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Summarizing our Human Lives unto Death – there’s always something that we had forgot to mention – from the last conversation. Reviewing the Blog List of Topics, there was Anarchy, Empire, Guns, Drugs, Conflict, Class, Power, History…

Ah yes, Honor, that strange and peculiar virtue, which has accompanied most of human history. Honor does still exist around different parts of the world. Yet, it has recently expired its worthiness in the old imperial, thug empires of Europe – inclusive of their colonial-settler state monstrosities, such as the American Empire.

Depraved concepts of honor nevertheless rot inside the colonized minds of the hateful, and it also now lives twisted and twined to some crazy ideologies. Honor lies hidden amongst weird little subcultures across our Earth.

Honor supposedly resides within maniacal military brotherhoods, extremist political sects, and mostly amid right-wing nut jobs, patriarchal family structures of abuse, and well imprisoned inside even crazier, religious-brotherhood fundamentalist cults, deep inside the minds of monotheistic madmen. Gang members, wiseguys and other criminal underworlds proclaim themselves as ‘men of honor.’

What is this virtue, or vice, of honor, and how did most humans practice such a code throughout most of history?

Honor represented a great virtue, or action. This pure virtue of honor implied integrity, honesty and sincerity: living completely as a man of one’s words.

If your friend stated that he would help you, and if he did the work as he said he would, then he was a man of honor. This also meant that he would tell the hard truth to his good friends and blood family, regardless of the outcome. Honor’s brother in arms was Courage, and the Truth was always sacrosanct. Anyone possessing honor, also valued shame, or dishonor, which represented a public lack of trust in one’s ability to carry out honorable deeds.

This virtuous honor does not imply always telling the absolute, unequivocal truth to everyone or anyone that one encounters. This type of truth-telling is extremist and actually does more damage than good. It is the vice of indiscretion. Openly declaring to your grandmother that you once threw away one of her gifts in the past – on her birthday even – is simply rude, disrespectful and mean.

The second virtuous aspect of honor is respect. But this virtue can also denigrate into a vice.

Virtuous respect has signified the esteem for the elderly, the grey haired, one’s parents, the religious guru or priest of impeccable conduct, the aged monk of great wisdom, or the knowledgeable intellectual, literate gentleman, ex-soldier. Such men of honor knew a great deal about history, literature, philosophy, science, art, weapons, love, etc., and he or she was often a great conversationalist, a true Humanist. As the saying went, ‘respect where respect was due., Kong Qui, or Confucius, referred to these actions as the Virtue of Benevolence.

Vicious respect or Vice-ridden honor, however, is the false honor of the criminal underworld: gangsters, wiseguys, outlaws, gang members, pirates, crooks, swindlers, thieves, murderers and other sorts of disreputable delinquents.

This twisted form of honor holds ties to extreme violence. The criminal thug must use violent methods in order to get money, since the threat of violence and the actual acts of violence do the job. The criminal preys upon the weaker sorts of society, such as addicts, degenerate gamblers, the greedy, the dumb, petty thugs, street hustlers, illegal drug dealers and muggers. The continual threat of extreme, quick and brutal force, or vengeance for any sign of insolence – made one a respected guy. This is the wise guy code of honor.

All top criminal groups possess codes of honors, inclusive of police squads and military special forces, such as the violent defense of any dishonor to the ‘brotherhood,’ ritual initiations, permissible and impermissible behaviors.

In the criminal underworld, there is no honesty, since most members end up murdered or die in prison – often initiated from the mouths of their own in-group. As the old saying goes, ‘there is no honor among thieves.’

Honor has unfortunately degenerated even further throughout human history, while circling among the World’s false virtues. Honor has found powerful associations with group feeling and group cohesion.

Honor had attached itself to even greater social-cultural powers, when secular society began to esteem a person as Honorable – often through the deceitful methods of legal or institutional violence.

Honor addicted itself to Gain and Loss, Praise and Blame, Fame and Disgrace, Happiness and Unhappiness. Honor had become the fleeting, impermanent love and admiration of the crowd, the mob, the gang of cowards, the liars of history. Honor had transformed into privilege, the applause and public acclaim of imbeciles, and gave a free pass to unearned hierarchy.

The dissolute and untalented first-born son of a lazy aristocrat was honorable, while an honest and hard-working farmer who worked with his hands was dishonorable. The military general that attacked a defenseless city, and murdered thousands of human beings – just for the sake of conquest – had somehow achieved honor. The captured slave who had stood against violence through horribly sacrificing his own life – was somehow shameful.

The politician or tyrant who ruthlessly hunted his political enemies, and then spit on their graves horribly, even gloating about it – had attained great honor. The smug judge, backed up through well-armed police-soldiers, who always hung or imprisoned poor offenders before his bench – also reached the sublime goal of honor.

Men of Power who regularly abused their powers, all for the sake of their privileged egos – accomplished the Life of Honor. Worldly Honor was the sacred preserve for both illegal criminals and legal gangsters. Like everything good and virtuous, the Human Condition has always perverted them towards the extremes, dressing up rotten virtues as respectable vices.

Virtuous honor is honesty, sincerity and integrity, with respect for ancient wisdom. The World’s Honor, or Vice Honor, is respect with violence, maintaining group cohesion through fear, and an adherence to the hierarchy of the most ruthless.

The virtue of honor denies the self, while acting as a humble gentleman for the sake of telling the truth, with respect for one’s elders and teachers. The vice of honor is total ego worship, where the greatest murderer-killer-assassin takes the premium of fame and respect, both from his own murder cult and from the general society of cowards, followers, flatterers and fools.

Women also have honor, and all of its foundations are positive virtues. Woman’s virtuous honor represents self-control, natural beauty, coolness under pressure, intelligence, book learning with poetic mastery, spirituality, maintaining a strong family and home life, or devoting one’s self to the Holy life, and most importantly, abstaining from all sexual misconduct and public scandal – an impeccable reputation.

Honor also has an extremely important relation to History. Honor, excepting extreme stubbornness, and both as virtue and vice, wins over the minds and hearts of a People, a Nation, a Country, a Civilization.

Why is this? This Historical Mystery still lies unsolved. Some historical examples could possibly explain the connection.

In twentieth-century Latin American history, President Peron of Argentina was successful in his political-economic reforms, while President Allende of Chile was not. Both men were populist politicians that wanted to elevate the working classes of their respective countries. Peron and his wife Evita rallied the working classes to the streets and defied their political reactionary enemies. Allende used the same exact tactics in Chile. Both men possessed honor.

The differences between the two were that, in the first example, both Peron and Evita successfully displayed to both their friends and enemies, the charismatic honor of the National Strongman or Caudillo. Allende, on the other hand, decided to play fair, using parliamentary procedure and a state visit to Castro’s Cuba. Peron, the politician actor, always looked big and strong, while Allende sometimes seemed weak and vulnerable – and especially to the military junta that murdered and replaced him. All it took was a little CIA oil, which forced the wheels a turning.

Within nineteenth-century European History, the Emancipated Jew, or the Secular Jew of the Haskalah, began to elicit great hatred from the Conservative Right. There are many reasons for this detestation, but one of the main reasons was that the New Secular Jew, lacked the cultural façade of honor.

The emancipated Jews spilled from walled ghettos comprising the occupations of rabbinical studies, merchant selling, day trading and money lending. The secularized Jew soon jumped into the professions, the university, the parliament, the arts business, the newspapers, investment banking and venture capitalism. According to the Old Order of Europe, none of those occupations possessed the veneer of honor – unlike, soldiering, seafaring, colonial and church administration, royal service and land trusteeship.

There are even greater lessons on Honor and History, which come out of the Teetering American Empire. In US History, the Left always seems to elicit a terrible hatred, both from most American citizens and from the greater apparatus of the US government. The reason is mainly that the Left always looks bad in public, holding no honor whatsoever.

Recently, a new type of Leftist Movement has burst forth onto the political scene – Anti-Fascism or Anti-FA…

This motley group claims to align itself with Anarchist political tendencies, but when I was one of those white skin privileged hipsters, Anarcho-fools, living in a Left Coast City, I never remembered Anarchists involved in such a Leftist position.

I do remember seeing Anarcho-Primitivism, Anarcho-Syndicalism, Black Blocks, Tree Sitting, Class War Politics, Urban Squatting, Anti-Capitalism, Green Anarchy, Anti-Globalization, Vegan Straight Edge Punks, and its other extreme, Trainhopping Oogle Crust Punks. The Anti-Fascist Blocs only seemed to augment, and usually with crazy Communists and demonstrator weirdos, whenever a bizarre, racist group publicly manifested in town.

I have noticed that this group does not act with the typical ill-discipline as other Anarchist or Leftist types. They seem tight-knit and move quickly, almost in military squad level precision. Like Autonomous Black Blocs, they wear black outfits for concealment and mask their faces. Unlike the previous group, this group now carries light weapons, such as thin bats, defensive shields, sawed crow bars, DIY made chains, incendiary devices, chemical agents and small polyurethane pipes.

They are definitely in the demonstrations to commit violence and mayhem. They are not only present to commit major property damage – but to seriously harm people. Eventually, they will murder their political enemies. This is the trap lying in wait for them.

The sad part is that their actions will also open counterattacks against their supposed supporters, who actually do not condone such violence, such as tenured radical college professors and Left-wing Liberal politicians.

This political groupthink now lives imprisoned within its own boogeymen of Hate. They truly hate Fascists. They forget however that people often choose right-wing or left-wing populism because they live desperate, frustrated lives lacking any power. The Anti-Fascists forget that they are also frail humans who suffer, and therefore, could also choose this route. Instead of Compassion, they choose Hatred. Hate and Hateful actions eventually breed the Vile acts of Murder. Murder is murder. Unlike other vices, Murder Actions immediately explode into fatal consequences. Karma is real.

These groups now have military discipline, hate their enemies thoroughly, and are willing to use total violence to achieve their goals – but they don’t show any honor. They instead display the all of the vices of dishonor

The Anti-FAs tend to physically attack weaker people, such as women, beat on random people as perceived enemies, surprise their political enemies with attacks when they are not armed for a fight, and enjoy destroying anyone’s personal possessions just because they are in the way of their violence. Such fanatics also enjoy stealing, robbing, thieving and taking things from other people – and then set those objects on fire or destroy them.

These Anti-Fascist hardcores had better start taking political demonstration-protest breaks and begin training with firearms.

The Right, Their Fascist Enemies, however are waiting – and slowly building up their reaction… They are rightly playing it cool – which implies honor.

Once this cabal of violent rioters moves into the violent arts of cowardly murder, the Liberal Corporate, Mainstream Media supporters will also turn on them. Once the general populace perceives that there is an internal threat of dishonorable wretches on the loose – then the liquidation without mercy begins.

Honor, History and Hegemony work together. The most important public activity that any cultural, social or political movement ought to possess is the perception of honor, inclusive of strength and mastery, with integrity of purpose. Once a faction holds such perceived public virtues, then they have a good chance of succeeding in their political programs. The State refers to this as legitimacy. If, however, the political coalition does not control such virtues, then they shall dig their own graves.

As for me, now living the Dharma of the Buddha, I willingly jump off this brutal train wreck of worldly honor, with all of its hypocrisy and violence.

I rather choose Honor related to the simple virtues of sincerity, honesty, integrity and trustworthiness. This honor includes respect for my elders, parents, good friends and the sages of great wisdom – wherever they exist on Earth. The summary of Honor is Truth, the Goodwill of the Gentleman, and Compassion – for all living beings – regardless of political-religious-ideological persuasions.

why-not-print-thisamerican-school-children-pledge allegiancetp-dollarsushistory textbook propagandascamsAmerican old man baramerican_empire_propagandaLow-Cost-Life-Insurance-free-quotesfast-student-loan-for-college

Purgatory Punishment exists for real. In this Life, I have uncovered the Hell Mouth, which leads into the Mine Pit of Frigid Darkness, Black Fog, and Dank Corpse Death. Where might you ask?

I now live deep inside of the Amerikan Empire, ruled under the Greatest Sociopaths of World History. Even more ominous, I reside inside the Monster right before its Most Terrible Decline and Fall. I don’t possess a second passport, my roots are pure Americana, born and bred.

Born to Die Hard in an Empire where the Inmates Rule the Asylum, and where most citizens have resigned themselves as cowering, shameless subjects. Ignorance and Cowardice rule, while those Twin Furies lie concealed behind curtains, buried deep within the walls of the Amerikan Nightmare on Hell Street.

I have nowhere to go. However, like millions of my fellow Americans, I do own guns, and as a veteran of the American Armed Forces, I do know how to use them. I forsake violence, and will always reject any invitation for violent escalation – nor do I visit dive, trashy bar establishments anyway – but I am not a pacifist either. There does come a time to stand and fight. Where the honor of both humanity and sanity are at stake, we must Lay It On the Line. Blood Shall Gush Forth. Future Tidings are not looking good.

Until the Next Major Civil Combat, Regular American Citizens must wait it out. The political-economic elites who rule over us have already pointed the loaded guns. They are aiming towards us – and ever so closer. We are clearly within in sighting range. Targets R US is in order.

The Amerikan Empire shall reap what it has sown. This Colonial-Settler Excrescence will experience its sordid karma. Its historical crimes have included mass genocide, mass extermination, mass murder, mass torture, mass poverty, mass misery and mass imprisonment on a global scale.

Yet this same Empire has so deftly covered up its historical crimes. The sinister discoveries of past criminality have yet to disappear. The whole world knows the atrocities of Fascism and Communism. How many people know about the Actual History of the Amerikan Imperial Monster?

The Up and Coming American Civil War is slowly escalating, and quicker than we think. It will not be anything like the Official US Civil War, or The War of Northern Aggression, (depending on what region you live in). During that particular war in the 1860s, two opposing American Governments, the Union and the Confederacy fought each other to utter destruction. And yes, the Confederacy destroyed the Union too, and killed many, many Yankees. The Yankees won the final day on the military battlefield – but the Southland triumphed over the American Cultural Soul.

Nor will the Upcoming Civil Battlefield function like the English Civil War during the decade of the 1640s. Within that Civil War Period two opposing ideological-political factions, representing the actual British State of the seventeenth-century, utterly wrecked each other. The Parliamentary Puritan Roundheads struggled against the Royalty Supporting, Anglican Confessional Cavaliers. The Puritans won – but at the price of a murderous fanatic who seized power, the Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell. After his death, Britain returned to a Constitutional Monarchy – as it has existed since those troublesome times.

The New and Improved Civil Battlefield will not copy the antics of the French Civil War in 1871, where an ideological Leftist coup d’etat, Les Communards, bravely fought at the barricades against the collaborationist French State-Defeated Army of Sedan under its notorious Leader, Adolphe Thiers. In that Civil War, the Collaborationists literally hunted down the Communards after they had already lost the street battles. The Collaborationists celebrated the slaughter. Those same ‘political leaders’ would eventually send around a million young French men to their bad deaths in World War I.

And finally, Our Prescient Civil Struggle will definitely not coincide with the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s. During that Nasty Spectacle, a Military-Clerical-Falange, (Spanish Fascist) Junta united to overthrow a legitimately elected, Left-Reformist Government, (turning more Communist during the war). This Civil War transformed into a War of Extermination, where Los Nacionalistas sought to both physically and culturally liquidate their political enemies, Los Republicanos. The Nationalists won the war and were able to murder lots of their political enemies. Yet, the victors permanently brutalized Spanish society and culture. Nowadays, even the Spanish flag colors of red, orange and yellow make many Spanish cringe.

The imminent civil conflict prepared for the American population will revamp the Amerikan Imperial Super State into the Amerikan Nightmare on Hell Street.

The Amerikan State will transform into a legal civilian jailer-police-paramilitary apparatus joined to the hip with a military-spy death squad regime. The bureaucratic bosses will physically destroy the reckless troublemakers, of whatever political stripes, whether Anarchist-Anti-Fascist, Communist-Anti-Fascist, Leftist-Anti-Fascist, Constitutionalist Militia-Anti-Fascist or Conservative-Anti-Fascist.

This political-elite junta will also utilize mass imprisonment-internment camps for the cowardly troublemakers. Our Leaders rightly understand that all of the enemy ideological factions will never join together and transform into a united, disciplined military force. The killing-imprisoning machine will work just fine.

The Amerikan Imperial-State Imperial Apparatus will completely vampirize its unwary citizens: politically, militarily, economically, socially and culturally. Any threatening resistance will result in the bad death for many unfortunate victims, or whatever enemies singled out for destruction. The nasty repression will serve as a Valuable Lesson. Did we think that all of that CIA-DIA death squad-counterinsurgency training at the School of the Americas, (WHINSEC), in Indochina, in Latin America, and in Mesopotamia was only for the poor, unfortunate brown skins who often did not speak English?

The US Military has always been preparing for the domestic versions too. Actually, we are already half way there. Some contemporaneous examples should suffice.

The Amerikan Empire of Sociopaths has never been able to drop the Slavery Habit – nor will it ever drop its Love for the Wage Slave Mode of Capitalist Production. No, They can’t kidnap millions of Africans and work them to death anymore – but they can use African prisoners – and whoever else that fits inside their Endless Enemies Lists. The writer of this essay and my readers are of course included in the List.

In fact, our Political-Economic Masters of Sleaze and Swindle, love Wage Slavery so much that they have perfected a Marvelous Capitalist System of Scam and Double-Cross: Capitalist Fascism, or Crony Capitalism, or better yet, Corporatism.

Only the Global Corporate Monopolies posses the full legal rights and special privileges in paying less taxes – while doing whatever the hell they want. Freedom for them and their political cronies. Misery, Homelessness, Poverty and Prison for the rest of us economic losers.

Meanwhile, millions of hopelessly unemployed and underemployed men, such as myself, wander lost on the continent. I am not the only unemployed PhD, ex-veteran with No Future. There are Millions of Us Standing-Arounders. Some of us, Economic Losers, are Armed and Vigilant however.

There are also a few desperate men who Hope and Wish that a Casino Mogul-Media-Carnival Barker can somehow Stem The Tide of Imperial Decline. Make them believe in the Amerikan Nightmare, like the Tooth Fairy-Jack O’Lantern-Santa Claus-Easter Bunny Closed Door Club. The ironic tale yet continues…

Many anxious small business owners have transformed into Little Executioners. They pay miserable wages, and only hire the wage slaves that exemplify the worst vices of dishonor, cowardice and ignorance. This work searching subset comprises desperate-recent immigrants, workers without legal papers, teenagers with no social or economic capital, the elderly who cannot survive on their SS checks, the female poor who have to double dip from Welfare and EBT, and the Massive Reserve Army of Underemployed who hate themselves for the crime of not having any job.

Most of the available ‘jobs,’ or crap work, represent contingent, part-time, on-call, internship, training period, hire and fire at will positions. The wages of most full-time employees, within the Social and Leisure Services, cannot even sufficiently pay for all of the overdue Rent, Utilities, Past Debts, Sales Taxes, Annual Taxes, Additional Fees, Miscellaneous Fines, Vehicle Registrations, Vehicle payments, Forced Insurance Schemes, etcetera and etcetera.

Accessing any low wage, low paying, lowlife job is actually quite hard. Even dishwashers must fill out fifteen page applications that ask for a full job history since the age of 16, and might ask about any past indiscretions, inclusive of past traffic tickets from one’s entire life cycle. Did most small business owners copy their employee vetting strategies from the FBI system?

The hobos, bums, buskers, beggars, panhandlers, street junkies, wiseguys, petty criminals and travelers are on to something. They are smarter than us CV carrying bums who have to continually sell ourselves on the ‘Labor Market.’ They rightly know that the System is rigged completely against us.

Why give up one’s precious time, energy, strength, fleeting youth, and self-respect for some petty sociopath who hates our mortal guts, only wants to profit off our lives – and who will fire us for whatever flimsy reason? Why not just die on the street like so many other indigents and stray animals? Are we not all heading for the Hour of Our Deaths?

And still millions of deluded Americans despairingly grab onto the Greatest Lie of All – the American Hard Work Ethic, or the Pick Up Yourself by Your Own Bootstraps, or Hard Work and Intuition Pays Off in the End, or the Dream to Success is just over the Mountains of Difficulties, or Whatever Amerikan Nightmare on Hell Street has to offer.

Trying to find a half-decent apartment in an Amerikan medium to large city is actually more cumbersome than stumbling across a crap, wage slave job. The Mean Ass, Real Estate slumlord-Property Pimp Management fiends hold steel fisted, tight controls over most available housing. A good proportion of our Low Wages fill their Profit Pockets – and they all know this. In order to move in, renters often need first and last month rents, and the security deposit plus any other fees a Slumlord could invent. The Market is always Their Market.

Even some so-called Artist-Loft-Condos now have issues with rodents, insects and malfunctioning units on a regular basis. Out West, our last option is renting in small cities and in small towns. But you had better have a vehicle with which to move around, and you will spend money on gas, repairs and other vehicle taxes.

The Supermarket Shelved, Canned Shit only gets worse – and even more expensive. The stuff rots inside of our intestines even before the Expiration Dates. We should have compassion for our sick and gluttonous brothers, meaning the obese and fat ones. Eating ‘green organic’ costs money. Trendy Food Coops often charge a lot more than many Supermarket Corporations.

Medical and Educational Scam For-profit Complexes ante up their Rebated Monthly Charges, from Service Fees to Carbon Footprint Tax. Their Price Hikes follow the Venezuelan Rate of Inflation, between one hundred and two hundred percent.

The Most Favored Monopoly Statuses of administrators and bureaucratic hacks, generally found in Higher Ed Universities, Strip Mining Operations, Poisonous Energy, Genetically Modified laced Foods, and Eternal War Contractors, are still raking in those Outstanding Shareholder Profits.

The other Seven Figure Salary Stealing, Executive Box Seat Teams, implying the FIRE industries: Financial, Insurance, and Real Estate, (where no useful work ever gets accomplished), jealously Stand Guard. Their Unearned Privilege, Corporate Welfare, keeps the Stasis going, regardless of who enters the Top Boss Office Spot.

This Bizarre Cult of Elite Americana loves Endless War, but they won’t send their kids to the military in order to Die in Such and Such Wars. They also love the Ideology of Multiculturalism, yet they will never send their kids to attend those same State Schools with the poorer Social Degenerates.

When I was an enlisted slave in the US Military, I would often ask myself why the Top Officers would treat us so wrongly and constantly intimidate us. We sometimes received unforseen orders to move, or we would have to suddenly retest for our occupations if we wanted to continue working in them, or constant new regulations dropped free fall from the Chain of Command against our leisure time. The non-stop harassment would not go away.

I understand the reasons now. We lived at the bottom of the mass killing pit, under a group of well-trained sociopaths who lived enclosed in another spatial dimension. We had about as much rights as those same innocent victims of continual Amerikan Invasions.  Our military leaders got away with such abuse because we were ignorant of the Amerikan Imperial System.

Hollywood with its Evil Twin, the discredited Corporate Media Diarrhea Mouths, just won’t stop their Absurd Spectacles of Doomed Newsbite. Most of their TV shows, New Programs, Movie Series are not that good – or plain old Boring. There is a distinct lack of diversity of views and perspectives. Actual and Real History rarely pops out of such Mediocrity.

Ignorance is the worst disease, but Mediocrity grows like suffocating Jungle Vine in our Culture, steadily creeping over the last spaces of autonomy and freedom. For example, I do not know any of my male peers who experienced good parenting while growing up.

Instead, I have heard horror stories of fathers who acted like Slave Overseers over their own children, transformed into the common sociopaths of holy child abuse. Other fathers were not even adults. They behaved as overgrown adolescents and taught their sons nothing, never had anything to do with their sons, neglected them – and yet expected those same kids to respect them! Some Richie Rich parents spoil their children mercilessly, while certain Degenerate Poor disown them, toss them asunder, and then flush them down into the Urban Inferno.

Meanwhile, the Multifaceted Donut Cop Gangs stare at us menacingly. They love trying out their new and cooler weapons on us ‘perps.’ They always maintain legal immunity with well-paid extra vacation time after the on the job slip ups, meaning legal murders. Prisons, both private and state, are still profitable industries in this Vile Land of Ours. Most businesses shut their front doors some time during the day – but the Amerikan gulag never shuts its outer doors for incoming victims.

So We Wait – and wait – and wait some more… How Much Longer shall the Circle of Life Remain Continually Broken?

We are already here. There is no other place to go, nothing more needs to appear. Our Enemies holding Political-Economic-Military-Social-Cultural Power have declared Total War against Us. The true question emerges: are we knowledgeable enough to understand this terrible actuality?

We have just found the address on some old, crumpled newspaper, with old smelly, dried bloodied gum sticking to it. We stand over a strangely heated and rancid, drained cooking oil sewer, covered over with black grey metal grating. What lies hidden underneath, inside of this Modern Inferno?

We have deservedly landed at the Amerikan Nightmare on Hell Street.


cropped-voting-fraudAmerikan imperial system


Gandhara_Buddhaconfucius-and-his-disciplesUS Wounded Knee MassacreLegal Lynch murder USAAmerican jolomassacre1906 Philippines

Non-compliance, non-cooperation, non-participation, no deals given nor received – none whatsoever.

This is how we fight The Great Sociopath. We actually have no other choice in the matter… We are simply out of options – but for the sake of our own survival, we must act

‘We are all the owners of our actions, born of our actions, related to our actions, supported by our actions. Every thought, word, deed that we do, whether good or evil, those we will inherit.’

Siddhartha Gautama Shakyamuni, or The Buddha

‘Raise the crooked and set them over the straight,  and the common people will not look up to you.’

 ‘If one is guided by profit in one’s actions, one will incur much ill will.’

 ‘Enter not a state that is in peril; stay not in a state that is in danger… hide yourself when the Way does not prevail in the Empire… It is a shameful matter to be rich and noble when the Way falls into disuse in the state.’

Kong Qiu, or Confucius

Two millennium, plus one half of a millennium ago, there lived two contemporaneous intellectuals-teachers-masters-gurus-spiritual leaders-philosophers, one in China and the other in India. Both of them had spoken the clear truth. Their words have resounded with burning justice for thousands of years – up until our own terrible times – and especially towards those of us that have been living inside of the Monster and Master of War.

The Crossroads jumps at the Fate of Humanity, and it has just drawn the Hangman’s Tarot Card. The Smoke on the Water is billowing and blowing, while the opaque Witches’ Brew spews and spills forth the Bilous Soup, the Potluck Special of Fecal Vomit mixed with blabberous green and Blood Stained Mucus. All Hail to the Amerikan Empire, proclaims the Fool of Leprosy!

The Broken Bells have tanked their Clanking Shells… What Strange Pronouncements do they make? The Previous Political Selection Rampages have exposed the Fatal Ass Cracks – a deeper Fetid Swamp of Institutional Rot.

The United States Government, located in Washington D.C., has been World History’s Most Notorious World Empire. The Empire has always acted with nefarious intent, behaved deceitfully, and has been perpetually murderous. Its incurable ailments of gross hypocrisy and legal crimes have only gotten – Steadily and Progressively Worse – since its First Inception of Calumny 1790 AD.

The Empire’s rulers breathe and conceive like deranged, mass murdering sociopaths. They Truly and Heartily Believe their own lies. They aren’t Fooling Anyone Anymore however, because they Wear their Hateful Personalities on their Criminal Mug Faces. The Eyes of Hate, Lies and Violence expose them fully.

No, the original Founding Fathers were not Sociopaths. The Sociopaths have instead become a more recent political phenomena on the Media Stage.The First Sociopaths did not Slip and Enter into Power until after WWII, when the US Military transformed into the US Military High Command, or the Pentagon, and the OSS spy service transformed into the CIA, NSA. and DIA.

The most Top Heavy Military in the World watches like a Starving Bald Eagle perched on the High Mountain Cliff. They are always ready for the Shark Feeding Frenzy – although Carrion Corpse is more of their Cup of Tea.

Since those Unhappy Cold War Days; Brazen Falsifications, Vile Deceptions, Secret Government Cabals, and Mass Extermination Sprees, have only increased – and will continue to augment – unless this Evil Empire Falls.

The Amerikan Empire has always supported the most Despicable and Homicidal of Fascist Regimes, from the Narco-Terrorist State of Colombia to the Zio-Nazi Terrorist State in the Levant, to the Old, Right-wing Bloodthirsty State of Taiwan – to the Genocidal State currently residing in Ethiopia.

This Monstrosity of Murder and Mayhem has proceeded to train, fund and support all of its terrorist units, within all of its special military commands, from the Gladio Death Squads of NATO, to the ISIS Terrorists currently killing and destroying its way through Iraq and Syria. In our days, the Government Bureaucratic Killers have supported The Red Shirts Gang of Thailand and the Death Squads operating in the Congo, who have recently committed one of History’s worst Genocides.

Let us never forget the Imperial Fortress’ Arsenal of Thermonuclear Weapons, always threatening and aiming at the Entire Rest of the Earth. There is still only one nation that has used nuclear weapons on civilian populations. The Trophy still sits on the Amerikan Empire’s Shelf of Imperial Taxidermy.

There is never a war that the Sociopaths haven’t liked or wouldn’t support. War is the Only Health of Their State. Their offspring never have to fight in those Foreign Police Conflicts anyway. The Other Dumb-Ass, Obese Americans, who they Morbidly Hate, can do the Flag Waving, Actual Combat Fighting, and Keep Paying Their Damn Taxes. The Question that nobody asks: for how many years has the Empire Lived in Peace? The answer is none – if one were to account for all of its Domestic Warfare.

The Domestic spy ring of the US Government, the FBI, who still holds the keys of the Empire’s Political Policing Affairs, or the USSA-KGB role. Their job is to destroy the Amerikan Empire’s potential enemies: the Left, and most recently, Islam.

The Left is easy to defeat, but Islam is a world religion. No domestic political police gang can destroy a world religion over a thousand years old. The Bolsheviks tried to rid Russia of Christianity, which obviously did not work. The Tactics of Haters never fulfill their sordid plans in World History.

The Amerikan Empire denies those basic historical truths, and so it constantly maintains various armed conflicts against the entirety of the American population – literally against all 300 million of them.

There is the IRS, the federal tax police, which loves to harass the self-employed business people and small business owners who make irregular bank deposits. Recently, the IRS targeted the political enemies of the Outgoing Leader, Ex-Presidential Sociopath.

Next, we have the thousands of donut cop gangs throughout the nation. Those paramilitary death squads maintain a constant vigilance in order to fulfill their arrest quotas. All of them have full legal privileges in the right to torture, maim, mutilate and murder regular civilians. No other nation in word history has racked up thousands of murdered victims from cop violence each successive year. Most of them are African-American, so the statistics remain covered in criminal records and bad credit scores.

Once arrested, a civilian then has a permanent, on-line arrest record, which will destroy his or her chances of decent employment and decent housing. For the real unlucky ones, and especially for unemployed, African-American males, the State has reserved slave wage, job openings in World History’s largest ever prison population.

The World’s Greatest Hell on Earth, the Prison-Poison, Jail-Gulag-Concentration camp system is now stuffed to Overflowing Capacity. The excuses they regularly use are The War on Crime, The War on Illegal Drugs-Illegal Medicine, the War on Alcohol, Drunk Drivers, All Smokers, the War on Guns – or all of them together, simply defined as the War on the Poor. This is the One War that the US Government will never tire from, never surrender its authority. In no other nation, are the Poor so regularly hated and hunted.

The US Federal Government has been the first State to manage a slew of initialized police agencies, which solely exist to destroy human life and murder their targeted victims. The DEA hunts down illegal drug sellers and illegal drug users; the FDA hunts down non-approved, no prior testing, alternative medicine practitioners; the EPA hunts down small industrial company’s negligence in paying environmental taxes, polluter fines; the ATF hunts down isolated gun store owners negligent in correctly filing government paperwork; the TSA hunts down overly sensitive, bizarre air travelers.

The state criminality of Institutional Syndicates does not end here. While the Federal Government manages the Top Echelon of Social Control and Abuse, there are also the Reigns of the Little Sociopaths, millions of them found throughout State, County and Municipal Government Apparatuses, thus copying the Big Time Bullies.

Inside this Twisted System of Hate and Money, the Citizen Victims must continually Pay for their State Abuse. The Sordid List includes annually increases of sales, services and government taxes, movable and unmovable property registrations, mandatory insurance frauds, parking, traffic and community fines, and mandatory public bond enlistments.

With all of the monthly rents, weekly food costs and cleaning payments found in common life – how can a citizen save any money? And like the Big Sociopaths with their administrator-bureaucratic parasite hordes who command and manage the Vast Estates of Rule and Fool, the Little Bosses also wear their hateful personalities on their faces.

Anyone attending a public meeting of the Leaders, cannot but help notice the disdain that some of them have for the regular visitors of such staged events. Even the local town councilor often changes his or her countenance to Utter Contempt of the Other.

Our Sinister Enemies in Government and Authority hate History the most, the real-actual history that is. This is the reason why we all shall pay dearly for such Ignorance of it.

The elites, and especially within the Deep State, the Alphabet Soup Agencies of Lies and mass murder, (CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA, DHS, DEA, IRS, Secret Service, US High Military Command, Federal Marshalls, DC Federal Police, etc.), have breathed Continuous Firepower from their Rank Breaths.

They are worried, and yet they are currently divided among each other. What False Flags, Secret Plans, Works of Deceit have they yet to conjure?

They are out of ideas, nor can they create and manage such mythologized plots anymore. The 9-11 Super Event worked. Pearl Harbor worked. The Assassination of JFK worked.

The Outgoing Sociopath-Drone Murderer threw a whole bunch of those mythological events on the American people through his media lackeys: Sandy Hook Massacre, Boston Bombing, San Bernadino Massacre, Gay Club Bombing, Trayvon Martin Killing, Osama Ben Laden Killing, Syrian Government Gas Attack, Putin’s Russia Invasion of Ukraine… I might have missed a few.

Not one of them worked on the American people, supposedly the most ignorant populace on the planet. Only the Socialist States of Criminal Neglect radically changed their laws: Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and California. Those were the same regions that voted overwhelming for the Potential Sociopath to succeed the Outgoing Sociopath during the recent Selections.

Due to his ongoing political defeats, the Outgoing Sociopath used his last days to undermine the Political Trenches of the Incoming Sociopath. Like any Good Liar, he concocted his last-minute Media Grandstanding with Political Game Show Stunts.

His only last remaining support came from America’s most hated occupations: State bureaucratic parasites, Institutionalized Administrators making six figure salaries over Nothing, and Cowardly Tenured Professors – the last holdouts of Cultural Marxism.

The outgoing Serial Mass Murderer knew that he had become the Empire’s Worst President in history, even worse than Andrew Johnson and Richard Nixon. Yet, his Ego Knew No Bounds – just like the Pathetic Buffoon who arrived immediately to replace him. The Stage of Bad Television has been Ready, Set for Action.

The Ship of Fools has set sail, taking the Scenic Titanic route – All For Fun. We now have Leftists, Liberals, Anarchists and Communists marching to the Riot Controlled Beat of CIA and Soros Elite Drum Taps. The irony does not stop here.

Like all state entities, the Congressional-Bureaucrat, Institutional Junta want the Status Quo to continue, The new Carnival Barker, Showman in Charge keeps squatting in the Hollowed out Wrestling Stance.

No one can defeat the Six Truths of History. One of History’s Truths is that All Empires Rise and Come into being through Violence, then achieve Greatness through Power Triumphant, and ultimately, finally Collapse, Pass Away, and Cease operations, from both within and without. No Empire in World History has escaped such a Fate. Neither will this Empire, the Great Sociopath, bypass such a Torrid Future.

And it will become a Most Horrible Calamity for those of us that live within it. Like the Buddha has stated, We will inherit all of our deeds, all of our actions. There is no fleeing from the Law of Karma.

The millions upon millions of victims: the Natives cleared and exterminated off their own lands, the African victims of mass kidnapping, lynchings and imprisonment, the foreign communities exterminated through multiple invasions, covert operations and total war – only for the sake of Empire, Profit, Ideological Insanity, or whatever reason in the Minds of the Sick and Powerful. They Chant in Unison!

The Blood, the Bones, the Exposed Corpses and the covered graveyards still Sing Forth in Victory. Come O Karma, Come Again… Oh, and it will come, even faster that I had earlier thought.

After such a Fiasco of an Election, I have even surprised myself on how rapid The Great Sociopath slowly shuffles across its own Slaughterhouse Floor. Blood will Flow, Body Parts will Flay, Brains will Scatter. This Empire does not plan in hanging on the rope all alone however. It plans to take all of us citizens with it to the Slicing Vat.

And so the Circle Returns to Center once again: Non-compliance, non-cooperation, non-participation, no deals given nor received – none whatsoever. The first part of the practice signifies no more voting, no more jury duty, no more serving as snitches, cops and soldiers, the avoidance of paying taxes, fines and fees, and trying to live off the grid of urban society.

The method further involves not watching anymore TV media propaganda and bad joke sitcoms, not visiting their social websites, including the so-called ‘alternative ones’ that support the official party line.

The practice also conveys the abandonment of intoxication, the avoidance of consumerism, such as the regular dining out in restaurants, bars and cafes, and just living more frugally, content with the little that we actually have. No more hurting our fellow citizens over fragile-false ego worship. No theft or stealing whatsoever. Love and Goodwill for our fellow man. We are all human, we all suffer, and we are all Surviving inside the Maelstrom Together.

The Black Grenade, with the Fog of Choking Smoke, slowly creeps about. Like the mythical snake of Hades – it slivers everywhere. Awake People! Stand Vigilant! History is about to Perform another Absurd Miracle.





















I hereby, from now on, going forth into life unto my certain death, entirely renounce the modern ideology of Anarchism.

I no longer subscribe nor adhere to any Anarchist beliefs, views or opinions. I also fully repudiate and reject any identity as an Anarchist. I am no longer an Anarchist, nor will I have anything more to do with such a political ideology, implying any subset of Anarchism whatsoever. I will not elicit, nor have any more connections, nor any correspondence with whatever Anarchist political clique – from the day of publishing this essay.

Anarchy was however, a good working community system during historical antiquity, and it is still a good system. But it exists nowhere – nowhere in the entire Earth in fact.

Does anybody know of an Anarchy community that still exists, and that truly functions properly? Is there any Anarchy community that lives on total auto-sufficiency? This implies that they wholly make and create their own tools, clothes and housing, and that they grow all of their own food. Even the Amish Mennonites shop in Wal-Fart.

Anarchism was another stage of awakening during one of my past, constructed self identities. This political ideology no longer serves its purpose in my life, and most importantly, inside of my mind.

The Anarchist ideology has rather harassed my mind with fanaticism, hatred, extremism, rudeness, black or white, either-or thinking, stubbornness, nastiness, arrogance, judging others, anger and frustration. Life is hard enough as it already is, and there is just too much suffering in this melancholic world.

I now practice the Buddhadharma entirely. I do not want this pockmarked ideology with humanity’s vices invading my fragile mind space. I have found true liberation through the practices of the Buddhadharma.

Anarchism currently exists as another false political ideology from the mental garbage of Modern European Culture, (the 1700s-1900s AD). This sordid ideological list puked forth from world civilization includes Leftism, Conservatism, Liberalism, Psychobabble, Traditionalism, Judeo-Christian Morality, Humanism, Imperialism, Libertarianism, Nihilism, Socialism, Criminal Justice, Militarism, Monopoly Capitalism, Formalism, Cultural Marxism, Historicism, Modernism, Religious Fundamentalism, Statism, Environmentalism, Literary Criticism, Feminism, Consumerism, Structuralism, Political Science, Legalism, Compulsory Education, Multiculturalism, Scientific Method, Journalism, Dialectical Materialism, Postmodernism, Nationalism, Globalism, Communitarianism, Colonialism, Positivism, Fascism, Racialism-Eugenics, Futurism, Technological Fetishism and Communism. I might have missed one. I think the reader understands my point.

All modern ideologies have caused uncountable suffering across the globe. They hurt, damage, and even destroy the sensitive and the weak. They warp human minds, imprison life forms, and even cause their ideological fanatics to both intentionally torture and murder their so-called ‘enemies.’ Each ideology contains a little kernel of truth, and yet they all repeat intentional lies ad nauseam. All ideologies basically suck – Anarchism included.

Anarchy was the truth however – but it only thrived in the distant past. Once destroyed, nothing comes back to life. The same has been true for Anarchy. Anarchy had once breathed fully in various native, cultural communities around the Earth for thousands of years.

Urban civilizations, with their States and Political Economies, ultimately assassinated those Anarchic communities. Modern European Colonialism, Settler-Colonial States, (such as the Amerikan Empire), and European Imperialism together, exterminated the last holdouts. Most Native containment reserves in the United States now have casino resorts.

Nothing remains from World History’s ancient Anarchic communities. Even the desert Bedouin have to reside in segregated housing. We cannot resuscitate Anarchy back to life. We must let it go to the annihilation tales of human history. Modern Civilization with its technological madness has triumphed. The Native Communities of Anarchy have lost, gone forever, never returning, never again.

What is left of the so-called Anarchy or Autonomous political movements inside the actual Amerikan Empire ruled by Sociopaths?

We have some white skin privileged, Anarchist hipsters living in urban gentrification zones. With eclectic art galleries, art walks, artsy cafes, dark bars and ethnic restaurants, those ‘anti-establishment’ hipsters have become a part of the first gentrification wave bringing profit glory to urban landlords-property pimps. Yes, when I was living in one of those west coast Leftist urban enclaves – I was also one of those fools. I have realized my past mistakes.

This social clique tends to wear similar black clothes, and listens to the same punk records, from folk punk to crust punk. They love getting intoxicated, and enjoy attending public demos, protests, street manis with their mortal political enemies: the Leftists, the Activists, the Liberals, the Marxist cult sects, and other professional demonstrator weirdos.

What’s even worse is that some of them are just as intolerant, mean-spirited, dishonorable, ill-disciplined and rude as their Leftist competitors. They dress a whole lot cooler than the Communist wing nuts though. Does the Anarcho-malcontent club seem like a good group to join? Increasing one’s affliction through hanging out with such holier than thous is not worth the grief. I don’t enjoy spending my personal time with most Evangelical Christians either.

Are not we all polluted mentally? The answer is yes. The political economic elites are sociopaths – yet we would become just like them if we had possessed their political power and economic parasitical wealth. We are all prisoners of the human condition under civilization. We all excrete, piss, blow gas, erupt, create snot, stomach grumbles, phlegm, mucus and ear wax. We all march to the glory of Death.

And those Anarcho-agitators suffer grievously. They think that they can vomit up their suffering against those same political-economic elite enemies with bloc marching, and screaming, ‘Whose streets our streets,’ and ultimately doing minor property damage. This strategy has never worked, nor will it ever work. Nothing ever changes. Human civilization is only going to get a whole lot worse.

Meanwhile, the Leftists scream, ‘This is what Democracy looks like,’ or ‘Si, se puede,’ with their generic bullhorns. At least Anarchists don’t use bullhorns. I will give them that, and they don’t usually try to hawk those ‘newspapers’ or propaganda rags written by Marxist fanatics, as the Marxist cults do.

I am choosing to stay away as far as possible from all of it, yet I have compassion for them.

How could any small street demo make such a great difference? The demo will probably get on the nightly news – but so what? Those dishonest, corporate media dissemblers tend to love controversy, scandals and lies. Why try to impress such people in the first place?

What about the Kids on the Black Bloc? No, they do not inspire fear in the local donut cop gang. I even imagine that the cops like a little give and play with another small-time, urban clique of softies.

The big bad state gang, in Robocop taxpayer paid uniforms, stands ready to pounce on anyone that gets in their ways – and they have the Amerikan legal system to back them up too. If the Black Bloc kids would go one on one in hardcore cage match fights against the state donuts-tax base eaters, then that would impress me.

I do therefore bury Anarchy deep into the fiery pit of humanity’s ashes. I toss Anarchy into the refuse of the rotting corpses of Absurd History. I deposit Anarchy into mountains of fresh excrement, and well inside the putrid trash dungs of historic extinction.

The Human Experiment has failed and will never recover its past glory. Technology and the Bad Death have triumphed together. They only laugh at us now. There is no hope, no light at the end of the tunnel, no escape, no return to the source. All is done.

So how can we politically fight the Great Sociopath, or the Amerikan Empire with its capital in Washington D.C.? We don’t. We cannot fight them. We can only change our own behavior to practice complete and total non-compliance against human history’s most dangerous and nefarious empire.

If we free our minds first from ego-self attachments, then the true liberation will follow.


How many times have we heard the old refrains? Don’t dwell upon the past! This particular adage is unfortunately true. No, we should not dwell upon the past – but many of us do it anyway…

The past is often a false mental construct of remorse, anxiety about its future consequences, or it lives as a restlessness over ego-self mania, a type of mental reinterpretation in order to make us feel better about ourselves. Instead, we normally become prisoners of our own obsessive thinking, slaves to the wicked wills of others. By entering the mind games of reconstructing the past, we also hand over our freedom of will.

We enter the mental slavery of an outsider’s moral prerogative. As we try to reinforce our false self-identities, we become less of our actual selves – more tied to another mental chain tightened within the metal wheels of delusion and bad karma. Every time we take a ride on the past mind machine, the mind wheels move faster, and the thought ride takes even longer to die off. What cerebral suffering!

Some humans, found mostly in the political-economic elites and the politician-top general-spymaster class, escape this mind prison through clasping at the other extremes. They transform their Minds into the minds of malevolent gods. They cling to the evil and violence in the world, celebrate it, act on it – regardless of the consequences.

They practice a type of Neo-Nietzschean philosophy that rejects all morality. Those elites adhere to the truth that only the will to power matters. These humans cause suffering to millions of others across the Earth, and don’t care one iota about it. Only their egos are of any consequence. Through transforming their Minds into the darkness of egoism, with cravings for more power, and unbridled hate – they never return to the haunting mental past.

The ruling elites cling to more social controls with even greater privileges in committing legal crimes. The rich and powerful transform into human monsters. We also call them sociopaths.

And yet, in our absurd world, there is another human ideological species, a political genus of fool. I am not writing this time about the pathetic, cowardly Progressive activist-Leftists. This type of political animal however prefers to fetishize the false mental constructs of the past. These political ranters always proclaim that the past was a lot better than the present.

Almost all of those political complainers remain deficient in knowing the truths of history. Real and actual history does not matter to them. Solely a mystical vision of an imaginative past haunts their minds. Many of those buffoons are also religiously inclined – and especially beholden to the Judeo-Christian Monotheist Cult.

They constantly revive the heroic false past in regards to their egos. They either crave a made up Utopia for their wills to somehow succeed in the future, or they want a terrible vengeance against their Leftist political enemies, so they can salve their terrible ego-frustration. This ego obsession is the main reason that these people never read much history.

They love to refer to their fat egos as Conservatives. But let us call them by their true false, political identities: the Fascist-Fetishists of the False Past.

The Political Conservative represents the confused, cantankerous and contradictory court jester of modern political contests. And yet with such knave foolery, the crap jesters seem to attract other political followers! Only their mythical, self-created past images remain their true gods.

It is a false god though – but beware of informing them of that. They are quite a bit more violent than their ideological enemies: the Progressive activist-Leftists. Their demigods are their own constructed consciousness, their heroic egos subsumed and frustrated like comic book heroes from ancient Utopia-Atlantis.

Like the Zionist-Fascists, they always have a dream of return, which is nothing but a gnawing frustration to commit cowardly violence. All Conservative-Fascists want vengeance against the Left-wing dissemblers who ruined their fantasies about the Old World Order.

This is not a bad thing in itself. Yet, this false fetishism merely accuses the Leftists of the same crimes that they had originally wanted to commit against those same, cancerous evil agitators. All of these vicious, dishonorable political contests return to that continual circle of life, death and rebirth.

If only the Conservative knew the six truths of history. Like all human auto-constructed egos, historical cultures also change over time, undergo metamorphism, and then vanish into historical assemblages. All historical cultures, empires and civilizations must change and vanish.

Progressive activist-Leftists seek a future nightmare led through their ego paranoia; while conservative fetishism seeks a past inferno built upon their self-identity hallucinations. Both opposing groups infect the modern political madhouse.

Exactly two hundred years ago – that’s when the evil club met, around 1815-20. The dark stage – invite only – took place in the imperial capital-squalor-disease ridden, European hell on Earth, called Vienna.

This urban mass was literally a plop of a medieval town dump. Surrounding this post-medieval mess sat a decadent, imperial palace-ground for parading horses, a non-functioning, decaying wall structure, and a moat turned ecological park disaster. The Austrians were lucky that the Turks did not have the army supply trains capable of storming such a citadel – way back in 1683.

This festering, polluted city also helped kill at a young age, the genius-artist-musician, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, about twenty years earlier – and also with a little help from his enemy-friend, named Salieri. The elites that plagued this European city were out to exterminate something else this time.

The enemy had the name of Liberalism. Late 18th century Liberalism was not the type of ideological monster that one finds today under the name of Neoliberalism. In those days, Liberalism meant a stable republic where all citizens had to respect both the Civil and Criminal Law. Liberalism fought against medieval privileges based on birth and royal court intrigues, which often consisted of perverted aristos and jealous female lovers managing state policy and arbitrary decrees.

Instead of a royal and aristocratic cluster inferno breeding inside a 200 plus room palace, Liberalism implied that all democratic citizens had rights enshrined in a written constitution, such as freedom of speech, religious opinions, writing and protest. At the same time, all citizens had duties to the Republic, such as bearing their arms or guns to fight for the Republic, and even giving up their lives for it when the Republic was under military threat, invasion and occupation. Such was the goal of the recent French Revolution. The French Empire under Napoleon Bonaparte changed that entire political situation around 1800.

This Congress of Vienna, again invite only, was only for aristos or those of good class backgrounds. In order to counter such an ideology, such as Liberalism, this bogus Congress referred to themselves as Conservatives. What were they conserving exactly – The Old Order of Europe. What was that old order of Europe?

For those elite experts the conservative principle would maintain the European Imperial Balance of Power. Second, only royal power would have the unique right to govern each particular realm. Third, the aristocracy would continue to enjoy its first privileges in securing military and government positions, i.e. useless state jobs, through generous royal treasury funding. Fourth, all imperial powers had to exterminate any revolt, which could possibly upset European imperial stability.

The leader of this Conservative, aristo-parasite Euro-cabal-club was, yes you got it, another aristocrap, Count Metternich, an Austrian court parasite.

Two hundred years ago, the balance of power represented the Big Five. They were The British Naval Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Germanic Empire, the Russian Universal Empire, (or The Third Rome), the Brandenburg Prussian Germanic Empire and the recently defeated French Empire, (then under the Bourbon Royal Restoration).

The British Monarchy was under the Germanic Royal Hanover line. The Prussian Monarchy was under the Hohenzollern Royal line. The Austrian Monarchy was under the Hapsburg Royal line. The French Monarchy was under the Bourbon Royal line. The Russian Monarchy was under the Romanov Royal line.

All of those flunky royals simply married each other, thereby creating incestuous relations, and a peculiar species of royal dim wits and disease ridden princes.

Meanwhile, thousands of aristocratic families within those same realms, living as lazy layabouts and wealthy bums, would still receive first dibs on the best paying state bureaucratic jobs. They became the well-paid chiefs of government departments, doing nothing particularly useful, just barking orders to the clerk worker-wage slaves who had to endure working for them.

The aristocrats could of course take off work when they wanted, visit the local gentleman’s club for some down time, such as billiards, reading the papers, and intoxicating alcoholic drinks, or just take a scenic carriage ride to their 40 room castle-estates. Hunting cornered animals, buying exotic furniture, and useless physical contests also comprised aspects of such high culture.

Did such a conservative program ever work? The truthful historical answer is a flat and unequivocal no. Instead, this Conservative system actually revolutionized, or agitated, Europe many times over – and led to even greater extremes.

Only a hundred years later, World War I exploded, and then a twenty year armistice for another second round of mass murder, World War II, erupted, and once again afterwards, the Cold War began. Europe divided itself into East and West blocks, and the West bowed its knees to the Amerikan Empire and NATO – which still rules today. Funny how a two hundred year closed club of so-called Conservatives destroyed any lasting peace for the world.

Immediately after this Conservative Peace, Europe exploded into multiple Nationalist and Liberal Revolutions – including France, multiple times, finally getting rid of the Bourbons and the Buonaparte party permanently in 1871. In 1848, Germans, Austrians and Hungarians also fought back against the Power. After some nasty state, reactionary violence, some of its best citizens had to emigrate to the States.

Britain had its first working class movements, the Chartists, and the Irish would still never surrender. Russia possessed the most extremist of revolutionary groups, the Narodniks, which eventually led to the Bolshevik poison a hundred years later.

As Europe disintegrated into even greater ideological nonsense, some Conservative Europeans blamed the emancipated Ashkenazi Jews for this cultural disaster. The Noxious Leftist was born and has become a permanent menace-fixture on the European continent, inclusive of its radical ideologies of Anarchism, Communism and Socialism.

This closed Conservative club also snubbed the Spanish and Portuguese Empires, which were still viable at that time. Italian elites plotted revenge against such Austrian hubris, so they formed their own phony nation-state. The Polish-Lithuanian Empire also lost its seat, so Prussia, Austria and Russia carved it up for themselves.

No Scandinavian empires had any tickets, such as Sweden and Denmark. What about the other nations of Europe? They were either under the ideological sway of the Austrians, Turks or the Russians. The Conservatives refused to invite the Ottoman Turks because the hated Muslims were always outsiders. This Congress Farce represented a Christian only, Big Man Empire crew.

Yet out of this same New World Order, our contemporary banking world emerged: The Rothschild Family, Austrian Ashkenazi Jews, transformed into the banking conglomerate of Europe – even lending money to their enemies – the Vatican. Always sensing emerging markets, they also relocated to Britain, becoming part of the House of the Lords, and helping to inject some serious money into the burgeoning London Stock Exchange.

During the entire nineteenth-century, the Big Five Imperial Powers would also carve up the rest of Asia, Africa and Oceania, or basically the rest of the Earth. But at least they left large carving portions for their fellow white, European brethren, such as Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Denmark. With all the colonial mass murder of millions of natives, Asians and Africans – who still talks about such historical crimes today? I am still waiting for those Holocaust Museums to open their doors.

The snubbed Popes in the Vatican got real angry. They doubled down, and kept the Inquisition Tribunal in their Papal Territories, even when Spain and Portugal had finally got rid of their own Holy Office tribunals. They also reinstituted the Society of Jesus, or the Jesuit Religious Order, in order to ignite a counter-attack against their European cultural enemies.

During the later half of the nineteenth-century, with the so-called Kingdom of Italy turned the papacy into a hostage situation, while destroying Papal State sovereignty; so the Pope started the Vatican I Council as a reaction. Europe’s Liberal-Conservative nonsense would pay a heavy extortion fee. World War I and II in Europe, and in the entire world in fact, would suffer grievously.

Irony of ironies, as the old saying goes, even Amerikan imperial sociopaths, such as Henry Kissinger, still laud the accomplishments of the Conservative Congress of Vienna. The blood and ghosts of millions of murdered victims across the Earth, since that fateful date, have no voices for protest however.

There was nothing conservative, nor worth conserving, about that despicable Congress. It was simply a clique of rich, elite scoundrels who only wanted to preserve their political-economic privileges. Similar juntas of state criminals rule over us today. They just do it a bit better nowadays.

The message now slithers out through friendly media-entertainment propaganda and cozy, blatant lies, now found on the crap TV and the social media Internet stream, 24 hours/7 days per week.

We have millions of regular citizens, inclusive of lumpen working class people, or as we call them in the States, the losers who own nothing, and who have no stable jobs, or they receive terribly low wages – who still refer to themselves as Conservatives.

This terrible double cross has saturated the minds of the weak with a deadly deceit of political antidepressants. Deluded armchair political warriors continuously drown their brains in the cesspool of media demagogues and populist-fascists who only hate their own supporters.

Anarchy then falls back to sleep. At least we have some consolation in that we have overcome such mind crushing ignorance.












Don’t do it!

I mean become a wage slave just because some hypocrites and lowlifes tell you to get a job. What jobs are those bum experts talking about anyway?

Do they mean a low paying retail job, where you still have to clean toilets and mop floors, and which only pays 10$ per hour – the same rate of pay from 20 years ago? Do they imply a fast food McJob that pays even less than 10$ – and you still have to mop floors, clean disgusting bathrooms – and prepare dirty burgers? Or is there some social service job available, possibly working with homeless people, recovering addicts, parolees, or whatever half-way house prisoners – and you have to babysit them-play cop, also for less than 10$ per hour? There is an even better question to ask: why don’t those same buffoons who always scream get a job – actually work at those same crap jobs?

We all know the answer to that one. Us unemployable, ex-students, ex-part timers, ex-Mcjobbers, ex-homeless, ex-waiters, ex-addicts, ex-prisoners, ex-PhDs, ex-bums, ex-travelers, ex-beggars, ex-couch surfers, ex-musicians, ex-cooks, ex-exers – don’t have any worthy skills worthy for any contemporary job available.  

What skills does one really need for today’s pyramid scheme economy, which uses Centralized Federal Banks’ funny money? Our pathetic goals are simply to create greater profit windfalls for corporate multinationals. How does one help the corporation achieve greater profits? Well, the corporation needs to beat the competition – and the only method that works one hundred percent is monopoly. How does monopoly function in today’s brutal economic world? Chosen elites arrange secretive money deals with even more corrupt entities, such as US Federal, State and Municipal governments. When one has the State on its side, the monopoly becomes locked and loaded. Even when profits and performance die – the money keeps rolling into shareholder coffers.

This is how Contemporary Crony Capitalism functions, like a well-built, well-oiled machine. Its leaders and enablers do no useful work, except insure legalized crime and corruption. Profits go to the shareholder class of parasites, meanwhile, the skilled working man earns even less, and less – and soon dies a sad death.

Scam casinos rely on the slot and crap game dummies in order to cover their basic operation costs. Contemporary Crony Capitalism USA relies on government handouts, infusions, and market privileges for covering their most important activities, such as corporate shareholder executive salaries, and compensations in the millions of dollars. Its second crutch finds the cheapest labor source available in the world, whether overseas, foreigners on student visas, or even undocumented workers in the illegal markets.

These crooks are the true Queens of Welfare. Whether they exist as war industries, i.e. defense contractors, or energy companies, or consultant companies, or electric car companies, or private prison companies, or mercenary-war companies, or even preferred commercial banking companies.

Thousands of States within this same United States of America, or the Amerikan Empire, Federal, State and Municipal, grasp their jaundiced fingers within multiple economic pies and legal bribery ties.

American capitalism wasn’t always like this however. About a hundred years ago it was quite different.

Actually, seventy years before Detroit became the infamous, Detroit Rock City, of White Stripes fame, and fifty years before, The Motown Sound, this same city had received another nickname, The Motor City. It really was moving in sync with the Roaring Twenties.

What had transformed a former military outpost, fought between French Canadians and Anglo-Americans during the 1700’s, into the ‘Motor City Capital of the World’?

Detroit’s identity transformed from the hard work and corporate vision of one man. He represented a complete, man of destiny. His intensity of operation also included a violent security-police force that rivaled the local La Cosa Nostra Famiglia, the racist-fascist Black Legion, and the Detroit Police Department.

His name was Henry Ford. His very own Ford Motor Company would not only transform the city of Detroit, but he would even revolutionize Industrial Capitalism for the entire world.

Ford did not start out as a rich kid inheriting daddy’s money. His parents were farmers out in rural and super cold Michigan. His dad was a hard disciplinarian. If Ford refused to get up at 5:30 a.m. to do the farm work – and even in 25 below 0 Fahrenheit weather with a nasty wind chill in the middle of winter – then the dad got out the belt and his hands for some instant karma. Ford never liked it, but it made him tough and rough. Rural Michigan was part of the wild west during the 1870s.

On his time off, Henry did not do the country kid, Huck Finn-Tom Sawyer adventure games; instead he worked on engineering projects – even after feeling tired from rigorous farm duties. As a kid, he already found a money-making venture out in small-town Michigan. Henry realized that more farmers were using mechanized machinery on the land. Henry advertised himself in town as the go-to fix-it guy for broken machines. He found so much instant work and money that he turned down the crappy jobs.

Nor did the young man spend his money on wine, woman and song. He saved his money because he knew what he wanted to accomplish in the future. He invested in machine parts, and started as an apprentice to a local machinist. Farming just wasn’t his thing.

Engineering was the thing, creating and making things with his own hands – and most importantly, he wanted to eventually become his own boss – run his own company, his own way. Ford would become one of the successes of the American Dream: combining hard work, thrift and ingenuity. And to top it all off, Ford never attended high school, nor any stupid university in order to obtain a useless degree. Ford knew that he was good – and ready for action.

As a young man, Mr. Ford acquired his own farm property, married, had a child, while Thomas Edison’s company, Edison illuminating, later hired him as one of its mechanical engineers.

Edison admired Ford’s work ethic, honesty and innovation so much in fact, that he promoted Ford to the chief engineer position of the company. Ford was running his very own team of professional engineers, inventors, artists and scientists.

During the 1890s, most cars still ran on the slow and cumbersome electric model. Ford understood that drivers were seeing those autos as more of a light diversion, rather than a functional vehicle that could actually move people across the country. Ford always spotted an opportunity – and then grabbed it by both hands.

In Ford’s own garage, after a hard ten-hour work day at the company, Ford labored tirelessly on a new automobile, which used gas-oil and a battery to run continually, long and fast. Electric cars overcharged a battery that would eventually die out. Through hands-on work, Ford had finally developed a full-on internal combustion engine – and next, built the frame around it – and he even built the entire thing himself. This auto would become Ford’s Model A Car.

Ford’s destiny star was still rising. He left Edison Illuminating, and next worked at the Detroit Automobile Company. He quit that job when his time was opening up. In 1903, He finally formed his very own auto company, The Ford Motor Company, which has been in operation until this very day!

Ford transformed into the work maniac meets prophetic visionary. When a company president or some shareholder started to mess with his vision and organization, he would buy out their positions or shares, and then immediately fire them!

He gave the orders and ran the corporate venture as a British Navy Man-of-War. Any executive caught in ill-discipline, managing the projects haphazardly or just shirking on assignments – met with a verbal warning from him. If it happened again – well, here’s your severance check and goodbye.

Another man by the name of Selden held the first auto patent, which made him quite wealthy. Ford refused to pay Selden for using his steering wheel design. If Selden wanted to sue, Ford was ready with a team of nasty attorneys, ripening for a state of war.

Ford later made deals with other wealthy capitalists in order to receive the gentleman’s special rates. He was not only friends with his former boss, Edison, but became a close friend of Henry Firestone of rubber tire fame and John D. Rockefeller of Standard Oil or Exxon fame, and he even got acquainted with the infamous JP Morgan of international banking and corporate merger fame.

Ford’s successes continued unabated, and soon US Presidents, such as Warren G. Harding and Franklin Roosevelt wanted to consult the Man from Dearborn. Ford truly understood the art of making of cars – since he built one from his own hands – and he knew that the world was changing industrial production.

Most car companies still built their cars, like the old artisan guilds, one car at a time, where four or five workers made the masterpiece. This process functioned inside custom body auto shops – but it did not work for selling good cars.

Henry Ford revolutionized the industrial capitalist process, not just for cars, but for all industries across the world: rubber tires, steel production, oil production and later, airplane construction.

Mr. Ford understood that mechanics and engineers needed parts, which they could fit on any Ford car. Ford introduced manufactured interchangeable parts for all of his vehicles. If any problem occurred, then the right serial number to the part corresponded to the Ford repair manual. Ford also patented every single one of his parts, so that other car companies had to come to him for the diagrams and models.

Ford produced these parts not inside garage spaces, but on long shop floors with loud and fast, mass industrialized production. Ford was the first corporate leader to set up the mass assembly line process, where each worker had one specific, repetitive task to accomplish as the parts moved down the assembly line. Ford could then manufacture hundreds of cars per day. This common manufacturing reality had the name of division of labor.

The Man Ford was the first venture capitalist-inventor-engineer-mechanic who understood that workers on assembly lines had to work both properly and efficiently – and especially when it came to automobiles. Ford, an avid reader, read Frederick Taylor’s, The Principles of Scientific Management, (1911). He used Taylor’s theories as a standard for his line factory automation. Ford then timed his autoworkers to produce a greater yield and within faster increments, while the foremen screamed over the workers’ heads. By the 1920s, no other auto company could out-produce the Ford Motor Company.

But Henry Ford was not just a heartless task driver, he also understood that he needed to pay his workers a living wage, where his very own laborers could also buy affordable cars! This is just what happened. Ford developed his classic motor car, affordable to both elites and workers. The masterpiece was the Ford Model T, and he was even the first carmaker to mass produce the V8 engine. The world knew this labor system as Fordism.

Ford cars were then all over the States – and the world. Ford had plants in Europe, Africa and in Asia. He even had a plant in the Communist Soviet Union! Ford’s cars worked so well, that the folk-hero gangster of the 1930s, John Dillinger, wrote Ford a letter praising his V8 engine car while eluding cops. Even the actor-director Charlie Chaplin took a humorous swipe at Ford and Taylor’s automated assembly lines in his classic silent film, Modern Times, (1936).

Henry Ford had become the face of the American dream. He had a 56 room castle-estate built for his family, called Fairlane. He also set up funds for his own charitable society, called the Ford Foundation, and he created the first, non-traveling living museum, called Greenfield. Ford also financed and supported multiple race car drivers.

There was also a negative side to the man – but he didn’t care. Ford became a devoted anti-Semite, publishing a book, The International Jew, (1920), also earning a flattering line within Adolf Hitler’s own work, Mein Kampf. Ford was a union hater, and hired a special group of security thugs, called the Service Department, to beat the crap out of UAW organizers and agitators. Ford’s enemy list also included Black Jazz music, Hollywood Cinema, the Newspaper Media, Commies and Alcohol.

Mr. Ford avidly supported Prohibition. If you wanted to work at the Ford Motor Company, employees had to sign a special contract allowing his Sociology Department, to visit your private home and spy out any alcoholic drinking, carousing, partying, smoking and sexual indiscretions. Infractions got a warning. After the second demerit – well you could go pick up your last check.

Henry Ford, admire him or despise him, was his own man. He made his American Dream come true – not Hollywood style with a dopey happy ending – but with hard work, brilliant ideas and jumping right on to life’s opportunities.

Henry was also born and bred Michigan – and lived there for the rest of his life. He was so influential that he changed the history of world capitalism and his adopted city of Detroit. Henry lived cars – and yes, he actually built them from his very own two hands – inside of his very own garage.

But he was not the only American to actually fulfill his American economic dream combining a successful business with the enjoyment of honestly earned wealth. Millions of other American men, almost all of them having the white skin privilege, have also obtained their own versions of the American Dream.

The American Dream was never a lie – and a large portion of the world’s population also knew this truth. I can recount my own personal experiences seeing ancient guys coming from all parts of Europe, or from lower class backgrounds, with almost no funds, nor state education diplomas in their pockets – and yet after 40 years of trials, traumas and triumphs – they too have achieved the golden road to affluence, and the retirement worthy of princes. And so what happened to the Dream?

Around the early 1970s, elite criminals through their organizations, such as The Trilateral Commission, The Council of Foreign Relations and The Bilderberg Group, hijacked the freedom and took the prosperity hostage. They just wanted all the funds and fun for themselves – and the rebellious youth were turning against them anyway. Time for a retrenchment.

For us younger fellas – there is only the Amerikan nightmare leftovers. The biggest growth industries are in parasitical civil service and government jobs, often run by senior fatsos and lazy bums who sit at desks for a few hours, receive their yellow checks, and then wastrel away on eternal pensions.

The other growth industries are in the institutions of legal violence and murder: the US Military-Industrial-Spy Complex, the Prison-Industrial Complex, the Police-Industrial Complex, and the Security System-Mercenary Contractors.

The good jobs in the Oil-Gas industry are drying up faster than the Fracking wells, and some tech jobs now go to Foreigners on the H-1B visa waivers. Even the dummies with four different diplomas now reject teaching jobs. So where does all that leave us?

We only have the low wage, bad jobs of the service sector available – that is if you can still tolerate them. There are always fast food dump McJobs and some Wal-Fart opportunities. Then there are the small businesses that have stayed behind: restaurants, retail, bars, cafes and other desperate joints that eye potential customers as starved sharks in an aquarium pool.

They want loyalty from us wage slaves, yet will fire us within a flick of a match. Once hired, our horrible lives revolve around their crazy scheduling. The owners force us to schmooze the hated customers into buying more of the crap product. We must act super nice, like street hustlers, so those same customer marks leave spending some of their hard-earned cash. Meanwhile, the boss in the back room treats us like potential adversaries.

There are also particular business scams that generally harass and steal from the poor, often festering exclusively in Amerika’s thousands of ghettos. We have Government agencies, like cops, firemen, bail bonds and jails, and there are the Check Cashing-Instant Money joints, Pawn Shops, Convenience-Liquor Stores, and hole in the wall Churches with pastors who look like they just got released from the State Mental Institution.

The only lucrative trade left, comes down to landlordism, or property pimping condemned structures, with no regular repairs, nor pest extermination, while charging higher than usual rents.

Unless the law school graduate comes out of a good law school, i.e. Ivy League material, he or she will have to do a lot of walking and hustling for a decent paying legal job. At least they get to spend the first few years of their youth almost working to death. A few lucky ones have found some on-line, self-employed gigs that can pay the bills.

The smart set actually moved into the old derided trades: mechanics, plumbers, cleaners, electricians, heavy machinists, line workers, cosmetologists and builders. The health profession will never go out of business at least, doctors and nurses still have some chances.

If we possibly have some physical-mental talents and connections, then we could try for music, acting roles and sports. Many owners of these agencies, entertainment companies and teams, often have no talents whatsoever. They could not act out of a high school play, cannot sing, nor even throw a ball across the court or field. Yet, these masters call the real shots for the team or production. The coach and the director are only the field commanders. The generals sit in the glass over suites. If all else fails, and a wo