personas más importantes, pues iguala la duración con la inutilidad de las unas y la importancia con la brevedad de las otras: faltarán quantos importaren y permanecerá eterno el que es de ningún provecho, ya porque lo parece, ya porque realmente es assí. Al desdichado parece que se conciertan en olvidarle la suerte y la muerte.

Hay que citar Miguel Hernandez una vez más:

de ‘Sentado sobre los muertos’

Aquí estoy para vivir 
mientras el alma me suene,
 y aquí estoy para morir,
 cuando la hora me llegue,
 en los veneros del pueblo
 desde ahora y desde siempre.
 Varios tragos es la vida
 y un solo trago es la muerte.

No hay más refranes. La muerte se presenta.