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Civil War Portend

Civil War IV?

A little history is in order.

Yes, America has experienced three previous Civil Wars.

Civil War I, or the infamous English Civil War, 1642-46, which was also active in the American Colonial Plantations, as they were called in those days. Massachusetts-Connecticut supported the Puritan based Parliament forces, while Virginia-Maryland supported the Cavalier based Stuart Monarchy forces.

Civil War II, or is commonly referred in the States as, The American Revolutionary War, 1775-1783. This war was actually a colonial conflict comprising the American Revolutionary Army under the command, of ex-British General, George Washington, in collusion with the French Royal Army, versus the British Imperial Army and its American Loyalist militias.

Civil War III, or is commonly named by certain unreconstructed white southerners as, The War of Northern Yankee Aggression, 1861-65. This war featured two geographic sides of the then current United States. The Southern State Confederacy and its irregular guerrillas forces in the Border Slave States versus the Northern State Union Army with its Union Sympathizer Forces inside the Confederacy.

What is this Civil War IV then?

Civil War IV features a ruling junta or hegemonic power bloc, which now commands the political-cultural apparatus of the United States of America. This elite cabal contains some very powerful political factions.

Such powerful factions now include:

1. The full Democratic Party, with all of its political powerful minions, at the Federal, State and Local levels. This political coterie also comprises police chiefs, district attorney prosecutors, and judges inside the Democratic-run American Megalopolis Cities.

2. The US Military Pentagon brass, (generals and admirals), allied with their related US government policy leaders in D.C.; all in collusion with the US Intelligence-Spy Agencies.

3. Almost the entire social class of multi-billionaire American Capitalists and Financiers, NGO directors, inclusive of Black Lives Matter Inc., the Media Conglomerate bosses, Tech Monopoly Leaders, Corporate Boards of Governors and Directorships, and the entire Administrative Bureaucracies of both the Educational and Medical Establishments.

4. The White Commie Street Gang, Antifa, now functions as the urban street militia for this ruling elite’s amalgamation.

As stated previously, this is a very, very powerful ruling hegemonic bloc. Most Americans currently subscribe to their cultural opinions and decrees. There are even some politically Conservative types who follow this sect’s commands, and yet constitute one of the Junta’s future political victims.

In 2020, this ruling elite has declared open war upon the rest of America’s general population, while specifically targeting suburban and rural white males with no capital, (i.e. no money).

Some Civil War IV Possibilities.

1. US Military Throw of the Dice: Yes, the Pentagon military bosses are on the side of that Ruling Elite, Finance Capitalist-Cultural Communist Coalition – but there are many generals and admirals who command thousands of US Military bases across the entire world, not just inside the United States. Most of them are careerists, like their Pentagon overlords, yet others are still ideologically allied with the Old American Values of Liberal Capitalist Democracy versus International Communism, Leftism and Subversion. Some of those generals and admirals, in all of the branches, (Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines), have studied Counterinsurgency and Low-Intensity Conflict extensively at both the US Army War College and the US Navy War College. Read the late general Flynn’s essay on what is taking place in the United States, and it is obvious why the current elite went after him in order to destroy his life. He is not the only US general and admiral who shares such opinions. Obama purged a good amount of the higher military officers during his rule, but a ruler who never served a day in the US Military, cannot purge all of one’s internal enemies. Will most of these higher officers, who command entire armies and naval-air force squadrons, join this vile Leftist Ruling Junta of the Woke and Willing?

2. Black Lives Matter Inc. and Black Militias: No doubt, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are extremely jealous. Black Lives Matter Inc. now has the economic support of the largest multinational, conglomerate corporations in the entire world! Black Lives Matter thus dictates the future actions for the coming one party rule of the Democratic Party Machine. Millions, (yes millions), of American, young white attractive females, now join in their public declamations and freely create public support for them on Instagram.

This movement now has an arsenal of Cultural, Political and Economic power that no other NGO organization can come close to inside the current United States. But there are a few variables left out. What about the majority of all those young Black males, dying slowly in the urban ghettos of America? They want their cake too! Black Lives Matter also has a fetish for the Cause of Palestine. Will the Non-Jewish Ashkenazi Jew Elites who run America’s Media allow such Anti-Israeli rhetoric to spill out into the wide public? Black Lives Matter at present has the willing ear of close to hundreds of millions of Americans. That is truly a large following. Not even Tucker Carlson has such a number of loyal adherents.

  1. Black Militias will possibly arise, and especially inside the Black Belt of the United States, (the South), the center emanating from the Black Cultural Center of Atlanta.
  2. Black Lives Matter might demand Northern European style, social safety net payments for all young Blacks 18 and above, without much work prospects, (Dole Unemployment, Free Medical-Dental Care, Free Education, and Housing Benefits for rent, as is the case in Britain). But, what about the mass of African-American ex-felons and ex-prisoners? If BLM does not waver, they will definitely have to make sure that all African-American ex-prisoners and ex-felons receive such benefits too.
  3. Young whites 18 and above will probably receive nothing, nor any social benefits whatsoever, due to their privilege. Eventually, Mestizo illegal aliens and African American young people will thus become the only racial groups to receive full social safety net benefits. Any Americans who refuse to pay taxes for such selective recipients will no doubt, receive the benefits of the American Gulag. This policy would also allow a full opening for millions of more illegal mestizos to pour in from Mexico and Central America, and thus tip America to one-party Democrat rule.
  4. Black Lives Matter will have to eventually shut down the pro-Palestine rhetoric – if they want to fully achieve their political results. Not only do the Non-Jewish Ashkenazi Jew Elites control the entire Media and US Public Finance – but this ethnic-social group also commands the public political discourse. Any political deviations will end up marginalized to the fringes, i.e. The Nation of Islam.
  5. Anglo-American women, and especially white Anglo-American women, have ceded their recent cultural and political powers to their racial-gender-class oppression competitors. Any woman can still call out some creep white guy and destroy his life. But, if some white girl or woman calls the cops on any Black guy – she will instead – destroy her own life. All that Fifth-wave and Sixth-wave MeToo/TimesUp Feminism flushed down the History memory hole.

3. Mexico and the vast majority of Mestizo illegal workers: Noticed that there were a few Mestizo-Americans attending the demos with all those Anglo-American white women and Black Lives Matter Activists. Those people were the exception to the rule.

Know for a fact that most Mestizo-Americans do not just dislike, but utterly despise, African Americans. Why is this? Because they consider them flojos, or lazy people who try to game the Welfare system. Most of them will have nothing to do with any BLM political action, but they too want their cake – the political power and influence cake!

Mexico is still too busy surviving its very own, low-intensity conflict civil war, la guerra contra los narcos, (actually lived in central Mexico for a year). Mexico, as a nation, does not seem ready to take on los gringos.

Expect a new Latino-Chicano governance coalition, which will manage the political systems in the southern parts of the US southern border states: the San Jose region, (excluding San Mateo Country), on down to San Diego in CA, the Tucson regional area in AZ, the entire state of New Mexico, and south-southwest Texas, (excluding Austin).

Democrats will push another massive Amnesty for all illegal workers inside the US, (inclusive of Asians and Africans), and will even institute a new and improved, fast track to US Citizenship – regardless of English speaking abilities.

4. Phoenix Program-Central America-Death Squad Option: Any and all political deviations, smacking of some white supremacist political mobilizations, among lumpenized white men with very little money in the suburban and rural parts of the States, will probably receive the full fury of an up-to-date, Phoenix Program-Central American-Death Squad Option. All this implies complete and total physical-cultural extermination from the local, state and US federal governments. The total military-police-intelligence-spy-legal-prison apparatus will most likely smother any or all outbursts. Even the organizing of some rifle club, or some strange Evangelical Christian sect, among suburban and rural whites, might receive the Judgment of the Woke State! As we say in America, a word to the wise: Keep silent, mind your own business; no political voting, no public protests, no signing petitions, nor even any loud complaining; stay with your family and camouflage.

5. Other Outcomes Maybe?:

  1. Just as in the aftermath of the 9/11 Super Duper Mythologized Event, the new post-Corona Plandemic Hoax will mandate a permanent Medical Lockdown. Mask wearing will become necessary in order to enter corporate supermarkets and most big box businesses. The US federal, state and local governments will try to take over the main routes of the food distribution supply chain. Regular vaccinations will become mandatory for whatever future work or student position.
  2. The Democrats might probably create a Eurotrash version of the National Police Force, as a phony reform to policing. This National Police Force will not only enforce Democratic law statutes, but they will also vote Democrat, unlike other local and state police forces across the States.

All these possible future scenarios seem to represent full-on gloom and doom. It is all quite bad actually. But always remember, all world empires rise and fall. This is an eternal law of history. Second, we can still maintain our dignity, awareness and honor, in spite of all the political tyranny and economic hardships.

Let us then, embrace austerities; move out of the cities and reside in what’s left of the rural parts; stay strong and vigilant; continue to train in the weapons at our disposal; act the gentleman; maintain truthfulness and sincerity; remain loyal to our personal virtues and to our immediate families; keep practicing our Faiths.




‘The supreme rulers are hardly known by their subjects. The sovereigns below them are loved and praised. The weaker leaders are feared. The worst of the lot are despised.’
Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching 17 (2,550 years ago in China, Zhou Dynasty)

A little historical introduction is in order. Well, it was the winter of 49 B.C. Let’s say around 2,050 years ago time. A Roman legion camping by the river, the River Rubicon that is. A cold crisp wintry morn in Northern Italy glistened into the sunlight and overcast rising day. Early in the morning it was, around 600 hours – and the Legion was ready! This was no ordinary Legion however. No, this was the Grand Conqueror, Julius Caesar’s Legion, the Lucky 13th Legion… The date, by the way, was around the 13th of January…

What did this tightly disciplined military juggernaut accomplish to become the Lucky 13th? They had just conquered the entire, and I mean, the entire province of Galia, or Gaul, the land of the Celts, now called, modern day France. That was a lot of territory back then for an ancient army to cover. This army further conquered the Belgicae, of the lowlands north of France, which now includes Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Furthermore, this same army had crossed the Rhine river and fought successful battles against the Germans living around it. This army even successfully invaded Britannia across the Channel, and battled the Celts living on that island. Wow!

This Lucky 13th Legion had a general and true leader by the name of Julius Caesar, a military and political genius, one of the greatest strategists and tacticians to have ever graced human history. The army knew that they had some real Divine favor, and Julius Caesar knew it too. Caesar had earlier won some amazing victories over in the Roman provinces of Asia. The man never lost a military engagement.

But returning to that army camp by the River Rubicon. What were Caesar and the 13th Legion ready for anyway, on that cold January morning? The Rubicon Cross. They had to cross that river, and not a big engineering deal in itself actually. It was the political decision that mattered… As General Caesar stated himself, the die is cast, and I must act!

Through successive and incredible military victories, Caesar also understood that he made even more political enemies – and especially among the Senate and their Patrician Elite Junta, called the Optimates. The Senate gave Caesar a warning about crossing that Rubicon River into the Italian Boot Peninsula – with his 13th Legion behind him.

Caesar could not become a King, since the Romans had thrown those crooks out around half a millennium ago! But Caesar, like all of the great military leaders in world history, had lots of ambition. Caesar wanted to become Dictator for Life, beyond King or Ruler; instead, Imperator, or the Emperor of the Great Roman Empire that now stretched into three continents surrounding Mar Nostrum, Our Sea, the Modern Mediterranean.

Caesar had some great plans: redistributing farm lands to all of the veterans of the Roman Legions, cancelling out corrupt republican institutions, limiting the political powers of the aristocrats in the Senate, distributing all of the military booty, inclusive of the thousands of slaves, into the public funds of the Roman Commonwealth, and even extending Roman Citizenship to Latin speaking residents of the City. Roman Citizenship did mean a lot, back those days, with all of its legal privileges and less onerous taxation schemes.

Caesar finally marched on the Magnificent City of Rome for some unforgettable Public Triumph Processions with numerous Roman Public Games and Festivities. Yes, Caesar even attained Divine honors for worship. And he still didn’t stop!

He would win further military victories in Africa, and especially in Egypt, throughout Asia once again, and in Spain utterly defeating his rival Roman rival for glory, Pompey. Caesar was a ‘Caesar,’ a born emperor. He thus made the famous phrase come true: Veni, Vidi, Vici, I Came, I Saw, I Conquered!

Caesar also changed the Roman Calendar permanently, moving it from the Lunar dial to the Solar system. This calendar remained the official calendar, the Julian Calendar, of both Britain and America, well into the late 1700s!

Meanwhile, his political enemies seethed with anger, envy and hate. Caesar always tried to placate the noble Romans in the Senate. Caesar was himself, born of noble blood. But it only hardened their hearts. His gifts to the Senate made him look weak.

Only five years later, after his Rubicon Cross, inside the Senate Chamber, his so-called noble friends stabbed him to death. He died as if he was a slave receiving the dishonorable death of disloyalty. Divinity over – but the Legend lived on.

Only five years later from the Rubicon Cross, after all of those marvelous military victories, Caesar received the Bad Death – and during those ancient days, things moved a lot slower.

But we got ourselves a more dangerous Republic on our hands at the moment. A dying and retching one, with a current political leadership representing an even more dangerous cast of conspirators. These ‘rulers’ are a hundred times more scheming than the Roman Senators of Caesar’s days.

This political monster calls itself the United States of America. It now functions as a Republic where citizenship means absolutely nothing for its citizens; where the Law and where the so-called Law and Constitution imply absolutely nothing. Any political hack, district attorney or judge can thus twist ‘the law’ to his or her political whims. All of the federal, state and local governments are in full Fifth-Generation Warfare mode against most of its docile and ignorant citizens – and especially against those poorer white males – who happen to live in the suburban and rural regions of the nation.

Most ominously, it is conducting two simultaneous False Flag Operations, Concocted Catastrophe Crises, or Mythologized Media Manipulations, against the generalized public: The Corona Plandemic Lockdown Hoax and The Corporate BLM Inc.-Antifa Alliance with its Legal Street Crime Posses.

Even more foreboding for all us, is that this Ruling Junta, or Victorious Hegemonic Power Bloc, (in Commie terms), now has the backup of the full Democratic Party, with all of its political powerful minions, at the Federal, State and Local levels. This powerful group does not just end with party politics.

The US Military Pentagon brass and US government policy leaders now support this cabal; all of the US Intelligence-Spy Agencies fully bolster this sociopolitical camp; almost the entire social class of multi-billionaire American Capitalists, NGO directors, Media Conglomerate bosses, Tech Monopoly Leaders, and Corporate Boards of Governors, inclusive of the Educational and Medical Establishments, help sustain their projects.

Meanwhile, the vast swathe of America’s future victims continue to wallow in ignorance and petty ego-self concerns. Our Enemies who both hate us and rule over us, are actually right about us. We are stupid and ignorant, bad dressers and pathetic losers, fat and ugly.

Just thrusting our heads out of our windows exposes their continual set of political victories. How many people are still wearing those dirty and contaminated face masks everywhere in public? How often do we see attractive, young white females posting Black Lives Matter memes on their Instagram pages?

Our Carnival Barker, Dealer-In Chief, World Wrestling Federation Orange Man, still Tweets for the Twats. He just looks worse and worse on TV. He sees it too – and he was even a Reality TV dude before becoming, ‘The Prez.’ The Obamarama Late-Late Nite Show is still laughing its head off – even without the previous studio laugh tracks. The Corporate Mainstream Media is hyping up the Arch-War Criminal, Bush II, as another ‘Voice of Reason.’ Oh man…

America’s Cops are now taking the knee to BLM Inc., and yet nobody rioted when, get this, a National Park Service Cop, just executed in cold blood a young white kid driving over the speed limit out West! Please don’t start hunting us down, us rural, white dudes driving our pickup trucks around. Please…

The Republican Party is fast becoming the Whig Party of the 1850s. Their days are numbered, as we say in America. Good riddance…

Remember a great line from the 60s American Rock band, Crosby, Nash and Nash. It was in 1969, (at at time where a lot was also ‘going down’ in America’s history), a song called, Long Time Gone.

‘But you know, the darkest hour is always, always just before the dawn.’

Our Ruling Elites are definitely smarter than us. But they are like those children discovering old war vet army supplies – and are now playing with some live grenades…

The Dangerous Moment has only just begun. The Rubicon Cross has already commenced.

Did they not understand that by allowing, encouraging and enabling the thousands and thousands of rioters, looters and demonstrators to congregate in the Streets, their entire Corona Plandemic Lockdown Narrative Collapsed? And they are still pushing the Second, Third and Fourth Wave Fearmongering!

Did they not understand that by allowing, encouraging and enabling the BLM-Antifa Alliance-posses’ legal crime spree of property destruction, looting, arson and murder, while at the same time, legally punishing non-criminal American citizens for defending themselves from violence; they are slowly losing the legitimacy of their future political victims. Once any government bloc loses its political legitimacy among a certain part of the population, it is totally impossible to recover it.

This same government group willfully murdered elderly people inside elderly peoples’ homes, (or really prisons for the economically non-productive), in order to raise the Corona Death Count.

This same government group let thousands of criminals roam free in America’s urban streets in order to commit mayhem and murder – all for a cheap political, selection year ploy.

The Real Danger thus exposes itself to all of us. A criminal syndicate now rules over this dying republic, this United States of America. Could this explain why I see so many Americans now looking into real estate in the rural west? The real smart ones, I’m sure, are looking into Alaskan real estate.

The Die is Cast. The Rubicon Cross Crucified Again. The Trusting Narrative is Officially Over.

Here is another truth from world history: when a man has his back to the wall, and there is nothing left worth left living for inside some nightmarish dictatorship, even the cowardice disappears – he can only fight to the bitter end.

Today, this July 4th Independence, in the small western town where I currently reside, there was no July 4th Parade, none whatsoever – for the first time… in a long while…

None of my neighbors seemed too concerned…

Recall that great line from William Shakespeare’s most excellent work, Julius Caesar,

‘Beware the ides of… ‘

The Rubicon Cross.




American Empire Fall

#1 Megatrend: Total and Complete Lumpenization of suburban and rural white males with no capital, (i.e. no money)

#2 Megatrend: The New American Will to Power = Inmate Posse runs Insane Asylum

#3 Megatrend: Letting Go of the Walking Dead and Embracing the Spiritual Life

#4 Megatrend: Concocted Crises Catastrophes = American Empire New Normal & as a consequence, invade Cursed Perdition, the putrid Sepulchers of World Empires

#5 Megatrend: When the Law and Constitution mean absolutely nothing, the personal victories emerge; and thus, the advances come together.

There is a war going on.

This war is upon us, directed at us, coming for us.

Don’t panic.

We are safe as long as we discard our ignorance.

Two simultaneous False Flag Events, Mythological Media Movements, or Concocted Crises Catastrophes, have exposed themselves completely to the wise and discerning among the American citizenry: (1) the Corona Plandemic Lockdown-Mask Loyalty Cult for America and (2) the Saint Floyd Legal Rights to Thieve, Loot, Destroy and Murder with no Lockdown restrictions (for the rioters that is).

The Law and the so-called Constitution of the American Empire mean absolutely nothing.

There is now one set of laws for the ‘favored ones,’ meaning those allied with the current ruling political-economic, social-cultural, hegemonic coalition.

This hegemonic power bloc list now includes illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America, legal immigrants from South Asia, (India and Nepal), Black Lives Matter NGO activists, white kid Antifa street gang members, and various riot murderers-looters-criminal thieves-arsonist malefactors-delinquent vandals.

Within this crazy ruling junta we also have the usual suspects, such as Leftist big city urban police chiefs-mayors-city council members-district attorneys-state bureaucrats-governors-etc., and Democratic party politician hacks.

Most ominously, this Power Elite also encompasses the US Military Pentagon top brass generals and admirals, all of the alphabet intelligence agencies and their NGO buddies of covert-overt action spies, Liberal-Social Justice capitalists-monopolists-billionaires, university-college administrators with their well-paid full-time staff of tenured professors, and multiple corporate media mouthpieces. 

Lest we forget, we should mention our selective technocratic leaders in GMO agriculture and biotech, ‘Climate Change Inc.’ zealots, owners of luxury electric vehicles, wealthy Hollywood-musical entertainment no-talents, medical martial law ‘scientific’ experts, and last but not least, the Silicon Valley Social Media-Tech Monopolies. All of these juntas are willing fighters in ‘The Political Coalition of the Woke and Willing.’

Members of this elite sociopolitical, hegemonic bloc don’t have to wear their masks nor practice any social distancing in public. They can march together in the streets and do whatever they want, inclusive of violent actions, such as property destruction and physical attacks on political enemies. Local and state governments won’t prosecute them, or if they do get arrested, they receive an easy, ‘get out of jail free card.’

But there is however, another brutal and arbitrary ‘law’ for the rest of us losers. We all know what law that is, as they say in Mexico, la ley de fuego, or the law of fire.

This Law of Domination and Institutionalized Violence, which menacingly awaits us; the socially poor, with not much money to spend, the lowest of the low, us lumpens, or as Karl Marx called us, the lumpen proletariat. If we defend ourselves against physical attacks, or the looting of our property, or from whatever threat – we then lose our lives and the American gulag prison doors shall fully open.

So we are doomed. But again…

For those of us who currently see things in the Empire for what they truly are; those among us who have insight into this most merciless of wars against us; and most importantly, those of us who have relinquished our ignorance in regards to still working within the political system.

We now live free. Yes, we are free, even though we all exist under a most ferocious tyranny.

Free from the media brainwashing; free to experience the apparent Here and Now of our existence.

We all thus share existence – until our very own, soon to come, and very, very important death and dying events. All of us shall die alone: no one can stop, nor interrupt this holy and sublime hour of our clearly foreseeable deaths.

We all understand this Truth.

So how do we fight back then?

We don’t. We work on our personal existences, for both maintaining our physical-mental health and the avoidance of any unnecessary suffering. Through this simple way of practice: the personal victories will emerge and the advances shall come together.

A personal story is in order: right after the 9/11 False Flag Terror Event, I had no vehicle at the time, and so had to take the dreaded airlines for travel; implying visiting my parents in another part of the large western half of the USA. This was especially true during the Christmas holiday season.

The ‘security theater’ was outrageous, but the American air traveler put up with the garbage because one only saw the parents twice per year: Christmas time and Summer time.

Later moved to smaller cities around the American west, and so the regional airports did not have the infamous ‘porno scanners.’ They still used the old metal detector machines. Flying was not that bad; unless one had to go through the Security, called TSA, inside a large metropolitan airport, such as Denver, Dallas, Phoenix, Seattle and Los Angeles.

I would personally opt out of the porno scanners, and received the pat downs. I was often one of the very few who opted out of such invasive searches. I remember only one or two other flyers who also chose the pat down procedure.

About five years ago, the TSA, began installing the porno scanners in all of the United States’ airports, including the smaller regional western airports. I still opted out of the scanners, but received a lot more harassment from the TSA people. Also during this time, I bought a used pickup truck, so could easily avoid flying domestically from then on. This was a real good change to my life.

During this same period, only flew when traveling overseas. I first embarked from a small regional airport near where I had lived; yet this time around, the TSA Security had the porno scanners ripe and ready to go surprisingly.

I opted out again, and the TSA gang rifled through my personal belongings, and stated that I could not take this one small traveling tool on board. I had to return to my truck in the parking lot, leave the tool, and return to Security again. The second time, I was again, the only one to opt out of the porno scanners, and so the TSA got real angry, and I kid you not, they actually put my necklaces under the x-ray machines. The whole search and seizure rigamarole took a half an hour!

When I later returned to the States from my foreign destination, the US Border and Customs Police actually threatened to destroy my life – since I seemed like a drug and weapons mule. I invoked my right to remain silent and then took my seat. But I noticed that those same American border police controls all spoke Spanish, not English to each other.

I immediately began speaking Spanish to them since I have been fluent in the language for many years. All of sudden, they were nice to me, searched my belongings quickly, and sent me directly on my way to the connecting flight.

What was the point of all this Security theater and harassment of an American citizen and an honorably discharged US veteran?

These Security Perimeter Checkpoints had nothing to do with safety, nor protecting our borders, nor any related flying security protocol; rather, our political elites set up this Internal Security Checkpoint drama, so as to instill fear regarding any potential harassment, future problems with the State, and/or endure the brutal social controls that destroy the common dignity of the general population. In other words, the elites and authorities wanted to cower us into submission – and it worked splendidly. Our top authorities did not have to go through such humiliating security procedures either.

A few months after these harassment protocols, experienced the rapturous joy of Buddhist Dharma conversion, so lost that clinging travel bug desire permanently. Have never had to take a plane inside the States again.

Taking care of my pickup truck regularly, still loving the country driving out west, and especially when visiting my mama’s place. Won’t trade such simple joys for anything.

But many Americans are not so lucky. They still must lose their dignity and honor every time they hop on one of those national airline companies notorious for such horrendous service.

Americans who live within two hundred miles of the border, now both along the northern and southern corridors, must also endure such daily humiliation. On every single one lane road and major Interstate highway, Border Control Interior Checkpoints stand menacingly. Our ‘authorities’ state that they are there for the illegal immigrants, but this is also a lie. Like the TSA Security Theater previously mentioned, the elites designed them to coerce and instill fear in all American drivers who happen to encounter them on the roads.

Now during these two simultaneous False Flag Events, Our elites are utilizing the same exact political strategies with the assistance of their Media buddies.

They daily inculcate fear throughout the general populace through over printing the various Corona Death Counts, with the ominous threats of the coming Corona Second, Third and Fourth Wave Attacks.

This particular method of compliance functions mainly through the public rituals of mask wearing – and this is especially true in pushing corporate supermarkets to post threatening signs on the doors, demanding all customers wear masks in order to enter. Some corporate mega stores enforce the decrees, others don’t.

Another current nefarious method of social control shoves a dreaded, overhanging scythe among the general populace: severe warning alerts against expressing any unpopular opinions online, and especially against Democratic-Leftist front groups, such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter, Inc.

These sinister methods of social control have been working quite well on a good part of the American citizenry. So, how can those of us who see through the total tyranny charade retain our honor, dignity, duty – and even our sanity?

  1. Forsake the Suffering, Anger, Frustration, Negativity and Hatreds: OK, we are living under an Empire that does not want to die well. The current leaders have gone insane with power grubbing and authority grabbing. Remember, we are just as human as they are. If we were in their places, we might resort to similar political tactics. We can make our lives actually fun with creative tactics for survival. We should feel compassion for the non-sick mask wearers. Imagine having to wake up every day and carry a mask around one’s ear or neck – and probably for the rest of their lives even! Love and Compassion for all; the way of the Gentleman and Gentlewoman works the best. Good Manners and Pleasantries go a long way in erasing the general suffering around us.
  2. Using Creative Strategies for Survival: The current hegemonic Power Elite has discovered its complete control over the food distribution and supply network across America. Some corporate chain supermarkets now require mask wearing in order to buy foodstuffs. So how can those of us who do not grow our own food counter such institutional violence? First, we now empathize with those millions of people across the world who have had to endure the US Empire’s murderous Economic Sanctions. Second, we must get creative without any hatred in our hearts. For some years, have belonged to a local farm-food distribution network, or a CSA, which connects to many buyers in my small town. There is no mask wearing in this local food network. The food is delicious and coincides with seasonal availability – the way humans ate for thousands of years. OK, one cannot buy non-seasonal foods as one can find in a corporate supermarket, but is it not better to eat fresh, seasonal foods than the processed GMO crap? Also discovered a local farmer that sells his fresh, non-growth hormone, non-antibiotic milk weekly. Bought into his milk share, and now drink delicious farm milk every week. Through my avoidance of corporate chain supermarkets, eat a whole lot better and healthier! Others are cultivating chickens for eggs in their back yards. Right across from where I live, there now exists a local vegetable garden, (still in the growing phase), on the local church lands. Small town life is good for these community activities. If you live in one of those large, American style rundown cities – you too might want to consider relocating to a small town – for you or your family’s safety and survival.
  3. The political dictators closed down all the public libraries – but we still got our spiritual practices, the land, our neighbors, our books and the Internet to teach us: Before the Corona Hoax Scare, was a regular reader at the local public library, and would spend most of my time at the regional public libraries when having to buy foodstuffs. Yet also noticed that the public libraries were recently changing for the worse. They stopped carrying any magazines that related to firearms and even some right-wing publications. Library staff also began to tolerate their library seating arrangements as hangout spaces for the local drug addict, drunk and homeless drifter populations. Why those changes? Found out that some of the unions representing librarian and library workers had fallen into a serious political left-wing radicalization mode with the current Democratic alliance hegemonic bloc. Once again, getting creative. (1) Realized that one had one’s own little library inside one’s own little apartment, (was a former PhD bum). Some of the books still lie unread; (2) Actually get more historical-political info from searching around the Internet; (3) Now talk to my neighbors more, which is really interesting – small towns are great for this; (4) Spending more time meditating, reciting scripture and practicing the Dharma; (5) Regularly hike out into the Great American Desert and into the mountains that border my small town – love exploring and learning from Nature, the forest and the lands!

Yeah, we got ourselves two simultaneous false flag events going down across the continent. But we also have, as they say in America, ‘some windows of opportunities with other favorable chances,’ which are also opening up. Getting creative with a positive attitude works great. The personal victories emerge, while the advances just come together.






American Empire Auto-destruct

#1 Megatrend: Total and Complete Lumpenization of suburban and rural white males with no capital, (i.e. no money)

#2 Megatrend: The New American Will to Power = Inmate Posse runs Insane Asylum

#3 Megatrend: Letting Go of the Walking Dead and Embracing the Spiritual Life

#4 Megatrend: Concocted Crises Catastrophes = American Empire New Normal & as a consequence, invade Cursed Perdition, the putrid Sepulchers of World Empires

The Current Poltical-Economic Neoliberal Junta, or the Savage Capitalist Cultured Communist Elite Coalition, or the Bizarre Cult of the Sophisticated, Ivy League Educated Willing and Able, or whatever name one likes to call them; all of which currently rules America is not just an insane inmate political posse.

These guys also exist as dedicated sociopaths, top managers in manipulation strategies, and masters in the dark political arts of false flag terrorism. And those people are quite serious with their craft. They have not even gone half-way in managing their media-concocted emergency crises catastrophes. 

Always remember, if we too had possessed their enormous power, we would then no doubt, use similar political tactics and methods for social control.

In all honesty, am quite impressed with their False Flag Mania right now. Since the beginning of 2020, an American Selection Tour, this political coalition holding absolute political hegemony, (or complete cultural influence over the nation), has pushed not just one, but two False Flag-Super Duper Mythology Events on the American populace.

First, it was the Corona Hoax Lockdown, and then right after, the Floyd Race Riots across the country. These two False Flags are simultaneously running and are thus functioning perfectly. The Mainstream Corporate Media Monopolies and the Social Media Tech Monopolies are hyping up all of the voluntary imprisonment, Corona death counts, looting violence and riot mayhem; while the only exception to this Media pandemic mayhem remains Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox.

Ever since some states and counties, with Republican bosses, have opened up their businesses, the local corporate rag papers have been raging over increased Corona Death Counts, all vomited up on the front pages. Had thought that after the Floyd Race Riots and the False Flag Super Duper Event that accompanied it, Americans saw into the Corona Hoax and let it fly – but no… People are still scared of the Plandemic, and many local businesses are still requiring mask wearing to enter their crap establishments. When is the apparent Corona Second Wave itching to hit?

Looked up some regional news online some days ago, and found a surprising article from some regional news rag. Apparently, this small western city, surrounded by rural farms and ranches, and still mandated on Lockdown, (thanks to its local sociopaths), for the rest of the summer – actually had a Black Lives Matter Protest. This protest of a few people made front page news, and noticed that the attendees were all white (?). Are some white Americans seeking to take over another Black cultural invention, as they did with Jazz, Gospel, Blues, Rock, Hip Hop and Reggae? There is a whole lot of money coming into the coffers of that Social Justice NGO, Black Lives Matter, Inc.

Let us understand what we Americans, who still value honor and duty, are now under: two simultaneous False Flag Super Duper Events that are rotting away the country completely – and all in order to save, The Empire?

Wait a minute here. One of the False Flags, Coronagate, is not so much a Medical Lockdown, but an auto-destruct national prison towards the leftovers of the American political-economy; the other False Flag, Violent Rioting as Social Justice, allows for the proliferation of American big city, urban legal crime in order to destroy the old authoritarian policing system, and reorganize it with a Eurotrash version of policing: the National Police Force.

This elite governing mishmash alliance: a corporate-educational-government-military consortium mixed up with a white Communist street gang, (Antifa), and now tied to a corporate social justice NGO, (BLM), has been correctly utilizing the old Communist dialectical political praxis, (University Commie speak for practice).

Conflict-Struggle-Liberation, or as Antonio Gramsci, (late Italian Communist martyr under Fascism), put it: War of Position-War of Maneuver-Revolutionary Hegemony.

Our Elites have already achieved their desired Revolutionary Hegemony in America.

The US Military and US Intelligence-Spy Agencies now support this political association. With the Corporate media and Big Tech also on their side of the political divide, they all truly deserve the laurels as victorious conquerors.

We American citizens are at present, now living under an American Corporate Communist Regime, comprising the extremes of Neoliberal Brutal Capitalism with no social safety nets, and a hard core, official Cultural Marxist oppression ideology, infused with the brutal and remorseless dialectics of race, class and gender oppression-resistance-social justice.

Meanwhile, the American Empire continues on its own particular trajectory, still committing legal crime and murder mayhem across the planet.

Dismal future prospects indeed.


As the above Communists have stated before, for every fascist action against the oppressed, there is another counter action of resistance in the waiting.

They are right.

There will come a reaction to all of this current political madness.

Most citizens, of any given country, will generally go along with whatever political gang enforces on the less powerful. The People will even tolerate the most outrageous of political abuses in coercion and harassment – as long they feel safe and their families are still safe.

Think about the TSA perv airport security theater after the 9/11 Super Duper Event. One could also cite the trends in overpolicing, Supermax jails, private prison expansion, and the legal theft of property through enhanced civil forfeiture, following the Drug War of the 1980s-90s. Americans have had to tolerate a lot of tyranny these past few decades.

What’s to stop our leaders from foisting two simultaneous False Flag Political Super Duper Events?

Nothing. Nothing at all.

But there is a deeper political issue at stake. We now know who our rulers are, and that the rest of us American citizens, and yes, us stupid, gun owning, bad dressing suburban rural hicks, exist as basically the losers of the losers. But this same ruling alliance now uses its False Flags, or Concocted Crises Catastrophes, as their political standards for their divide and rule conquests, for supreme mastery in total political-economic domination.

In other words, This new and improved, political-economic elite first utilizes such vile strategies for control, and will thus only use such political tactics in the future.

They are so good at this sinister covert action stuff that they refuse to entertain other political strategies. Crisis, more crises, and a whole batch of crises on their way to Mass Media Glory! Repeatedly poison the Nation’s insides in order to Rule Forever. Yeah, they are political power junkie-addicts.

But nothing lasts forever. Every single created thing in our Modern World is impermanent – including Corporate Media created events.

This political-economic situation can only last but a short while.

As the musician-artist-prophet, Bob Marley, sang:

You can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time…

Now we see the Light: there is no light at the end of This Dark and Decomposing Tunnel.





New-York-City police rioters fight

#2 Megatrend: The New American Will to Power = Inmate Posse runs Insane Asylum

Our current elites and wealthy white families, representing, Ruling Class White People, now exist as a separate social estate; therefore, they possess a totally different culture from all of the poorer, suburban-rural Whites in the United States.

During the 1970s, our elite educational institutions: Harvard, Yale and Princeton permanently moved their cultural base from a strict, elitist WASP, (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant), Puritan mentality to a Non-Jewish, (most of whom don’t practice Judaism), Ashkenazi Jewish, urban elite mentality.

This new United Front Left Alliance now includes some very powerful and influential political players; in other words, these institutions have very high rates of cultural and social capital. All of the multiple Intelligence-Spy Agencies in D.C. are behind this bizarre coalition, the Higher Education Complex wholeheartedly backs this coalition, and even the US Military-Pentagon Complex is supporting this Cultural Marxist brouhaha.

This Bizarre United Front Left Coalition against White Supremacy also comprises the Democratic Party, (this is the reason it pushed the Commie Sanders into the fray, so as to sheep herd the Leftists into this creepy coalition); the Mainstream Corporate Media, (ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, NPR, PBS, NY Times, Wash Post, etc.); multiple governors, state reps, mayors, city council members, district attorneys – and even police chiefs working inside the Democratic run urban juntas; the Silicon Valley Tech Monopolies, (Google-You Tube, Facebook-Instagram, Twitter, Paypal, etc); Billionaire Liberals, (Jeff Bezos, Pierre Omidiyar, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, the Clinton Foundation, George Soros, the Harvard Corporation, the Non-Jewish Ashkenazi Jew Bank-Financial-Investment Directors of the Federal Reserve, etc.); Jewish-American anti-racist organizations and activists, (ADL/SPLC, Anti-Defamation League, Southern Poverty Law Center, Tim Wise, Dave Zirin, Noel Ignatiev’s followers, etc.); last – but not least, the White Commie street gang, Anti-Fa. Utterly Bizarre Indeed.

So what do all of these groups who now encompass our Official White Ruling Class, or the Culturally Marxist-Neoliberal Capitalist-American Empire Elite Junta, or just simply, The Super Bizarre United Left Front Coalition, all have in common?

Not much actually. Except one very important factor. All of these groups share a particular Cultural World of Existence. 

This shared Cultural World comprises personal tastes and preferences, likes and dislikes, cravings and hatreds and imaginative conceptions; the civilized human system of naming objects, beliefs and opinions, formulations and convictions, notions and ideas, values and principles, perceptions, forms and images, shared realities of existence, consciousness and identities, thought concepts and mental constructions.

Also remember, this ruling elite political-economic complex and sociocultural group has transformed itself into a separate social estate completely alien to the rest of America; inclusive of America’s many racial minorities, with whom they purportedly claim to politically support.

What does this Cultural Realm specifically contain?

It contains a hodgepodge of political, social and cultural ideologies; subjectivity centered around each individual’s Ego Self Personality, while having Actual Wrong Views on Objective Reality.

Before going into each ideological formation of this Ruling Elite Coalition; it is necessary to point out, and this is especially the case in America, that each elite ideological formation tends to overlap into the other ones. In other words, among all of the institutions associated with their shared ideologies, the directors, administrators, executives and owners will often sit on various different boards at the same time. Elites will also move between various positions, such as a stint in Media, then Academia, later Government, and ultimately engage in Philanthropy, the so-called Non-Profit Cultural Industries, while they also sit on the boards of publicly traded Major Corporations.

  1. Liberalism and Neo-Liberalism:  the old tolerance for rational-scientific-technical ideas, while at the same time demanding a strict cult-like adherence to Representative Democratic Governance, Free Markets and Free Trade for both Corporations and Labor, Economic Opportunities for all through smart phones and social media promotion, Global Systems under the military power of the American Empire, and only offering State Welfare Benefits for favored sectors of the Economy, such as Economic Refugees and Illegal Immigrants.
  2. Progress and Academic Credentialing: follows Liberalism and Neo-Liberalism through advocating Economic Opportunities only through elite academic credentialing, such as the Holy Trinity of Academic Excellence, Harvard, Yale and Princeton. While at the same time, the elites give special preferences to such graduates in both elite hiring and in governmental so-called public policies, and especially at the numerous D.C. Capital Think Tanks.
  3. Materialism, Official Science and Technocracy: also follows Liberalism and Neo-Liberalism in demanding the proper credentials, generally from elite universities; meanwhile, all of the scientists, doctors, experts in this closed group must follow strict protocols in what they can say, write and support.
  4. Racialism and Eugenics: A particular ideology now covered over through the innocuous names of Population Control, Corporate Green Initiatives, Forced Vaccinations in the Third World, Education Reform, and Technocratic Global Governance, i.e. Global Institutions mandating changes to public policy solutions. Remember, these same White Neo-Liberal-Cultural Marxist elites will never send their children to schools with a mostly Black population, nor will they even think of living in such neglected, run down bad neighborhoods.
  5. Modernity Cool, Abstract-Performance Art and Postmodernism: This ideology might seem a little strange, but it is extremely important. With the two ideologies of Liberalism and Materialism, both of which are completely empty of all spiritual practices, such as honor, discipline and virtue; this ideology is completely necessary as the cultural capital glue holding all of the ideologies together. Instead of any actual spiritual truths, this ideology pushes the fly by night media celebration of current cool. It is all meaningless and subjective personal psychobabble, but it does work for billions of social media addicts.
  6. Freudian Psychology and Clinical Psychology: As long as Modernity and Postmodernism linger around, this vile quack, pseudo-science will always fester and rot within our society. Still don’t believe that this ideology is a pseudo-science, pick up their crap Bible, the latest Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Disorders, or the DSM, from the American Psychiatric Association.
  7. Cultural Marxism and Multiculturalism: Now hiding its nefarious names under the twin political banners of Diversity is our Strength and Race, Class, Gender Oppression under White Male Privilege. This ideology birthed under the dialectical relations between Freudian Psychology and Marxist Materialism.
  8. The Non-Jewish Ashkenazi Jew Urban Elite Media Worldview: Throughout Modern European History, Jewish intellectuals, scientists, academics and doctors have greatly contributed to European World Cultural Hegemony. Urban Sophistication and Credentialed Education is the way forward. What is one to do about all of the WASP, (White Anglo Saxon Protestant), dimwits living in rural-suburban trailer parks? Put the dumb asses on Reality TV.

There is a very serious problem with all of this ideological mishmash. The reader has probably noticed that some of these ideologies contradict each other. There are other ideologies, such as Postmodernism, which are completely meaningless and empty. All of this ideological confusion and intellectual mind vomit eventually leads into serious mental derangement.

Our current Ruling White Elite suffer from severe Mental Suffering. Throughout all this ideological hodgepodge, they now even believe their own lies that they both tell to each other and to others outside their social circles.

This is a very dangerous social situation, which will only escalate into the Real Thing: ethnic-ideological internecine violence. This is the worst type of civil conflict imaginable.

All Be Careful now, for we got ourselves an Inmate Posse managing an Empire Insane Asylum.

Premonition of a Civil War Dali

When the British Army invaded Northern Ireland after the Civil Rights marches in the late 1960s, the victimized Catholic urban neighborhoods applauded. The IRA was around, but it seemed that the Stormont Protestant Dictatorship was over.

Yet it wasn’t, and the nightmare was only getting worse.

The British Army began attacking the Catholic neighborhoods through the Frank Kitson Method of low intensity conflict and counterinsurgency manuals, implying the techniques that the British had used to exterminate the Chinese-Malay National Liberation Political Movement and the rural guerrilla cells in the British colony of Malaysia.

Meanwhile over in Eire, the IRA fought back quickly, and Sinn Fein, its political wing, counter-organized the Catholic neighborhoods into Base Communities within the occupied northern parts.

MI5, British intelligence, thus doubled down on their counterinsurgency models. They did this through the infamous collusion method, where they coordinated their activities with the official Protestant Paramilitary Police, called the RUC and also the secretive, non-official Protestant paramilitary forces, such as the UDA and the UVF. This low intensity conflict method also included selective political-sectarian assassinations of activists, such as politicized solicitors on the Catholic side.

Eventually, the IRA had to get their guns from the Irish Disapora in America – and even from Col. Gaddafi’s Libya; while the UDA received some of their guns from Apartheid South Africa – and from old British stockpiles laying about.

A true Civil War-Civil Conflict was in its full flower of a killing-murder season. In the Eighties, Britain under the Thatcher regime thought it could ride out the Storm through acting tough, (no concessions to political prisoners), and sending in the British SAS Special Forces to finish the job; just as the French colonial masters tried to accomplish such nefarious feats with their Parachutists Special Forces in Algeria, during the early Sixties.

Nope. That didn’t work either. The IRA knew it could never win a full-on military conflict against the British Empire – but it did know how to wear down the Enemy. And it eventually worked in the nineties – thirty years later from the start of the Troubles.

The reason this strategy worked, the wearing down, was due to the open exposure of the Collusion Racket. Such a timely exposure pushed the vast majority of the Catholic population into supporting the brutal IRA campaigns. No matter what British Intelligence tried against the Provos, using some old counterinsurgency tricks from its past conflicts, they failed to understand another Historical Truth.

If a substantial proportion of the host population loses its legitimacy of the system, then the state divide and rule game is totally over. MI5 agents should have visited the historical archives and read some sourced documents from the English Civil War, way back in the 1640s. Whether its urbanized-anglicized Ulster Irish Catholics during the 1980s, or English Round Head Puritan Londoners during the 1640s: loss of legitimacy = loss of political give and take with the State, i.e. political violence becomes the last and only option on the table.

Such a social-cultural phenomenon is slowly fomenting inside the rural western and rural southern counties within the American Empire.

A few days ago, in my little small western American town of a few hundred people, I heard a tumult of noise outside my window. It was in the morning time, and I was having my cup of tea. I walked outside to the balcony, (I live on the second story of an adobe Southwestern style building), and stared at a local mob of people outside.

Yes, they were all locals, such as myself. They were waiting and milling around outside of the city hall office room. The citizens wanted to say their peace, as we say in America, to the local government people. There was also the mayor and local council in attendance.

The local citizens were not a collection of Rednecks, nor were they nasty farmers, drunk cowboys or unruly miners, but instead, represented a good cross-section of the town, older folks and younger ones, both men and women.

I ventured down below to find out the cause of such a throng of people. Apparently, the little sociopaths on the city council wanted to pass some crazy law making it mandatory and permanent for all local townspeople to wear masks when around the town and when inside their own homes! I began to laugh when I heard this. Who would even think of something so outrageous. Evidently, most of the town agreed with me.

This pathetic circus was simply impossible to enforce, since there are no police cops nor doughnut shops in my town. One could imagine a snarly snitch calling the county sheriff in this rural western area of the States, and then demanding that the authorities make the proper arrests of non-mask wearers. The county sheriff would simply disregard the call.

Nonetheless, there was a significant population of my small town fully present to condemn such a legal act of mayhem.

We are now into the third month of this Corona Plandemic Panic Hoax, and the Official Narrative is cracking everywhere.

1. There is now full knowledge that all American hospitals, regardless of the patient’s visit, are purposefully using a faulty exam, (from the infamous CDC, Center for Disease Controls), which generally tests positive for Corona; thereby, the hospital administrators receive more money for all positive cases, while such a practice raises the ‘positive case’ number, so that the big sociopath politicians can continue the Lock Down.

2. There is a shared acknowledgement that many American hospitals, (especially in the urban Northeast, and in NYC), are purposefully putting any and all patients that test positive onto ventilators, which negligently murder the majority of such patients; thus the hospital administrators receive even more money for all ventilation procedures. Such a method raises the ‘death count,’ so that the big sociopaths can willfully destroy the entire political economy, food availability, and even force the population to self-imprison – or go to the actual prison!

3. The people who publicly keep defending these sinister practices tend to fall into a few categories: a) Liberal women who are genuinely scared about the virus danger, b) Nervous frightened males who are quite scared about facing Death, ( I was one of these guys at one time too), and c) the Corporate Mainstream Media, which always hypes certain narratives supporting their agendas.

The salt of the Earth Americans are slowly losing tolerance of such practices.

Once state actors, or politicians, receive their new-found special powers they almost always never give them up – and often not without a violent struggle.

The State-Media Corona Narrative is losing its legitimacy – and very fast.

There is a premonition of a…








Hamlet-_looking death in the eyeWilliam-Shakespeare-quote-about-death-from-Julius-Caesar

‘Tis now the very witching time of night,
When churchyards yawn, and hell itself breathes out
Contagion to this world. Now could I drink hot blood
And do such bitter business as the day
Would quake to look on.’

William Shakespeare, Hamlet III 2

Testing One, Two, Three; Testing One, Two, Three…

They are testing us. Who?

Who do you think?

Great Sociopaths wield power over us. They represent both national and local politicians, globalist hacks at the United Nations and billionaire technocrats with furtive agendas, corporate mainstream media propagandists and phony alternative journalists.

No, they are not evil. But they love their unlimited power of rule, threats of coercion, and management of social control. Once they have attained such godly powers, the elites will never give them up. This is an unfortunate truth of history.

If we were in their places, we would conduct ourselves the same way. All humanity suffers such institutional violence.

This well-crafted and brilliantly-engineered Corona Pandemic Panic has completed its appointed tasks. In the western United States, where I currently reside, most people have handed over both their mental dignity and bodily honor to their worst enemies. And there is no returning to the old center. It has dissolved into the toilet drain of fear, apathy and suspicion.

A few brave voices on the Internet have withstood the media generated paranoia, But most people have cut off their own wings of conscience.

There will exist no return to normal, no end to the Lock Down, no retreat from ‘Social Distancing.’ The political-economic elites have already tasted the luscious ambrosia nectar of total and absolute rule. Taking it away from them is now more dangerous than grabbing the monetary gifts of a young bride at her wedding.

Through this Global Panic Pandemic, they have won the great battle against us. But not against all of us. A few of us still refuse to bow the knee in order to appease such tyrannical monstrosity.

I return to William Shakespeare. He was so much more than a great playwright and lyrical poet, but even more so – a great prophet. He truly prophesied the evil times that we now must endure. But this adversity will only make us stronger. We must embrace it, and there is only one move that remains on the cornered chess board.

As Hamlet faced Death before the Royalty of Denmark; as Julius Caesar faced his executioners at the Senate Door; as Christ faced his accusers and executioners on the Road to Golgotha; we too, must face Death, which always arrives, ceaselessly searching for us – time after time, after delayed time. And It shall finally reach all of us, both for the cowards and valiant among us.

No, I am not writing about the Corona Virus. I am writing about those same political-economic elites mentioned above. Recently, the boss man of the United Nations put out a video calling for a War, not against the Virus, but against the people who have been exposing the Pandemic Panic Mythology with the Sword of Truth. Russia Today and New China TV have even played up this UN Chorus of Hate and Propaganda. Another UN head honcho called for government police and military forces to forcibly remove and detain family members – from their own families – who happen to live as incubators of infection.

The funny thing about this United Nations Organization is that during its Military Occupation of Haiti about ten years ago, (and which is still ongoing), the troops there actually spread the fatal disease of Cholera, which murdered around 30,000 Haitians. Should I trust such a criminal organization?

Some journalist has also exposed that the current head of the United Nations (UN) World Health Organization, another doctor, had a wicked past as a Communist politician thug in Ethiopia; while another journalist has further uncovered the nefarious past of the infamous Dr. Fauci, and to whom Prez Trumpsta Dumpsta has given full control of the Nation, as a hack scientist who encouraged negligent drug trials during the AIDS Pandemic Crisis back in the 1980s.

Today again, I drove for hours into the nearest city in order to have a scheduled tune up on my truck, buy groceries at the corporate supermarket, and wash my clothes at the local laundromat. No, I just don’t have those things in the small little western town where I currently live.

I could count on one hand the amount of people who still refuse to wear those useless gloves, hats, sunglasses and masks in public. It was like watching a convention of bank robbers going about their business. Only three people were like myself, normal, without the bank robber costume – refusing to bow down to some strange safety protocols.

After getting my coffee to go, I sat in the sun at a table alone, in front of an empty street. I did spot a few mountain bikers going for a ride – thank goodness! But I was the solitary man out.

I soon had to go to the bathroom, but due to the Lock Down, I could not use the cafe’s bathroom. I walked around the city looking for some place open – and yet again, nothing was open. Finally, the nice guys in the auto shop, (after tuning up the truck), let me use their bathroom.

When I walked down Main St. in this little city, I had the entire blocks of downtown to myself. Not one other person was walking. Another bad Twilight Zone episode had occurred.

I am tired of living in fear! Am I supposed to believe all the political bosses of Harvard, Johns Hopkins University, the CDC, (Center for Disease Control), the WHO-UN, (the World Health Organization), Bill Gates of Microsux, and a Dr. Fauci D.C. bureaucrat, that this particular flu strain spreads through every single thing found on Earth: human hands, clothes materials, door knobs, glass windows, cash money, paper mail, metal coins, plastic bags and food containers? Are we supposed to accept that a quarter of the Earth’s population are actually secret carriers of the fatal disease having no symptoms?

Yes, I am a slave: a Bodhisattva slave to the Buddhadharma, a practicing Buddhist. I cannot, nor will ever give this up. My spiritual practice and my immediate family come first, and will choose death over dishonor in the defense of my Faith and Family.

Those of you reading this post, and that have also seen behind the curtains of this Pandemic False Flag Event, you too possess the lines in the sand that you will never cross.

Let us never cross over to cowardice then. We must stand for truth and dignity, duty and honor.

We can only do this through facing death, seeing it as a necessary end to an existence of adversity, while bounded through suffering. We have our loved ones, our personal faith of whatever persuasions, and our personal dignities at stake. We shall not forsake them ever.

Through this sacred practice, which has led many a god, hero and prophet to the Bitter End, will also lead to the greatest acts within History’s triumphs. Hamlet became the greatest orator of Shakespearean tragic characters; Julius Caesar transformed into the divine emperor of Rome, his name Caesar synonymous with military and political greatness; Christ once crucified as a Jewish apocalyptic prophet-slave, thus became the Holy Savior of that same Empire, which had condemned him exactly three hundred years before.

Our lives are nothing. Rather, our heroic actions accepting the fate of death, and in refusing to acquiesce to such horrifying tyranny, shall finally break the back of this Pandemic Panic Demon.

The Gates of Hell eventually welded shut.


Welcome to mental hospital hellAmerican healthAmerikan medicineopioid legal medssurgical-digging-inHuman skullBuild hospitalhospital-administration-working-for-themmedieval-pharmacycuranderismoromedoctor-bleeling-methodmuerte-digna

It Ain’t Easy! We are all dying. And so what?

I feel the pain. I am hurting. It bothers me. What do I do? Call the Doctor!

But wait… The Insurance gangs need their extortion racket payments. Even one missed installment implies no service – or crap service with added taxes, fines and premiums on top of more subscriptions on top of greater deposits.

The United States Federal Government, or The Initialized Med Gang, The FDA, or The Federal Drug Administration ­– needs to approve the drugs, or the surgeries, or the treatments, or all the above together first. Biotech industry corporate attorneys always get first dibs on everything.

Most of the outrageous price gouging goes into the salaries, perks and profits of the Hospital administrator-executive parasites who, like wiseguys, skim off everything. Hospital administrators, chief government bureaucrats, insurance capos, drug company executives and clinic directors always receive the greatest payouts.

They see no patients, nor perform any useful functions. They do however sit, send e-mails and attend endless meetings. They are exactly like their fellow administration brothers in arms who run and rule our colleges, schools and universities. Medical executive salaries even reach into the seven-figure categories.

American Doctors have their very own American Medical Association, the AMA, a true syndicate, which at least demands that medical practitioners receive six figure salaries. Yet this same doctors union allowed an entire class of freeloaders, the admins, to control the costs, services and the fruits of all medical practices – and they don’t have to do any real medical work either. The AMA was too busy trying to destroy the livelihood of the non-Medical school, non-MD, alternative medicine practitioners. This Doctors junta believes that Medicine is a closed shop like the Teamsters Union.

Some nurses have unions to protect them – others don’t. There are other nurses who want nothing to do with any union bureaucrat who does no work, yet receives a six-figure salary.

The State Health Bureaucrats are the actual real winners in this vile system. They can do whatever they want, threaten who they hate, and demand whatever they desire. Nobody can touch them nor fire them.

Don’t Laugh. Like the US Forest Service and the US Department of Education, the FDA has its own federalized cop army – and they carry around fully automatic assault rifles – with heavy body armor too. They’re cool with such firepower. According to them, we lowlife citizen-wage slaves should not handle such deadly technology. Any official medical doctor dealing in non-FDA approved, non-official medical practices – had better watch out!

The Doctors who love those new and improved flu virus vaccines – will always get the pass though.

The moral of the story: don’t get sick – or you will possibly forfeit your life for a deadly, complicated treatment. Either the doctor will prescribe a mean ass pharmaceutical that has more side effects than your actual symptoms – or a surgeon will blast you with chemicals and then cut around your fragile body. Either way, you will never be the same person after all that expensive medical work.

What is so ironic is that for most of world history, official medical doctors have had quite nasty reputations as dangerous quacks. How did they get such respectable reputations nowadays – and yet, they still do so much drugging and cutting, and so expensive too?

They say gambling can destroy a well-earned fortune – this is true. But gaming your health, the one and only body that you live under, with an official medical treatment-program, will most definitely rifle your body – and bankrupt any and all fortunes.

Many scholars know about the great writer, Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, during the decade of the 1680s in colonial New Spain-Mexico. How many people know about the satirist writer, Juan del Valle y Caviedes, during the same historical epoch in colonial Peru?

Juan del Valle y Caviedes was born in Spain. However, he lived his entire life in colonial Peru during the late 1600s. Like Sor Juana in Mexico City, he lived in the colonial capital of Peru, called Lima.

Señor del Valle y Caviedes had a particular affliction – medical doctors, referred to as médicos during those days. In his satires, he targeted them mercilessly.

Even in those days, people had medical options. Those university educated medical experts were not the only health practitioners in colonial Peru.

Women doctors had the name of curanderas, or folk healers, with their vast array of native roots, oils, stems, flowers, herbs and spice mixtures. These women practitioners were often unfairly associated with magic and witchcraft. People with stomach issues, cramps, loose stools, tiredness, weakness, cold symptoms, constipation, nausea and fainting usually visited them. Some curanderas also worked as parteras, or midwives, which made them even more suspect in the ugly gaze of authority.

Then there were the barberos. They were practitioners of the practical and down-to-earth medical arts. Some of them were not Spanish, but castas, or mixed race colonials, Peruvian Natives, Mestizos-Mulatos-Zambos-Coyotes-Lobos, mixed races, while others represented Afro-Latinos. The Spanish barberos organized themselves into guilds with their own brotherhood, or cofradías, to defend their practices.

They either performed body work on the street or in tiny cubicles found in public buildings. They pulled teeth, massaged hurting backs, cut and washed hair, put pressure points on the neck, administered splints for broken limbs, applied tourniquets for bleeding, or bled sick people, and some were even skilled in the surgical arts of cutting and sewing hernias.

During the 1680s, and especially in colonial Latin American cities, cleanliness was quite atrocious with all of the open sewers, scattered animal dung and fetid corpses. There was also a real lack of personal washing and basic plumbing. People used chamber pots for excretion, and then washed with grey water after going to bathroom.

For toothpaste, people gurgled with urine mixed with salt. The smart ones chewed on vanilla or other aromatic herbal twigs. Vermin in long-haired men and women, and on the clothes was very common: lice, ticks and fleas. When some people died, worms went on the rampage and literally chewed the body apart – even before the death rot. Life expectancy was around 40 years old. When one got sick, then one had to write his or her will and testament. Even common colds put people under. The flu was a death sentence.

The boticarios, pharmacists, ran the boticas, or pharmacies. These were all Spaniards, and protected their craft through a guild system and a closed brotherhood. Master pharmacists owned and administered their own shops. Their Journeymen and Apprentices blended thousands of medicinal and culinary herbs into mixtures, usually found inside large ceramic jars.

They produced salves, oils, infusions, salts, syrups and juices. For whatever illness, there was an herbal solution. Curing was a 50-50 percent shot. Sometimes the symptoms dissipated, but then the person died quite suddenly. Other times, the symptoms continued on and off until final expiration, some years later – or for a few lucky ones – the symptoms and illness just faded away.

Lest we forget, there were those university educated medical doctors. These men, highly respected and possessing great honor, were also elite health killers. Calling on one of those men for medical help could hasten a death sentence. In fact, the suffering sick, did call on doctors for the quick termination of the pain – through a timely death.

Medical doctors could recite entire medical texts in Latin – but their success rate was quite slim. Hospitals were not places to get well – but to die peacefully under the care of some charitable religious order.

Juan del Valle y Caviedes understood all this, so he lampooned and made fun of the medical doctor profession. Of course, using the services of a medical doctor was not cheap either. Most colonial inhabitants of Lima could easily laugh at the antics of the elite medical crew, university educated buffoons who were slow with diagnoses – yet quick with the bill.

Within our contemporary times, medical doctors have reputations as solid citizens and as healing gods, while other non-traditional medical practitioners have to overcome the quack label. How did it all change?

Through the advent of super expensive, super long medical school training and residency periods, medical doctors have received the official imprimatur of professionalism.

The whole medical procedure is now a bizarre ritual. First, we have to fill out the debt slavery insurance forms of ten or more pages in the office visitor room. Then the nurses visit us, who also hold university degrees. They usually take our pulse, temperature, weight and height, and blood pressure. Afterwards, we wait for around twenty minutes in a sterile white room with lots of different common medical supplies, medical posters on the wall, and a few medical implements around the medical lounge chair.

Suddenly, the Doctor in the white lab coat, makes his entrance with a case folder. They used to have those generic black bags with them, but now it is usually just a stethoscope around the neck.

The Doctor listens with the scope, checks the eyes, ears, nose and mouth, and then feels around the body for pressure – asking about pain, softness or lack of feeling. If the pain is quite bad, then we go to the X-ray department. We wait some more, receive the radiation, and wait for the results.The doctor must analyze them too. We wait some more.

If we are not dying in urgent, intensive care – then the Doc writes up the medical prescription, or the legal drug note, where we can legally buy the pharmacy drugs. But again, both the ten minute actual medical service and the legal drug purchase are not cheap. The people who have to regularly take a certain prescribed drug for the rest of their lives – are the real ones that suffer.

Doctors have the rights to prescribe FDA approved medications. Psychobabble quacks can also prescribe some of the deadliest pharmaceutical mind and body destroyers on the planet. Anyone else who tries to enter into the business, called drug dealing, will soon submit to the Amerikan gulag. This is one of the reasons that the United States now has the largest prisoner population in world history.

Amerikan Imperial spymaster agencies, such as the CIA, also have dibs on the international drug trade.

If the pain and physical suffering continue, then the Doctor will move to the next level – meaning some type of surgery, or legal cutting into the body, which might clear away the entire problem – or lead to other, very serious complications.

The ten minute medical service and pharmaceutical costs do not even compare to the surgical procedures and hospital stay visits. From a couple of hundred dollars, the entire surgery session and post surgery recuperation period can reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We are living in the Brave New World of Medical Practices. How can we protect ourselves?

First, stay away from medical doctors and hospital visits – if at all possible.

Second, discipline our minds into receiving love, contentment and humility in order to avoid the horrible sufferings of life.

Third, eat local, fresh, and non-genetically modified/non-sugar/non-corn starch foods.

Fourth, walk when able, bicycle around when the weather is good, and regularly workout-strengthen the physical body.

Fifth, if we do find ourselves in illness, then we can examine objectively the state of the actual body, through the five questions: why, when, where, what and how. Next, we should investigate the various medical options available before proceeding into any suggested treatments from the experts.

We are all moving towards the destruction of old age. Afterwards, we shall find ourselves under some serious illness or injury. We will die. There is no escape from this Wheel of Physical Expiration.

For our own dignity, we ought not to step into the jaws and claws of the Official Medicine Dope. Their treatments tend to lead to the suffocating regimen of drugging and cutting.

When we are lying on the death sofa in the hospital, then we might not have any choices available.

But until then, we take responsibility to both live and die with dignity, and most importantly – with our honor and freedom intact.

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Summarizing our Human Lives unto Death – there’s always something that we had forgot to mention – from the last conversation. Reviewing the Blog List of Topics, there was Anarchy, Empire, Guns, Drugs, Conflict, Class, Power, History…

Ah yes, Honor, that strange and peculiar virtue, which has accompanied most of human history. Honor does still exist around different parts of the world. Yet, it has recently expired its worthiness in the old imperial, thug empires of Europe – inclusive of their colonial-settler state monstrosities, such as the American Empire.

Depraved concepts of honor nevertheless rot inside the colonized minds of the hateful, and it also now lives twisted and twined to some crazy ideologies. Honor lies hidden amongst weird little subcultures across our Earth.

Honor supposedly resides within maniacal military brotherhoods, extremist political sects, and mostly amid right-wing nut jobs, patriarchal family structures of abuse, and well imprisoned inside even crazier, religious-brotherhood fundamentalist cults, deep inside the minds of monotheistic madmen. Gang members, wiseguys and other criminal underworlds proclaim themselves as ‘men of honor.’

What is this virtue, or vice, of honor, and how did most humans practice such a code throughout most of history?

Honor represented a great virtue, or action. This pure virtue of honor implied integrity, honesty and sincerity: living completely as a man of one’s words.

If your friend stated that he would help you, and if he did the work as he said he would, then he was a man of honor. This also meant that he would tell the hard truth to his good friends and blood family, regardless of the outcome. Honor’s brother in arms was Courage, and the Truth was always sacrosanct. Anyone possessing honor, also valued shame, or dishonor, which represented a public lack of trust in one’s ability to carry out honorable deeds.

This virtuous honor does not imply always telling the absolute, unequivocal truth to everyone or anyone that one encounters. This type of truth-telling is extremist and actually does more damage than good. It is the vice of indiscretion. Openly declaring to your grandmother that you once threw away one of her gifts in the past – on her birthday even – is simply rude, disrespectful and mean.

The second virtuous aspect of honor is respect. But this virtue can also denigrate into a vice.

Virtuous respect has signified the esteem for the elderly, the grey haired, one’s parents, the religious guru or priest of impeccable conduct, the aged monk of great wisdom, or the knowledgeable intellectual, literate gentleman, ex-soldier. Such men of honor knew a great deal about history, literature, philosophy, science, art, weapons, love, etc., and he or she was often a great conversationalist, a true Humanist. As the saying went, ‘respect where respect was due., Kong Qui, or Confucius, referred to these actions as the Virtue of Benevolence.

Vicious respect or Vice-ridden honor, however, is the false honor of the criminal underworld: gangsters, wiseguys, outlaws, gang members, pirates, crooks, swindlers, thieves, murderers and other sorts of disreputable delinquents.

This twisted form of honor holds ties to extreme violence. The criminal thug must use violent methods in order to get money, since the threat of violence and the actual acts of violence do the job. The criminal preys upon the weaker sorts of society, such as addicts, degenerate gamblers, the greedy, the dumb, petty thugs, street hustlers, illegal drug dealers and muggers. The continual threat of extreme, quick and brutal force, or vengeance for any sign of insolence – made one a respected guy. This is the wise guy code of honor.

All top criminal groups possess codes of honors, inclusive of police squads and military special forces, such as the violent defense of any dishonor to the ‘brotherhood,’ ritual initiations, permissible and impermissible behaviors.

In the criminal underworld, there is no honesty, since most members end up murdered or die in prison – often initiated from the mouths of their own in-group. As the old saying goes, ‘there is no honor among thieves.’

Honor has unfortunately degenerated even further throughout human history, while circling among the World’s false virtues. Honor has found powerful associations with group feeling and group cohesion.

Honor had attached itself to even greater social-cultural powers, when secular society began to esteem a person as Honorable – often through the deceitful methods of legal or institutional violence.

Honor addicted itself to Gain and Loss, Praise and Blame, Fame and Disgrace, Happiness and Unhappiness. Honor had become the fleeting, impermanent love and admiration of the crowd, the mob, the gang of cowards, the liars of history. Honor had transformed into privilege, the applause and public acclaim of imbeciles, and gave a free pass to unearned hierarchy.

The dissolute and untalented first-born son of a lazy aristocrat was honorable, while an honest and hard-working farmer who worked with his hands was dishonorable. The military general that attacked a defenseless city, and murdered thousands of human beings – just for the sake of conquest – had somehow achieved honor. The captured slave who had stood against violence through horribly sacrificing his own life – was somehow shameful.

The politician or tyrant who ruthlessly hunted his political enemies, and then spit on their graves horribly, even gloating about it – had attained great honor. The smug judge, backed up through well-armed police-soldiers, who always hung or imprisoned poor offenders before his bench – also reached the sublime goal of honor.

Men of Power who regularly abused their powers, all for the sake of their privileged egos – accomplished the Life of Honor. Worldly Honor was the sacred preserve for both illegal criminals and legal gangsters. Like everything good and virtuous, the Human Condition has always perverted them towards the extremes, dressing up rotten virtues as respectable vices.

Virtuous honor is honesty, sincerity and integrity, with respect for ancient wisdom. The World’s Honor, or Vice Honor, is respect with violence, maintaining group cohesion through fear, and an adherence to the hierarchy of the most ruthless.

The virtue of honor denies the self, while acting as a humble gentleman for the sake of telling the truth, with respect for one’s elders and teachers. The vice of honor is total ego worship, where the greatest murderer-killer-assassin takes the premium of fame and respect, both from his own murder cult and from the general society of cowards, followers, flatterers and fools.

Women also have honor, and all of its foundations are positive virtues. Woman’s virtuous honor represents self-control, natural beauty, coolness under pressure, intelligence, book learning with poetic mastery, spirituality, maintaining a strong family and home life, or devoting one’s self to the Holy life, and most importantly, abstaining from all sexual misconduct and public scandal – an impeccable reputation.

Honor also has an extremely important relation to History. Honor, excepting extreme stubbornness, and both as virtue and vice, wins over the minds and hearts of a People, a Nation, a Country, a Civilization.

Why is this? This Historical Mystery still lies unsolved. Some historical examples could possibly explain the connection.

In twentieth-century Latin American history, President Peron of Argentina was successful in his political-economic reforms, while President Allende of Chile was not. Both men were populist politicians that wanted to elevate the working classes of their respective countries. Peron and his wife Evita rallied the working classes to the streets and defied their political reactionary enemies. Allende used the same exact tactics in Chile. Both men possessed honor.

The differences between the two were that, in the first example, both Peron and Evita successfully displayed to both their friends and enemies, the charismatic honor of the National Strongman or Caudillo. Allende, on the other hand, decided to play fair, using parliamentary procedure and a state visit to Castro’s Cuba. Peron, the politician actor, always looked big and strong, while Allende sometimes seemed weak and vulnerable – and especially to the military junta that murdered and replaced him. All it took was a little CIA oil, which forced the wheels a turning.

Within nineteenth-century European History, the Emancipated Jew, or the Secular Jew of the Haskalah, began to elicit great hatred from the Conservative Right. There are many reasons for this detestation, but one of the main reasons was that the New Secular Jew, lacked the cultural façade of honor.

The emancipated Jews spilled from walled ghettos comprising the occupations of rabbinical studies, merchant selling, day trading and money lending. The secularized Jew soon jumped into the professions, the university, the parliament, the arts business, the newspapers, investment banking and venture capitalism. According to the Old Order of Europe, none of those occupations possessed the veneer of honor – unlike, soldiering, seafaring, colonial and church administration, royal service and land trusteeship.

There are even greater lessons on Honor and History, which come out of the Teetering American Empire. In US History, the Left always seems to elicit a terrible hatred, both from most American citizens and from the greater apparatus of the US government. The reason is mainly that the Left always looks bad in public, holding no honor whatsoever.

Recently, a new type of Leftist Movement has burst forth onto the political scene – Anti-Fascism or Anti-FA…

This motley group claims to align itself with Anarchist political tendencies, but when I was one of those white skin privileged hipsters, Anarcho-fools, living in a Left Coast City, I never remembered Anarchists involved in such a Leftist position.

I do remember seeing Anarcho-Primitivism, Anarcho-Syndicalism, Black Blocks, Tree Sitting, Class War Politics, Urban Squatting, Anti-Capitalism, Green Anarchy, Anti-Globalization, Vegan Straight Edge Punks, and its other extreme, Trainhopping Oogle Crust Punks. The Anti-Fascist Blocs only seemed to augment, and usually with crazy Communists and demonstrator weirdos, whenever a bizarre, racist group publicly manifested in town.

I have noticed that this group does not act with the typical ill-discipline as other Anarchist or Leftist types. They seem tight-knit and move quickly, almost in military squad level precision. Like Autonomous Black Blocs, they wear black outfits for concealment and mask their faces. Unlike the previous group, this group now carries light weapons, such as thin bats, defensive shields, sawed crow bars, DIY made chains, incendiary devices, chemical agents and small polyurethane pipes.

They are definitely in the demonstrations to commit violence and mayhem. They are not only present to commit major property damage – but to seriously harm people. Eventually, they will murder their political enemies. This is the trap lying in wait for them.

The sad part is that their actions will also open counterattacks against their supposed supporters, who actually do not condone such violence, such as tenured radical college professors and Left-wing Liberal politicians.

This political groupthink now lives imprisoned within its own boogeymen of Hate. They truly hate Fascists. They forget however that people often choose right-wing or left-wing populism because they live desperate, frustrated lives lacking any power. The Anti-Fascists forget that they are also frail humans who suffer, and therefore, could also choose this route. Instead of Compassion, they choose Hatred. Hate and Hateful actions eventually breed the Vile acts of Murder. Murder is murder. Unlike other vices, Murder Actions immediately explode into fatal consequences. Karma is real.

These groups now have military discipline, hate their enemies thoroughly, and are willing to use total violence to achieve their goals – but they don’t show any honor. They instead display the all of the vices of dishonor

The Anti-FAs tend to physically attack weaker people, such as women, beat on random people as perceived enemies, surprise their political enemies with attacks when they are not armed for a fight, and enjoy destroying anyone’s personal possessions just because they are in the way of their violence. Such fanatics also enjoy stealing, robbing, thieving and taking things from other people – and then set those objects on fire or destroy them.

These Anti-Fascist hardcores had better start taking political demonstration-protest breaks and begin training with firearms.

The Right, Their Fascist Enemies, however are waiting – and slowly building up their reaction… They are rightly playing it cool – which implies honor.

Once this cabal of violent rioters moves into the violent arts of cowardly murder, the Liberal Corporate, Mainstream Media supporters will also turn on them. Once the general populace perceives that there is an internal threat of dishonorable wretches on the loose – then the liquidation without mercy begins.

Honor, History and Hegemony work together. The most important public activity that any cultural, social or political movement ought to possess is the perception of honor, inclusive of strength and mastery, with integrity of purpose. Once a faction holds such perceived public virtues, then they have a good chance of succeeding in their political programs. The State refers to this as legitimacy. If, however, the political coalition does not control such virtues, then they shall dig their own graves.

As for me, now living the Dharma of the Buddha, I willingly jump off this brutal train wreck of worldly honor, with all of its hypocrisy and violence.

I rather choose Honor related to the simple virtues of sincerity, honesty, integrity and trustworthiness. This honor includes respect for my elders, parents, good friends and the sages of great wisdom – wherever they exist on Earth. The summary of Honor is Truth, the Goodwill of the Gentleman, and Compassion – for all living beings – regardless of political-religious-ideological persuasions.

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